Men at Play: Muscle suit Steven caught on company CCTV cameras

Excerpt from Men at Play: Another stunner is added to the Menatplay collection of men this week. Steven makes his debut on Menatplay (in a big way!) after sailing through our casting couch, where you all voted to see more of this muscle-bound blond stud. And see a lot more we certainly do, thanks to our office CCTV.

When Stevens spots the linking cam on one of his breaks, a flood of dirty thoughts rush through his head. The thought that someone may be watching him on the other side gets him hard instantly, and the exhibitionist in him overpowers his better judgment, as he lays on the couch and gives our security team a private little show.

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Men at Play: Alex Marte, Axel Brooks and Scott Hunter

Tweet Axel Brooks enters the bar wearing a suave light grey business suit and spots his target Italian hottie Alex Marte in pinstriped suit enjoying a quiet drink in the corner. It’s still early and the bar is practically empty. With a sly look towards Axel, Alex beckons the sexy Spaniard to join him. Under … Read more

Men at Play: office suit in dildo ass fuck with Johnny Hazzard

Another stressful week at the office for Johnny Hazard, looking resplendent in his grey business suit. It is almost weekend and as Johnny Hazzard looks up from his desk at the clock he says ‘Thank fuck it is almost play time’. The office is already empty and Johnny is feeling randy as fuck, he always … Read more

Dani Demon – Men at Play

Catch Dani Full Exposure here As always at Men at Play we trawl the planet looking for those guys who are hot and horny with those special MAP markings.  A few weeks ago we chanced upon this extremely hansdome brute of a Spanish Guy Dani Demon. Luckily he accepted our loving invitation and within two … Read more

Men at Play: Damien Crosse and Samson Stone

In Golden Handshake Damien Crosse uses and abuses former employee Alec Hills, but in this sleazy sequel Damien gets a nasty surprise in the form of hot shot lawyer Samson Stone who gives him a taste of his own medicine. Armed with CCTV footage which shows Damien overpowering Alec in the men’s bathroom and using … Read more

Paddy O’Brian, Alec Hills and Justin King for Men at Play

Men at Play Paddy Obrien and Alec Hills and Justin King Download Full Movie torrents via Twitter

Everyone’s favourite British straight stud is back on Men at play, except this time he’s feeling a little hornier than usual, daring to go to an underground cruise club to get a hot mouth around his cock and he doesn’t even care if its a woman or a man as long as they suck well. Of course as soon as he enters the dark maze, all eyes are on him.

Men at Play Paddy Obrien and Alec Hills and Justin King Download Full Movie torrents via Twitter

But Paddy is only interested in one thing, so when he finds the gloryhole room and sees a leather clad boy sucking hungrily on two monster dicks he doesnt hesitate in sticking his own cock through the hole to get in the action until finally he gives Justin King a mouthful of his hot, straight juice. But Justin’s still not satisfied and while Alec Hills sucks another monster meat, he swallows Alec’s dick whole, until his suit is completely covered in juicy cum.

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Ben Brown and Neil Stevens for Men at Play

Men at Play Neill Stevens And Ben Brown Download Full Movie torrents via facebook

From Men at Play: Ben pays a visit to his office to oversee the renovation work only to find the place a complete mess with painting material all over the place. And when he accidentally ends up staining his expensive suit with paint he is not at all happy and shouts at the decorator, telling him how everything is covered in paint. However Neil clearly has no time for executive types on a power trip and just ignores his shouting making him even more angry.

Men at Play Neill Stevens And Ben Brown Download Full Movie torrents via facebook

Eventually Neil has enough of his ranting and grabs a paint roller and says ‘Not everything is covered in paint” before smearing white vinyl matt all down the front of his suit. But he doesn’t even give Ben the time to get over the initial shock, throwing him on the table and making a nice mess of his suit before ripping it off and putting the big boss in his place by giving him a good dose of hard, handyman cock.

Catch Ben Brown and Neil Stevens Full Exposure here

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Dani Demon – Men at Play

Dani Demon Men At Play Suit Gay Sex

As always at Men at Play we trawl the planet looking for those guys who are hot and horny with those special MAP markings.  A few weeks ago we chanced upon this extremely hansdome brute of a Spanish Guy Dani Demon. Luckily he accepted our loving invitation and within two weeks he was there in front of the cameras at MAP towers. 

