Chandler Scott deep throats Danny Cannon’s nice dick until he’s hard


Broke Straight Boys says: Danny Cannon and Chandler Scott have been hitting the gym and it shows, these guys have buffed up and filled out a little, and as busy as they’ve been they’re back in the studio to give their fans some more. They take their pants and shirts off and make out, kissing gently as their cocks grow a bit bigger in their boxers until those come off too and Danny is on his knees sucking Chandler off.

Danny pulls Chandler’s big shaft in and out of his mouth while Chandler thrusts it deeper down his throat, but then it’s Chandler’s turn to get a taste of Danny’s sweet cock. Chandler deep throats Danny’s nice dick until he’s hard and ready for a good fucking, then he bends him over the bed and enters him from behind, slow and easy, giving Danny a minute to warm up to his big prick filling up that tight ass.

But Danny’s ass feels so damn good that Chandler can’t wait forever and he starts pumping harder and faster, his bareback dick massaging Danny from the inside as he goes in deep. Chandler takes Danny in different positions, pounding him raw as Danny lets Chandler fuck him however he wants while he jerks his own dick until he sprays himself with cum then gets blasted with Chandler’s hot jizz too.


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Ripped abs toned ass and a huge cock meet young straight Devon Felix


Broke Straight Boys says: Devon Felix is a newbie, and we’re very excited to welcome this attractive, soft-spoken young man. His looks are enough to entice you with his clothes on, but when he loses his shirt and drops his pants well, it just doesn’t get much better than this. Ripped abs, toned ass, a huge cock, and of course that sexy smile, Devon’s the full package.

When we ask him to sit back and relax, his nerves calm down and he grabs hold of that giant dick, getting it hard in no time as he runs his hand up and down his shaft, making eye contact with the camera as he masturbates.

When he lies back and gets comfortable, he uses his other hand to play with his balls, massaging them gently as he pulls up and down on his member. As he gets into it he moves his hand faster and faster, his muscles tightening all over his body as he strokes that big dick until he cums, shooting a nice thick load all over his stomach.

Despite his nerves starting out, this hottie is ready for his next scene…and after this solo, we can’t wait to see how he does.


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Hardcore bareback ass fucking Owen Michaels and David Hardy


Broke Straight Boys says: Owen Michaels and David Hardy make out, kissing each other as they strip off their clothes and lie back on the bed, Owen running his big hands across David’s torso and sucking on his nipple as he gets David hard.

Owen kisses his way down to David’s uncut cock and gives him head, sliding his tongue from balls to tip as David moans for more of Owen’s sweet mouth.

When David returns the oral he makes sure Owen enjoys it, using his hand and mouth on Owen’s big dick. They climb onto the bed and 69, each giving and receiving some amazing oral, their cock and balls getting all sorts of attention as they get licked and sucked.

When they’re ready for penetration, it’s Owen that gets the shaft first, riding David’s bareback prick hard, his own cock slapping against David’s stomach as he gets fucked. Before they flip, Owen gives David a rimjob to prepare that ass for a good fucking, then he slowly slides his cock inside of David.

David jerks his own dick while he gets pounded raw by Owen, spreading his legs wide so that Owen can really fill David up with that throbbing prick. The faster Owen thrusts, the harder David strokes his dick until he finally cums and then lets Owen finish with a creampie and a little cumswap.


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Straight threesome Gage Owens, Vadim Black and David Hardy hardcore ass fucking


Broke Straight Boys says: Gage Owens is in for a surprise today, and he’ll figure out what that surprise is soon enough. To get him in the mood, Vadim Black and David Hardy kiss his chest and torso, undressing him and using his shirt as a blindfold as Gage has no choice but to let these guys do what they want to him.

David and Vadim take turns rimming Gage’s ass, sucking his sweet cock and take a break to make out with each other while Gage touches himself. Gage gets some balls in his face as David kneels above him, putting his cock in Gage’s mouth and making him give some oral as Vadim does work on Gage’s prick.

When Vadim wants his dick sucked they have to take turns with Gage’s mouth, each getting their meat sucked by him before the real fun starts. When Gage gets on all fours, David enters him from behind and Vadim takes his mouth, each fucking him from one side as Gage takes those dicks.

