Drew Brodys 10 inch cock ass fucks Scott Hunter – Rugby Lad Fucks Hot Muscle Bottom at Hard Brit Lads

Hard Brit Lads says: All you fans of monstercock are gonna love this one, as hot muscular bottom Scott Hunter takes on rugby lad Drew Brodys massive, super thick ten inch dick. With tons of horny action and great chemistry, this is one incredible scene, that you DONT wanna miss…

The lads begin with some hot nipple play, with Drew enjoying Scotts big muscular chest, licking the nipples on his huge pecs, feeling his bulging biceps, then some passionate kissing. Drews massive cock already hard, and bulging inside his sports shorts. Scott gropes him, feeling the size of his monster meat, and as Drew rubs the bulge in Scotts shiny white sport shorts, he gets hard too.

As he struggles to suck deeper, Drew grips his head and pushes it deeper into his throat. Intense. Scott clearly loves this and Drew starts fucking his mouth. Next is one of the horniest things Ive filmed in a while. Its an underneath shot, from under Drews legs, looking up at Scotts face as Drew pounds his now throbbing and wrist thick meat into Scotts mouth and throat. It goes on for some time, till Scott cant take any more. HORNY AS FUCK.

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Hard Brit Lads: 9 inch young pup Luke Desmond and skinhead Jonny James

Lovers of monstercock are gonna go crazy!….. Hard Brit Lads says: Mega Hung 9 inch young Luke Desmond and dark hairy skinhead Jonny James with his extra thick meaty dick have a super hot session which lovers of monstercock are gonna go crazy for, with its non stop HUGE dick action, intense sucking and face … Read more

Hard Brit Lads: Big beefy rugby dad Jack Saxon

Excerpt from Hard Brit Lads: Beefy Rugby player Jack Saxon is tall, broad & rugged & very much the daddy type.

In a dirty old shed, he strips off his muddy rugby kit and plays with his extra thick uncut dick, giving us lots of foreskin action and hot jerking off before shooting a thick spunk load over us. Get Jack Saxon full exposure at Hard Brit Lads!

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Hard Brit Lads: Straight footballer Daniel Johnson face fucking with Justin Harris

Hard Brit Lads says: Hung str8 footballer Daniel Johnson gets his thick juicy 8 incher sucked by hot fittie Justin Harris in lots of horny positions in this great scene, featuring intense deep throat and some brutal facefucking. Get this video at Hard Brit Lads!

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Hard Brit Lads: Drew Brody 10 inch cock fucks sexy hunk Tony Axel

There is no mistaking a big boy when you see one, and Drew Brody is a big boy. With a beercan thick 10 inch cock he sets about to create some ass ache for fit and sexy Tony Axel. This promises to be an insanely horny suck and fuck session. As you’d expect Tony gets his mouth and arse severely stretched wide by Drews thick monster dick, he gets his face fucked by Drew’s choker of a man cock. Not enough for one bloke Tony then takes an intense deep pounding changing positions as they go. Tony definition of Power Bottom goes right next to power drill or Driller Killer in the sex dictionary. The lads start off in their sports kit, kneeling on the bed.

They kiss and grope, and both lads are quickly getting hard in their shorts. They take off their sports vests, Drew has a beefy rugby build, big legs, whereas Tony has taut lean muscular body, with hard pecs and ripped abs. Tony leans in to lick and suck on Drews nipples, squeezing Drews massive bulge. Then Drew licks Tonys hard nipples, rubs his now throbbing stiffie, before they kiss again.

Drew stands up, and Tony pulls down his shorts, giving us our first glimpse of his crazy size and girth. Tony rubs and squeezes it, sizing it up, in anticipation of whats to come. Drew then pulls down his briefs, allowing his fat meat to hang free. Seriously, it almost hangs down to his knee, and is wrist thick. Continue reading at Hard Brit Lads!

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Hard Brit Lads: Young blonde Freddie White stiff 8 inch uncut dick

Young blonde cutie Freddie White has a hot athletic body & thick 8 inch uncut dick that is permanently hard as a rock. He oils it up, plays with his foreskin, jerks off in various horny positions then fucks himself with a dildo before shooting VERY hard. See more of Freddie White shooting his load at Hard Brit Lads.

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Horny young hunk Josh Jared’s tight arse hole fucked by soccer player Lucas Davidson at Hard Brit Lads

Hard Brit Lads says: Horny young lads Lucas Davidson and Josh Jared start off on the sofa, Lucas in red, Josh in blue sports kit. As they kiss they get a feel of each other’s bodies while groping crotches.

They take off their sports vests and take turns licking and sucking each other’s nipples whilst rubbing each other’s bulges. They remove their sports shorts, leaving them in just their undies and sport socks.

Josh wears white skimpy cotton briefs and his dick is stiff as a flag pole as it strains to get out. Lucas wears tight boxer briefs that are semi-see-thru. Very hot! Lucas pulls down his undies and Josh takes hold of it at the base.

Opening his mouth wide, Josh slurps on the fat head, getting it nice and wet. But it’s so thick that Josh strains to take it all. He doesn’t suck deep, it’s way too thick for his mouth. But he tries, keeping it nice and sloppy. Lucas reaches round to release Josh’s hard dick from the side of his briefs, jerking him off as he gets a good blowjob.

Josh sits up to kiss Lucas, giving his aching jaw a break, then leans back into the sofa to get his own dick sucked. Lucas gets right down to some deep, firm oral action, then fully deepthroats Josh to the base, with an amazing bit of sustained deepthroat. Eager to get that thick meat back down his gob, Josh gives Lucas another great sucking, managing to get deeper this time.

As he gets his second great blowjob, Lucas feels Josh’s perfect butt, squeezing his butt cheeks then pushing his fingers into the tight little hole. They change position. Josh is on his back on the sofa, legs apart, and Lucas gets Josh’s hole wet with plenty of spit, then pushes his finger in to stretch him open.

With his cock rock hard, Josh pushes it up between his legs. Lucas sucks on it while fingering him, giving both his dick and hole a very horny seeing to. Feeling horny to fuck, Lucas lays on his back, holding his fat cock straight up. Josh squats over it, facing us, and Lucas pushes the thick shaft into his hole.

It goes in about halfway at first, which is as much as Josh can take. They start off slow, then Lucas pushes the rest of his cock in, all the way to the base, giving that tight hole a real stretching. The fucking gets harder and faster. Josh’s dick throbs throughout. He clearly loves the feel of such a thick cock inside him.

Next, Josh is on his back on the sofa, on his side, facing us, one leg up on Lucas’s shoulder. Lucas pushes his dick back into Josh’s sexy little arse, and gets back to fucking, keeping it steady. Lucas takes some deep sniffs of Josh’s sport socks as he pounds him, and Josh tries to keep his hands off his throbbing cock.