Dani Demon Men At Play Suit Gay Sex

Dani has the most captivating eyes he had us all taken in by his quick sly looks and his smoldering features. I think you will agree he has a bit of something about him. And if you like me like to focus on the goods on offer then you have knocked on the right door just take a look at this guy’s hammer blow. Not dissapointed are you? A lovely thick, meaty cock.

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Capsule Closet‏ straight man Paddy Obrian and Men at Play get sexually interactive. Press play and jerk away!

This week Men at Play are getting all interactive with super hottie straight man, Paddy O’Brien (or perhaps more iPaddy!).  In Capsule Closet we get to choose what clothes Paddy starts with.  Should he be leather clad, a suit or a slick tux.  Check him out in all three and decide what is your calling.  … Read more

Damien Crosse and Alec Hills

Damien crosse Alec Hills Golden HandS DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE TORRENTS

Menatplay revisit their filthy, kinkier side with their first watersports movie in over 6 years. Directed by Matt Jordan, Golden Handshake stars Damien Crosse as the arrogant boss who has just fired half his staff following a downturn in profits.

Damien crosse Alec Hills Golden HandS DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE TORRENTS

Watch Damien Cross and Alec Hills sordid affair here

But disgruntled employee Alec is not happy and when he comes across his boss in the mensroon his anger pushes his to take revenge on his boss by purposefully missing the urinal and pissing on his expensive designer shows.

Damien crosse Alec Hills Golden HandS DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE TORRENTS

Watch Damien Cross and Alec Hills sordid affair here

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Suit gay sex hairy muscle dude Little Brako’s massive uncut dick barebacking bearded stud Adam Franco

Men at Play says: Suit gay sex hairy muscle dude Little Brako’s massive uncut dick barebacking bearded stud Adam Franco. Doctors Adam and Little have worked together for years in the same medical center. And while they both have been discreetly attracted to each other, they’ve kept their relationship strictly professional. Adam is being transferred … Read more

Men at Play muscled Portuguese hottie Gustavo Cruz’s huge dick barebacking horny hunk Axel Brown

Men at Play says: Today we present another sordidly hot episode of our groundbreaking iconic Cine-X movies with sexy newcomer Axel Brown and Portuguese muscle stud Gustavo Cruz. Let’s be honest, if you visit Cine-X, you’re not there solely for the porn. After spending 8-hours in an ultra-competitive, dog-eat-dog office, Gustavo Cruz needs some hardcore … Read more

Men at Play gay leather trio John Brachalli, Nicholas Bardem and D Dan’s huge raw dick ass fucking

Men at Play says: As he is cruising the dark rooms at Club-X Nicholas Bardem finds leather-clad John Brachalli wanking off. With just a sly glance between them and they flirt outrageously and they just can’t resist playing. From a corner, D.Dan has been watching the action. The muscle daddy approaches Nicholas, who is wearing … Read more

Men at Play hottie muscle stud Franky Fox’s bare asshole raw fucked by Diego Reyes’s huge cock

Men at Play says: When Diego Reyes is apprehended for allegedly falsifying votes in city elections, he immediately asks to speak with his lawyer Franky Fox before making any statements. When Franky comes into the interrogation room, he finds his client highly agitated and anxious. But while Diego claims his innocence, Franky doubts him and … Read more

Men at Play sexy older muscle hunk Manuel Skye bottoms for horny muscled stud Gustavo Cruz’s huge raw cock

Men at Play says: Gustavo Cruz is a special agent who has infiltrated an organization under suspicion of tax fraud and money laundering. He is working in his office, listening to the recorded tapes from his last assignment. Confident that he is close to getting a full recorded confession, Gustavo calls supervisory special agent Manuel … Read more

Men at Play horny young bottom hunk Javi Grey’s bubble ass raw fucked by muscle guy Cristian Sam

Men at Play says: Cristian Sam is an eccentric multi-millionaire; owner of one of the largest fortunes in the country. His young butler, Javi Grey, always dressed in a tuxedo uniform, has served Cristian as a domestic worker for years and maintains a regular routine. He is a true gentleman’s gentleman. And, besides organizing and … Read more

Men at Play sexy muscle stud Diego Reyes’s huge raw dick bare fucking Jonathan Miranda’s bubble butt

Men at Play says: Diego Reyes has been given the opportunity of showing his photography project in a small gallery.