But if Gage thought this raw action was a lot, wait until he sees what Vadim and David have in store for him next. Gage straddles David and sits on his cock, and Vadim comes from behind and gets his cock in that ass too as Gage gets his first DP action.

Gage gets his ass stretched by David and Vadim and soon they’re all shooting their load, covering Gage in hot cum.


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Bareback ass fucking Zander Floyd raw fucks Gage Owens’ tight boy asshole


Broke Straight Boys says: Zander Floyd and Gage Owens are both beach bums in their own way, and today they’re going to make some waves and ride some dick. As they make out and kiss each other, Zander takes a minute to pull Gage’s clothing off piece by piece, then his own comes off next and before you know it he’s lying on top of Gage and sucking Gage’s delicious meat.

He’s not giving head for long before Gage pulls Zander up toward his face and takes that dick in his mouth, the oral action getting them both horny as fuck. Zander gets his mouth stuffed full of meat again as Gage straddles his face, and once they’re both as hard as they can get they move on to ass-pounding, and looks like Gage is the lucky one to bottom today.

Gage straddles Zander and sits right on that throbbing hard dick, letting that bareback cock fill up his tight little ass as he bounces up and down on that fat prick. Zander fucks Gage hard and raw, slamming his cock into Gage in all sorts of sexy positions, and Gage takes that dick like a champ as Zander thrusts into him faster than we’ve ever seen, making Gage’s ass bounce and jiggle.

After all that intense pounding, Zander slows things down and kisses Gage, taking his time with him as Gage submits to Zander’s will that is, until the fucking gets to be too much and Gage blows his load, followed by Zander.


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Straight boy bareback fuckers Draven Caine and Drake Tyler


Broke Straight Boys says: Drake Tyler gets to break in newbie Draven Caine, who doesn’t seem opposed to the idea of getting to fuck Drake’s sexy ass. They don’t need much help getting started, in fact, Drake gets right into it, making out with Draven and giving him some deep kisses before he gets Draven’s cock deep inside his mouth next.

Drake shoves Draven’s big dick all the way down his throat, not afraid to get a little messy as he drools all over Draven’s fat cock. When it’s Draven’s turn to go down on Drake, he obviously does a damn good job for someone with no experience sucking a dick as he makes Drake moan and writhe on the bed.

The hot oral between these two makes Drake beg for Draven’s cock and Draven obeys, putting his bareback dick inside of Drake and fucking him from above as Drake moans with each of Draven’s thrusts.

They pick a different position and Draven pounds Tyler harder and faster, getting deep inside of Tyler as he fills that tight ass up with his huge cock.

As Draven slams into Drake, fucking him raw, he makes Drake shoot his load, and after a few more good thrusts Draven pulls out and drains his cock all over Drake, making a mess of him as he unleashes a huge load.


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Bareback ass fucking Owen Michaels raw fucks Gage Owens’ tight straight boy hole


Broke Straight Boys says: We’ve got Gage Owens and Owen Michaels in the studio today for your viewing pleasure. These two studs are hot enough alone, but put them together and you’ve got a recipe for some amazing foreplay and sizzling hot sex.

They turn toward one another and lock lips, kissing as they get each other undressed and run their hands over their one another’s body.

Gage gets down on his knees and puts Owen’s dick in his mouth, letting Owen face fuck him as he drools all over that sweet cock while we get a nice view of Owen’s impressive bubble butt.

When Owen can’t resist his craving for dick any longer, he wraps his mouth around Gage’s prick and sucks, licking Gage’s hairless balls while Gage watches from above.

Then Owen breaks out his superman style, lifting Gage up and sticking him with his hard dick while he balances Gage and holds him securely, letting him grind his ass hard on Owen’s cock.

As strong as Owen is, those sexy muscles need a break and he places Gage on the bed, holding his legs apart as he drives his bareback cock into him. Then Gage gets on top and rides Owen’s throbbing prick until he cums onto Owen’s muscular chest.

When Owen pulls out and cums between Gage’s ass, he shoots a huge load, making sure to drain every last bit of jizz from his cock.


