Avi Dar and Marc Dylan


Young businessman Marc Dylan checks his mailbox when his high-class neighbor, Avi Dar, returns home from an exhausting and aggravating day at the office. The two eye each other up in the hallway and begin their walk up the stairwell. Keeping their public and professional lives separate from their hot, intense private lives, they stop each other on their walk up and begin kissing, hoping that no one will notice them. For security, they both take refuge in Avi’s apartment: the Israeli executive slams Marc against the wall, undoes his pants, and slides his dick down his throat.


Avi’s pursed lips and bearded cheeks suck on Marc’s hard cock eagerly, and Marc can’t get enough of him; Avi even flips him around to lick the tight hole between Marc’s hairy ass cheeks. The two spin around and Marc undoes Avi’s suit trousers, revealing his thick, cut dick.

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Kosta Viking, Babylon Prince, Harold Lopez, Brian Bonds, Santos, Jack Bailey, Bruno Galvez, Derek Kage, Gustavo Cruz at Lucas Entertainment

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Lucas Entertainment says: Horny bottom stud Joaquin Santana double fucked by Sir Peter and Pol Prince’s huge uncut cocks at Lucas Entertainment. Sir Peter and Pol Prince both have a dominant streak to their personalities, and they manifest with a vengeance when they’re in the bedroom. Here both Peter and Pol team up and double-team … Read more

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Freshmen says: Young hotties Paul Cassidy and Riis Erickson get naked outdoors to be snapped by the legendary photographer Benno Thoma whose lens captures their perfectly sculpted nude bodies under the Greek sun. Besides the fact that these two could easily take part in the ancient Olympic games, both of them have nice, fun personalities … Read more

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Watch FULL MOVIE here! Lucas Entertainment says: Ripped muscle hunk Tomas Brand and Rico Marlon star in a super hot hardcore flip flop ass fuck. When two strong and powerful men come together to have sex, sometimes a balanced exchange is required. That’s certainly what happens with Rico Marlon and Tomas Brand here in their … Read more

Gay sex threesome Tomas Brand, Vincent OReilly and Rafael Carreras big cock anal fuck fest at Lucas Entertainment

Watch FULL MOVIE here! Lucas Entertainment says: Today’s hot scene features Tomas Brand and Rafael Carreras double team Vincent Oreilly. In this fantasy scenario, Tomas and his long-time lover, Rafael, decide that they want to spice up their romance with some youth. As a surprise, the Cuban top finds the young white punk Vincent to … Read more

Sexy bottom stud Steven Angel’s hot ass raw fucked by Apolo Adrii and Roque Rems’s massive uncut cocks at Lucas Entertainment

View the scene at LucasEntertainment.com Lucas Entertainment says: Hot muscle bottom dude Steven Angel’s ass never rests as he returns for the third time in BATHHOUSE BAREBACKING. This time he moves out of the seedy shadows and into a brightly life and classier luxury apartment setting, but he’s still up to his sex-obsessed shenanigans. Steven … Read more

Hottie younger muscle dude Steven Angel’s bare ass raw fucked by Rudy Gram at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment says: Rudy Gram looks incredible from every angle.

His handsome looks, sculpted body, and fat uncut cock are sexy no matter what, and Steven Angel could not agree more.

Rudy has been after Steven’s ass for a while now.

Steven Angel is handsome as fuck, and his good looks have a seductive edge to them.

Rudy Gram catches Steven Angel in the kitchen one morning, and they quickly begin making out.

Steven gets turned on and drops to his knees and starts sucking Rudy off.

Rudy wants in on the action, too, so he eats Steven’s hole.

When the heat turns up to the max, Rudy has Steven get on the counter where he gives him the fucking of his life.

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Hot muscle bottom Joaquin Santana’s bare ass raw fucked by Marco Antonio and Charlie Cherry at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment says: Anyone confident enough that he can handle two hot and hung alpha tops would be honored to jump in the pants of Charlie Cherry and Marco Antonio.

Why? Because these two have incredible stamina in bed, and when they are finished with a bottom, that bottom is left a used and worn-out hole sloppy and dripping with cum.

Joaquin Santana is the perfect guy to show off what Charlie and Marco can do.

He has taken a ride on some of the biggest cocks the Lucas Men have to offer, after all.

Joaquin strips down and shows off his body for Marco and Charlie before the two tops get hands-on with him and start feeling the little bottom up.

