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Raging Stallion says: Sexy ripped muscle stud Raging Stallion Brogan’s huge dick bare fucking muscled hottie Tryp Bates’s hole It’s been a few days since Brogan, the muscle-fucker has been released. Instead of focusing on pumping iron in the gym, all he can think about is pumping his barbedback cock into a hairy hunk Tryp … Read more

Raging Stallion hot muscle stud Johnny Ford’s bare asshole raw fucked by Quin Quire’s huge dick

Raging Stallion says: Gym Owner Quin Quire is greeted by janitor Johnny Ford, who has finished all of his cleaning duties, but Quin has one more job for him.

If Johnny wants to earn his pay, he needs to get on his knees and suck Quin’s thick, hard cock.

Quin gets the cleaning man to lick his big balls as he shoves his thick cock deep in Johnny’s throat.

Quin wants a taste of Johnny’s hard uncut cock, so Quin sinks to his knees and works his mouth all the way down Johnny’s shaft until he reaches his balls.

Ready for more, Johnny bends over to let Quin eat out his smooth hole.

After a thorough tongue-fuck from Quin, Johnny begs for the owner to stretch him out bareback with his thick raw cock.

Quin puts Johnny on his back while he goes hard on the janitor’s smooth tight hole.

With Quin so deep inside Johnny, Quin can’t hold back any longer as he covers Johnny’s pink hole with a fresh wad, keeping up the pace and going deep until Johnny blows his load all over his abs.

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Raging Stallion horny young muscle hunks Dalton Riley and Nic Sahara raw flip flop dick anal

Raging Stallion says: In a brief recap, the second episode of ‘Hot House Flippers’ catches up viewers on buyer Wess Russel’s vacation home makeover as he and host Ryan Rose watch the crew on camera.

Construction foreman Dalton Riley checks in on his drywall guy Nic Sahara, who is looking for studs.

Slightly ahead of schedule, they take a break for hot blowjobs and a bareback flip-fuck, as Dalton whips out his thick, hard cock and Nic reveals his uncut monster meat.

Dripping with sweat in the Palm Springs heat, Dalton sucks Nic’s dick and rims his tasty hole, then fucks him raw and hard.

Nic switches it up, and nails the boss and pounds his butt till they both spill their seed on the bossman’s balls and abs.

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Raging Stallion horny ripped dude Austin Avery’s opens his bare hole for Jake Nicola’s massive cock

Raging Stallion says: When Austin Avery wants to break away from a crowded birthday orgy, he grabs stripper Jake Nicola to go somewhere a little more private.

Already out of his sexy cop costume, Jake shoves his face between Austin’s cheeks as the partygoer begs him to fill his ass.

More than happy to satisfy his boy, the bearded top slides every inch of his meat into Austin’s wet hole.

The bottom’s bubble butt jiggles and his moans progressively get louder with each bareback thrust from the hairy top.

Now fucking Austin on the coffee table, Jake digs his dick deep into the stranger’s ass as he breeds and blasts cum all over his insides.

Austin then finishes himself off before throwing his legs back to push out the fresh load that his new stripper friend left inside his hungry hole.

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Raging Stallion hot ripped muscle stud Dalton Riley’s huge dick raw fucks Vincent OReilly’s bubble ass

Raging Stallion says: On the premiere episode of ‘Hot House Flippers’, co-hosts Austin Avery and Ryan Rose meet homeowner Wess Russel, a sexy Utah boy who wants to beat the cold in his new vacation house in Palm Springs, but it needs a lot of work.

The kick-ass construction crew includes sexy contractor Dalton Riley and his stunning head landscaper Vincent O’Reilly.

As the cameras roll and the hosts watch remotely, Dalton and Vincent take a break from the desert heat for a raw fuck on the back patio.

Vincent delivers a spit-soaked deepthroat blowjob as Dalton fucks his face with giant foreman cock until he wants a taste of Vincent’s fat dong.

Turning him around, Dalton licks and teases Vincent’s hairless hole to get him ready for some serious demolition.

Dalton nails Vincent’s tight ass bareback and drills him hard till they are spraying jizz on the jobsite and each other.