Lucas pulls out and yanks the condom off. He moves around and squats on the arm of the sofa, big heavy balls in Josh’s face. Josh leans in to lick his balls and a moment later, Josh squirts powerful jets of hot liquid spunk all the way up his chest, landing on his shoulder and pecs, then dribbling down his chest.

The sight pushes Lucas over the edge, and as Josh opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out, Lucas pumps out streams of thick white spunk, landing on his face and tongue, and dripping down his chin.

He slurps on the thick cum covered cock, swallowing every last drop.

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Horny young stud James Carter’s hot asshole fucked by hot hunk Luke Desmond at Hard Brit Lads

Hard Brit Lads says: A super hot update, today we are pairing two of our fan favorites, super hung athletic hottie Luke Desmond and cute blue eyed muscle boy James Carter.

The lads start off rubbing the bulges in their sports shorts. They take their tops off and Luke gives James’s nipples a good licking while rubbing the stiff bulge in his shorts.

Then they reach inside each other’s shorts to pull out their dicks. James has a good 7.5″ but Luke has a thick, whopping 9 inches! James gets down on his knees to get that monster cock in his mouth.

He sucks it hard, and gets it really wet, adding lots of gloopy spit, rubbing it in, and jerking him off. Then he gets into some really hot sucking, sucking fast and going as deep as he can, which makes his eyes water.

With his jaw needing a break, James stands and Luke shows off his oral skills, sucking firm and deep. Then James starts to fuck his mouth, and it gets pretty vigorous! They move to the sofa and Luke leans back.

James lays on his side, next to Luke, and gets that throbbing meat wet and juicy with spit as he struggles to take all he can manage. They switch, and Luke gives James more expert oral.

As Luke sucks him, James grips his head firmly and fucks Luke’s mouth. Luke takes it well, so James fucks harder and faster. It’s quite an intense face fucking! Luke spits onto James’s hole, rubbing the spit in.

He goes back to sucking while rubbing the moist hole. He gently probes James, making him moan. With James eager to feel that monster inside him, he leans against the sofa, legs wide, butt pushed out. Luke stands behind him, rubs his dick against the hole, then pushes the tip inside, making James gasp.

Luke eases it in a little further, about halfway, and fucks James slow and shallow for a bit. As James gets used to the monster, Luke is able to fuck deeper and a bit harder and gets into some really horny fucking. Next, James kneels on the floor, resting his head and chest on the sofa.

Kneeling behind him, Luke starts to fuck that great muscular arse, then leans forward, so he is kind of in a press-ups position. In this angle, Luke fucks more intensely, his dick really plowing into James, hard and deep. The final position has James on his back, legs apart, with Luke kneeling.

Luke pushes his cock in then leans forward to get in deeper. He gives James a good fucking, reaching for James’s cock to jerk him off. Luke shifts position, leaning back, holding James by the ankles.

Unable to hold off any longer, James jerks himself off as Luke pounds away. The spunk practically explodes from his cock, loads of it, thick and white, shooting far, and tons of it.

It’s such an amazing cum shot you see it twice, in real time then slow-mo.

As James squeezes out the last few drops, Luke pulls out, whips off the condom, and seconds later his monster cock spews creamy white jizz, dropping in thick blobs onto James’s bushy pubes.

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Hairy young stud Fraser Jacs’s huge uncut dick fucking Alex Lewis at Hard Brit Lads

Hard Brit Lads says: Tall sexy hard lad Alex Lewis gets his massive 9-inches fully serviced by fit hairy footballer Fraser Jacs. Alex is super tall and towers over Fraser. They kiss passionately and get a feel of each other’s bulges. Alex lifts his vest to reveal his toned body. Fraser licks and sucks on his big nipples.

They kiss again, and Alex removes Fraser’s top. Fraser is more muscular and his chest is nicely hairy. Alex licks Fraser’s nipples and rubs his bulge, then slips his hand inside Fraser’s shorts to pull out his uncut dick. As he plays with it, they kiss, and Fraser reaches inside Alex’s shorts to take out his cock as well. They jerk each other off then move to the sofa.

Alex leans back and Fraser gets down on his knees between Alex’s legs and pulls down his shorts. Alex is certainly a grower. As Fraser suck, it just gets bigger and bigger, until it throbs at a mighty 9-inches. It’s pretty thick too and Fraser clearly loves sucking it. Except he can’t manage to get more than about halfway but that doesn’t stop him.

After giving that monster cock a thorough sucking, Alex gets down on his knees. Fraser’s dick is quite thick and he has big balls but Alex opens up and effortlessly swallows the whole thing. He sucks slow and deep then jerks Fraser off as he licks the end with his pierced tongue before getting back to more deep sucking. Alex stands to get sucked again, Fraser on his knees.

Shot from below, we have some horny low-angle shots and Alex’s dick looks even bigger! Fraser gets into it, struggling to suck deep but loving every second. Fraser is on all fours now and Alex parts his beefy hairy butt cheeks. He starts to rim Fraser, pulling his arse apart to open his hole and get his tongue deep inside.

This is some of the hottest, deepest rimming I’ve ever seen! Alex lays on his back, holding his throbbing 9-inch dick upright. Fraser can’t resist giving that monster another suck, before straddling and rubbing his arse against the head. Aching to take it inside his sloppy hungry hole, Fraser eases that stiff dick into his arse, slowly sliding down but not quite to the base, as he can’t quite manage yet.

Slowly, he starts to ride the throbbing fuck pole. Then Alex grips his arse, pulls his cheeks apart, and thrusts into him, deep and hard. Fraser takes as much as he can, but this dick is M-A-S-S-I-V-E and his arse can’t take much more. Fortunately, Alex is up for getting fucked.

He leans against the arm of the sofa, legs apart, and Fraser pushes his dick in his tight hole. Fraser grips Alex and starts to fuck. Alex takes it well and as Fraser fucks him, he jerks himself off. They fuck hard until both lads are aching to shoot. Alex lays back on the floor with Fraser kneeling over him.

Both lads jerk off hard and it’s not long before Fraser squirts plenty of thick white jizz all over Alex. It’s such a good cumshot we see it twice, once in real-time and once in slo-mo.

The sight of all that cum pushes Alex over the edge and he spunks his own load over his abs and keeps on pumping it out, then squeezes out a few more drops, his chest and abs drenched in jizz as the lads catch their breath.

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Hot muscled hunk Dirk Berger strips out of his shiny sports shorts jerking his huge uncut cock at Hard Brit Lads

Hard Brit Lads says: Tall, handsome, and athletic Dirk Berger gets horny and hard in his sport shorts, stripping down to his undies to show off his strong fit body.

He teases us with the throbbing bulge in his white briefs before getting completely naked and working his thick uncut juicy meat before spunking hard over the camera…HOT.

