Hot young stud Jordan Lake’s huge twink dick raw fucking Eric Charming’s hot boy hole at Missionary Boys

Missionary Boys says: Young cute trainee priest Eric Charming has been experiencing dirty-minded thoughts and goes to his father superior Jordan Lake for some extra guidance.

Jordan has taken over temporarily for the missionary president and so asks Eric to join him in the confessional.

Through a thorough examination, Jordan gets to the root of Eric’s troubles and can finally help ease Eric’s problems.

After receiving Jordan’s help, Eric begins to feel much better.

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Missionary president Bill Farnsworth and young pupil Jack Waters spit-roast Dakota Lovell’s tight boy holes

Missionary Boys says: Missionary president Bill Farnsworth and young pupil Jack Waters spit-roast Dakota Lovell’s tight boy holes. When your fellow missionary lad tempts you continually, it’s difficult to maintain your morality. While Elder Jack tries to persuade him to commit wicked things, Elder Dakota is working to clean the temple. President Oaks unexpectedly walks … Read more

Filthy Bishop Jax Thirio’s massive dick raw riding Dakota Lovell’s tight virgin ass at Missionary Boys

Missionary Boys says: Hottie young dark-haired Missionary twink Dakota Lovell steps out of the shower in a bathrobe and enters Bishop Jax Thirio’s bedroom.

Bishop Jax looks up from his bible and ushers young Dakota to strip off his clothes and come to him for some hole training.

Elder Dakota has been quite uptight around the church and so Bishop Jax is going to help him loosen his tightness by penetrating his boy hole with Jax’s huge erect dick.

First Elder Dakota sucks down hard on Bishop Jax’s thick cock taking it right to the back of his throat until his huge mushroom cockhead hits the back of his throat choking him.

Bishop Dax then bends the little cutie Dakota over and forces his hard erection deep into the young boy’s hot hole making him scream with delight.

Then Bishop Dax opens his hole for the young Missionary boy to fuck him. They switch back and forth until both are super horned up.

Young Dakota takes the ass pummelling in a number of different positions until he can hold off no longer and ejaculates spraying jizz all over his stomach and chest.

Seeing all this boy cum, Bishop Jax loses control and orgasm jizzing all over the young boy’s asshole.

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Sexy blonde young priest Zacc Andrews’s virgin hole fucked by President Brody Kayman’s massive dick

Missionary Boys says: Sexy blonde young priest Zacc Andrews’s virgin hole fucked by President Brody Kayman’s massive dick. Elder Andrews’ inappropriate behavior has been brought to the attention of President Kayman, who has received reports regarding it. The young boy serving in the ministry is ashamed to admit that he had sexual contact with another … Read more

Sexy young Elder Benjamin Blue’s bubble butt punished by President Manuel Skye’s big cock at Missionary Boys

Missionary Boys says: President Manual Skye has been on the receiving end of some disturbing gossip about one of his missionary boys and he has today called in Elder Benjamin Blue to get to the bottom of this.

Rumors have it that Elder Benjamin has succumbed to impure thoughts and has been touching himself under the cover of darkness in his single bunk.

President Skye’s spies in the dorm have reported Elder Benjamin for masturbating late at night and for moaning loudly at times and keeping the other missionary boys awake.

Elder Benjamin is quite popular amongst the other younger missionaries so President Skye wants to bring these late-night horny flushed masturbation episodes to an end and so put to bed all the gossip.

When they meet up Elder Benjamin appears nervous and President Skye questions him intensely.

“Have you sinned my son? Is there something you need to confess?”

Benjamin struggles to answer but then says, “Hmmm, Yes, last night I was um, I was thinking some impure thing and I touched myself.”

President Skye informs the young errant missionary boy that if he must masturbate he should do it properly and asks ELder Benjamin to show him his technique.

As Elder Benjamin removes his pants, President Skye feels his crotch bulge in his white underwear.

As he holds on to his soft cock he feels it suddenly spring to attention and is fully erect, tenting his under and straining on the fabric.

President Skye’s big thick dick is also sporting a massive boner and he unleashed it and forces Elder Benjamin’s mouth over it making him suck it right to the back of his throat.

Elder Benjamin works President Skye’s big erection getting his lips and tongue around his full length from tip to balls in a rhythmic in and out motion.