He is making sure everything is set up for the big event when Jonathan Miranda walks in.

Jonathan works in advertising and looking for some inspiration before going back to the city the next day.

Diego sees this as a business opportunity he can not miss, so he presents Jonathan with his work.

But Jonathan tells him his pieces are not risky enough and lack uniqueness and personality.

That’s when Diego tells him about his other special project.

He took secret photographs of men he slept with during a trip to the United States.

Jonathan seems curious and suggests Diego show him his private collection.

But, before the two studs finish work, they are looking to have some fun and ready to play right there and now in a suited flip-flop fuck session.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Men at Play sexy hairy big daddy Nicholas Bardem’s huge cock raw fucking Dani Robles’s hot ass

Men at Play says: In his MAP debut, Nicholas Bardem is a marketing professor changing careers and leaving teaching behind him.

After Nicholas streams his last online lesson, Dani Robles, who will be taking over Nicholas’ classes, sits behind the camera and makes a short speech.

When Dani finishes, Nicholas approaches and thanks him.

Nicholas realizes that Dani has a crush on him – he can tell by the way Dani looks at him.

No more pretenses, Nicholas takes Dani’s tie with one hand and grabs him with the other; their lips almost touching.

Who could resist the temptation? Dani has had a crush on Nicholas, the sexy professor, and colleague, and he’s ready for their own private play session and lesson.

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Men at Play horny big muscle guys Robbie Rojo and Massimo Piano’s big thick dicks bare anal fucking

Men at Play says: Massimo Piano and Robbie Rojo are more like buddies than co-workers at the same firm, oftentimes playing pranks on each other.

But today, Massimo takes his pranking to a whole new level, conveniently ‘forgetting’ to tell a rain-soaked Robbie about his canceled meeting.

Massimo provides Robbie with a dry suit to change into, but first Robbie must strip.

When Massimo sneaks a peek at his tasty, young colleague getting butt naked, he wants to win the game and take the prize!

Massimo finally gets to fuck young Robbie’s tight, smooth ass over his own desk.

But as much as Robbie enjoys getting his ass pounded, he isn’t that happy about losing out to Massimo and evens the score.

Robbie proves that he can give as well as he takes it and fucks his colleague.

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Men at Play horny bearded muscle dude Joel Someone’s raw ass fucked by Damon Heart’s big thick dick

Men at Play says: Joel Someone has just moved into a new neighborhood and wants to throw a welcome party for his friends.

He decides to visit some neighbors to warn them that it might get a little loud.

Damon Heart, who lives nearby, gets interested in Joel’s natural sex appeal and invites him to come inside his house to give him a scoop on the neighborhood.

The two studs instantly click and Damon invites himself to Joel’s party, “when you can’t beat them, join them”, he says.

Truthfully, Damon has his eyes set on his new neighbor and wants to play with his new, suited neighbor Joel right away.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Men at Play horny muscle stud Manuel Scalco’s big thick cock raw fucking hottie bottom Joe Gillis

Men at Play says: Joe Gillis and Manuel Scalco, colleagues at a high-stress firm, are having a guys’ night in with plans on watching the football game.

While chatting before the game begins, Joe starts to subtly flirt with the Spanish stud, Manuel.

At first, Manuel assumes that Joe is just being funnier than usual.

When the game begins, Manuel confesses that he is not really a big fan of sports.

In fact, he watches football because he likes watching the men and their bulges on the field.

As luck would have it, the TV loses power and turns off.

Unable to fix the TV, Joe’s invitation to watch the game turns out to be a disaster or does it?

Manuel seizes the opportunity to invite Joe to play with his bulge and turn the night into a hot co-worker play session.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Men at Play horny Russian hunk Vadim Romanov’s massive thick dick raw fucking Manuel Reyes’s hot hole

Men at Play says: A good doctor should be thorough during every annual physical examination.

And, Dr. Vadim Romanov is no exception. When Manuel Reyes visits the Doc, after an initial examination, he is told to drop his pants and underwear.

Dr. Romanov proceeds with a prostate exam, first inserting a finger, then two in Manuel’s rectum and feeling around.

