Hot tattooed muscle security guard Chris Damned’s bare fucks young perp Kai Masters’ hot asshole

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Young Perps says: Young perp Kai Masters has been caught red-handed by sexy tattooed security guard Chris Damned.

He’s now trying to make Kai crack under pressure and admit to his wrongdoings.

But Chris’ methods are a little off track, Kai is a little surprised when he’s asked to strip naked. What about a search of his pockets first?

Chris is a law unto himself, once Kai is stripped bare Chris goes to work probing Kai’s ass with a dildo he just found in the filing cabinet drawer.

After an ass bashing with the rubber sex toy, Kai is more amenable to what comes next.

Kai has a choice it’s the cops or it sucking Chris’s huge thick dick. Well confronted with those options what would you do?

So Kai gets on all fours and sucks down hard on Chris’s already erect cock. He sucks it like a trooper, but Chris is not over with him just yet.

Chris wreaks the ultimate punishment sliding his cock deep inside Kai’s smooth ass, making him moan increasingly loudly. How is this going to end?

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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