Then as Elder Benjamin removes his tight white underwear Elder Skye forces his large cock between Elder Benjamin’s ass cheeks and deep into his hot missionary boy hole.

It’s very tight and he has to press hard to enter until Elder Benjamin relaxes a little and enjoys the feeling of President Skye’s dick inching in and out of him.

They switch up positions a number of times getting close to orgasm, with Elder Benjamin wanking his own cock hard as President Skye pummels his asshole.

Suddenly Elder Benjamin can hold off no longer and his breathing becomes labored and he shoots his load all over his stomach, with President Skye’s big dick still deep inside of him.

Then President Skye pulls out and delivers a huge load of cum, showering the young missionary boy’s bare ass with his jizz. He then fucks his cum back inside Elder Benjamin’s freshly fucked ass.

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Dirty missionary President Beau Reed’s huge dick bare fucks young Elder Edward Terrant’s hot raw ass

Missionary Boys says: Dirty Missionary President Beau Reed has heard good things about young Elder Edward Terrant
from members of the congregation.

In order to test the young boy’s trust in him, President Reed asks Elder Terrant to place his hands behind his back whilst he ties them with a rope.

President Reed then asks him if he is interested in the holistic religious experience of sex.

Unsure how to answers Elder Terrant says, “Yes, I think so.”

This gives President Reed the opportunity to test the young priest further by placing his hand inside his pants and feeling his soft cock and balls.

Elder Terrant says “That feels good.”

So President Reed bends down and sucks down hard on Elder Terrant’s small young dick which is now fully erect.

Elder Terrant then kneels before President Reed and wraps his lips around his throbbing hardon, sucking it back till it hits the back of his throat, choking him at first.

With his big erect cock now lubed President Reed turns Elder Terrant around and exposes his bare asshole, pushing his huge mushroom cockhead into his hot hole.

They switch positions with Elder Terrant on top in reverse cowboy style forcing his tight virgin asshole down onto the President’s huge dick in strong deep rhythmic strokes.

His tight asshole quickly brings President Reed to orgasm and he fires a multitude of jizz shots into the young priest’s bare hole with cum dripping down from his ass.

President Reed has not had enough and he fucks the cum back inside Elder Terrant’s asshole until the younger dude cums shooting his load all over himself.

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Older President Beau Reed’s thick raw dick bareback fucking young priest Jake Hill’s hot boy hole

Missionary Boys says: Super cute young Elder Jake Hill has excelled during his time at church and he’s the talk of the flock.

Today he is called into President Beau Reed’s office for something of a reward for all his holy endeavors.

As President Reed touches the young boy’s bare leg he tells him that he’s going to get a special kind of massage with blessed anointing oils.

As Elder Hill lies prostrate on the massage table President Reed pulls down his white underwear to expose his slightly hairy ass before pouring the warmed oils across his back and down along his peachy ass crack.

He massages the boy’s smooth body and works his fingers down to his butt parting his ass cheeks and fingering his tight virgin boy hole.

Then, President Reed, undoes his pants and flops out his thick erect cock and with a firm hand on Elder Hill’s head guides his dick into the young priest’s mouth, until his balls are on his lips.

Elder Hill proves to a proficient first-time cock sucker and he blows the President’s erection hard and deep.

President Reed then jerks Elder Hill’s small oily dick with his hand and sucks it before mounting the table and forcing his dick into the boy’s tight hole, making him moan with pleasure.

Elder Reed takes the raw ass pummelling with good grace and wants more, President Reed changes positions getting his cock in deeper and harder with the boy’s legs in the air.

The greedy young priest wants more and pushes his ass onto the President’s cock harder until he can take it no more and first Elder Hill shoots his load spraying his creamy cum all over his stomach before the older President orgasms shooting jizz all over the youth’s ass.

President Reed then fucks his cum back inside the young missionary’s freshly fucked boy hole.

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President Beau Reed’s huge dick bare fucking young priest Jake Hill’s smooth ass hole

Missionary Boys says: President Beau Reed has been speaking to some of the other trainee priests and they report that young Elder Jake Hill has been experimenting with drugs to help him experience new things.

President Reed says “How about I show you some of those new things?” as he presses the young dude Elder Hill’s mouth towards his big erect dick.