The naughty doctor starts to enjoy the sexy green-eyed suited stud and his bubble-butt and starts to jerk off and insert a dildo in the willing patient.

Trust your doctor, they say, well, Dr. Romanov is ready to perform a much, much deeper examination on Manuel, and he is ready.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Ripped big muscle man Phillipe Massa strips off his suit wanking his huge thick dick at Men at Play

Men at Play says: To be a MAP muscle stud takes a lot of hard work and sweat, and straight Canadian beefcake Phillipé Massa meets those criteria.

We follow Phillipe to his morning workout at the gym and watch his weight training, followed by a sensual shower and wank to release any tension before he suits up and heads to the office.

As Quebeckers would say”Chaud en tabarnak (Hot As Fuck)!”

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Men at Play hot muscle dude Ruslan Angelo’s bubble ass raw fucked by Diego Summers’s huge dick

Men at Play says: Corrupt politician Diego Summers (returning to MAP after 2-years) and architect Ruslan Angelo meet at a dirty warehouse to discuss an illegal construction project.

Suspecting that they are being watched, the two men must be careful.

With a plan in place, Diego wants another go with his friend, and while resistant at first, Ruslan agrees to play.

You think business and please don’t mix? Think again.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Men at Play horny bottom muscle boy Manuel Reyes’s tight asshole bare fucked by John Brachalli’s massive dick

Men at Play says: While moving into his apartment, John Brachalli, meets his new neighbor, Manuel Reyes on the elevator. Manuel is instantly attracted to John and vows to himself to be a very “good” neighbor.

On their way to work the next morning, the two neighbors bump into each other again in the elevator. And, Manuel takes the opportunity to offer any help John may need.

But, unable to resist himself, Manuel kisses him and stops the elevator where the two suited studs have a hot and sweaty fuck between floors! Now, that’s a good neighbor.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Men at Play sexy muscle stud Rocky Vallarta’s hot bubble ass raw fucked by black hunk Trent King’s huge dick

Men at Play says: The boss had a very busy night, and not with paperwork! In ‘i Break Trent King’, we watch the suited Mr. King “play” at his desk on a late Friday night.

It’s now Saturday morning and Rocky Vallarta, the office security guard, walks into the boss’s office while on his rounds.

It looks like the boss had a long evening of “work” and he finds him fast asleep on the couch.

He notices a very obvious bulge and a dildo nearby. Should he wake him? Or should he have a quick feel?

Rocky does not have the slightest hesitation, he goes straight for Trent’s throbbing cock and slowly sucks his fat dick, whilst trying not to wake him.

But, however careful he is, the boss eventually rouses from his sleep and quickly turns the tables on Rocky by undressing the blue-collar worker and fucking his smooth tight ass.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Men at Play hot Portuguese muscle dude Sir Peter’s huge raw dick bare fucking bearded muscled hunk Dani Robles

Men at Play says: Corporate Financial Controller Dani Robles is being given a polygraph by examiner Sir Peter.

Mr. Robles is accused of tax fraud cheating the government out of millions of dollars in revenue.

The government tax agency is in search of the truth but Dani insists on his innocence throughout.

Once the lie detector test is complete, Dani demands to know the results.

However, the results need to be analyzed and can only be reviewed by the inspector general.

So, Dani tries to bribe Sir Peter for a favorable test result.

Sir Peter is an honorable examiner – and money won’t buy him peace of mind.

But, then Dani offers Sir Peter something he simply cannot resist.

It’s time to get down to real business.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Men at Play bearded suited stud Jake Bolton’s ass fucked hard by sexy muscle dude Dato Foland’s huge dick

Men at Play says: Dato Foland is a hot security guy looking to give Jake Bolton a hard-handed fucking.

Dato finds Jake in the men’s room cubicle and decides to carry out a full-body security search.

But despite Jake protesting his innocence, Dato is determined to get to the bottom of things, even if it means stripping Jake of all his clothes.

He orders him to pull his trousers down and gives his ass a close inspection, rimming and probing his with his gloved hands.

Then he pins Jake against the urinal to give him a deep, hard fucking.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Men at Play young hottie Edward Terrant’s bubble butt fucked hard by James Fox’s huge raw cock

Men at Play says: James Fox works hard, and every so often, likes to play hard too.

Since stress is known to make people extra-horny James is in search of some young companionship.