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Nude straight boy Draven Caine jerks his hard erect cock to a huge cum explosion


Broke Straight Boys says: Today we welcome Draven Caine to the studio, and even though it’s this stud’s first time doing porn, he seems incredibly at ease in front of the camera. When he drops his pants and shows us that ass, we also get to drink in his sexy muscles and tight body as he turns around, his cock already hard and waiting for action.

With Draven ready to go, we don’t want to make him wait any longer and he lies back on the couch and rubs his cock, running his hand across his body and over his balls as he massages his dick.

His meat gets even bigger as he plays with himself, using two hands to stroke that fat cock as he makes himself comfortable on the couch, jerking off and breathing heavily as he gets hornier with each yank of his prick.

Draven’s hard muscles flex beneath his skin as he wraps his hands around his thick, throbbing cock and starts to rub it faster and faster. As he gets closer to cumming, he lets out some short moans and his body writhes in pleasure until he unleashes a huge load, soaking his perfect abs with hot cum.

With such a sexy solo, we can’t wait to see what else Draven’s got in store for us.


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Jason Sterling sole jerking his big straight dick


Broke Straight Boys says: Jason Sterling is here from Louisville, Kentucky, and this out doors man passes his time hunting and fishing and enjoying sports. The money he earns here he will put towards raising his son and the rest he will spend on himself…but before he gets paid, we need to see some cock.

Jason admits that he’s very nervous, but it’s not like he’s never gotten himself off before, so we’re confident that this blonde hottie will do just fine.

He takes his clothes off and shows us his slim but toned body, playing with his dick absentmindedly as he answers a few more questions before we set him loose to do his thing.

He lies back on the couch and looks into the camera as he grabs his cock and starts to stroke it, running his hand up and down over his shaft as it gets harder and bigger.

As he jerks his prick, he grabs his balls and massages them and you can tell by the way his muscles clench that he’s getting closer to cumming. He starts pulling on his dick harder and faster until he unleashes a huge load all over himself.

What an impressive cumshot for a first-timer, we can’t wait to welcome him back for more than just a solo scene.


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Straight boys Vadim Black and Owen Michaels hardcore bareback ass fucking


Broke Straight Boys says: Owen Michaels and Vadim Black are here for a morning fuck, and there’s no better way to wake up than to lock lips with muscular stud. These guys keep their underwear on as they make out, kissing passionately and playfully rubbing their tongues together as Vadim kisses his way down Owen’s ripped body and teases his cock through his boxers.

Owen can’t take Vadim’s playing anymore and gets his underwear off in a hurry so Vadim can wrap his warm lips around that fat prick. The oral is interrupted with some more kissing, then it’s Vadim’s turn to get his dick sucked before they get to the ass-pounding.

Owen bottoms, bending over the nightstand and letting Vadim stick him with his hard cock as they both moan with each deep thrust. Vadim’s throbbing dick spreads Owen’s tight ass wide open as he pulls in and out, making Owen beg for more as he fucks him raw and hard.

Owen gets on his back and spreads his legs open for Vadim, letting him know how much he wants Vadim’s hard cock inside of him, and Vadim delivers, pumping him full of his bareback prick until Vadim pulls out and Owen cums all over himself.


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Straight young men Dustin Powers, Jaxon Ryder and Chandler Scott gay bareback threesome


Broke Straight Boys says: Dustin Powers, Jaxon Ryder and Chandler Scott are up early for some morning sex, hopefully these boys all came with morning wood but if not, they’ll get each other hard without a problem in this hot threesome.

They get straight to it, stripping down and Chandler lucks out, getting both Jaxon and Dustin’s mouth around his cock right off the bat.

One plays with Chandler’s balls while the other sucks his dick, and then they decide to share the pleasure and Chandler gives Dustin some oral while still receiving it from Jaxon.

Chandler shows off his expertise by doing double duty, sucking Jaxon’s dick while he jerks off Dustin, then puts both of those hard cocks in his mouth and goes down on those boys with some serious skill.

But Chandler can’t be doing all the work, so they form a circle and each get a dick to suck until they’re hard and ready to start fucking and it looks like Dustin is up to bottom first.

Jaxon slowly enters him from behind while Dustin and Chandler 69, then it’s Jaxon and Chandler 69ing while Dustin fucks Chandler raw.

