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Boyfun says: Max Gen is enjoying a nice soak in the tub, exploring himself and giving in to the demands of his hard uncut cock rising from the foamy water.

It goes without saying that this gorgeous inked young man would always enjoy a little solo BoyFun while in the bath, but the arrival of Alex Blade makes his planned jack-off far more exciting.

Max is quick to invite him to come and play, laying back in the water while Alex toys with the stiff and wet cock standing proud from between his smooth thighs.

With a little rubbing, the young man is ready for a lot more, heading to the couch where Alex can truly play with the presented penis.

He takes it in his sucking mouth, using his lips and tongue to explore and pleasure the warm and wet meat, his own penis swelling and desperate for release from his pants.

Of course, sexy Max is more than eager to return the favor. The moment his friend’s cock is revealed he’s slurping the tasty inches, savoring the precum seeping from Alex’s tip.

With his attention drawn to the boy’s pucker, he gives Alex’s hole some licks and in seconds the two are ready for the ultimate in male pleasure.

Watch as Max slips his bareback cock between those welcoming cheeks, filling Alex with his bulging boner and fucking him from behind.

It could have ended there, it could have led to semen splashing free from their desperate dicks within moments, but inked young Max isn’t ready to finish up before he gets his chance to impale his pucker down on his pal’s penis.

Their flip fuck switches back and forth, with more rimming of Alex’s tight little hole and an incredibly hot near-piledriver position which takes both boys to an incredible gushing release.

Alex enjoys a shower of spooge from their erupting cocks, a shower of semen raining down over him.

It’s time for them to return to the bathroom to clean up, if they can manage that before needing to indulge again.

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Men at Play sexy muscle stud Diego Reyes’s huge raw dick bare fucking Jonathan Miranda’s bubble butt

Men at Play says: Diego Reyes has been given the opportunity of showing his photography project in a small gallery.

He is making sure everything is set up for the big event when Jonathan Miranda walks in.

Jonathan works in advertising and looking for some inspiration before going back to the city the next day.

Diego sees this as a business opportunity he can not miss, so he presents Jonathan with his work.

But Jonathan tells him his pieces are not risky enough and lack uniqueness and personality.

That’s when Diego tells him about his other special project.

He took secret photographs of men he slept with during a trip to the United States.

Jonathan seems curious and suggests Diego show him his private collection.

But, before the two studs finish work, they are looking to have some fun and ready to play right there and now in a suited flip-flop fuck session.

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Next Door Studios says: Nico Coopa thinks he’s the hottest guy around, so when he finds out that his gay roommate Cody Viper doesn’t find him attractive, he’s absolutely baffled. No way he’s not into Nico.

If Nico wants to live up to his own expectations, he’s gonna have to make Cody find him attractive.

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Top Fan Vids says: There is no one like Jason Coxx, this lad is a hot hairy stud that enjoys being told what to do.

In this scene, Jason and Avatar fuck for hours the chemistry between them is unreal but beyond what they both were expecting.

Avatar’s dick made his hairy hole cream so much that Jason could not help but to have multiple ass orgasms, which made Avatar bust a massive load.

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Belami says: Today we are looking back in time to the very first scene filmed by Belami Superfan’s favorite and very youthful Helmut Huxley. He is joined by dark handsome young Rocco Alfieri.

Helmut sits down on the couch and swallows down Rocco’s thick erection in a sign of the natural talent Helmut and for which he is universally adored.

As he deep throats Rocco, floppy-haired Helmut wanks his own huge uncut cock to a throbbing hard-on.

Helmut makes sure that he gives Rocco’s enormous pink dick head a tongue washing getting it nice and wet.

He then spins around and pokes his smooth bubble butt in Rocco’s direction as he flirtatiously opens his hole with one hand.

Rocco is not slow to respond and he runs his moist tongue up and down Helmut’s smooth ass crack as Helmut moans quietly to himself.

After getting Helmut’s ass nice and wet, Rocco inserts and finger and probes the dark damp hole, opening Helmut up for his slick dick.

Rocco presses his cock firmly but gently into Helmut’s virgin ass, as Helmut gets used to the feeling of another boy’s cock in his ass.