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Young British chav Josh Jared’s huge cock fucking sexy punk Luke Desmond at Hard Brit Lads

Hard Brit Lads says: Fit, hung and horny lads Luke Desmond and Josh Jared are chav-tastic as they start off in Adidas tops and trackies. They can barely keep their hands off each other as they kiss and grope.

Josh unzips his jacket, revealing a tanned, toned chest, and Luke gets to work licking and sucking his nipples. Luke takes off his vest and gets a good nipple sucking from Josh, who massages the thick hefty bulge in his trackies.

The lads kiss some more, then Luke gets down on his knees and pulls down Josh’s trackie bottoms. Josh sports a throbbing bulge. Luke pulls down his tight white undies and starts sucking. Josh has a really nice cock, smooth, with lots of foreskin, just under 8 inches.

Luke gets it all wet, licking the end and jerking him off, then gets into a good rhythm, sucking harder and faster. He goes down deep, making Josh moan. Luke takes out his own rock-hard, thick 9-inches, and jerks himself off as he sucks. Very hot! Luke stands and they kiss. Josh gets down on his knees and takes that monster dick in his gob.

Luke is really thick and Josh is a little lad. He really has to open his mouth wide to get it all in. He sucks as deep as he can, but can only take about half. He sucks good though, and Luke makes a lot of horny noises. The lads get down on the floor. Josh lays back against the sofa, and Luke sucks him some more, keeping his cock wet with plenty of spit.

Then Luke gets on his knees, and Josh lays under him to suck his massive knob once more. Luke is a bit more aggressive this time, pushing his cock deeper into Josh’s throat, and fucking his mouth. Clearly turned on, Josh’s dick throbs so hard it looks like he is gonna shoot any second.

On his back, legs up, Josh holds his stiff cock straight up, arse facing the camera. Luke spits on his tight hole, rubbing it in. He licks Josh’s hole, then rubs it with his finger. Luke sucks Josh’s cock, darting his finger in and out. With his arse warmed up, Josh is ready to try and take Luke’s monster cock.

Josh had never taken a dick this big before and was a bit nervous. Luke pushes the thick tip in, then slowly pushes until he’s about halfway. He slowly slides in and out, stretching that hole open. Luke fucks a little deeper, harder, and makes Josh’s dick throb even more. He changes the angle for deeper penetration, and this is some amazingly hot action.

With his arse severely stretched, Josh wanted to do some fucking himself. Luke was more than happy to take it. On the floor, spoon position, Luke faces the camera and Josh rubs his dick against his arse, then pushes in. Luke takes it well. He getting fucked as much as he loves fucking, and Josh gets to work.

Rock-solid throughout, Luke loves every second. After a good hard fuck, Luke stands and leans against the sofa, with Josh behind him, teasing Luke’s hole before pushing his big dick back inside. With good long strokes, Josh grips Luke and fucks deep and strong. He speeds up, fucking faster now, which pushes Luke over the edge.

His dick squirts out thick white streams of spunk then Josh pulls out. He whips off the condom and beats away at his cock. Luke is on his knees, hungry for spunk, and Josh showers him in hot jizz, squeezing out the last few sticky drops from his still throbbing dick.

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Hot young dudes in shiny shorts Lucas Davidson’s hole fucked by Ryan Young at Hard Brit Lads

Hard Brit Lads says: Wearing sexy sports kit, young fitties Ryan Young and Lucas Davidson start on the sofa, kissing and groping. They take off their tops to reveal equally hot bodies. Both lads have great definition, with tight pecs and abs.

They take turns licking and sucking each other’s nipples whilst massaging the bulges in their shorts. With Lucas sporting a big stiffie, Ryan leans over to pull down his shorts. Out flops a nice thick uncut dick, which Ryan takes in his hand and starts to lick.

As he does, Lucas’s cock gets longer and thicker Ryan licks the big bulging head, getting it nice and wet before opening his mouth wide to give it a good sucking. It’s such a thick cock Ryan can’t get more than halfway down but he keeps it nice and wet.

Lucas pushes his head down a bit to try and get him to go deeper then sucks Ryan’s cock. He makes Ryan moan as he just lays back to let Lucas pleasure him. Ryan then grips Lucas’s head and pushes down further, holding his head firmly to fuck his mouth hard and fast.

Very hot! Ryan stands, with Lucas on his knees, and we get some great low angles. Lucas gets Ryan’s cock really wet and Ryan fucks his mouth slower this time, deeper, with some very horny close-ups. Then Lucas lays back on the sofa, with Ryan on his knees between his legs to suck the meaty throbbing cock.

On all fours, arse in the air, Lucas faces us as Ryan kneels next to him. He parts Lucas’s butt cheeks, depositing a big blob of spit onto the slightly hairy hole, and rubs the natural lube in, getting the hole wet. Ryan eases his finger in and slides it in and outstretching Lucas.

Eager to get fucked now, Lucas leans against the side of the sofa, legs bent, arse out. Ryan teases his hole with his hard dick before slowly pushing all the way in. He fucks nice and gentle to start, showing plenty of length as he slowly goes all the way in, then all the way out.

He gradually speeds up, gripping Lucas firmly as he fucks harder. Ryan speeds up even more, till he is really banging away at Lucas. They switch positions, and Lucas is on his back on the sofa, Ryan kneeling between his legs. He pushes his cock back in and gets into a good rhythm right away, fucking strong and steady.

He holds Lucas’s legs back to fuck him deep, then ramps it up. As he fucks, Ryan suddenly pulls out, whips off the condom, and kneels over Lucas’s face. Lucas sticks his tongue out, takes hold of Ryan’s dick, and jerks him off hard. It takes only seconds before Ryan sprays jets of hot spunk all over Lucas and into his mouth.

Lucas squeezes out the last few drops onto his tongue, then sucks Ryan’s still throbbing, spunk-covered dick, tasting and swallowing every last sticky drop. With his own dick ready to spurt Lucas jerks himself off.

Ryan moves around to stroke his chest and kisses him, and as soon as he does, Lucas spunks his load all over his hot six-pack.

As the lads catch their breath, the cum drips down the side of his body in thick, sticky streams. Spunktastic!

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Jordan Fox’s huge thick dick fucking young hottie Justin Harris’ tight bubble ass

Hard Brit Lads says: It summer and Jordan Fox and Justin Harris are out enjoying the sunshine.

Jordan starts making out with Justin kissing him passionately before the sexed-up pair start sucking each others’ nipples.

Justin’s big uncut cock is already rock hard and is tenting his shiny shorts as he reaches down to unleash Jordan’s thick uncut dick.

He pushes Justin down onto his knees, who continues squeezing Jordan’s big meat before easing it out the side of his shorts.

