Henry Kane, Dustin Bronson

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Straight young stud Dustin Bronson has been on a huge journey over the weeks and months since his debut.

Today his partner is a relative veteran Henry Kane.

As they undress each other we can see that both young lads have since smooth and lean bodies.

The two lads lark about a bit and clearly get on together well as their clothes come off.

Once naked they compare their soft uncut cocks.

Both are starting to get erect, Henry’s is a real pocket rocket whereas Dustin’s is thicker and more substantial.

The two straight guys wank and suck each other in many different positions and there some straight guys spanking with Henry’s belt.

To end their session together the boys’ power wank until they’re on the edge and both orgasm together spraying themselves with their hot creamy dude juice.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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