Liam Cullen

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You straight hottie soccer player Liam Cullen is super ripped with an athletic smooth body.

He is a soccer player and he plays often which shows.

When he steps out of his jeans we see his big crotch bulge in those tight sexy undies.

Liam has huge low hanging balls that jingle-jangle as he jerks his big 7.5-inch uncut cock slipping his thick foreskin as it flips over his huge mushroom cockhead.

He is a confident wanker and he certainly isn’t shy being totally naked in front of the cameras and he enjoys all the attention.

His dick looks super hard as he jerks it in long strong strokes, he stands and turns around showing off his pert butt lying on the bed and pulling his legs back to reveal a slightly hairy hole.

Liam then returns to the job at hand and he is now close to orgasm and when he shoots he fires a volley of cum shots all over his ripped abs and chest almost hitting his face.

His cum drips down his hand, phew that was a gusher.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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