Logan Brown, Dustin Bronson

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Both straight studs Dustin Bronson and Logan Brown have been on a journey of discovery since they joined us as English Lads.

Whilst Logan is more muscled, Dustin is toned but both enjoy playing around with each other.

They’re going to be pushing more boundaries today as they are both going to try their hand at sucking another man’s cock.

For straight lads who’ve got over the initial barrier of touching someone else’s dick, getting their lips around some other guy’s hard cock is a very high bar to vault.

This hot duo starts slow, stripping naked and touching then wanking each others’ big uncut cocks. By this time, both have raging hardons.

Dustin is first out of the gate, getting his face in Logan’s crotch and slowly enveloping his foreskined dick with his wet lips.

Soon Logan is sucking down balls deep on Dustin’s erect cock, and he seems to enjoy it.

Both lads with their massively hard cocks, shoot their loads in powerful spurts, both overexcited by their cocksucking antics.

Who says straight men can’t suck cock, they obviously can and it turns them on no end.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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