Jordan slaps it onto his tongue then shoves it into Justin’s mouth, pulling his head down on it as far as it will go. Justin starts sucking and the fat meat gets rock solid.

It’s so thick that when Justin grips it at the base, his hand doesn’t go all the way around.

Justin is a talented sucker though and manages to get most of it down his throat.

Jordan fucks his face hard and Justin takes as much as he can.

But Jordan can be pretty aggressive and really pushes Justin to his limit.

Justin clearly loves it, though, as his dick is rock solid the whole time.

When he can’t take anymore, he stands and Jordan releases his throbbing cock from his shorts, sitting on the fallen tree trunk to do some sucking.

Next, the lads are on the ground, with Jordan leaning back against the tree trunk and Justin laying on his side next to him for some more sucking. He opens his mouth wide and Jordan pushes his extra thick meat deep into his throat.

Justin sucks deep, making it almost all the way down. Jordan grips his head firmly and fucks his face. On all fours now, Justin’s smooth muscular arse is in the air.

Jordan drops big blobs of spit onto his hole, rubs it with his thumb, then pushes in, making Justin moan. Jordan pulls his butt cheeks apart and licks his hole, getting it very wet.

He spits on it then rubs his throbbing cock against it, pushing it, probing it, to the point where Justin is gagging to be fucked. With Jordan on his knees, holding his rock solid cock, Justin lays on the ground holding his legs back, arse up in the air.

Jordan plunges his fat meat into Justin, punishing his hole, before truly fucking him. Jordan rams it in deep and pounds Justin’s butt hard. It’s incredibly intense, and only a seriously good bottom could take this kind of pummelling, especially from such a thick dick.

Next, Justin stands, leaning against a tree. Jordan teases his hole a little before shoving his dick in hard. He is one seriously aggressive top! As Jordan starts to build, Justin suddenly shoots several powerful squirts of white cum.

It’s incredibly horny, so I show it twice, first in real-time, then in slo-mo. Jordan pulls out, beats his meat hard against Justin’s arse, and shoots thick wads of spunk all over the smooth butt cheeks.

He rubs the cum around with his cock, then squats down to lick the cum from his arse. When his mouth is full of his own spunk, he stands and spits it out onto Justin’s chest, before turning and walking away. Justin watches him go and smiles.

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Hardcore gay sex orgy Justin Harris, Leo Helios, Luke Desmond and Matt Brooks big uncut dick ass fucking

Hard Brit Lads says: The GangBang that started off with a lot of great oral now gets even more intense in part 2 with Justin Harris, Leo Helios, Luke Desmond, and Matt Brooks.

You’re about to see some of the most extreme arse stretching ever seen on HardBritLads and the first position just might get a few of you spunking in your pants right away.

Stunning young muscle bottom Justin has two huge throbbing cocks in his mouth, 9-inch Luke D and super hot Leo. Meanwhile, Matt rubs his meaty dick against Justin’s hole before pushing his extra thick cock into his arse.

Matt doesn’t start gently. He goes full throttle, pounding Justin hard. Justin can just about handle it as he also has Luke’s massive monster crammed down his throat.

The lads then switch. Matt pulls out, moves round to get sucked next to Leo, and Luke eases that huge nine inches inside, pushing it all the way in, making Justin moan. He fucks with long strokes, showing the full length as Matt fucks Justin’s face and throat.

Next up is Leo. He moves round as Luke joins Matt in getting sucked. Leo fucks hard as Justin gets face fucked by Matt and Luke. After this intense spit roasting, the lads split into couples, with Matt fucking Leo and Luke fucking Justin.

Matt is one of the hardest and least forgiving tops on HardBritLads and it’s a brave bottom who can take such a pounding.

Despite having the most enormous dick, Luke D loves to get fucked, and now it’s his turn. With Matt on his back holding his girthy cock up, Luke lowers himself onto it and leans back. Justin and Leo stand on either side of Luke, jerking off.

As he gets drilled by Matt, Luke takes turns sucking Leo and Justin. Then it’s time for something different.

The lads form a line, each pressed up against the back of the one in front. At the front, Justin bends forward and Luke slides his monster meat inside. Behind Luke, Leo pushes his cock into Luke’s arse.

Finally, behind Leo is Matt, who squeezes his meat into Leo. All four are connected, with Luke and Leo in the middle, simultaneously fucking and getting fucked. Amazing shots from below show all cocks and arses fucking in a line.

I have to say, I was amazed to see the guys doing this, and really fucking hard as well. It’s one of the hottest things I have ever seen! For the final position, we have something truly amazing.

If you haven’t spunked by this point this will certainly get the jizz flying. Leo lays on his back, holding up his throbbing cock and Justin sits on him, his smooth arse rubbing against Leo’s dick. Luke stands behind Leo, his 9 inches in Justin’s face.

Justin starts sucking. Matt takes hold of Leo’s cock and pushes it inside Justin, who rides for a bit as he sucks Luke. Matt watches, thick meat throbbing. Then Justin bends forward. With Leos’s cock still inside him, Matt climbs on top and squeezes his fat dick into Justin’s hole.

Justin makes a lot of noise as he’s never taken two cocks before. And with the thickness of Matt’s meat, the double penetration is an intense stretch for Justin.

But with his mouth full of cock, his sounds are muffled. Leo and Matt both slide their cocks back and forth, fucking Justin. He can barely take it, but the fucking continues. By now, the lads are gagging to shoot their loads. Luke lays down to wank whilst the others stand around him, jerking off in his face. Justin shoots first.

It’s an incredible cum shot, with several big jets shooting hard, completely drenching Luke’s face and mouth in spunk. It’s so good I show it twice, once at normal speed, once in slo-mo.

Next, Matt cums. It’s a thick, heavy load and plenty of it. He shoots over Luke’s cheek, squeezing the last few drops into Luke’s mouth before getting the spunk sucked off the end of his cock. Leo shoots next. Hard jets of jizz shoot over Luke’s face and onto his chest.

Some jizz hits his face and into his mouth as well. By now Luke is completely soaked and he beats away at his massive cock. He quickly shoots his own load, thick and creamy, spunk landing in a thick pool on his abs.

Exhausted, the lads squeeze out the last few drops of spunk from their still solid cocks.

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Hard inked rugged stud Max English’s huge uncut dick fucking Dan Jensen’s tight arse hole

Hard Brit Lads says: Max English an inked rugby player and Dan Jensen get together in this rugged outdoor gay sex scene.

It’s mid-summer and the sun beats down as Max and Dan clamber over a gate and find some shade in a field, under a tree.

They make out, kissing and groping each other, their bulging crotches visible in the shiny Addidas sports shorts.

The undress slipping off each other’s t-shirts and taking it in turns to suck on their hard nipples.

Max grabs Dan’s shorts and pulls out his hard erect uncut cock, which glistens with precum.