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Raging Stallion sexy young stud Masyn Thorne’s bubble butt raw fucked by Cade Maddox’s huge thick dick

Raging Stallion says: Dr. Cade Maddox just told young jock Masyn Thorne that if he wants to stop getting random boners all the time, he’ll need to beat his meat a little more often.

What Cade didn’t expect was for Masyn to ask for jerk-off advice right there in the locker room.

Always willing to help out, the doctor uses his own girthy cock to show Masyn his best masturbation techniques and the fast-learning student quickly takes this lesson to the next level by opening up his hole for the doctor’s oversized equipment.

With his legs thrown in the air, Masyn gasps as Cade pumps himself in and out of his wet hole.

The doc’s constant bareback thrusting causes the athletic bottom to shoot out an ocean of jizz all over the bench before kneeling down and being showered by the doctor’s dick.

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Raging Stallion sexy muscle boy Dalton Riley bottoms for ripped hunk Ryan Rose’s huge thick dick

Raging Stallion says: Dalton Riley makes a visit to the clinic as a precautionary checkup.

Since Dalton doesn’t really know how to check for himself, he needs Dr. Ryan Rose’s assistance.

Dalton stands up and Ryan lifts his patient’s gown to begin the exam.

When hot doctor Ryan is examining Dalton’s balls, Dalton can’t help but pop a throbbing boner.

Seeing how excited Dalton has become, Ryan drops to his knees and gets to work servicing his patient’s massive cock.

When Ryan has had his fill of cock down his throat, he turns Dalton around and aggressively eats out his ass.

Dalton puts one leg up on the exam table to give the Doc full access to his smooth hole.

Dr. Rose takes turns probing Dalton’s ass with his tongue and fingers before gradually sliding his raw, big dick deep into Dalton’s hole.

After taking it bareback and doggy-style for a while, Dalton gets on his knees to taste the dick that was just buried inside of him.

When Ryan wants back inside of Dalton’s ass, he drills his cock deep until he can’t hold back and longer and covers Dalton’s hole with his thick load.

When Dalton’ looks down and sees his balls covered in Ryan’s cum he lets off his own wad, shooting onto his rock-hard abs.

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Raging Stallion sexy hot black muscle hunk Reign’s huge thick dick raw fucking Beau Butler’s smooth asshole

Raging Stallion says: Beau Butler is face down, ass up and ready for a bareback fuck when Reign walks into the bedroom.

Regin wastes no time and immediately gets to devouring the delicious hole that’s between Beau’s hairy cheeks.

Reign fingers the hunk’s furry asshole before Beau squats down and sits on the top’s oversized cock.

With his own pole hard as a rock and pointing skyward, Beau moans as Reign repeatedly thrusts into his meaty bubble butt.

Reign then quickly pulls out and unleashes a rainstorm of cum all over Beau’s hairy dick.

After Reign shoves his still-hard cock back into his hole, Beau stokes himself until his uncut dick is spewing its own load of hot jizz that Reign quickly scoops up to devour.

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Hottie mature muscle man Timothy Chance’s massive dick stretches Latino Lobo Carreira’s tight asshole

Raging Stallion says: Hottie mature muscle man Timothy Chance’s massive dick stretches Latino Lobo Carreira’s tight asshole. Timothy Chance, who is applying tanning oil to the hairy musculature of Lobo Carreira, cannot help but inhale deeply from the swimmer’s exposed armpit. Timothy, captivated by Lobo’s inherent aroma, makes the decision to dedicate the remainder of … Read more

Raging Stallion sexy hairy chested hunk Steven Lee’s huge dick raw fucking black muscle dude Adrian Hart

Raging Stallion says: Hottie patient Adrian Hart checks into the hospital for a full body examination, the RN requests that he undresses and changes into a medical gown but Adrian says no.

When the doctor arrives, Adrian is surprised to see that his usual doctor is not available but he will be seen by Dr. Steven Lee.

Dr. Lee assures his patient he’s more than qualified for the job so Adrian bends over to give the Doc a closer look at his hole.

When Adrian loses his shorts, Steven starts to work a few different toys and instruments into Adrian’s ass to warm him up for the deeper examination to come.