Helmut takes the first time pounding well, breathing deeply and moaning which grows louder with each thrust.

Then with Helmut lying on his back with his legs splayed apart, Rocco pummels his raw asshole increasing the force and getting ready to cum.

With sweat dripping from Rocco’s intense face, Helmut is very close to orgasm.

Rocco pulls out and opens his mouth as Helmut explodes a huge cum load onto his tongue. Rocco then licks Helmut’s dick clean swallowing all of his jizz.

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Freshmen says: Young dark-haired hotties Jim Durden and Jorik Tautou are discussing their sexual experiences.

Jim is surprised to hear that Jorik has never topped anyone before.

The two sexy young studs start to make out, kissing passionately, as Jim reaches down and wanks Jorik’s already massive raging uncut hard-on.

Jim can’t believe how thick and long Jorik’s cock is as he works it between his fingers.

They switch-up positions with Jim spreading his legs wide so that Jorik can get his tongue deep between Jim’s smooth hairless ass crack.

Jim holds his feet behind his head giving Jorik full access to his asshole.

Jorik probes his tongue deep into Jim’s asshole lubing him up and getting him nice and wet.

Jim moans loudly at the sensation pulsing through his ass.

With his super hard uncut cock between both hands he rubs it hard between Jim’s ass cheeks until he finally finds his moist hole and forces his cockhead inside.

Jorik’s massive young dick slips sleekly inside and he slowly starts to fuck Jim with long slow strokes.

He picks up speed sliding his slick dick balls deep inside Jim’s hot bubble butt.

Jim then jumps on top and guides his bare ass hole down onto Jorik’s throbbing cock, taking control and pressing down hard feeling Jorik’s thick member moving inside him.

His moaning reaches a crescendo as Jorik deftly fucks his hole.

Jorik pulls out and licks Jim’s dick just as he jerks out a huge cum load which sprays all over Jorik’s face.

He licks his lips and swallows Jim’s full load.

Then Jorik slips back inside and fucks Jim until he is ready to come, he pulls out as he explodes cum all over Jim giving him a big creamy cum facial.

The sexy boys embrace for a cummy kiss.

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CzechHunter says: Hunting in the historic center of Prague turned out to be a great idea.

I noticed this dude taking pictures of buildings and decided to approach him.

He was so good-looking I almost hesitated… luckily, he needed money.

Lukas was a poor student with big ambitions in fitness.

His body was full of potential.

The guy wanted to go pro bodybuilding, so he was saving money and looking for sponsors.

I could hardly meet anyone better than this fellow.

My offers got him interested even though he was a bit nervous.

He wasn’t gay and I was a complete stranger… still, money was too good.

His body was chiseled like a statue, not something I see every day.

He was so ripped and firm, his cock was huge, and his ass… so incredibly tight it almost crushed my cock when I finally got inside.

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Sean Cody says: As all the Sean Cody and BelAmi guys gather around the outdoor dining table, Deacon’s gaze keeps coming back to cute brunette twink Yannis Paluan.

Their flirty eye contact grows more intense, and when Yannis gets up, Deacon follows.

Inside, Yannis immediately sucks the top’s cock on a chaise, and Deacon rims the bottom, then fucks him doggy style.

Deacon penetrates the twink in missionary, then Yannis asks, “Can I ride you now?” “Get up here!” the top replies eagerly, enjoying the view of Yannis’s tight ass bouncing on his cock.

Yannis cums as Deacon pounds his hole, then takes a hot facial.

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Men young muscle boys Clark Delgaty and Kenzo Alvarez’s bareback fucking Michael Boston’s bubble butt says: While Michael Boston’s husband Clark Delgaty works out in the other room, his sidepiece Kenzo Alvarez climbs in the window, begging for just five minutes with him.

Michael sucks Kenzo but has to hide his lover quickly when Clark comes in after his workout.

But instead of getting in the shower, Clark wants to fuck.

He bends Michael over the table, and Kenzo slides his cock through a handy hole so the bottom can suck it.

Michael blows Clark and surreptitiously sits on Kenzo’s dick, but when Clark takes his hubby to the bedroom to fuck him doggy style, Kenzo sneaks in behind a screen to fill Michael’s mouth.