Before long, they both have their huge uncut cocks out and are enjoying some service.

But a wet mouth is not enough for Charlie Cherry and Marco Antonio.

Soon, they move on and take turns fucking Joaquin deep in his ass.

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Sexy older muscle daddy Tomas Brand’s huge bare cock raw fucking ripped blonde stud Kosta Viking at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment says: Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, has taken on many lovers and fuck buddies younger than himself over the years.

He doesn’t even have to seek them out. They all find him because he’s the perfect daddy.

Kosta Viking, our new and beautiful exclusive model, developed a fixation on Tomas Brand quickly, as he has always had a special attraction to men older than him. But he’s never seen someone quite like Tomas.

During their first kiss, Kosta is sitting on Tomas Brand’s knee in his underwear, and his daddy is fondling his erection in his black briefs.

Tomas Brand sometimes finds himself with the desire to bottom, and before he fucks the living hell out of Kosta Viking, he first bends over and take it up the ass from the beautiful young man.

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Horny muscle hunks Rico Marlon and Rodrigo Amor double fucking Allen King at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment says: The first man Allen King ever had sex with on the Lucas Entertainment set was Rico Marlon, and ever since that encounter, Rico has been desirous for more of the little Spaniard’s ass.

Rico calls up Allen and invites him over for a fun and hot afternoon of flirtation and fucking.

At first, Allen wasn’t going to take Rico up on his invitation because he was hanging out with his pal, Rodrigo Amor.

But then a lightbulb went off and he decided to bring Rodrigo with him.

Why limit yourself to one uncut cock when you can have two and play with them at the same time?

This is a bareback encounter full of sucking and fucking, and no mouth or hole is spared.

That’s because Allen King gets in on the topping action, too, by mounting Rico Marlon’s ass and going to town on him.

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Hot gay cuckold Isaac X and Viktor Rom’s huge raw dick fucking as Igor Lucios watches at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment says: Isaac X is having trouble keeping his vow of fidelity to his boyfriend, Igor Lucios.

Igor is sexy, young with a very high sex drive (not to mention his incredible cock), but Isaac has this compulsion to fuck as many guys as possible. Igor is suspicious of this, but he lets it go… because it excites him.

Isaac X is also suspicious of this, and he puts it to the test.

He invites none other than Viktor Rom over to smash his throat and destroy his ass, and he times it so Igor Lucios catches them.

Initially upset, Igor quickly submits into the role of a cuckold while Isaac carries on and pleasures the cock of Viktor Rom the Alpha Bull!

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Gay cuckold Joaquin Santana watches as Isaac X and Sir Peter bare fuck Valentin Amour at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment says: Valentin Amour and Joaquin Santana as a couple is a love story that started when they were both young men deeply in love.

But like with many gay relationships, there’s a strong emotional connection wrestling with the big pitfall of sexual incompatibility that develops over time.

Eventually, they both had to admit they’re both bottoms.

But Valentin also has a devious side that plays off of Joaquin’s submissive side.

Valentin Amour has long fantasized about including Joaquin in sexual forays where he’s turned into a cuckold.

Not only is Joaquin Santana not allowed to answer his own urges of sucking cock and getting fucked up the ass, but he’s only allowed to experience them by watching Valentin enjoy such pleasures.

Valentin doesn’t give Joaquin much say, and he invites another couple over.

Both of these guys are alpha men and top bulls, Sir Peter and Isaac X.

Valentin Amour presents his boy pussy to them while Joaquin Santana sits idly by, partially underdressed.

But he is not allowed to play with himself.

Sir Peter and Isaac X take turns slamming their big hard cocks down Valentin’s throat and up his ass while Joaquin sits on watching, half wishing he could join in, but also half enjoying his subjugation.

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Gay interracial Marco Antonio’s huge black 9 inch uncut dick barebacking Kosta Viking at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment says: Kosta Viking is about to learn what bottoming for a truly huge and hard uncut cock is like.

Kosta was quickly signed as a new sexy model, and it’s no wonder why.

Just look at his incredible face, killer body, an awesome cock and you’ll be drooling for more.

And while he can fuck an ass with the best of them, sometimes he truly wants to surrender and get his butt destroyed.

Marco Antonio is more than happy to fulfill his wish.