With each probe that Steven presents, Adrian’s hungry hole swallows them all eagerly. Sensing he wants something bigger in his crack, Steven licks Adrian’s hole to prepare it for his raw cock.

Before the Doctor gets deep inside his patient, Adrian turns around to feed Steven his uncut meat.

Now that Steven is rock-hard, he lays Adrian back on the table and slams his big dick deep into the willing stud.

After some bareback, hole-stretching pumps from the Doc’s cock, Adrian wants Steven’s meat down his throat one more time.

Adrian slurps up the horny doctor’s pole before getting bent over and fucked over the exam table.

When neither can hold back any longer, Adrian switches to his back to jack out his load that erupts from his cock in thick ropes landing on his heaving abs.

Seeing Adrian covered in cum sends Steven into a frenzy, and he adds his load to the mix, busting all over Adrian’s abs.

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Raging Stallion horny bottom muscle boy Ian Holms’s hot asshole raw fucked by Jake Nicola’s huge bare dick

Raging Stallion says: An extremely bored Ian Holms has nothing to do, but luckily, he has a reliable booty call that’s ready to come over at a moment’s notice.

Five steps into the door, Jake Nicola is already being swallowed by Ian.

The horny host then hops onto his bed and exposes his hole for the bearded top to rim.

His ass now ready for the bareback drilling of a lifetime, Ian slides onto Jake’s overly thick pole until his ass has swallowed every last inch of the booty call’s girthy meat.

The sound of skin slapping together only grows louder as the hairy top thrusts himself harder and harder into Ian.

When both are ready to blow, Jake underestimates the power of his own dick as his cum rapidly flies across the room while a stretched-out Ian lies there and covers his body hair in a thick layer of his own nut.

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Hottie hung muscled dude Danny Starr’s big thick dick barebacking Derek Kage’s bubble butt ass

Raging Stallion says: Hottie hung muscled dude Danny Starr’s big thick dick barebacking Derek Kage’s bubble butt ass. Deranged rideshare driver Derek Kage has become increasingly infatuated with his most recent passenger ever since first meeting him. Derek goes to break into Paul’s house since he believes he knows where he lives, only to find … Read more

Raging Stallion horny young white stud Zak Bishop’s hot ass raw fucked by black stud Pheonix Fellington

Raging Stallion says: It’s a beautiful sunny day and Pheonix Fellington is relaxing on the grass when he decides to go for a walk.

Along the way, he spots an open door with Zak Bishop lying in bed, naked with his ass in the air.

Pheonix can’t resist such a sweet ass just begging to be fucked, and quickly gets to work rimming the horny hunk.

The taste of Zak’s ass makes Pheonix rock hard and ready to plow.

Pheonix slides his raw monster deep into the panting Zak and goes balls deep bareback making Zak moan as he takes every thick Pheonix has to offer.

Pheonix wants to see Zak’s face as he gets fucked and flips Zak onto his back to plow him even deeper.

Overcome with pleasure, Zak jerks his cock while getting fucked, and shoots his load all over his stomach.

Pheonix continues to fuck Zak until he can no longer hold off and pulls out to shoot his pent-up load all over Zak’s muscled-up body.

Pheonix loves the sight of Zak covered in jizz and finishes off by scooping up their cum and ramming it into Zak’s freshly fucked hole with his still-stiff cock.

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Raging Stallion gay sex foursome Eric Charming, Shae Reynolds, Dillon Diaz and Cole Connor’s huge cock dicking

Raging Stallion says: Coach Cole Connor and Professor Dillon Diaz are shocked when young students Eric Charming and Shae Reynolds show up at their house trying to exchange their assholes for some easy extra credit.

Never one to say no to an open, raw hole, Cole agrees to the boys’ proposal and immediately shoves his tongue into some smooth student ass with Dillon joining in soon after.

It isn’t long until both daddies are balls deep in the college bros and all four of them are rotating between fucking and sucking every hole and pole in the room.

After both twinks have had a turn riding each available daddy dick, Shae asks to see the two older hunks fuck each other. More than happy to oblige, Cole squeezes his thick meat into the professor’s ass.