Dan then reaches down to Max’s massive dick, which is bouncing around below his low hanging balls, almost fully erect.

Then Dan falls to his knees and sucks Max’s big uncut cock deep to the back of his throat till he is gagging on his balls.

As Max’s cock slides in and out of Dan’s mouth, he gets super rock hard as Dan takes the full length all the way in.

Some incredibly hot sucking here!

With Dan on all fours, Max exposes his tight pink hole before pushing his tongue inside for some hot deep rimming.

Dan leans forward against the tree trunk with his leg up, as Max rubs his big dick against his moist hole, before slowly pushing it in.

Dan moans and Max begins to fuck him deep, gently at first, then gradually speeding up to give him a good pounding.

Later, with Dan on his back, Max pushes his cock in as far as it will go, then pulls out almost completely.

He fucks like this for a bit, then fucks harder and faster.

Max grips Dan’s ankles and starts slamming, fucking till he can’t take it anymore.

The lads stand, kiss, and jerk off.

Max shoots hard, spunk landing on the tree stump where they fucked, followed by Dan, who shoots several thick, heavy squirts of creamy white jizz.

They catch their breath and kiss as the sun sets behind them. Hot stuff.

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Matt Richie’s massive dick fucking young Darius Ferdynand’s hot bubble butt

Hard Brit Lads says: Stunning bottom boy Darius Ferdynand has a very passionate session with handsome, muscled Matt Richie. Both lads have big uncut 8 inch cocks and great bodies.

Blonde, blue-eyed Darius is lithe and athletic, whereas dark tattooed Matt is more well built. His dick is thick too! By the window in the bedroom of an old farmhouse, the lads begin with lots of sensual kissing, their big dicks already solid in their shiny sports shorts.

They take turns licking each other’s nipples before Darius gets down on his knees to suck Matt’s fat cock. Darius sucks slow and sensual before Matt fucks his face. Very hot.

The lads move to the bed where Matt jerking himself off, starts to suck. And he sucks deep. He sucks passionately, hard, fast, with great oral skills. After some incredible 69 action, Matt grabs Darius’ butt cheeks, pulls them apart, and starts to lick, getting his arse wet as he pushes his tongue right in.

Matt lays on his back, holding his dick up, and Darius squats over it, gradually allowing the full thickness to stretch open his hole, till it fills him completely. He then slides up and down the thick fuck pole, making his cock throb and twitch. Matt holds his arse firmly and thrusts into him, slowly at first, then harder and faster.

Next, Darius is on all fours, his perfect hairless hole facing the camera. Matt pushes his cock slowly into his arse and fucks slow. He pulls his butt cheeks apart and fucks harder, then leans his body back, allowing Darius to push back, grinding his hungry arse against Matt’s throbbing cock. Matt fucks even harder now, really pounding Darius.

Finally, Darius is on his back on the edge of the bed, his head and back on the floor, legs wide apart. Matt pushes his dick into him once more, fucking deep, with long strokes. Darius jerks himself off as he gets fucked while Matt continues hitting the spot, till Darius shoots his load.

Cum sprays over his tight six-pack. Matt pulls out and shoots hot white spunk all over Darius. A very passionate scene.

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Interracial anal fucking Drew Brody’s big black cock ass fucking Ben Collins’ hot arse hole

Hard Brit Lads says: Beefy rugby lad Drew Brody has the biggest and thickest cock I have ever seen. It’s a massive ten inches, uncut, and wrist thick. Defined hottie Ben Collins was more than up for taking it.

The lads start off in sports kit, cocks already stiff and straining inside their shiny shorts. They kiss passionately and pull off each other’s tops. Ben licks and sucks Drew nipples, gripping his massive bulge.

Drew does the same thing to Ben, who’s also rock hard. They release each other’s throbbing cocks from their shorts. Ben’s cock is big and thick but looks average next to Drew’s huge monster meat. Ben’s never had one this big before but he’s up for the challenge.

He opens wide and slowly does down on Drew, taking as much of as he can manage. He does very well, taking about three-quarters of it down his throat. He sucks slowly, and jerks Drew off, then Drew wanks himself onto Ben’s tongue before shoving his cock back into his mouth.

Ben makes a lot of noise as Drew builds up till the fucking is so intense Ben can’t take any more. Ben then leans back, against the corner of the sofa, holding his cock up, and Drew lowers himself onto it, going about halfway down the girthy fuck pole. He slides up and down, then goes right down, taking it all.

Drew lifts him up and pulls his cheeks apart. You can really see it stretching his hole! For the last position, Ben lays on his back, and Drew pushes his cock back in and starts thrusting. Both lads have throbbing dicks now.

Drew holds Ben’s legs apart and he varies the positions, giving us awesome shots and eye-watering close-ups of his huge meat thrusting in and out of Ben’s smooth pale arse. He builds and Ben starts to jerk himself off.

It doesn’t take long and he soon spunks hard and heavy over his abs. Drew pulls out and wanks over Ben, over his chest, pumping out thick white creamy jizz, and lots of it.

He squeezes it out then rubs it around with the end of his cock. An unbelievably horny scene that will have you spunking over and over.

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Horny pup Mike Stafford’s huge uncut cock fucks young Chad’s hot asshole

Hard Brit Lads says: Hottie 18 year old Chad is a super cute stud with naughty angelic look about him. He’s just 5’6″ with a sexy body and a well defined ripped six pack and firm legs. And he’s got a perfect arse with the tiniest bit of hair in his crack! He likes big cocks and wanted to try taking a huge thick one on camera.

Mike Stafford is the lucky one who gets to play with Chad and open him up. Sporty Mike and scally Chad start off kissing. They take turns licking and sucking on each other nipples, and in no time, Chad pulls down Mike’s shorts to reveal a big thick solid stiffie straining his white undies, moist with precum.

Mike has one of the hottest cocks…a good 8 inches, very thick, uncut and slightly veiny. He’s got big solid balls too. Chad can barely get his hand all the way around but grips the big dick firmly and starts sucking as deep as he can. Except he’s got a little mouth and can barely get about halfway down.

Mike gets down on the floor to kiss and grope Chad before pulling his trackies down. By now Chad is rock hard and Mike pulls his tight boxers down. Chad lays back on the floor with Mike by his side to him to suck Chad’s stiff uncut dick. Mike sucks good and deep, sucking all the way down to Chad’s balls.

Chad then gets aggressive and fucks Mike’s face hard and fast before sucking Mike again. Mike gently pushes down on his head to get him to go as deep as possible. Very hot! Then they kiss, with Chad laying on his front giving us our first glimpse of his perfect smooth pale butt, which Mike rubs and squeezes as they kiss.