Marco has already proven to everyone that he’s a rough top, and Kosta Viking does not want him to do anything different.

So Marco goes deep inside Kosta’s ass—and deep means really, really deep. And Kosta loves every second of it.

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Sexy smooth muscle dude Ricky Hard and Rudy Gram flip flop anal fuck fest at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment says: Hairy muscle hunk Rudy Gram totally proves that sometimes looks can be deceiving.

For sure Rudy is a sexy muscular stud who looks like he could kick anyone’s ass and then own it in the bedroom, but he’s also got a sensual and submissive side he likes to show off with the right guy.

First, it was Igor Lucios, and now it’s the tall and handsome Ricky Hard.

The kissing between Rudy Gram and Ricky Hard is sensual and deep; talk about two guys who are completely smitten with each other.

When they undress, Ricky admires Rudy’s thick and ripped muscles as Rudy man-handles Ricky’s tall and trim physique.

Ricky is all about sucking a nice cock, and he opens his mouth up wide to suck on Rudy before they take turns flip-fucking each other.

Ricky Hard sure can take Rudy Gram’s hard thrusts and pumps, but he can give them back to Rudy too!

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Hottie muscle dudes Kyle Fox and Marco Antonio’s huge raw dicks barebacking Drew Dixon at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment says: It’s another hot sunny day in Puerto Vallarta, and hung Latin stud Marco Antonio is out on his balcony at his luxury estate enjoying time with his best friend Kyle Fox.

Marco and Kyle are both alpha tops. No one is allowed near their asses—instead, it is their job to invade the holes of slut bottoms.

And speaking of slut bottoms, Drew Dixon has been flirting with Marco Antonio a long time, but never landed the score.

Well, now he finally has his chance, but he has to be ready to service two alpha cocks instead of one.

Drew isn’t a complainer, and he rushed over to take care of their needs.

On top of that, Drew Dixon gets his ass stretched wide open in an intense double-penetration session.

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Sexy muscle dude Igor Lucios’s bare asshole raw fucked by Rudy Gram’s big uncut cock at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment says: Sometimes versatile sex between two men is the only way to go.

Rudy Gram returns to star in front of the camera, and he brings all of his rugged good looks and masculine sex appeal with him.

Rudy’s muscular build is a testosterone-soaked work of art, and another newcomer wants to climb Rudy like a tree and that newcomer is the adorable Igor Lucios.

Igor is a handsome young Brazilian with a skater-punk presentation that makes him instantly hot.

And his dark stubble and furry chest are the perfect accent to his toned body.

But the real masterpiece is the fat eight-inch uncut cock he has between his legs.

Rudy Gram loves guys smaller than him, and when he and Igor start fucking around, Rudy shows Igor just how strong he is and pumps Igor’s hole.

But all the while, Rudy’s mouth is watering at the sight of the uncut meat Igor Lucios is showing off, and he commits to riding it.

As Rudy Gram pumps his own ass up and down on Igor’s manhood, you see his ass stretch wide open.

Igor wants more control, so he gets Rudy on his back.

There you see Rudy Gram throw his arms back in a display of masculine submission as Igor Lucios bangs him raw.

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Horny tattooed bottom stud Sergyo’s hot hole raw fucked by Michael Lucas’s 10 inch dick at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment says: Sergyo is always on the hunt for a dick bigger than the last one he took up his ass.

So when Michael Lucas invited him to film a gay bareback sex scene for Lucas Entertainment, he quickly accepted the invitation.

Michael always goes balls deep when fucking his bottoms, and he reaches so far into Sergyo’s hole with his ten inches of uncut Russian cock, well, it’s practically coming out of Sergyo’s throat.

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Hot young punks Allen King and Oliver Hunt bare fucked by Rafael Carreras’s 10 inch uncut dick at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment says: There’s no rest for someone as young and horny as Oliver Hunt, and this time he finds himself spending a beautiful day on the beach with his buddy Allen King and Allen’s Cuban lover, Rafael Carreras.

Everyone looks sophisticated in their button-down shirts and chino shorts, but the clothes don’t stay on long.

Allen King and Rafael Carreras might be lovers, but they’re more than happy to take on a third when a worthy addition presents himself.

Oliver and Allen have always been attracted to each other, and these two handsome guys have their hands all over each other while goes balls deep in their asses with his 10-inch uncut Cuban cock.

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