Dillon quickly returns the favor by stretching out the coach’s hole with his stiff cock before Cole is ready to give both Eric and Shae a soaking wet facial.

Covered in a sea of coach cum, both students blow their loads onto Dillon’s face, who then shoots his creamy milk into Cole’s open and ready mouth.

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Raging Stallion horny sex addicted patient Beaux Banks’s hot hole raw fucked by Dr Ryan Rose’s huge cock

Raging Stallion says: Horny sex addicted patient Beaux Banks is at Dr. Ryan Rose’s office for a full-body examination.

Once he is changed into his hospital gown, Doctor Ryan comes in to discuss with Beaux his recent sexual history.

When Beaux reveals he still has multiple loads in him from the night before, Ryan instructs him to bend over so he can take a look.

Just as Dr. Rose spreads Beaux’s cheeks, Beaux pushes out a thick load from his ass that narrowly misses the Doctor.

Extremely turned on by the cum that just shot out of Beaux’s butthole, Ryan dives right in with his tongue and rims out Beaux’s experienced backside.

After licking his patient’s ass, Ryan gives Beaux what he really wants when he slides his hard, raw dick deep into Beaux’s hungry hole.

With his gloved hands, Dr. Rose holds Beaux by the hips while he rapidly works his cock into the stud’s ass.

Ryan wants another warm hole around his cock, so Beaux gets on his knees and deepthroats the big dick that was just up his ass.

After feeding his patient his meat, Ryan lays back on the exam table to let Beaux ride him bareback as hard as he wants.

Beaux bouncing up and down on the doc’s powerful cock before hopping off to 69 with the Dirty Doctor.

Ryan takes control once more when he fucks Beaux on his back until he shoots thick ropes all over Beaux’s cock and hole.

To get Beaux over the finish line, Ryan shoves his cock back in sending Beaux over the edge and covering his abs with his cum.

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Raging Stallion sexy tattoo muscled stud Chris Damned’s massive raw cock barefucking Roman Todd’s hot hole

Raging Stallion says: Roman Todd is already soaking wet, soaped up, and rock hard when Chris Damned walks in on him in the shower.

When he can’t resist the temptation of Roman’s soaked, god-like figure, a fully-clothed Chris walks into the shower and begins exploring Roman’s naked body.

Chris slowly removes his drenched clothes as Roman swallows every single one of Chris’ girthy eight inches.

Now on a bed with his face shoved in the sheets, Roman loudly moans as the dominant top spits on him and barebacks his wet hole.

Chris’s XL cock continues to destroy Roman as the muscle bottom lays on his back and covers himself in a hot coat of jizz.

That’s when Chris pulls out and adds his own load to the sea of seed that’s covering a completely drained Roman.

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Raging Stallion horny muscle man Beau Butler’s bare hole raw fucked sexy hunk Jake Nicola’s big dick

Raging Stallion says: Bearded muscle stud Jake Nicola is overwhelmed to discover a completely naked Beau Butler waiting for him in bed.

The hairy hunk quickly disrobes and immediately starts to rim Beau’s furry ass.

With Jake’s daddy dick now stiff as a board, Beau squats onto his meat and moans louder with every inch that enters his hole.

The tattooed top begins to break a sweat as he holds Beau’s arms behind his back and continually thrusts himself into Beau’s insatiable, muscle ass.

A few more bareback pumps into Beau has Jake busting his load inside of the beefy bottom and breeding his ass right before Beau unloads his own balls over his hairy body.

Jake then pulls out of the stud’s ass just in time to play with the fresh cream that Beau’s pushing out of his cum-coated insides.

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Raging Stallion sexy young stud Eric Charming’s hot ass raw fucked by Tristan Hunter’s hard dick

Raging Stallion says: Sexy young college dude Eric Charming feeling that he will never be able to pass his midterm examinations until hunky study buddy Tristan Hunter lets him know that if he doesn’t want to fail, he’ll have to fuck his dick-hungry older professor.

Being the gracious friend he is, Tristan agrees to help Eric practice his seduction skills with a quick bareback study break.

Tristan’s mouth immediately dives in to explore Eric’s smooth hole and prep it for the extreme dicking it’s about to receive.