Next, while Chad lays on his side, Mike pulls his arse cheeks apart to lick the tight little hole. He tries to push his tongue in, but Chad’s arse is quite tight, so he continues licking for a bit, spitting on it, getting it nice and wet. He then pulls his cheeks wider apart to get his tongue in deeper.

Very horny to see such a cute young arse getting licked good and proper! Once his arse is relaxed, Chad is ready to be fucked. Up against the wall, Mike rubs his cock against Chad’s hole then slowly pushes in. Mike fucks gently to begin with but once Chad relaxes the fucking gets harder and stronger.

With Chad on his back, legs apart, Mike manages to get his cock all the way inside him. He gets into a really good rhythm, holding Chad’s legs. That hits the spot and Chad begins jerking off as he gets fucked. Mike continues fucking but suddenly can’t keep from cumming. He pulls out quick and whips off the condom to shoot his spunk over Chad’s cock and balls.

Then he moves round to kiss him, while Chad wanks himself, shooting a thick creamy load over his tight six pack. Beautiful!

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Luke Desmond’s massive 9 inch uncut cock fucks new lad Dan James’ hot hole

Hard Brit Lads says: Hung stud Luke Desmond is back and he’s teamed up with sexy young new lad Dan James. Dan’s thick uncut dick is rock hard permanently throughout but don’t forget that Luke has that monster 9-inch cock.

The two make out their hands all over each other, undressing in a high energy passionate start. Luke reaches his hand inside of Dan’s shorts and releases his dick.

It hangs, still soft, but thick and with plenty of foreskin As Luke strokes it, you can see it visibly harden. Dan then reaches into Luke’s shorts and pulls out his cock as well, which even soft is massive as it hangs nearly a third of the way down his thigh. Those of you who like foreskin will love Dan’s dick.

It’s meaty and even when hard, his foreskin covers the head. Luke gets on his knees and sucks about half of Dan’s meaty shaft. Then, pushing deeper, Luke gets most of it down. It’s hot to see him struggling to get it all in! He gets Dan’s cock really wet, working his tongue around the foreskin.

Dan cant wait to get his lips around Luke’s huge 9-inch uncut monster cock and is soon on his knees taking as much as he can. Luke rubs his cock against Dan’s face, slapping him on the tongue with it, then pushes it to the back of his throat. Incredibly horny! They move to the floor for some incredibly hot 69 action, with Dan on his back, Luke on top.

He sucks so deep and fast on Dan’s fat cock, the saliva streams down his meaty dick. When Dan gets on all fours, his arse facing the camera, Luke spits into his tight hole. He rubs the spit in, then pushes his tongue up there, jerking him off as licks his hole. Dan then lays on his side, next to Luke, who rubs his throbbing nine inches against Dan’s wet hole.

Slowly, he pushes it in and begins to fuck. Dan encourages him to go harder and Luke pounds with long hard thrusts. But then the lads FLIP! Dan lays on his back holding his thick cock up and Luke impales himself, his cock throbs and twitching left and right. Luke rides Dan then leans back as Dan grips his arse and thrusts into him.

For a final, Luke is on his back, with Dan on his knees, eagerly pushing his cock back inside Luke’s hungry butt. He speeds up, fucking hard and Luke’s cock looks about to burst at any moment.

Dan keeps fucking and suddenly pulls out, pulls the condom off, and spunks REALLY hard over Luke’s chest.

Except he’s so turned on his cock stays hard so he puts on another condom and plunges back into Luke, fucking until Luke shoots several thick creamy blobs of cum over his tight abs. This scene will have you spunking repeatedly.

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Shane Stone rims Justin Harris’ hot hole before fucking his tight ass till they both cum

Hard Brit Lads says: Sexy good looking young muscle dudes Justin Harris and Shane Stone have a passionate and intense ass fucking session, with Justin getting a hard, balls deep face fucking by Shane’s very thick uncut dick.

Shane then rims his hot hole before fucking Justin’s tight ass in many different positions, till both young lads shoot their huge cum loads all over themselves. A hot ass fucking Shane and Justin.

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Stefan Stewart’s thick 9 inch cock worshiped by cute twink Jordan R’s mouth and ass

Hard Brit Lads says: Cute twink Jordan R is checking out Stefan Stewart’s thick 9-inch which is tenting his shiny Adidas shorts.

Jordan worships Stefan’s muscles and huge dick sucking it deep taking it right to the back of his throat.

Stefan returns the favor before fingering Jordan’s tight arse before shoving his huge thick cock stretching his ass to the fullest extent.

Jordan gets fucked hard 3 ways until both boys are ready to blow, shooting cum all over each other.

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Jason O’Connor’s huge 8 inch uncut cock deepthroated hot blue collar stud Billy Roberts

Hard Brit Lads says: Hottie big dicked chav Jason O’Connor has an intense ass fucking session with hot scaffolder Billy Roberts.

Billy manages to deepthroat the entire length of Jason’s entire 8-inch uncut cock, before having his arse licked then fucked deep and hard.

Incredibly hot scene!

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Thierry Schaffauser’s huge 8 inch uncut cock ass fucking Fraser Jacs’ hot ass hole

Hard Brit Lads says: Sexy defined Thierry Schaffauser has a hot session with handsome footballer Fraser Jacs. Both lads are uncut and they take turns sucking each other.

Thierry has a big 8-inch dick and Fraser has a thick 7 inches with big balls. Thierry rims his muscular butt then fucks him deep in diff positions. Fantastic scene.

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Hottie blonde big muscle dude Matt Kingston bareback fucks Jack Jefferson’s hot bubble asshole

Hard Brit Lads says: Huge 6-foot 4-inch muscled dude Matt Kingston is as good-looking as he is huge.

With blond and blue-eyed, with huge arms, gorgeous pecs, and super ripped abs, he’s about to push hot muscle boy Jack Jefferson to the edge.

Jack has a great time deep-throating Matt and getting fucked by the hung hunk in this stunning scene.

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Rough skinhead Edward Fox’s huge uncut cock fucks Jed James’ tight arse hole

Hard Brit Lads says: Tattooed young stud Jed James gets a rough ass fucking from tough skinhead Edward Fox’s huge 9-inch uncut cock.

Both young British dudes have rock hard cocks from the start with Jed sucking down balls deep on Ed’s huge cock getting his tongue around that foreskin. Ed face-fucks young Jed’s mouth and then gets him ready for a very hard anal fucking.

Ed fucks the young stud’s arse in 3 different positions getting deeper each time until Ed exhausts his balls all over Jed’s tongue and face.

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Hot straight man Stefan Stewart’s huge 9 inch cock fucking of hot young bottom boy Sam Bishop

Hard Brit Lads says: Hot young bottom boy Sam Bishop services straight big-dicked muscle bodybuilder Stefan Stewart.

Sam sucks down hard on his hung cock taking the full 9 inches right to the back of his throat.