Elder Hill sucks down hard on his thick erection getting his cock deep in his throat as President Reed forces his dick further till the young stud can swallow no more of it.

Pushing Elder Hill onto his back with his legs in the air, President Reed licks his smooth asshole rimming his hot hole getting him all lubed up ready for his cock.

Then holding his legs aloft, President Reed bareback fucks the young mischievous priest making him cry out with pleasure as he pummels his raw ass.

As he presses his thick cock in and then out of Elder Hill’s super tight hole President Reed gets close to orgasm.

Just seconds before he sprays cum everywhere the younger priest cums blowing a huge volley of jizz all over his smooth body.

He’s quickly followed by President Reed who’s load covers his ass then fucks the cum back inside his freshly fucked asshole.

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Missionary President Trent Summers’s huge veiny cock raw fucks Elder Taylor Reign’s hot boy hole

Missionary Boys says: Hot young missionary boy Elder Taylor Reign keeps falling off the hollowed path and his aberrant behavior has come to the attention of President Trent Summers.

Behind closed doors, President Summers is quick to get to the point, he undresses the young wayward lad and gets him to a number of heinous acts of gay sexual behavior to rid him of the demons inside him.

With a gag in his mouth Elder Reign undergoes a number of punishing acts first President Summers gets ahold of the young boy’s erect cock and slaps his balls with the back of his hand.

With Elder Reign laid out on all fours totally naked and gagged against the desk, President Summers parts his ass cheeks with both hands.

Elder Reign moans as President Summers rims his hot asshole before forcing his huge veiny cock deep into his raw hole, getting it balls deep inside.

They change positions with Elder Reign lying on the desk this time, with his legs in the air, President Summers pumping his bare ass with his throbbing erection until the young boy gives in and blows his load spraying cum all over his chest and abs.

He’s quickly followed by President Summers who fires off a volley of jizz cum shots all over Elder Reign’s bare ass before fucking the cum back inside him.

Elder Reign won’t stray from the path again after this bare butt pumelling.

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Bishop Trent Summers’s huge erect cock bareback fucks young priest Elder Taylor Reign’s hot bare hole

Missionary Boys says: Young Elder Taylor Reign visits older Bishop Trent Summers for a purification ceremony

Bishop Summers undresses Elder Reign removing his shirt and pants getting him to lie totally naked on the altar.

Elder Reign’s thick soft cock quickly becomes fully erect as Bishop Summers drips the holy oil onto his body and rubs it into his skin in long slow strokes.

When Bishop Summers manhandles Elder Reign’s hard cock he jerks it slowly and rubbing his cum filled balls.

With Elder Reign now lying face down, Bishop Summers first massages his asshole and probes his hot hole with his fingers before pushing his own super erect dick into Elder Reign’s young mouth.

ELder Reign seems to enjoy blowing the Bishop and chokes back his full length right to the back of his throat.

Bishop Summers then parts his ass cheeks and plunges his thick erect cock deep into Elder Reign’s tight boy hole.

They switch positions a number of times with each new one, getting deeper and harder into the young priest’s asshole.

Elder Reign is soon moaning loudly and cannot take much more of the raw ass pummeling before he is to blow his load.

But first just before orgasm Bishop Summers pulls out his huge bare dick and shoves it into young Elder Reign’s mouth just as he cums.

His hot cum sprays into Elder Reign’s mouth with jizz dripping from his tongue before Elder Reign jerks his own cock firing off a huge volley of jizz across them both. The Bishop is happy his young priestly charge is newly purified and chaste.

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President Lewis’s hot asshole bareback fucked by young Elder Taylor Reign’s huge thick dick

Missionary Boys says: President Lewis (aka Joel Someone) welcomes Elder Taylor Reign to his office for a more thorough evaluation than is usually the norm.

President Lewis hugs Elder Reign from behind before helping his strip out of his shirt and pants.

Elder Reign poses naked on all fours on President Lewis’ desk as he smothers the young lad’s body with tender kisses.

President Lewis’ is checking that he is physically and mentally fit as Elder Reign can’t hide his big young dick which is firmly erect by now.

With Elder Reign’s bubble butt in the air, President Lewis parts his ass cheeks and runs his tongue up and down the young dude’s ass crack before probing deeply into his tight boy hole.

