Sexy soccer players Roman Capellini and Luke Geer big raw dick ass fucking at Southern Strokes

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Southern Strokes says: For the last four years, Roman Capellini has been dreaming about the day that he found himself in a room alone with his sister’s sexy boyfriend, Luke Geer, and how good his cock would feel in his mouth.

How deep it would go in Roman’s cute bubble butt. Would he scream? So when Roman finally got the chance, he took it.

Kissing Luke’s firm stomach while stroking his cock was hot, but then when Roman got his mouth on Luke’s big twink dick, he knew he was in heaven.

It tasted so fucking good. Luke stripped off Roman’s clothes and went back to work on his dick.

He started playing with my cock, and eventually, I let him suck my dick.

His mouth felt better than Roman ever could have imagined, but nothing beat feeling his cock filling up his tight boy hole. Roman’s ass was dripping wet even before Luke slid inside his ass.

Roman had never felt an orgasm like the one Luke gave him while Luke drained Roman’s balls on his stomach.

And then feeling Luke’s seed raining down on him was the icing on the cake. Roman has now to hope my sister doesn’t find out.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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