Stephan’s very thick cock is now rock hard ready for Stephan to fuck his very first guy.

Lovers of straight men fucking will enjoy seeing Stephan realize fucking a man’s ass hole is much tighter than they’re used to.

Stephan will certainly be coming back for more hot ass in the future.

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Sexy aggressive top Lucas Knowles fucks tattooed skinhead Jake D’s hot bubble arse

Hard Brit Lads says: Sexy aggressive top Lucas Knowles dominates tattooed skinhead Jake D first plunging his huge cock to the back of Jake’s throat until he is gagging on his balls.

Lucas rims Jakes’ arse getting his tongue in deep between his ass cheeks. Lucas turns Jake around and slides his already lubed dick into Jake’s arse getting his cock balls deep fucking his ass hard and long.

We’re talking pulling cock all the way out and thrusting back in again. HARD. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

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Hot young British dude Blake Dames strips naked jerking his huge uncut cock to a massive cum explosion

Hard Brit Lads says: Tall and rugged lad Blake Dames has a deep voice, a little hair on his chest, and a lot of foreskin on a seriously thick cock.

And he’s got a mighty big pair of heavy balls, too.

He works his foreskin for us, rubs lube into his fat dick, and jerks off in different positions before shooting hard over his chest. Nice!

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Big dick chav Jason O’Connor’s hot hole fucked by sexy soccer player Fraser Jacs

Hard Brit Lads says: Sexy soccer player Fraser Jacs and big dick chav Jason O’Connor fucked hard in a public housing flat.

The two hottie boys are already getting hard in their trackie bottoms taking turns to unleash each others’ big uncut dicks.

Fraser sucks down hard on Jason’s huge dick. Then they swap places with Jason sucking Fraser.

Then Jason fucks Fraser against the wall and on his back, making him shoot his load before taking a hot cum facial.

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Fit young stud Marco Strutt outdoor fucking Jordan R’s hot twink hole

Hard Brit Lads says: Fit young twink Jordan R and sexy hung Marco Strutt bump into one another whilst they are sheltering from a heavy downpour under a concrete flyover.

Marco is having a piss against the wall and Jordan interrupts and sucks down hard of Marco’s beefy 8.5-inch uncut cock. He takes it deep to the back of this young throat.

Marco face fucks him then returns the favor sucking Jordan’s equally large dick. Marco then spins Jordan around getting his tongue deep between Jordan’s ass cheeks and into his tight pink hole.

After he’s rimmed him well, Jordan’s wet asshole opens easily as Marco’s dick head presses firmly in a rhythmic piston-like thrusting fashion.

Jordan’s ass takes a good hard pounding up against the wall and again on the wet concrete floor before Marco shoots a huge thick cumshot onto Jordan’s cute face and into his hungry mouth.

Jordan swallows the whole cum load in one go.

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Hard British muscled studs Max Schneider and Billy Roberts hardcore outdoor big uncut dick fucking

Hard Brit Lads says: Sexy muscled young British lads Max Schneider and Billy Roberts strip out of their t-shirts to their trackie bottoms. Max gets down on his knees and opens his lips to swallow down Billy’s big uncut dick, his foreskin rubbing against his lips as he presses it to the back of his throat.

In the abandoned shopping mall amongst the trash and rubble these two hot studs get into each other. Billy takes over blowing Max getting his cock super hard. Billy can’t wait to feel that monster man meat penetrating his tight arse hole.

Max bends Billy over against the broken wall and buries his face and tongue deep between his ass cheeks, getting him nice and wet and ready for his big uncut cock. Billy moans as Max presses home his dick splitting his ass and pumping himself deep into him.

Each thrust getting harder and deeper. Billy can’t take Max’s big cock fucking and soon he’s showering cum all over before Max unloads his balls all over Billy’s freshly fucked arse.

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Ripped muscle dominant daddy Darren Robbins fucks Justin Harris’ smooth arsehole

Hard Brit Lads says: Ripped, muscular dominant daddy Darren Robbins has a hot sweaty session with handsome muscle lad Justin Harris, deep throating and face fucking each others thick uncut cocks, before Darren rims Justin’s smooth arse, then fucks him hard in 3 positions. Awesome scene.

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Andreas Cavalli rims Max Schutler’s hot arse then fucks him harder and deeper till he orgasms spraying cum all over

Hard Brit Lads says: Andreas Cavalli is a big manly guy, at 6 foot 3, with a great body, he has thick 8.5 incher as well.

And he is pretty dominant too, which Max Schutler clearly liked, as Andreas shoves his cock right down his throat, making him deep-throat him as much as he could handle.

There’s tons of good sucking in this vid. Andreas gives his arse a good rimming before fucking him hard in 3 positions, making him cum whilst being pounded.

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Fit older dude Andreas Cavalli fucks young sexy stud Billy Roberts’ hot bubble asshole

Hard Brit Lads says: At 6 foot 3, everything about Andreas Cavalli is big. The biggest hands I think I’ve ever seen. Billy Roberts isn’t a small guy but he looks it next to Andreas. He has a thick 8.5 inch cock too, and is pretty aggressive with it.

But Billy is a tough young lad, and he can take it, and whilst Andreas practically fucks his throat, Billy handles it well. Very horny! Andreas is all over Billy as well, pinning him down and licking his nipples and armpits.

He fucks Billy hard, in three positions, and Billy shoots plenty over his tight 6 pack, before Andreas stands and shoots over Billy’s chest. Very hot!

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Skinhead scally lads Thierry Schaffauser and Axel Perry hardcore ass fucking

Hard Brit Lads says: Thierry Schaffauser and Axel Perry are both skinhead scally lads with big cocks. Loads of great sucking, fucking in 3 positions, and Thierry shoots a massive load.

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Hung chav lad James Pringle strips off his dirty trackies jerking his thick uncut dick to a massive cum load

Hard Brit Lads says: London chav lad, James Pringle, loves the rudeboy style, and he is always in trackies, polo shirt and cap. He starts off rubbing his cock over his trackies, and he quickly starts to get hard.

Peeling down his trackies we get a nice shot of a very thick bulge, in his Armani undies, which he strokes and squeezes till it gets rock solid.

He takes down his undies, and we finally get to see a throbbing thick 8 incher, and its one of those really perfect cocks. He plays with it for a bit, and there are lots of good angles of it, before he starts to wank for us.

He works himself up to a great cumshot, shooting a really nice load, lots of thick cum. We do love these hung chav lads.

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Two hot British studs Jack Jefferson and Luke Hammond hardcore 8 inch cock ass fucking

Hard Brit Lads says: Jack Jefferson and Luke Hammond are both handsome lads with awesome fit bodies, and very nice thick 8 inch cocks. They look great together.