Clark creampies Michael and immediately crashes on the bed, but the bottom hasn’t had enough yet, offering Kenzo his hole to get sneakily fucked doggy style and missionary till he cums, then Kenzo fills his ass with another load before silently slipping out.

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Cockyboys horny young stud Daniel Evans’s huge raw cock bare fucking Dallas Preston’s smooth asshole

Cockyboys says: It’s back to summer’s end where Daniel Evans and Dallas Preston share highlights of the season and make one more hot memory by fucking by the pool at Camp CockyBoys.

The guys both love to lounge in the sun, but while Dallas is ready for a nap, Daniel is energized…and very horny.

And with Dallas curled up next to him, Daniel can’t help by reach over and fondle him through his loose-fitting shorts.

Daniel runs his fingers along Dallas’ hole and in no time he’s gently rimming him and rubbing his cock along Dallas’ crack.

Dallas wakens and Daniel apologizes, but Dallas is happy to wake up to this.

In fact, he spits lubes his own hole and guides, Daniel, inside him.

Dallas is totally into sexy Daniel who gives him the hard fucking he wants by pounding him from the side

Daniel gradually moves Dallas on top to ride his cock and take every deep jackhammer thrust.

They soon need a little break but Dallas wants to suck Daniel and he just can’t get enough of it.

Even when Daniel starts eating his hole, Dallas goes back to sucking his tasty cock leading then to an all-out cocksucking 69.

Daniel loves feeding his cock to him but he really wants his cock in Dallas’ hole again

Daniel pounds him from behind every which way and Dallas loves it all.

But, Daniel flips Dallas on his back to pound him and when Dallas gets close, Daniel grabs his cock and makes him cum, and milks him dry.

Right after that, Daniel pulls out to shoot his thick load and finish inside Dallas.

As they kiss, Dallas can’t say enough about how he loved it and as they lie back, he’s already talking about how he’ll wake up Daniel next time.

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Sexy young straight Fratmen bare fucking cumdumps hot holes at FratX

FratX says: Frat X says: Man we were fucking rowdy tonight.

A bunch of us hit the gym, big game coming up for some of the frat boys.

Luckily we had a new freshman pledge our frat.

Just in time too, hate pumping up with no holes around to bust open.

I don’t know if the pledge will ever wanna be a full fledged bro, the way he was squealing and taking it balls deep in both holes.

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Hottie tattoo muscle stud Chris Damned’s raw uncut dick barebacking ebony dude Adrian Hart at Bromo

Bromo says: After getting up to no good while he’s out on parole, convict Chris Damned could be looking at hard treatment, but he doesn’t pay any attention to his parole officer, Adrian Hart until Adrian shows him a hard cock.

The orange jumpsuit-wearing bad boy just wants to have fun, starting with sucking Adrian’s cock, then he turns the tables and fucks Adrian’s face.

Chris fucks the bottom on the table, then Adrian sucks Chris’s dick and rides him before Chris bends him over and pounds him till he shoots his load all over the one-way mirror.

Chris leaves some evidence on Adrian’s pert ass.

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Men young hottie stud Ashton Summers’s huge thick dick raw fucking ripped hunk Pierce Paris’s hot ass says: When hottie Ashton Summers asks to try on a new pair of sneakers, foot lover Pierce Paris treats him to the full experience, removing the sexy customer’s shoes for him and sniffing them.

Alex is surprised but excited, especially when Pierce takes his dick out and strokes it before fucking his feet.

The guys hide behind a rack so Ashton can fuck Pierce doggy style under another customer’s nose.

Pierce sucks the sexy twink’s cock and Ashton fingers the bottom’s hole before Pierce rides him reverse.

Pierce takes it deep in missionary, stroking his cock till he orgasms, then Ashton blows his load too.

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House of Angell sexy older husbands Will Angell and Liam Angell double penetrates Lance Charger’s holes

House of Angell says: All the proof you need that Lance Charger fucks as good as he looks is here in the latest Family release from House of Angell.

Will Angell’s little brother may be suave and sophisticated but he breeds like a wild animal.