When it’s time for a whole new position, Jaxon is the one finally getting his ass stretched by Dustin’s curved bareback prick while Dustin gets a mouthful of Chandler’s fat cock.

Jaxon is the first to cum, followed by Dustin then Chandler, who lets that jizz fly all over Dustin’s hairless chest.


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Gage Owens is bottoming today lucky John Henry gets to break in his tight virgin straight ass


Broke Straight Boys says: John Henry and Gage Owens are both pretty new, but the way these guys go at it, you wouldn’t know it. They warm things up with some kisses, locking lips as they slowly get undressed, and when Gage’s pants are off John’s mouth is on Gage’s cock in a matter of seconds.

John runs his hand and mouth over Gage’s hard erect big dick, sucking that thick cock until it’s standing straight up and dripping for some 69ing action.

John climbs on top and dangles his own big dick in Gage’s face, letting him choke on that thick cock while John gets a mouthful of Gage’s prick. But when it comes time to fuck, Gage is bottoming today for his first time ever, and lucky John gets to break in that tight virgin straight ass.

Gage lies on the bed and spreads his legs apart so that John can slide his big dick inside of him, and he does it nice and slow so that Gage can get used to the feeling.

When he doesn’t hear Gage object, John goes in deeper and starts to fuck him bareback, making Gage moan as his ass gets stretched around John’s throbbing cock.

John doesn’t take it easy on Gage as he slams into that tight ass hole, hard and deep and raw until he makes Gage bust a nut and then he cums on Gage’s ass then fucks him with the hot jizz.


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Bareback straight fuckers Vadim Black plunges his huge bare dick into John Henry’s hot raw asshole


Broke Straight Boys says: Vadim Black lucked out in this scene since he’s still recovering from surgery, we’re giving him a break from bottoming and letting him top our easygoing stud John Henry.

John pulls Vadim’s jeans and boxers off as Vadim gets comfortable on the bed, letting John take his uncut cock into his mouth and work it with his tongue and lips.

John makes Vadim’s cock grow, and Vadim returns the favor as he delivers some amazing oral, using his hand and mouth together to drive John wild, and of course giving some attention to John’s balls too.

Vadim gets his cock-sucked for a second time before they exchange a long kiss and John takes his place on the bed, ass in the air as Vadim lubes himself and John up.

John arches his back as Vadim sticks him with his rock hard bareback prick, sliding it in and out of John’s tight ass while John takes that cock and jerks his own.

Vadim fucks John raw in a different position, pumping him full of cock, nice and slow and deep, until he gets to close to shooting his load and pulls out to drain his jizz all over John.

John yanks on his dick until he busts a nut next and then guys call it a day.


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Straight boys James Andrews and Chandler Scott hardcore ass fucking


Broke Straight Boys says: There are no kisses exchanged between James Andrews and Chandler Scott, they jump right into the oral after they take their clothes off, and it’s Chandler who gets his face fucked first.

He goes down on James, licking and sucking James’s big dick while James rests his hand on Chandler’s head, pushing it down a little farther as Chandler does his best to deep throat that beast of a big cock.

When James is good and hard, they take a minute to sneak in some kisses as they passionately lock lips before it’s James’s turn to give Chandler oral.

He does his best to suck that dick, getting it as far back in his mouth as he can manage while Chandler watches him from above.

After James is satisfied with his cock-sucking job, he pulls Chandler to the end of the bed and shoves his bareback prick inside of Chandler’s tight ass, then fucks him doggy style and raw as Chandler closes his eyes and takes that hard cock.

James makes Chandler’s ass bounce with each hard thrust, until he has Chandler cumming all over himself and James explodes with pleasure.


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Justin Riggs gets oral from Brody Lasko and gived oral to Jaxon Ryder


Broke Straight Boys says: Brody Lasko, Jaxon Ryder and Justin Riggs are here for a 3-way, and while that’s a pretty special occurrence here, don’t worry our three guys have had plenty of experience with group sex.

We let them loose on each other and they get right to it, pulling pants down and putting dicks in their mouth, with Brody sucking Justin who’s sucking Jaxon.

They switch up the line and it’s Brody and Justin receiving now, their naked bodies splayed out across the bed as they give each other head and get their dick sucked.