He contacts and schedules an in-call with the young escort Edward Terrant.

When Edward arrives for the appointment through the back door, Mr. Fox is ready to be serviced.

The young hustler shows that he can take it like a man and gives him exactly what he wants.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Men at Play sexy young suited stud Ruslan Angelo’s hot bubble butt raw fucked by muscled dude Leo Rosso’s huge cock

Men at Play says: Sexy young muscle hunk Ruslan Angelo is sunbathing by the pool naked when his well-known philanthropist BF Leo Rosso arrives already dressed in his smart designer suit for the award ceremony this evening.

He asks Ruslan to hurry up as they are going to be late, but Ruslan prefers to stay out in the sun instead of attending some boring drinks party.

Realizing that he has seriously pissed off Leo he heads indoors to try to make amends.

He sits there naked as Leo slides his dress socks onto his feet and helps him into his shirt and tie.

As Ruslan slips on his suit pants we see he is going commando (wearing no underwear) and as he pulls on his jacket, Leo reaches over for a kiss.

The passion grows and they hug and feel each other’s hot bodies under their smart clothes.

Leo now on his knees touches Ruslan’s crotch and can feel his big dick already getting hard and tenting his suit pants.

Ruslan then undoes his pant fly and his big thick uncut cock flops into view and Leo sucks it right to the back of his throat.

Leo swallows his engorged dick till his balls are on his lips making Ruslan moan in ecstasy.

Ruslan then returns the favor blowing Leo’s hot erect cock and exposing his hot bubble butt as he drops his suit pants.

Leo fingers his ass hole before sliding his huge dick between Ruslan’s ass cheeks and bareback fucking his bare hole.

With Ruslan braced against the wardrobe Leo power fucks his asshole, showing no mercy and forcing his cock deeper and harder into him.

Ruslan then sucks Leo’s dick before he fucks him again this time getting close to orgasm Leo pulls out and showers Ruslan’s asshole with his load.

Before fucking his cum back inside as Ruslan loses control and sprays jizz all over his abs and chest. Both sexy suited men lie in each others’s embrace as they recover from their athletic fuck fest.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Men at Play hot suited bottom stud Emir Boscatto’s tight ass raw fucked by suited Bruno Max’s massive thick cock

Men at Play says: Emir Boscatto is a successful international businessman interviewing candidates to be his new personal assistant.

Bruno Max, an experienced professional, believes he has all the requirements needed for the position and decides to apply.

At the interview, Emir starts to evaluate his new candidate’s skills asking how many things he can handle and how far he is willing to go to obtain the job.

All job candidates say the same thing: Yes, they have the skills and right mindset for the job. So, Emir has Max prove it. He takes his handkerchief from his jacket and throws it into the swimming pool and asks Bruno to fetch it.

Bruno jumps into the pool without any hesitation suited and wet, he will soon also prove that business and pleasure can mix.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Drew Dixon’s hot muscle asshole fucked hard by Kayden Gray’s big cock

Men at Play says: Kayden Gray and British award-winning bottom, Drew Dixon, who is making his MENatPLAY debut, are associates at a local real estate agency. Kayden is impatiently waiting for Drew, who is always late, at one of the new properties they are about to put on the market for sale.

Seemingly not caring much about being tardy, again, Drew asks Kayden why they never get to enjoy the properties they list… ‘for personal use’. And, while probably improper, the suited studs get to work on each other, even at the risk of getting caught.

After sucking Kayden’s thick cock, Drew gets his hole eaten and fingered, along with a sock job and some tie play. When Drew’s round ass is ready to get pounded, Kayden makes sure to give it to him deep and hard.

Sequentially, Drew can’t resist cumming while Kayden fucks him against the sliding glass door; and Kayden spews his hot, sticky man-juice in Drew’s mouth and face.

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Ginger muscle hunk Leander fucks hottie hunk Shane Jackson’s tight bubble butt

Men at Play says: Ready for the weekend, Leander is shutting the business school office down and preparing to head home. He enters an office to turn off the lights, only to discover that he is not the only one remaining in the building.

New business teacher, Shane Jackson, is diligently working away. Although Leander admires his work ethic, he advises Shane not to overdo it.

Alone together in the office, Leander decides to give the newbie a proper warm welcome, one that only he can deliver.

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