He gives his nephew Liam Angell one hell of a pounding and never stops the anal assault until both brothers let their seed fly.

Liam ends up coated in rich feral juice.

Like a dog with two tails he shows how gratified he is to please his Dad and family.

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Horny hairy chested hunk Jordan Starr’s huge raw dick barebacking Dylan Hayes at Next Door Studios

Next Door Studios says: Hot Homemade action from Jordan Starr and Dylan Hayes.

Jordan tells us, Dylan brings two words to mind, Fun and Fire.

Pics and videos could not have prepared me for what I was getting into with this little firecracker.

Amazing chemistry from the get-go.

When he walked in the door and I saw those eyes and that smile it was electric.

He’s like my kid brother and boy do we like to have fun.

This is our first video together but you can rest assured it will not be our last.

I got off multiple times in this collab and I’m sure you will too.

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Hot muscle dude Shane Cook bareback fucking sexy stud Jay Tee’s hot bubble ass at Hot House

Hot House says: While Groomsman Shane Cook tries on his suit and awaits alterations from Tailor Jay Tee, the Groom Chris Damned sits back and enjoys a fat cigar.

As Chris sits back, Jay measuredly slips down Shane’s pants and underwear to reveal his fat uncut cock that he instantly starts sucking.

When Shane wants a taste, Jay bends over to watch Chris stroke his meat while Shane licks Jay’s ass.

Right in front of Chris, Shane enters Jay from behind and quickly begins an intense bareback pounding.

Jay and Shane move to the bed where Jay gets laid down and sucked before Shane fucks his ass again.

While Shane keeps drilling Jay’s hole, Jay strokes his cock until his load shoots onto his abs.

All it takes is a few more strokes in Jay’s ass and soon, Shane is adding his cum to the mix.

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Hottie long haired young straight stud first time gay anal sex fucked by a big uncut dick at CzechHunter 618

CzechHunter says: I was hunting in a small town near Prague.

I didn’t have much luck in the center, so I decided to visit its industrial zone hoping to meet some good-looking workers there.

I picked the wrong time because the street was totally deserted.

After a while, I bumped into this long-haired young man going home from his factory job.

He lived in the town and his roommate was at work, so I tried to talk him into some naughty stuff.

The guy was incredibly shy but agreed to take me to his place and try things.

He had an amazingly innocent-looking body, and he definitely knew how to tease me with it.

It was just crazy; I couldn’t wait to feel that silk smooth ass with my boner.

I just had to keep putting cash on the pile and he would do anything I wanted.

No one is innocent and shy enough when the money is too good.

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Men curly haired young dude Felix Fox’s bare asshole fucked by JJ Knight’s huge raw cock says: It looks like hung hunk JJ Knight is just chilling on the couch stroking his dick… until you notice his blindfolded sub, Felix Fox, patiently kneeling nearby.

JJ makes Felix wait before he feeds the good submissive his cock, then puts him on all fours on the bed to fuck his hole doggy style.

JJ lets Felix take the blindfold off and ride him, and Felix even sits on the top’s face.

JJ pounds the bottom in missionary, telling his sub to jack himself off till he cums, then covers his hole with jizz.

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Falcon Studios sexy slim young dude Evan Knox’s hot ass bare fucked by ripped muscled dude Roman Todd

Falcon Studios says: Evan Knox has roughhoused with his sister’s ex-boyfriend countless times before, but this is the first time one of his wrestling matches with Roman Todd has ended with Roman’s naked dick in his face.

To Evan’s surprise, Roman embraces the dick slip and even goes in for a kiss.

An eager Evan drops to his knees and starts servicing his good pal’s cock as Roman sets his sights on Evan’s tight hole.

The straight bro rims and fingers Evan before using his stiff dick to bareback his smooth ass.

A grunting Roman pumps himself in and out of his ex’s little brother while Evan strokes his own hard cock until he’s shooting thick ropes.

Once Roman’s own cock has officially had enough, the hung top pulls out and gives Evan a friendly facial he won’t soon forget.