Soon, Justin finds himself getting oral from Brody and giving oral to Jaxon, all in preparation for the ass-fucking that’s about to start as Jaxon lubes up and Justin straddles him, sitting right down on Jaxon’s bareback dick and riding it while Brody and Jaxon make out.

Then Justin moves his tight ass over to Brody and rides his hard dick next, bouncing on it while Jaxon leans over and sucks on Justin’s cock.

Jaxon gets on the bed doggy style and lets Justin eat his ass while Brody gets sucked off by Justin, then they switch it up and Brody fucks Jaxon while Justin gets his cock sucked.

These boys step up their game, getting freaky in all sorts of positions until Jaxon cums on Brody’s ass, then Brody unloads onto Justin’s face, then Justin finishes up with his own hot cumshot. Just another day in paradise for our guys.


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Sexy young men Jaxon Ryder bareback fucking James Andrews’ tight boy asshole


Broke Straight Boys says: Jaxon Ryder is back and ready to work, and there’s a lot of money to be earned for this hottie. His scene partner, James Andrews, has come a long way since starting with us and he’s ready to get the fucking started as they lean in and kiss, warming up with a few gentle kisses before things get a little more passionate and Jaxon starts to rub his cock through his boxers.

They do away with all their clothes and Jaxon gets a mouthful of James’ dick, sucking his sweet cock and then letting James have a taste of his.

James pulls Jaxon’s prick in and out of his mouth a few times before they give up on the oral and move on to the ass fucking.

Looks like James is bottoming today, and he sits right on Jaxon’s cock and takes things slow, that big dick stretching his ass as he clenches his eyes in pain.

As he gets used to Jaxon’s cock up his ass, he starts riding it a little faster but then hands the reins to Jaxon, who gets James doggy style on the bed and pumps him full of his bareback dick.

They try another position with James on his back, legs in the air and ass spread as Jaxon enters him, fucking him hard and raw until they both lie back on the bed and stroke out a huge load.


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Gage Owens buries his long bareback dick in Zeno Kostas balls deep and fucking him hard


Broke Straight Boys says: Gage Owens is one of our newbies, and he’s about to learn a few things about sucking cock and fucking ass. Zeno Kostas is his teacher, and even though he’s not looking forward to bottoming, he’s keeping an open mind to cumming hard.

Zeno dives right in, grabbing Gage and kissing him on the lips, then telling him all of his sensitive spots so that Gage can get to work.

When Gage has sucked on Zeno’s nipples and gotten a few more kisses, he gets his cock and balls sucked by Zeno who goes all out, shoving Gage’s pierced prick down his throat and drooling all over that juicy meat.

After Zeno has showed Gage a thing or two about dick sucking, he lets Gage give it a go and Gage takes it nice and slow, getting used to the feeling of a dude’s dripping dick in his mouth.

He gets the hang of it quick and deep throats Zeno’s impressive wang, driving him wild with his new oral skills before Zeno spreads his legs and lets Gage start his next lesson: fucking a guy raw.

Gage buries his long bareback dick in Zeno, balls deep and fucking him hard, grabbing a fistful of Zeno’s long hair as he pumps him full of his hard cock.

Zeno moans as he takes that huge dick until it’s too much for him and he blows his load and then Gage cums on Zeno’s back.


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Young straight boys David Hardy and Danny Cannon bareback butt fuckers


Broke Straight Boys says: Danny Cannon hasn’t had much experience in the studio yet, but he’s ready to skip the oral scene and go right to bottoming because he needs the cash and needs it fast.

Since our innocent newbie needs to be broken in carefully, we’ve brought in an expert: David Hardy. They get to kissing, and David takes the lead, showing Danny what to do and how to do it, until Danny starts to loosen up and follow David’s lead.

David gets on his knees and teases Danny’s big boy cock as he sucks his firm nipples, clearly taking his time and making sure Danny is enjoying the experience.

When it’s time for oral, David lets Danny go down on him first, learning through trial and error as David enjoys every stroke of Danny’s inexperienced tongue across his huge young cock.

