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Brother Crush says: After a demanding basketball game, Johnny B helps his younger stepbrother, Shae Reynolds, work on his form.

But Johnny soon learns that Shae has feelings for him.

Shae is happy to discover that Johnny feels the same way, and the two finally explore each other.

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Hairy chested step bro Blake Wilder’s huge young dick barebacking Jaycob Eloisee’s tight virgin hole

Brother Crush says: Hairy chested step bro Blake Wilder’s huge young dick barebacking Jaycob Eloisee’s tight virgin hole. When stepbrothers Jaycob and Blake are left alone at home, mischief is sure to ensue. A dispute between the stepbrothers over the remote control for the television rapidly escalates into a rousing boy fight. As soon as … Read more

Brother Crush sexy young dudes Rowan, Dakota Lovell and Daniel Dean big twink dick bare ass fucking

Brother Crush says: Cute little Dakota Lovell is always stirring up trouble while his hot stepbrothers Daniel Dean and Rowan are trying to work.

Today, he sneaks under the table and sucks their cocks, goading them into an intense anal threesome that culminates with them shooting cum all over his tasty body.

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Brother Crush sexy older dude Trent Marx’s bare fucks his younger stepbro Mark Something’s hot raw hole

Brother Crush says: Hot stepbrothers Mark Something and Trent Marx, are in their bedroom that they share with each other.

Mark is bored and he wants to do fun stuff with his stepbro like they used to do.

Trent is studying but he suggests they play chicken the truth and dare game.

They start off simply with mark asking Trent to remove his shirt which he does to show off his lean-fit young body.

Now it is Mark’s turn to come up with a dare so he goes all out and asks Mark to put his dick in his mouth.

Mark doesn’t waste any time and is soon on his knees in front of his step bro’s soft dick sucking it into his sweet lips and rubbing the end with his tongue.

Trent loves that feeling and his young cock springs to attention fully erect as soon as Mark’s mouth makes contact.

As Trent pumps his dick in and out of Mark’s mouth he moans loudly with pleasure.

Trent then turns his step bro Mark around exposing his bare ass.

With both hands, he parts Mark’s ass cheeks and rubs his tongue along Mark’s ass crack until he finds his hot asshole.

Trent then rims his hole getting him nice and wet and ready for his huge erection.

With Mark on his hands and knees doggie style Trent pushes his big young dick deep into Mark’s waiting, ass hole.

He gets it all the way in, balls deep then he pulls it out, until the tip is only just inside, in a hard rhythmic pump action which Mark seems to enjoy.

Then with Mark on his back with his legs pulled up over his shoulders, Trent power fucks him, his balls slapping against Mark’s bare ass.

Both young step bros are close to orgasm and as Mark sprays a volley of hot jizz across his stomach, Trent pulls out and cums coating Mark’s asshole with his load before fucking his cum back inside Mark’s freshly fucked ass.

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Younger stepbro Josh Cannon’s virgin asshole bare fucked by older Michael Del Ray’s huge thick raw dick

Brother Crush says: Michael Del Ray is comforting his younger stepbrother Josh Cannon who appears a little upset and confused.

Josh tells Michael he overheard some of his friends talking about jerking off and blowjobs.

Michael doesn’t see a problem but young Josh admits he doesn’t even know what that is.

“You mean you’ve never jerked off before?”, asks Michael a little surprised. “Oh buddy, how about I just show you, you watch, and then you can give it a shot?

Michael strips off his sweatpants and lies naked on the couch, showing off his huge soft cock.

Josh looks on timidly as Michael jerks his big dick until it is super erect.

Michael asks, “you wanna give mine a try?”

Josh then leans over and grabs Michael’s erect cock jerking it slowly.

Stripping off his shorts Josh wanks his own thick cock till it is hard and fully erect, whilst he sucks Michael’s dick.

Josh sucks Michael’s hot cock in long slow strokes enjoying his first ever blowjob.

As Josh expertly sucks Michael’s thick erection he chokes it right to the back of his throat, with Michael’s balls hitting his lips.

Michael then forces his stepbro on all fours and bareback fucks his tight hole plunging his long dick deep into Josh’s virgin hole, making him moan with delight.

The stepbrothers switch up positions again and again with Josh feeling Michael’s huge cock moving inside him until both young studs can take it no more.

Josh then sprays cum all over his chest and abs quickly followed by Michael who shoots his load then fucks the cum back inside Josh’s freshly fucked hole.

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Hot sexy young stepbrothers Apollo Fates, Aiden Asher and Jesse Bolton hardcore bareback ass fucking threesome

Brother Crush says: Hot sexy young stepbrothers Apollo Fates, Aiden Asher, and Jesse Bolton are relaxing in the warmth of the jacuzzi.

The boys are all horny and they can’t keep their hands off each other.

At first, they start to kiss and make out before Apollo releases Jesse’s erect cock from his swim shorts, sucking on it hard while Aiden looks on longingly.

Apollo then switches sucking giving Aiden’s big dick a tongue washing as he moans with pleasure.

Together the boys blow Apollo’s hard cock licking his huge length and polishing his big cockhead.

Back in the bedroom Apollo is lying on the bed with his cock deep in Aiden’s tight raw boy hole, while rimming Jesse’s tight asshole.

With Aiden on all fours, Apollo pumps his ass full of his throbbing raw dick as Jesse jerks his cock and shoots his load all over Aiden.