Elder Reign sucks down hard on President Lewis’s huge hard cock, swallowing it whole to the back of his deep throat.

When President Lewis says he wants Elder Reign deep inside of him, the younger priest says, “I’ll do whatever you ask of me, sir.”

With President Lewis bent over the desk, Elder Reign pushes his thick young cock deep into his asshole.

Elder Reign fucks his master President Lewis will all his might, really pumping him full of his solid erection.

He slides his veiny, hot cock all the way into horny President Lewis’s hungry ass and fills him with orgasmic pleasure and pain as he passes his Evaluation with flying colors.

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Young missionary boy Jesse Bolton’s hot bubble ass hole raw fucked by hot priest Father Jax Thirio’s huge dick

Missionary Boys says: Fit young dude Jesse Bolton is relaxing at home when he hears someone at the door ringing the bell.

He opens the door to find Father Jax Thirio asking if he can come in.

Jesse invites Father Jax in and when they are seated on the sofa Jesse mentions that he has decided to go on a mission.

Jesse says he will miss Father Jax and he hopes for his blessing.

Father Jax opens his pants and his big thick soft dick flops out.

Immediately Jesse falls to his knees and sucks his cock into the back of his throat.

Father Jax’s dick becomes rock hard as Jesse sucks it down.

They retire to the bedroom where Jesse lays down in missionary position with his ass up in the air.

Father Jax feeds his solid dick between Jesse’s smooth ass cheeks getting his dick balls deep into his hot boy hole.

He slaps Jesse’s ass cheeks as he bareback fucks him in slow rhythmic flows.

Jesse gets on top, guiding Father Jax’s hard cock into his ass hole, reverse cowboy style.

With Jesse firmly in control, he grinds his young asshole down further onto Father Jax’s erect dick. Feeling evey inch of the horny priest’s fuck tool.

The hardcore raw ass fucking continues this time with Jesse on his back with his legs in the air.

Father Jax pumps his erect cock deeper in Jesse’s young bubble butt hole till he can take it no more and he sprays cum all over his stomach and chest in explosive jizz shots.

Satisfied that Young Jesse horny feelings have been sated Father Jax pulls out and blows a huge jizz load all over the young missionary boy.

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President Trent Summers’s huge erect dick bareback fucking young boy Elder Kai Masters’s hot hole

Missionary Boys says: President Trent Summers has called young Elder Kai Masters in for a meeting to discuss his appearance.

Rumors have been flying that Elder Masters has got himself several tattoos.

The President asks that Elder Masters undresses and shows him the offending ink.

He helps Elder Masters off with his clothes and lies him down on the altar to do a complete inspection.

The President rubs his naked young body saying, “it’s nice and smooth.”

President Summers’ huge cock is already rock hard and tenting his pants, so he removes his clothes and points his erect dick right into the face of Elder Masters.

Elder Masters opens his mouth and swallows down his big hard cock until it chokes the back of his throat.

He keeps blowing the President’s huge erection until the President spins the boy around and pokes his dick between the young guy’s ass cheeks finding his hot hole and pumping his dick in hard.

Elder Masters’ tight hole is at first hard for the President’s big cock but he increases the pressure and his solid tool scrapes the insides of Elder Master’s virgin hole.

As the raw bareback fucking continues Elder Masters moans in extreme pleasure with each long, balls-deep stroke.

They switch up the raw ass fucking positions numerous times with each change President Summer’s erect cock getting deep into the young boy’s raw hole.

They continue until Elder Master’s can take no more and he blows his huge cumload all across his stomach and chest while President Summers is still inside him.

President Summers then shoots his jizz load and then fucks the cum back into Elder Masters young bare ass.

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Young priest Alder Taylor Reign’s hot boy ass bare fucked by President Lewis’ huge thick raw dick

Missionary Boys says: President Lewis has booked a meeting with Alder Taylor Reign for what is called a worthiness exam.

The meeting starts with President Lewis asking Taylor some personal questions starting with, “do you have unclean thoughts?”

Young Taylor answers truthfully, “yes sir.”

“Any sexual contact with your companion?” Again, Taylor replies, “no sir.”

“Do you ever wonder what it would feel like?” questions President Lewis.

“No sir,” comes back the reply from godly young Taylor.

President bends over and undoes Taylors pants and sucks down on his soft cock. It immediately gets hard and fills the President’s mouth. He slowly slides the young boy’s erect dick deep to the back of his throat.