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Sexy tattooed young stud Kyle Wyncrest’s big dick barebacking Kian Kane at Next Door Studios

Next Door Studios says: Kian Kane has been down in the dumps, and his coworker Kyle Wyncrest couldn’t help but notice.

Kyle approaches Kian to tell him that he’s seemed depressed lately and wants to know if there’s anything he can do to help.

Kian admits that he’s been feeling lonely.

It’s been hard to get out of the pandemic mindset and he hasn’t been able to go out with friends or do anything fun like he used to.

Kian asks Kyle how he’s been able to cope so easily.

Kyle admits that he and his roommate became fuck buddies at the start of the pandemic.

Kian never thought he’d wish he had a roommate, but Kyle has him wishing he did.

Kyle realizes exactly what Kian needs to brighten his mood, and he gives it to him. A member fantasy by Fyre.

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Raging Stallion hot muscle stud Johnny Ford’s bare asshole raw fucked by Quin Quire’s huge dick

Raging Stallion says: Gym Owner Quin Quire is greeted by janitor Johnny Ford, who has finished all of his cleaning duties, but Quin has one more job for him.

If Johnny wants to earn his pay, he needs to get on his knees and suck Quin’s thick, hard cock.

Quin gets the cleaning man to lick his big balls as he shoves his thick cock deep in Johnny’s throat.

Quin wants a taste of Johnny’s hard uncut cock, so Quin sinks to his knees and works his mouth all the way down Johnny’s shaft until he reaches his balls.

Ready for more, Johnny bends over to let Quin eat out his smooth hole.

After a thorough tongue-fuck from Quin, Johnny begs for the owner to stretch him out bareback with his thick raw cock.

Quin puts Johnny on his back while he goes hard on the janitor’s smooth tight hole.

With Quin so deep inside Johnny, Quin can’t hold back any longer as he covers Johnny’s pink hole with a fresh wad, keeping up the pace and going deep until Johnny blows his load all over his abs.

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Hot young straight ripped muscle boy sucking a big uncut dick hot ass bare fucked at CzechHunter 617

CzechHunter says: I decided to visit a famous historic village in Northern Bohemia.

I set up a tour over the phone and couldn’t wait to get there.

The tour guide was a bit disappointed that I didn’t bring more people along.

He was kinda bored because there were no other tourists around this early in the morning.

Well, he had no idea how much money he was going to make in the end.

After a nice, commented tour, we sat down and had a little chat.

This handsome man wasn’t making much in the job, so my cash got him interested.

He was a bit reluctant to do anything naughty and kept bargaining.

I had to dig deep into my pocket to get what I wanted.

We moved around because of people and eventually ended up in a forest.

This dude was amazing, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy his ripped body and beautiful ass taking my horny cock.

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Men horny muscle stud Lucca Mazzi’s bare hole raw fucked by Paul Wagner’s huge thick cock says: Bearded, curly-haired hunk Lucca Mazzi smooths lotion onto his muscular chest and arms, slipping his hands down inside his briefs, then slowly caressing his body and teasing his cock as you watch.

Lucca finally lets his hard length free and strokes it before beckoning you closer.

Paul Wagner heeds the call, running his hands down the handsome bottom’s hard chest to his cock, before he’s rewarded with a slow and sensual blowjob.

Lucca straddles the top as Paul rubs their dicks together, then eases Paul’s cock inside his hole.

Paul fucks the bottom doggy style, then turns him on his back to go deep in missionary, stroking Lucca’s cock till he orgasms, and pulling out to shower his muscle ass with cum.

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Muscle Bear Porn gay sexy threesome Ian Sterling, Will Angell and Liam Angell big raw cock fucking

Muscle Bear Porn says: If Will Angell and Liam Angell had to describe the perfect son, Ian Sterling would be it.

The boy is movie-star gorgeous, built like a brick shithouse, has a big fucking dick for Liam, and a sweet puffy hole for Will.

Ian demonstrates what a good boy he is by absolutely destroying his Dad Liam’s tight manhole.

His father’s moans only encourage him to fuck deeper and harder.

He leaves Dad so sloppy and bloody that Will can’t resist getting in there and feeling the wet warmth his boy left behind.

