Sexy muscle stud Damien Crosse rims then fucks hot big muscled dude Francois Sagat’s hot hole

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Titan Men says: As Diesel Washington surveys the park with his camera lens he spots Damien Crosse sunbathing and watching, ready for action.

Damien has attracted the attention of sexy hunk Francois Sagat who is cruising him intensely from just up there on the hill.

Their eyes meet and straight away Damien starts to pack up his things and chases after Francois.

Without speaking Damien follows Francois to a quiet area, where the two strip off their t-shirts and undo their pants letting their huge uncut dicks free.

They rub their already rock-solid cocks together as they make out with each other, smelling their deeply sexual scent.

They trade blowjobs Damien first swallows François’s hefty piece and then François happily returns the favor.

Their blowjobs are punctuated with the two studs taking turns pissing into each other’s mouths, drenching each other with their urine until they’re both glistening and soaked.

With his face buried deep into François’s muscular ass, Damien shoots a geyser of a load and François quickly follows suit.

Damien’s just getting François’s ass warmed up.

After flipping him over and rimming him some more, Damien slides his dick deep into François’s butt, starting out slow but building up speed as he fucks him harder and deeper.

He pulls his dick out and rips off the condom, but instead of shooting a load all over François’ crack, he pisses on his ass and then goes back to fucking him once again.

Damien throws François onto his back and pile-drives up his chute until they both cum again.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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