After David gives Danny some oral in return, he also gives Danny’s sexy bubble ass a taste of what’s coming as he fingers his ass hole then lubes up and slides his bare dick into Danny’s virgin ass.

The look on Danny’s face is a mixture of pain and pleasure as he takes David’s hard raw cock, getting bareback fucked raw by David, who knows just how to treat Danny’s sore ass.

David bare fucks Danny until they both finish with an impressive cumshot and make a mess on Danny.


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Young straight studs Gage Owens and Zeno Kostas bareback butt fuck


Broke Straight Boys says: Gage Owens is one of our newbies and he’s about to learn a few things about sucking cock and fucking ass. Zeno Kostas is his teacher, and even though he’s not looking forward to bottoming, he’s keeping an open mind to cumming hard.

Zeno dives right in, grabbing Gage and kissing him on the lips, then telling him all of his sensitive spots so that Gage can get to work.

When Gage has sucked on Zeno’s nipples and gotten a few more kisses, he gets his cock and balls sucked by Zeno who goes all out, shoving Gage’s pierced prick down his throat and drooling all over that juicy meat.

After Zeno has showed Gage a thing or two about cock-sucking, he lets Gage give it a go and Gage takes it nice and slow, getting used to the feeling of a dude’s dripping dick in his mouth.

He gets the hang of it quick and deepthroats Zeno’s impressive dick, driving him wild with his new oral skills before Zeno spreads his legs and lets Gage start his next lesson: fucking a guy raw. Gage buries his long bareback dick in Zeno, balls deep and fucking him hard, grabbing a fistful of Zeno’s long hair as he pumps him full of his hard cock.

Zeno moans as he takes that huge dick until it’s too much for him and he blows his load and then Gage cums on Zeno’s back.


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Broke Straight Boys Chandler Scott beats his meat and shoots a huge cum load


Broke Straight Boys says: Help us give Chandler Scott a warm welcome as he makes his debut here on BSB in this sexy solo scene! He is an outdoors man at heart, today he gets to massage his meat and shoot his load on himself.


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James Andrews bare fucks Ricky Evans


Broke Straight Boys says: James Andrews is taking it slow and still isn’t quite ready to bottom yet, but let’s see how he does with sucking and fucking the willing Ricky Evans.


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James Andrews gets a taste of Justin Riggs’s big dick


Broke Straight Boys says: James Andrews gets a taste of Justin Riggs’ dick in this hot update. Not only is this scene full of sexy oral, but you’ll also get your fill of fucking and facials.


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James Andrews is still learning the ropes of fucking dudes, Cage Kafig lends a hand


Broke Straight Boys says: James Andrews is still learning the ropes of fucking dudes, and this time we’ve brought in Cage Kafig to help. Watch as Cage takes one for the team and ends up covered in cum.


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James Andrews’ big dick makes his the Broke Straight Boys new favorite stud


Broke Straight Boys says: James Andrews is new to the studio, but this guy comes with confidence, sexiness, and of course, a big dick. He is quickly becoming a new BSB favorite with his 300% straight hesitation.


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Antonio Drake shaves his balls and pubic bush

Broke Straight Boys says: Antonio Drake is fresh meat here on Broke Straight Boys! This guy needs some cash, but he has also been curious about porn for a while, so we set him up with a solo scene to see how he does and he does not disappoint.


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Dakota Ford fucks Jaycee Barker’s asshole for the first time

Broke Straight Boys says: Jaycee Barker wanted to come back, this time we paired him with the rugged Dakota Ford. Watch as they jerk each other off, do some cock-sucking, and then Jaycee takes a dick for the first time.


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Tyler White and Abram Hoffer

Broke Straight Boys says: Abram Hoffer kicks off this super sexy scene in the shower letting the warm water cascade down his hot, toned body and hard cock as he runs his hands all over himself. He stretches as he washes himself, showing off his physique before Tyler White walks in.


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Ian Dempsey bareback fucks Vadim Black

Broke Straight Boys says: Ian Dempsey and Vadim Black are finally paired up for a scene together, and they certainly are one sexy pair.
They kiss and make out, stripping off their clothes and pressing their toned, muscular bodies together for a moment before they rub each other’s dicks and then 69, using their hot, wet mouths to get one another hard.


