Men at Play horny bearded muscle dude Joel Someone’s raw ass fucked by Damon Heart’s big thick dick

Men at Play says: Joel Someone has just moved into a new neighborhood and wants to throw a welcome party for his friends.

He decides to visit some neighbors to warn them that it might get a little loud.

Damon Heart, who lives nearby, gets interested in Joel’s natural sex appeal and invites him to come inside his house to give him a scoop on the neighborhood.

The two studs instantly click and Damon invites himself to Joel’s party, “when you can’t beat them, join them”, he says.

Truthfully, Damon has his eyes set on his new neighbor and wants to play with his new, suited neighbor Joel right away.

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President Lewis’s hot asshole bareback fucked by young Elder Taylor Reign’s huge thick dick

Missionary Boys says: President Lewis (aka Joel Someone) welcomes Elder Taylor Reign to his office for a more thorough evaluation than is usually the norm.

President Lewis hugs Elder Reign from behind before helping his strip out of his shirt and pants.

Elder Reign poses naked on all fours on President Lewis’ desk as he smothers the young lad’s body with tender kisses.

President Lewis’ is checking that he is physically and mentally fit as Elder Reign can’t hide his big young dick which is firmly erect by now.

With Elder Reign’s bubble butt in the air, President Lewis parts his ass cheeks and runs his tongue up and down the young dude’s ass crack before probing deeply into his tight boy hole.

Elder Reign sucks down hard on President Lewis’s huge hard cock, swallowing it whole to the back of his deep throat.

When President Lewis says he wants Elder Reign deep inside of him, the younger priest says, “I’ll do whatever you ask of me, sir.”

With President Lewis bent over the desk, Elder Reign pushes his thick young cock deep into his asshole.

Elder Reign fucks his master President Lewis will all his might, really pumping him full of his solid erection.

He slides his veiny, hot cock all the way into horny President Lewis’s hungry ass and fills him with orgasmic pleasure and pain as he passes his Evaluation with flying colors.

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President Lewis aka Joel Someone’s huge cock bareback fucking young boy Elder Kai Masters’s hot virgin asshole

Missionary Boys says: President Lewis aka Joel Someone invites Elder Kai Masters into his study after other priests had questioned his purity.

“Do you ever have unclean thoughts?” asks President Lewis.

“Yes, everyone does,” replies the shy Elder Masters.

“Have you ever engaged in any sexual activity with another boy?”

“No never.” is the young boy’s honest answer.

“Do you ever wonder what it would feel like if someone else stroked it?” the dirty-minded President Lewis questions.

“No I haven’t thought about it.” is again the boy’s response.

At this moment President Lewis reaches over and undoes Elder Master’s pants and unleashes the boy’s huge thick already erect dick.

President Lewis opens his mouth wide and swallows the young cock as far as it will go into the back of his throat.

Elder Masters gasped with pleasure at finally feeling the mouth and tongue of President Lewis on his throbbing hardon.

Elder Masters then returns the favor blowing President Lewis’ dick, quite expertly for a first-timer.

They strip off their clothes with Elder Masters completely naked as President Lewis pushes his hard cock deep into Elder Master’s virgin asshole.

Elder Masters can’t get enough of his huge cock and switches position to ride it reverse cowboy getting his ass down hard and deep on the President’s thick dick.

The hardcore fucking continues until President Lewis shoots his load all over young Elder Master’s tight hole then he fucks the cum back into his freshly fucked young hole.

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Father Joel Someone and young trainee priest Zak Bishop bareback fucking Dacotah Red’s hot asshole

Yes Father says: Young trainee priest Zak Bishop is kneeling next to his bed saying his prayers before sleeping when he is interrupted by Father Joel Someone and Father Dacotah Red.

They are doing a regular search of the priest dorms for contraband and luckily for young Zak, they don’t find anything.

They are just about to leave when Father Joel notices that Zak has a huge boner in his pants and makes him take them off.

The site of Zak’s huge young cock hard as a rock turns both Father Joel and Father Dacotah on. They quickly site down next to Zak on the bed and first Father Joel then young Dacotah sucks on Zak’s big boy cock.

Zak returns the favor by sucking on Father Joel’s hard cock.

Zak asks, “Father Dakotah are you ready to take a cock?”

Father Dakotah gets on all fours and takes Father Joel’s cock straight up his asshole, all the while young Zak is stuffing his mouth with his dick.

Then Zak sits on the bed as Father Dakotah hovers above and lowers his tight asshole onto Zak’s thick dick reverse cowboy style.

Zak encourages, ” Ride my cock, Father!”

They switch positions again and again with Zak pumping his hard cock deep into Father Dacotah’s raw asshole until he can hold off no longer.

Father Dacotah then cum, shooting his load all over his black priest’s vestments and dog collar. He is quickly followed by the others who spray him with their jizz.

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Father Joel Someone’s big thick dick bareback fucks young choirboy Zak Bishop’s smooth asshole

Yes Father says: Young sweet altar boy Zak Bishop has broken the rules again. Father Joel Someone questions him about the misdeeds.

Bearded Father Joel says the only way that he can stay is if he gives in to all of the pervy priest’s demands without complaint.

At confession, Zak admits to having impure thoughts.

Zak is one of Father Joel’s favorites and so he allows him to receive his penance for his sins.

Father Joel reaches forward and kisses the young Zak squarely on the lips, before reaching under his vestments to unleash his big thick cock. Which is already fully erect.

He pushes Zak down to his knees and guides his mouth onto the end of his hard dick.

Zak swallows the big cock caressing it with his tongue till it gags him at the back of his throat.

Father Joel loves the feeling of the young guy’s lips on his throbbing member.

As Zak spins around and bends over Father Joel opens his smooth ass cheeks and plants his tongue deep into his tight boy hole.

When he is all nice and lubed with spit, Father Joel sodomizes the young altar boy forcing his hard thick dick deep into his hole, making him moan loudly.

Zak squeezes his ass around Father’s Joel cock as it bare fucks him over and over in different positions, each time getting deeper into his wet hole.

Father Joel continues the hardcore bareback fucking until he is close to orgasm when he pulls out and showers the young boy with his hot priestly cum.

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Joel Someone bareback fucks lil bro Joey Wagner’s hot raw asshole


Bareback That Hole says: Joel Someone and Joey Wagner explore a mutual sexual fantasy… older bro and younger bro.

After a heavy-duty makeout session, they strip down, and Joey goes after Joel’s huge cock. He needs little motivation, but Joel gives it to him just the same, talking dirty and commanding the cocksucker on how to best service his big dick.

They’re soon in a 69 position, with Joel chowing down on Joel’s cock and Joel devouring Joey’s sweet ass. After a priming that leaves him open and wet, Joey goes for a ride and savors the taste of his ass on Joel’s tongue, as they kiss.

In a terrific overhead shot, we get to see how hot Joel looks sliding that big raw cock inside Joey’s hungry hole. After fucking Joey a while, Joel offers up his cock for the sub-bottom to taste, in a bit of ass-to-mouth. Joey then gets on all fours and Joel slams home.

He lays into his little bro, bareback fucking the slut until he’s stretched out and sloppy. Joel fucks a big load of cum out of Joey and makes him eat it before shooting a big load himself.

Joey, being the cum pig that he is, climbs aboard and seeds his own ass.


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