After some kissing and licking each others nipples, they take turns sucking each others hot cocks, and when Jack sucks, he really gets into it.

He does some great deep throating, taking Luke’s thick dick all the way down his throat till his face is nestled in Luke’s pubes, really horny.

Jack is older than Luke, but its Luke that gets to fuck, and he fucks Jack in 3 hot positions, up against the wall, then Jack rides it really well, rock solid as he slides up and down it, before laying on his back to get fucked deep, till he cant hold back any longer and he shoots a really good load.

Then for a really hot ending, he deep-throats Luke again, getting him close to cumming, then Luke jerks off into his mouth, shooting it onto his tongue, Jack savouring every drop, awesome.

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Jeff Stronger strips down to his sports vest and running shorts jerking his huge cock

Hard Brit Lads says: Big and beefy Jeff Stronger has a hard rugged look. We start off with Jeff standing, in sports vest and running shorts. At 6’2″ he is an imposing figure, with broad shoulders, big biceps, strong pecs and massive, solid legs.
He lifts his top to reveal firm abs, then lifts further to show off his pierced nipples, which he plays with, giving us sexy looks. He raises his arm to show us his pit, turning his head to take a big deep sniff. Jeff takes off his top and rubs a little oil into his arms and chest.
His muscles glisten as he plays with his nipples. He then gropes himself, pulling down his shorts so we can see his bushy pubes. He pulls out his cock and starts to tug. He turns around to show off his rugby ass as he pulls down his shorts.
This is one strong meaty arse! Jeff squeezes his butt cheeks, rubbing them, then turns around again, his dick semi hard. Jeff moves to the sofa, lays back, and starts to play with his dick. It gets good and hard as he rubs spit into the end, working it up and down the shaft.
Jeff shows off his cock then starts to rub his hole. He reaches for a black dildo, about the same size as his cock, and lubes it up. Reaching between his legs, Jeff teases his hole with the dildo before pushing it slowly in, all the way to the base.
Jeff then works it gently in and out, massaging and opening up his hole. He speeds up, fucking himself, his dick hard. Next, Jeff takes a Fleshjack and pours lube into the end of it, works it in with his fingers. Holding his throbbing dick upright, he pushes the Fleshjack down on his dick, pushing it to the base.
Slowly at first, he works the Fleshjack up and down the length of his shaft. He takes it all the way and plunges it back in. He does this a few times, getting more turned on, gripping it with both hands and thrusting his dick in and out of it, fucking it. After a horny session with the Fleshjack, Jeff is hornier than ever.
He reaches for a second, much bigger dildo. This one is flesh coloured and thick, with throbbing veins. He pushes the tip in. The thickness makes him moan with intense pleasure and pain. He pushes it all the way in, to the base, really stretching his arse wide.
He holds it there before taking it out and pushing it all the way back in. Jeff fucks himself with the thick dildo, taking it all the way out and shoving it back, clearly enjoying the repeated intensity. By now, Jeff is aching to shoot.
With his lubed up dick throbbing harder than ever, he jerks off, getting closer. His beefy muscles are taut and pumped. as his breathing gets heavier. And then he shoots.
Jeff pumps out hot thick jizz over his sweaty abs, squeezing out every last drop of spunk as it drips down over his fingers.

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Chase Reynolds wanks his big uncut cock sliding his foreskin back and forth over the end of his shiny dick

Hard Brit Lads says: Hot new muscle lad Chase Reynolds is a great looking guy, with strong classic features, dark hair, and a very hot body. He strips off and oils up his muscles, then plays with his uncut cock, getting us some great foreskin action as he jerks off in different positions before shooting a hot sticky load over his sweaty six pack.
We start off with an interview, and Chase tells us what type of guy he goes for, and how he keeps fit. Then the solo begins with Chase standing gently touching himself, lifting his sports vest to reveal his killer abs, then taking it off to reveal his hot muscular body.
He plays with his nipples a bit, then moves down to his shorts, and rubs his bulge. Chase slips off his shorts, leaving on his sexy boxers. He works on his bulge a little more, getting it harder, then removes his undies. His dick is thick and uncut, still semi hard.
Chase wanks it very slow to start, sliding his foreskin back and forth over the end of his shiny dick. Some great close ups for you foreskin lovers. It gets hard now, and it’s a good thickness, especially at the base. He jerks of slowly, giving us horny shots of his dick and his hot body.
He moves to the sofa and lays back to keep working that hard cock. Chase gives us some more horny foreskin close ups, and wanks slow, giving us more sexy shots from between his legs, and shots from above. He jerks off a bit harder now.
As he speeds up, getting closer, his muscles tense and bulge before finally shooting a hot heavy load over his sweaty six pack, squeezing out a few more drops of sticky jizz for us as he catches his breath.

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Young British nude dudes Daniel Johnson and Justin Harris hardcore ass fucking

Hard Brit Lads says: Sexy straight young footballer Daniel Johnson has a great body with awesome abs, muscular legs, and a big thick juicy uncut 8 inch cock. And even though he’s straight, he agreed to let a lad suck him off. He’s paired up with handsome fittie Justin Harris, who has great oral skills.
The result. Non-stop, super hot oral action! We start with Daniel and Justin on the bed. Justin rubs oil on Daniel’s chest, making those awesome abs glisten. Then Daniel stands. Justin oils his muscular footballers thighs, then rubs the bulge in Daniel’s shiny blue sport shorts.
It doesn’t take long before the stroking and squeezing results in a rock solid throbbing stiffie straining to get out! Justin pulls down Daniel’s shorts, leaving him in just his tight white boxers. It’s clear from the throbbing bulge what a meaty thick dick Daniel has.
Justin strokes and squeezes some more before finally peeling down Daniel’s undies. The lad’s cock is perfect, big, thick, juicy and uncut with ample foreskin. His pubes are natural and manly and he has big heavy balls, too! Justin’s eyes widen and he smiles at the sight.
Taking it in his hand, he licks the end, sliding the foreskin back and forth. Justin sucks, getting it nice and wet, and tries to take as much down as he can. Daniel grips Justin’s head and fucks his throat aggressively, making him gag. He then lays on the bed and Justin lays on his side, next to him, sucking from a different position.
Daniel grabs his hair, pushes his head down and fucks his mouth hard and fast. Next, Justin is between Daniel’s legs. He takes hold of his cock, jerks him off a bit, spits on it, and jerks him off harder, making Daniel moan with pleasure. He gets Daniel closer and closer to blowing his load.
Finally, with Justin on his back, jerking himself off, Daniel fucks his mouth then jerks off over Justin’s face. Justin shoots first, powerful squirts that we see in re al time and slow mo. Then Daniel spunks. Thick and heavy white jizz lands on Justin’s face.
Daniel squeezes out the rest of his spunk as they catch their breath.

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