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Tyler White and Brody Lasko

Broke Straight Boys says: Tyler White and Brody Lasko are up for anything in this scene, so you know it’s going to be good. And by good, we mean full of sucking, fucking, flipping, and bareback ass-riding.


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Paul Canon and Conner Chesney

Broke Straight Boys says: Paul Canon and Conner Chesney are back and better than ever as they pair up for this sexy scene. Conner isn’t used to bottoming, but Paul takes no mercy on him as he fucks him till they both explode.


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Blake Savage bareback fucks Brandon Beal

Broke Straight Boys says: Brandon Beal is back for now with the sexy straight guy Blake Savage. Watch as Blake gives it hard and rough to the sexy Brandon.


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Salem Pierce and Damien Kyle

Broke Straight Boys says: Damien Kyle doesn’t have the purest intentions as he rides along to pick up newbie Salem Pierce. In fact, by the end of this sexy scene, Damien has shown Salem the in’s and out’s of sucking a dude off.


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Brandon Beal and Vadim Black

Broke Straight Boys Brandon Beal fucks Vadim Black hard and deep, just like Vadim likes it. These two boys are so hot and horny that one of these studs cums twice, so you just know it’s gotta be good.


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Ian Dempsey and Kaden Alexander

Broke Straight Boys says: Kaden Alexander is already getting himself ready to go before the shorts are even off, rubbing his cock a bit as Ian Dempsey joins the fun and they both drop their shorts. These two exchange a few kisses before going right into the good stuff as Ian gets on his knees and starts sucking some cock.


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Brody Lasko

Broke Straight Boys says: Brody Lasko is a gorgeous young twink who’s ready to show us what he’s got! He’s new to Broke Straight Boys, and even though he’s 100% straight, he’s ready to take some dick up the ass for cash but not just yet.


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Blake Savage, Brandon Beal, Zeno Kostas and Vadim Black

Broke Straight Boys says: Vadim Black, Zeno Kostas, Blake Savage and Brandon Beal are four very horny hotties who can’t wait to get this fuckfest started. Watch as these boys fuck and suck the cum right out of each other.


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Zeno Kostas and Ian Dempsey

Broke Straight Boys says: Ian Dempsey and Zeno Kostas are back and sexy as ever. These boys are ready to fuck, and when they strip and make out, you just know this is going to be hot.
They kiss, pressing their cocks against each other as and rubbing their dicks together before they 69. Ian sucks on Zeno’s big dick while Zeno gives Ian a rimjob, licking and sucking on that tight ass as he buries his face in it.


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Tyler White and Vadim Black

Broke Straight Boys says: Tyler White and Vadim Black get a little kinky in the hot tub as they discuss some of their fantasies… and they might just be lucky enough to cross some of those fantasies off their list after this hot scene.


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Tyler White and Ryan Fields

Broke Straight Boys says: Tyler White deserves a little blowjob as well, and Ryan Fields gets on his knees and sucks on that meat. He gets it hard and wet until he can’t delay it anymore and bends himself over the bed, prepared to have his virgin ass stretched.
Ryan bottoms for Tyler on his side, on his back, getting a little experience in all positions as Tyler shoves that bareback prick deep in his ass, his balls slapping against Ryan’s ass until they both finish off with a perfect cumshot.


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Paul Canon and Skyler Daniels

Broke Straight Boys says: Paul Canon and Skyler Daniels get on the bed as Paul stands above Skyler and fucks him raw. Skyler jerks his own dick until he squirts everywhere and gives himself a facial, followed by Paul who shoots a huge load.


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Kaden Alexander and Anthony Hunt

Broke Straight Boys says: Once Kaden Alexander’s dick is up to it’s full and very impressive potential, it goes right into Anthony Hunt’s tight ass. Kaden pounds him hard as Anthony struggles to let his ass stretch around Kaden’s big prick.
Next Anthony bottoms doggy style and Kaden’s definitely not gentle about sticking his cock in. He fucks him raw, hard and deep despite Anthony’s cries of pain.


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Sebastian Wilde

Broke Straight Boys says: Today we would like to welcome the newbie Sebastian Wilde. Who says he came to BSB to make some extra money, meet new people, has a wild side and loves to play soccer.


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