After getting slapped on the ass with Tristan’s stiff meat a couple of times, Eric lowers himself onto his friend’s oversized cock and fills up his horny hole.

The muscle top pumps his entire pole in and out of the boy’s tight ass with Eric moaning at each additional thrust.

Now getting fucked on his back and stroking himself off, the young bottom busts a thick load all over the couch right before Tristan spreads his milky seed all over his buddy’s thighs and ass.

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Raging Stallion hot black hunk Andre Donovan’s huge ebony dick fucking hairy dude Beau Butler’s hot hole

Raging Stallion says: Sexy black hunk Andre Donovan was bound and tied, but he manages to escape and spies hottie stud Beau Butler peering into the house and spying on his investor friends.

Andre grabs Beau and leads him to the woods to teach him a lesson.

First things first, Andre puts Beau on his knees to feed him his dick.

After reaming his mouth, Andre gets on his knees and dives tongue first into Beau’s scruffy ass.

When Beau wants it all, Andre stands up and slides his dick deep into Beau’s ass.

The brunt of Andre’s thrusts are too intense for Beau so Andre sits back and lets Beau ride his cock all the way up and down. When Beau’s hole needs a break, he gets on his knees and sucks the fresh cock that was just up his ass.

While sucking Andre’s cock, Beau gets carried away and sucks and jerks Andre’s dick until he shoots his load.

To make sure he gets Beau off, Andre slides his cock back into Beau one more time to fuck his hole until Beau can’t help but to erupt with a thick load.

Now that the suits and the lumberjacks have exhausted their bodies, will the brothers, Beau and Cole, fight for ‘The Territory’ to the bitter end?

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Sexy suited young muscle dude Allen King bottoms for Drew Valentino’s huge hard cock

Raging Stallion says: Sexy suited young muscle dude Allen King bottoms for Drew Valentino’s huge hard cock. Pinstripe Realty Global exemplifies Allen King has been tasked with determining if potential hire Drew Valentino is a good match for the company, but it appears that he would rather determine if Drew and his impressive assets are … Read more

Hot tattoo muscle boy Ryan Sebastian’s hot hole whipped and fucked by Andrew Delta’s huge dick

Raging Stallion says: Hot tattoo muscle boy Ryan Sebastian’s hot hole whipped and fucked by Andrew Delta’s huge dick Tied in an abandoned shipping container with nothing but a jockstrap and a harness, Ryan Sebastian is ready to do anything tattooed fucker Andrew Delta wants. The dom top begins the session with Ryan by whipping … Read more

Raging Stallion black hunk Andre Donovan’s massive thick dick raw fucking hairy stud Grant Ryan’s hot asshole

Raging Stallion says: After overhearing about the investor’s plan, Grant Ryan sets a trap for developer Andre Donovan to pick him off.

The trap? Grant waits on all fours in a jock hoping Andre will take the bait.

Without a doubt, Andre falls for it and can’t believe what he’s seeing before diving in face first to rim Grant’s hole.

Andre teases with a couple of fingers before noticing Grant wants more and slides his giant bare cock in Grant’s hole.

With Grant’s hole clenching his cock, Andre pulls out and face fucks Grant, ass-to-mouth, before lying beside him and fucking his hole some more.

They take a quick break so Andre can slurp on Grant’s dick before climbing on top of Andre and riding him down to the base.

Before Grant is done, Andre has Grant get on his knees and take his load to the face while Grant cums on the forest floor.

Faster than Andre can put his clothes on, Grant delivers a sneak attack and ties Andre up. Has Grant’s plan to thwart the developer’s work?

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Raging Stallion sexy hairy dude Beau Butler’s hot asshole raw fucked by Romeo Davis’s huge thick cock

Raging Stallion says: After a hard day of cutting firewood, the humble and rugged inhabitants of ‘The Territory’, Beau Butler and Romeo Davis, take a break on a pile of rocks where Romeo unzips his pants to let Beau deepthroat his uncut cock.

Now that Romeo’s meat is fully stiff, he lays back so Beau can stand over him while he eats Beau’s hole.

Romeo makes sure to lick every inch of Beau’s hairy hole before spinning him around, so Beau can sit on his throbbing dick.

