Andrew Tran

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A few days before last winter I received a message from a very cute Aussie Asian guy Andrew Tran from outer Victoria who was making cheeky short videos and posting them online.

He knew all about Bentley Race and really wanted to model for me.

21-year old Andrew is so dammed cute, and a really sweet guy.

We had so much fun taking loads of photos, and even more, fun making this video.

After getting naked and being extremely horny in his photoshoot we got to work making the video.

It wasn’t long after Andrew got naked that he was pulling out my cock and sucking on it.

I ended up tongue fucking my cute little friend and pushing my cock up his bum, eventually making him cum in his own face with his legs up over his head.

It’s one of the most fun videos I’ve gotten into this year. I can’t wait to shoot more videos with him.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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