Ian Sterling is every Daddy’s fantasy.

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For sure one of the hottest sessions we have had in a while, we had our Italian stallion friend Anthony, give up his hot hairy hole for us.

But before we started, we decided to get naked and have a long hot sweaty massage table session, we started off massaging Hunter’s beautiful muscle body, then we all took turns ass up on the table.

It was pretty fucking hot getting my ass eaten out by both of these sexy fucks, but not as hot as it felt when they were both massaging my fat cock with their throats.

And then them both blowing their loads in my face and sitting on my tongue as I slowly stroked my dick, woof.

We fucked so long and hard our cocks were raw. This is a long hot video, there is something nasty hot for everyone in this video.

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Sketchy Sex says: One of the cumdumps here is a special kind of bottom, he LOVES worshipping a man’s ass more than sucking his dick.

It’s pretty rare, I mean the rest of us would rather have a big fat dick in one of our holes than tongue fuck a top but hey.

The breeders swinging by our place love it when he’s on tap and whatever keeps the guys cumming in our place is find by us.

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Boyfun says: Lean young Ronan Keane is minding his own business and relaxing with a good book on the couch when he’s distracted by the sight of Roman Capellini jacking his big uncut cock in the bedroom.

Of course, the young man can’t help but stare at the incredible shaft being enjoyed in some solo BoyFun, but he’s soon getting more than a good look when Roman arrives to offer him a taste.

It seems this slim young guy isn’t completely inexperienced when it comes to greedily slurping a generous dick, he works his pal’s inches with the kind of hunger you might expect from a greedy boy who simply loves penises.

Roman is more than appreciative, he can’t seem to wait to get his own wet twinky mouth around the throbbing shaft revealed from Ronan’s bulging briefs but he wastes little time focusing his attention on his friend’s ass when the opportunity to fuck is clear.

Slim boy Ronan gets a good spooning before impaling his pucker down on the big dong and riding Roman’s bareback meat, his big balls swinging and his damp cock in his wanking hand while he savors the sensation of being stuffed.

By the time the boy is splashed with both their creamy cum loads Ronan is glad he looked around when he did and caught sight of that big piece being pleasured.

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Freshmen says: Young hottie Jamie Eliot is on the sofa in just his tight sexy underwear pondering his first chess move when he is joined by total newbie freshmen stud Clint Newman.

Clint’s huge erection is obvious for all to see as his big dick is tenting his white Calvin Klein undies.

At Clint feels Jamie’s hardening dick through the fabric of his underwear the two make out, kissing passionately.

Clint then leans in and engulfs the whole of Jamie’s huge 8-inch uncut dick all the way to the base, choking him a little.

Jamie pumps his dick all the way into Clint’s mouth in a power fucking rhythm.

They then switch places with Clint blowing Jamie as he jerks his own cock.

Jamie runs his tongue up and down the full length of Clint’s huge uncut cock.

With Clint’s bent double Jamie probes his ass hole with his fingers before he runs his tongue up and down Clint’s hairy ass crack.

Jamie then pushes his big uncut dick between Clint’s bubble butt ass cheeks in long hard strokes.

Clint relaxes as Jamie pummels his virgin raw asshole and the newbie bottom dude manages really well with his first dick fucking.

They swap positions a number of times, each time Jamie gets his dick deeper and harder into Clint’s aching hole.

With Jamie’s cock still plugging his ass Clint jerks himself to a huge cum explosion.

Seconds later Jamie wanks his dick spraying jizz directly into Clint’s mouth.

Finally the two sexy boys share a cummy kiss.

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CzechHunter 616 straight young cutie first time gay anal fucking takes my big uncut dick

CzechHunter says: I was chilling out and enjoying a beautiful morning in Prague.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget to look for cuties willing to fuck.

It didn’t take long, and I met a young man in trouble.

He recently moved away from his ex-girlfriend and couldn’t find a way to his new flat.

More importantly, he also lost a job and was broke as hell.

It was obvious what to do… I drove him home and we had fun together.

This dude was awesome in bed. His amazing body and huge dong made me incredibly horny.

It was the guy’s first time, but he handled it well.