Alder Taylor gasps and moans in delight at the feeling of a man’s tongue on his hard cock.

President Lewis stands and unfastens his pants as Alder Taylor kneels before him and opens his mouth to receive the President’s huge thick dick.

He can hardly manage to take it in, the whole way. Gagging on it several times as he forces it back.

President Lewis then lifts Alder Taylor’s bare legs and plants his hard erect dick right between his pure white ass cheeks.

He gets his cock balls deep into Taylor’s virgin boy hole filling him till he can take no more.

President Lewis bare fucks him until he is ready to shoot his full cum load inside Alder Taylor’s asshole until cum is dripping out of his well fucked hole.

President Lewis has given Alder Taylor a worthy lesson that he won’t forget.

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President Lewis aka Joel Someone’s huge cock bareback fucking young boy Elder Kai Masters’s hot virgin asshole

Missionary Boys says: President Lewis aka Joel Someone invites Elder Kai Masters into his study after other priests had questioned his purity.

“Do you ever have unclean thoughts?” asks President Lewis.

“Yes, everyone does,” replies the shy Elder Masters.

“Have you ever engaged in any sexual activity with another boy?”

“No never.” is the young boy’s honest answer.

“Do you ever wonder what it would feel like if someone else stroked it?” the dirty-minded President Lewis questions.

“No I haven’t thought about it.” is again the boy’s response.

At this moment President Lewis reaches over and undoes Elder Master’s pants and unleashes the boy’s huge thick already erect dick.

President Lewis opens his mouth wide and swallows the young cock as far as it will go into the back of his throat.

Elder Masters gasped with pleasure at finally feeling the mouth and tongue of President Lewis on his throbbing hardon.

Elder Masters then returns the favor blowing President Lewis’ dick, quite expertly for a first-timer.

They strip off their clothes with Elder Masters completely naked as President Lewis pushes his hard cock deep into Elder Master’s virgin asshole.

Elder Masters can’t get enough of his huge cock and switches position to ride it reverse cowboy getting his ass down hard and deep on the President’s thick dick.

The hardcore fucking continues until President Lewis shoots his load all over young Elder Master’s tight hole then he fucks the cum back into his freshly fucked young hole.

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Father Dante Drackis and father Dakota Lovell’s huge dicks bareback fuck young elder Jesse Avalon’s hot boy ass

Missionary Boys says: Another young missionary boy is in trouble, today it is Elder Jesse Avalon who must pay for his latest transgressions.

Elder Avalon is happy to say a few more prayers to make good but Father Dakota Lovell and Bishop Dante Drackis have other ideas for some retribution.

As the two of them join Elder Avalon kneeling on the floor they grab him and ties his hands behind his back. They then force him to suck their big hard dicks.

First Elder Avalon sucks Father Lovell’s erect cock. All the while Father Lovell pushes the back of his head down so that he gags as his young dick hits the back of his throat, almost choking him.

Not wishing to miss out Bishop Drackis undresses and pushes his already fully erect big cock deep between Elder Avalon’s smooth butt cheeks getting his cock head deep into his hot boy hole.

Bishop Drackis fucks him hard then he holds Elder Avalon over Father Lovell’s cock in a reverse cowboy fuck position.

Young Elder Avalon works his ass down onto Father Lovell’s big thick dick. While Bishop Drackis jerks his cock.

Then Father Lovell bareback fucks Elder Avalon’s ass hole doggie style as Elder Avalon sucks on Bishop Drackis’ big dick.

The fucking continues until Elder Avalon can hold off no longer and he shoots streams of hot boy cum across his smooth stomach and chest.

He is quickly followed by Father Lovell and Bishop Drackis who both unload over the young boy, covering him in their cum.

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Older stud President Manual Skye’s huge cock bareback fucking young Elder Benjamin Blue’s hot boy ass hole

Say Uncle Missionary Boys says: A new missionary boy Elder Benjamin Blue is here today and President Manual Skye will be taking him through his paces.

Handsome young boy Elder Benjamin is a little nervous as he perches on top of a high stool whilst President Manual takes him through a number of initiation tests.

Elder Benjamin notices that Elder Manual has a huge crotch bulge in his pants as he reaches around and feels his huge erect cock.