Apollo pulls out showing his huge cum load all over both boys. He then fucks his cum back inside Aiden’s tight freshly fucked hole.

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Sexy younger stepbrother Dakota Lovell’s hot bare hole raw fucked by older bro Johnny Bandera’s huge cock

Brother Crush says: Sexy young boy Dakota Lovell is out by the pool trying to get some rays of sunshine when he is interrupted by his hot older stepbrother Johnny Bandera.

Johnny is a bit stressed and Dakota offers to give him a back massage, try to rub those tight muscles away.

As the boys finish up the massage Johnny has a better idea, getting his big young dick out.

It’s already rock-solid as he pokes it between Dakota’s young lips, getting it deep right to the back of his younger stepbro’s throat, choking him.

Dakota jerks his thick dick while swallowing Johnny’s. Then Johhny gets down on his knees and returns the favor blowing his younger stepbrother.

He then spins Dakota around opening up his ass cheeks with both hands and spitting lube into Dakota’s tight boy hole.

Johhny then pumps his erect dick deep into Dakota’s tight bubble ass, till he is balls deep in the boy.

Dakota moans loudly with every stroke in and out with Johnny’s balls slapping against the young dude’s smooth butt cheeks.

Lying side by side Johnny bare fucks Dakota’s ass hard and fast until Dakota can hold off no longer, spraying his cum load all over the sofa, quickly followed by Johnny who pulls out shoots his load then fucks the cum back into Dakota’s freshly fucked hole.

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Jesse Bolton’s hot raw holes spit roasted by Apollo Fates and Aiden Ashers’ big young cocks

Brother Crush says: Sexy stepbrothers Jesse Bolton and Aiden Asher are relaxing outdoors next to the pool and planning to have a big house party now that their mom and dad are away for the weekend.

Without warning their older cousin Apollo Fates arrives saying he is in charge and will look after the young boys.

Apollo wants to do a spot of sunbathing and asks the boys if they will help him with applying his suntan lotion.

He strips down to his tight swimming shorts as the boys get to work using their hands to spread the lotion all over his firm muscled body.

All the hand action seems to have excited Apollo’s soft uncut cock which is now rock hard and tenting his swimshorts.

Jesse and Aiden get turned on seeing Apollo’s huge erect dick and already have their hands in their pants massaging their awakening big young dicks.

The boys both get on their knees and take turns sucking on Apollo’s hard cock before baring their asses and getting Apollo to rim them getting his tongue in deep.

First Jesse gets both his holes bare fucked by Apollo and Aidens’ raw dicks.

Aiden is close to orgasm and shoots his cum load all over Jesse’s body quickly followed by Apollo who sprays them with his jizz.

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Hottie young stud Ryland Kingsman’s hot raw ass bareback fucking Johnny Bandera’s huge thick dick

Brother Crush says: Cute horny stud Ryland Kingsman gets busted wanking his thick young dick when his sexy older step-bro Johnny Bandera walks in on him unannounced.

Johnny teases “are you jerking off because you’re a little virgin?”

Ryland hiding his embarrassment replies, “I am not a virgin, I have had sex before.”

Johnny asks “if you are not a virgin then why don’t you show me how you jerk off?”

Ryland grabs hold of his shorts and pulls them down showing off his hard erect dick as he jerks it in long slow strokes at first.

Seeing Ryland wanking makes Johnny start to feel horny as his soft cock starts to get erect.

Johnny drops his pants and gets onto the bed, stroking his dick.

With his pant down by his ankles, Johnny makes out with Ryland kissing him passionately.

They suck each others’ dicks before Johnny slips his raw dick between Ryland’s smooth ass cheeks.

Johnny’s big dick bareback fucks Ryland hot bubble ass doggie style then switches up positions a few times getting in deeper and deeper till his balls slap against his ass.

The fucking continues until Johhny can hold off no longer and he pulls out and shoots his huge cum load all over Ryland’s face.

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Hottie Kai Masters’ tight boy hole bareback fucked by younger stepbrother Braden Taylor’s huge twink dick

Brother Crush says: Stepbrothers Kai Masters and blonde Braden Taylor are sat on the bed playing video games.

Braden asks Kai if all the times they fooled around and Kai shot his load in Braden’s ass if that was ok as they shared DNA.

“Of course it’s ok”, replies Kai, “come here you!”

Braden asks, “would you let me come inside you?”

“I’ve never bottomed before,” says Kai, “so you’d have to get me pretty horny.”

“I think I can do that!” is Braden’s answer.

Kai leans down and sucks up Braden’s soft dick, letting it get hard in his mouth till its size hits the back of his young throat.

Braden’s huge twink dick raw fucks Kai’s hot boy hole as Kai moans with every pump of Braden’s hard cock.

The guys switch up with Kai in cowboy position hovering his asshole over Braden’s big dick and sliding his hole down onto it taking control of the hardcore fucking.

Kai can’t believe how good it feels to have Braden’s thick young dick splitting his ass cheeks.

He bounces up and down in long strokes with Braden’s dick slipping easily in and out getting deeper and deeper into Kai’s hot hole.

Braden then takes control fucking his raw dick deep in Kai until he can no longer take it and he shoots his boy load all over himself before Braden pulls out and sprays them both with his cum.

Braden then fucks the cum back into Kai’s freshly fucked hole.

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