His muscular arms stroked me really hard and his tight virgin ass trying to stop my cock from pushing deeper and deeper felt simply incredible.

I’m pretty sure he was already over the break-up when I left. He won’t waste time with girls in the future.

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Lucas Entertainment says: Rudy Gram looks incredible from every angle.

His handsome looks, sculpted body, and fat uncut cock are sexy no matter what, and Steven Angel could not agree more.

Rudy has been after Steven’s ass for a while now.

Steven Angel is handsome as fuck, and his good looks have a seductive edge to them.

Rudy Gram catches Steven Angel in the kitchen one morning, and they quickly begin making out.

Steven gets turned on and drops to his knees and starts sucking Rudy off.

Rudy wants in on the action, too, so he eats Steven’s hole.

When the heat turns up to the max, Rudy has Steven get on the counter where he gives him the fucking of his life.

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Sean Cody says: Today it’s Asher’s turn to hook up with one of the Belami hotties, and he’s got his eye on one in particular.

He looks around for tall blond hunk Ashton Montana, eventually finding him reading on the stairs.

“I think you have other things to do,” he flirts, taking the book out of the twink’s hands before kissing him.

The guys find some privacy to suck and rim each other, then Ashton fucks Asher doggy style.

The Euro cutie wants his turn bottoming too, and after swallowing Asher’s cock some more, he gets on all fours to take the American’s dick.

The guys cum together as Asher pounds Ashton’s hole in missionary, then embrace in the light of a Barcelona sunset.

Another perfect day.

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Cody crawls under the podium while Felix gives his speech to suck the boss’s cock, then Felix fucks the bottom doggy style.

Chris follows the horny pair into another room, giving Felix the best of both worlds as he rims and then penetrates him.

Chris gets a chance to fuck Cody’s hole as well, then this lucky boss cums with Chris’s cock in his ass before taking hot loads from both his employees.

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He peeks inside to see cute twink Benjamin Blue face-down ass up, jacking his cock with one hand while penetrating himself with a dildo with the other.

Finn helps his horny bud out by replacing the toy with his big dick.

Benjamin thanks Finn with a blowjob, then rides the top hard.

Finn strokes the bottom’s cock as he pounds him in missionary till Benjamin orgasms, then fills his hole with cum.

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Bromo says: Tattooed top Bo Sinn doesn’t take getting snubbed by Manuel Skye lying down.

He calls in a friend to help out with a makeover, covering his tattoos with makeup and scrubbing up in a tailored suit.

This time when he crosses paths with the snob, the muscular bottom immediately invites Bo inside and starts deepthroating his huge dick.

Even after Manuel discovers the truth, that dick is too good to pass up, especially when Bo fucks him doggy style.

Manuel rides Bo, then gets fucked deep in missionary till he cums, and the crustpunk top gives the snob a creampie.

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Maskurbate says: I personally have a big crush on Nick Vargas.

This young man’s body is perfect to my eyes and the way he dances and moves is so sensual.

In this exclusive new edition, I treated myself by offering you the entire footage shot that day.

From the dancing, teasing, striptease, jerkoff, and cumshot.

Nick gave us such a good performance.

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Next Door Studios says: Sexy Justin Matthews has his way with hot new twink Carter DelRey in this sexy Homemade fuck.

When Justin and Carter realized they both lived near each other, they knew it was time to make some magic.

Elliot Finn stepped behind the camera to bring this hot Homemade fuck to you.

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Raging Stallion says: In a brief recap, the second episode of ‘Hot House Flippers’ catches up viewers on buyer Wess Russel’s vacation home makeover as he and host Ryan Rose watch the crew on camera.

Construction foreman Dalton Riley checks in on his drywall guy Nic Sahara, who is looking for studs.

Slightly ahead of schedule, they take a break for hot blowjobs and a bareback flip-fuck, as Dalton whips out his thick, hard cock and Nic reveals his uncut monster meat.

Dripping with sweat in the Palm Springs heat, Dalton sucks Nic’s dick and rims his tasty hole, then fucks him raw and hard.

Nic switches it up, and nails the boss and pounds his butt till they both spill their seed on the bossman’s balls and abs.

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