Elder Manual undoes Elder Benjamin’s pants and gets his lips around his young dick sucking down hard balls deep.

Elder Benjamin in just his shirt and black socks returns the favor sucking on Elder Manual’s huge thick uncut cock.

Elder Benjamin bends over and opens his ass cheeks allowing Elder Manual to get his raw dick deep in his tight asshole.

The hardcore bareback fucking continues until Elder Benjamin’s cock leaks precum before he finally heads over the edge blowing cum all over himself quickly followed by Elder Manual who soaks them both.

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Bishop Jesse Zeppelin shoots cum all over Elder Oliver Star face as Elder Chase Daniels licks it up

Missionary Boys says: Elder Oliver Star, believes that loyalty matters above all else, and loyalty to the Order is to be the most respected over that of good friends who come a healthy second in line.

Star is more than willing to help Bishop Jesse Zeppelin when he is called to help decide if his friend and fellow Order member Elder Chase Daniels is being totally truthful about all the sins he may have committed.

To Star, this is not betraying a friend’s confidence but being true to the friendship and the Order.

Everyone knows that to reach the furthest goals and one’s ultimate potential it is imperative that one follows all the rules of the Order.

Star’s cooperation has not gone unnoticed by Bishop Jesse and he bestows on him a reward letting him take his turn with Daniels.

The ritualistic session begins with Bishop Jesse unleashing his big manly uncut dick and forcing the boys to both suck down hard on it while preparing themselves for deep intense penetration.

Daniel’s ass is fucked hard by Bishop Jesse’s dick and as Star fucks his mouth, spit roasting the naught missionary. The punishment tries to teach Daniel that being honest and telling the truth to the high priesthood is one rule not to be broken.

Once the ritual is complete, Bishop Jesse stands over the boys triumphantly.

He is sure that Daniels has learned the importance of following the rules, and he is proud that Star helped him accomplish this task.

As a reward, he shoots a load of cum all over Star’s face and watches as Daniels licks it up and swallows it.

With a friend like Star, Daniels is sure to become the perfect servant he is destined to be.

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Missionary boys Jace Madden falls under Chase Daniels spell and it all starts with dick sucking

Missionary Boys says: The missionaries have long gossiped about tales of bolder members being tempted to sneak out of the order and into the temple which is against the rules. Elder Jace Madden has heard of the wild stories but he is not sure if they are really true.

That is until Elder Chase Daniels arrives in his life. Elder Daniels is not a boy for rules and regulations and he certainly will break the rules whenever possible.

Elder Madden is a good boy but he’s kind of turned on by his rebellious compatriot. He admires the boy’s streak of defiance and independence and thinks he’s quite a dish if the truth is known.

Elder Madden doesn’t have the strength to put it out there quite like Elder Daniels does but he likes to bask in his shadow. He’s becoming wildly fond of this new boy and that attraction is growing.

Elder Madden can’t hide his admiration for the young Elder Daniels and when he realizes and reciprocates Elder Madden can’t believe his excitement.

It is clear that Elder Daniels has Elder Madden under his spell. He is willing to follow the boy anywhere without question.

Even if that means sneaking into the temple for an unsanctioned meeting.

After creeping out of the main hall and into the Temple, the boys find themselves alone in a pristine white room.

They try not to disturb anything so they won’t leave any trace of their visit.

They shroud themselves in the curtains at the far end of the room, touching each other and laughing as excitement floods through them. Elder Madden can’t believe what he’s doing.

He is living out the legend that has been passed onto him as Elder Daniels sinks to his knees and unsheathes his eager cock.

Elder Daniels licks the tip and exposes his sweet asshole.

Elder Madden takes the invitation, penetrating his subversive companion with a passion he’s never felt before.

Elder Daniels has changed Elder Madden’s life forever, and he will always be grateful for it.

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Mormon President Parker Brookes’s huge cock bare fucking young priests Rob Quin and Dakota Lovell

Missionary Boys says: Mormon President Parker Brookes’s huge cock bare fucking young priests Rob Quin and Dakota Lovell. President Parker summons elders Dakota and Quin for a new ritual. Dakota slowly undresses the president to anoint his feet, a sacred deed that strengthens Paker’s leadership. Next, the elder bends to discover the president’s dick and … Read more