Father Johnny Ford hears confession from young cutie Kai Masters then fucks his hot bare asshole

Yes Father says: Young cute boy Kai Masters enters the confession box to confess his sins to sexy bearded Father Johnny Ford.

“You are a very special boy,” says Father Ford. “Thank you father,” responds Kai.

Kai has not confessed to anything more serious than breaking curfew so Father Ford asks him about oral sex and sodomy, as he squeezes his already erect big cock through his pants.

Father Ford gets his huge dick out and plays with it, he asks young Kai to stand up and face away from the grill.

Father Ford then opens the grill and gets his tongue deep between Kai’s smooth ass cheeks, rimming his hot hole.

Kai then turns around and Father Ford sucks his big dick balls deep through the grill.

As Father Ford sticks his uncut cock through the hole Kai sucks it gently from balls to tip.

They both get naked and Father Ford pushes his firm rigid dick deep into Kai’s hot hole, making him moan with desire.

He bareback fucks young Kai while Kai is wanking his own cock loving every moment when he feels Father Ford moving inside him.

They switch up positions each time Father Ford raw fucks his dick deeper and harder into innocent young Kai’s asshole until Kai can hold off no longer.

With Father Ford’s huge uncut cock balls deep inside him, he showers the place with a huge gusher of cum, spraying them both with his jizz.

Father Ford pulls out shooting a huge cumshot over Kai’s ass then he fucks the cum back inside the young boy’s hot ass.

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President Trent Summers’s huge erect dick bareback fucking young boy Elder Kai Masters’s hot hole

Missionary Boys says: President Trent Summers has called young Elder Kai Masters in for a meeting to discuss his appearance.

Rumors have been flying that Elder Masters has got himself several tattoos.

The President asks that Elder Masters undresses and shows him the offending ink.

He helps Elder Masters off with his clothes and lies him down on the altar to do a complete inspection.

The President rubs his naked young body saying, “it’s nice and smooth.”

President Summers’ huge cock is already rock hard and tenting his pants, so he removes his clothes and points his erect dick right into the face of Elder Masters.

Elder Masters opens his mouth and swallows down his big hard cock until it chokes the back of his throat.

He keeps blowing the President’s huge erection until the President spins the boy around and pokes his dick between the young guy’s ass cheeks finding his hot hole and pumping his dick in hard.

Elder Masters’ tight hole is at first hard for the President’s big cock but he increases the pressure and his solid tool scrapes the insides of Elder Master’s virgin hole.

As the raw bareback fucking continues Elder Masters moans in extreme pleasure with each long, balls-deep stroke.

They switch up the raw ass fucking positions numerous times with each change President Summer’s erect cock getting deep into the young boy’s raw hole.

They continue until Elder Master’s can take no more and he blows his huge cumload all across his stomach and chest while President Summers is still inside him.

President Summers then shoots his jizz load and then fucks the cum back into Elder Masters young bare ass.

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President Lewis aka Joel Someone’s huge cock bareback fucking young boy Elder Kai Masters’s hot virgin asshole

Missionary Boys says: President Lewis aka Joel Someone invites Elder Kai Masters into his study after other priests had questioned his purity.

“Do you ever have unclean thoughts?” asks President Lewis.

“Yes, everyone does,” replies the shy Elder Masters.

“Have you ever engaged in any sexual activity with another boy?”

“No never.” is the young boy’s honest answer.

“Do you ever wonder what it would feel like if someone else stroked it?” the dirty-minded President Lewis questions.

“No I haven’t thought about it.” is again the boy’s response.

At this moment President Lewis reaches over and undoes Elder Master’s pants and unleashes the boy’s huge thick already erect dick.

President Lewis opens his mouth wide and swallows the young cock as far as it will go into the back of his throat.

Elder Masters gasped with pleasure at finally feeling the mouth and tongue of President Lewis on his throbbing hardon.

Elder Masters then returns the favor blowing President Lewis’ dick, quite expertly for a first-timer.

They strip off their clothes with Elder Masters completely naked as President Lewis pushes his hard cock deep into Elder Master’s virgin asshole.

Elder Masters can’t get enough of his huge cock and switches position to ride it reverse cowboy getting his ass down hard and deep on the President’s thick dick.

The hardcore fucking continues until President Lewis shoots his load all over young Elder Master’s tight hole then he fucks the cum back into his freshly fucked young hole.

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Hottie Kai Masters’ tight boy hole bareback fucked by younger stepbrother Braden Taylor’s huge twink dick

Brother Crush says: Stepbrothers Kai Masters and blonde Braden Taylor are sat on the bed playing video games.

Braden asks Kai if all the times they fooled around and Kai shot his load in Braden’s ass if that was ok as they shared DNA.

“Of course it’s ok”, replies Kai, “come here you!”

Braden asks, “would you let me come inside you?”

“I’ve never bottomed before,” says Kai, “so you’d have to get me pretty horny.”

“I think I can do that!” is Braden’s answer.

Kai leans down and sucks up Braden’s soft dick, letting it get hard in his mouth till its size hits the back of his young throat.

Braden’s huge twink dick raw fucks Kai’s hot boy hole as Kai moans with every pump of Braden’s hard cock.

The guys switch up with Kai in cowboy position hovering his asshole over Braden’s big dick and sliding his hole down onto it taking control of the hardcore fucking.

Kai can’t believe how good it feels to have Braden’s thick young dick splitting his ass cheeks.

He bounces up and down in long strokes with Braden’s dick slipping easily in and out getting deeper and deeper into Kai’s hot hole.

Braden then takes control fucking his raw dick deep in Kai until he can no longer take it and he shoots his boy load all over himself before Braden pulls out and sprays them both with his cum.

Braden then fucks the cum back into Kai’s freshly fucked hole.

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Hot tattooed muscle security guard Chris Damned’s bare fucks young perp Kai Masters’ hot asshole

Young Perps says: Young perp Kai Masters has been caught red-handed by sexy tattooed security guard Chris Damned.

He’s now trying to make Kai crack under pressure and admit to his wrongdoings.

But Chris’ methods are a little off track, Kai is a little surprised when he’s asked to strip naked. What about a search of his pockets first?

Chris is a law unto himself, once Kai is stripped bare Chris goes to work probing Kai’s ass with a dildo he just found in the filing cabinet drawer.

After an ass bashing with the rubber sex toy, Kai is more amenable to what comes next.

Kai has a choice it’s the cops or it sucking Chris’s huge thick dick. Well confronted with those options what would you do?

So Kai gets on all fours and sucks down hard on Chris’s already erect cock. He sucks it like a trooper, but Chris is not over with him just yet.

Chris wreaks the ultimate punishment sliding his cock deep inside Kai’s smooth ass, making him moan increasingly loudly. How is this going to end?

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