The mountain men take a break from fucking bareback to 69 on the bench before Beau bends over and gets stuffed with some more of Romeo’s massive trunk.

Switching positions one last time, Beau holds his leg up while Romeo stretches his ass so wide it makes Beau shoot a creamy load that Romeo rushes to lick up.

Beau drops to his knees one last time to catch Romeo’s load that shoots from his cock and into Beau’s mouth.

Has this attraction distraction allowed for some unwanted visitors to invade ‘The Territory’?

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Raging Stallion sexy bottom hunk Vander Pulaski’s bare hole raw fucked by Tristan Hunter’s huge cock

Raging Stallion says: When Tristan Hunter gets together with Vander Pulaski, it’s an instant connection that leads to heavy kissing and Vander sinking to his knees to suck on Tristan’s meaty cock.

Tristan takes his time, savoring Vander’s fuck-stick until he gets bent over and eaten out with a deep rim job from Vander.

With his hole lubed up, Tristan throws his legs in the air and Vander inserts all his inches deep in Tristan’s hole bareback.

Having enjoyed getting fucked, Tristan wants to get into Vander’s crack.

It starts with an energized tonguing and ends with Vander getting his hole stuffed with Tristan’s cock.

Tristan pounds Vander doggy-style until Vander’s tight hole makes Tristan shoot his load all over Vander’s back.

To get Vander off, Tristan plants his cock back in the freshly fucked hole until the scruffy hunk gets his load fucked out of him.

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Raging Stallion horny young builder Logan Cross’s tight bubble butt raw fucked Dakota Payne’s big cock

Raging Stallion says: It’s a hot afternoon, and Dakota Payne and Logan Cross are sweaty from setting up the scaffolding for their painting project.

They decide to strip off their clothes to get more comfortable and instantly their hands are rubbing all over each other’s hot, muscled bodies.

Sweat drips from their ripped physiques as Dakota sinks down to his knees and gives Logan’s smooth ass the rim job it deserves.

With Dakota’s face buried deep in his crack, Logan moans out in pleasure as Dakota massages his hole with his probing fingers.

With Logan’s hole lubed with spit, Dakota slips his bare cock into Logan and is soon balls deep, bareback fucking his tight hole.

Dakota slams his raw cock in hard, punishing Logan’s horny hole, making him moan out from each powerful thrust.

Logan is loving every minute of the reaming he’s receiving and gets on his back to let Dakota have full access to his prostate.

Dakota rams Logan on his back, legs spread way out, and his hole gaping from Dakota’s fat dick stretching his raw hole.

Dakota keeps pounding until he pulls out and covers Logan’s hole with his thick load before shoving it back in.

Switching it up one last time, Logan hops on top and rides Dakota while he jerks his throbbing cock until he shoots his hot load all over the floor below.

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Raging Stallion hot hunks gay orgy Beau Butler, Isaac X, Chris Damned and Alpha Wolfe raw fucking anal

Raging Stallion says: While on a walk around the holiday resort, Beau Butler comes across Chris Damned’s giant dick getting swallowed by Isaac X’s open throat in a middle of an open courtyard.

The beefy stud decides to join in on the public play, and it’s not long before Beau’s ass is getting drilled bareback by Chris’ extra-large pole while Isaac’s anal cavity is getting stuffed by passerby Alpha Wolfe.

With his hands wrapped tight around his bottom’s neck, Chris pounds his cock into Beau’s thick muscle butt before Isaac’s meaty member gets a turn to pump itself in and out of Beau.

After swapping partners and working out their cocks, it’s everyone’s turn to bust a fat nut onto Beau’s hairy junk, stomach, and open mouth.

Now covered in three stranger’s loads, Beau strokes himself to completion and blasts one final burst of raw cum all over himself.

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Raging Stallion sexy young muscle dude Rodrigo Amor’s bare hole fucked by big daddy Beau Butler

Raging Stallion says: Muscle daddy Beau Butler just arrived at his resort and is already being cruised by hunk Rodrigo Amor.

After exchanging a few words, a confident Rodrigo walks straight into Beau’s room, makes out with the thick stud, and pulls down his swimwear to reveal his massive dick.

With his face buried deep in Rodrigo’s massive ass, Beau preps the stranger for his raw, hairy dick.

Once Rodrigo’s overeager hole is satisfied, Rodrigo turns the hookup into a bareback flip-fuck by using his own long cock to top Beau’s giant bubble butt.

Laying on his back with Rodrigo’s XXL member sliding in and out of his backdoor, Beau’s moans get louder and louder until he cums all over his own furry chest and a thick patch of pubes.

Rodrigo adds a second coat of seed to Beau’s naked body by blasting an outrageously enormous amount of jizz all over the satisfied vacationer.

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Raging Stallion interracial ass fucking Dillon Diaz’s big black dick raw fucks Vincent OReilly’s bubble butt

Raging Stallion says: Already naked and ready, Dillon Diaz and Vincent OReilly are eager to have some fun. Dillon takes control and puts Vincent in the perfect position, so he can take his time enjoying the intense rim job he gives Vincent’s ass.

Vincent returns the favor by deepthroating Dillon’s dick, leading to them taking turns devouring one another’s poles.

After they enjoy sopping-wet hummers, Vincent bends over a chair and takes Dillon’s rod deep inside his hole.

Dillon is relentless with his passionate bareback pounding, taking breaks to eat Vincent’s ass some more before letting him ride his hard dick bareback.

After the ride, Vincent lays back and takes Dillon’s cock until he loses control and sprays his load all over his tatted bod.

When he’s had his fill of Vincent’s hole, Dillon whips out his cock and dumps cum all over Vincent.

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Raging Stallion hottie young dude Hunter Smith’s hot ass barebacked by Arad Winwin’s huge cock

Raging Stallion says: Hunter Smith is meeting his dad at a mountain cabin and decides to get a quick nap in before he arrives.

In bed, he finds some Falcon porn next to the bed, pops a boner, and jerks off to the back cover.

As he’s fingering his hole, he notices Arad Winwin peeping at him through the window and invites the muscle stud to join in on the fun.

Arad happily jumps into the action and pulls out his fat cock for Hunter to enjoy by taking down his throat.

Arad is throbbing hard and can’t resist getting a taste of Hunter’s thick dick.

After sucking the hunk and eating his tight, smooth hole, Arad takes his place behind Hunter and slowly slides his bare cock deep into the horny hunk.

Hunter rolls over onto his back, and Arad keeps up the relentless pounding until he bareback fucks the cum out of Hunter’s stiff cock.

When Arad sees all the jizz dripping from Hunter’s dick and running down his leg, Arad pulls out to blast his load all over Hunter’s freshly fucked hole.

As Arad shoves his rod back inside Hunter, Hunter’s dad walks in and catches his panting stud of a son in the act. Who knew Hunter’s dad was so hot?

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Raging Stallion hot black muscle stud Max Konnor’s huge dick raw fucks Casey Everett’s hot asshole

Raging Stallion says: While in the tub, Max Konnor and Casey Everett are occupied with exploring each other’s hard bodies.

As they sink down into the milk bath, Casey fills his mouth with Max’s massive, thick cock.

After deepthroating Max’s pole, Casey bends over the tub to give Max total access to his smooth hole and low-hanging nuts.

After warming Casey’s ass up with his mouth, Max lines it up and drives his girthy cock deep inside Casey.

Max gets right to it with deep, long thrusts of his exceptional 10-inch cock.

They leave the bath and get comfortable, so Casey can ride Max’s rod bareback and down to the base.

Max takes over again to plow Casey’s hungry ass until his cock lets out a thick load coating his scruffy abs.

Watching Casey unload sends Max over the edge as he pulls out and covers Casey with his cum.

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Raging Stallion tattoo muscle dude Alpha Wolfe’s big thick dick bare backing Isaac X’s hot bubble ass

Raging Stallion says: Isaac X loves going to the CCBC resort pool when there’s plenty of nearby lounging muscle hunks that he can cruise.

After trading a few looks with Alpha Wolfe, Isaac and his massive hard-on lead the bearded daddy back to a private room so the two can 69 and flip-fuck each other’s raw holes.

With Isaac on all fours, Alpha barebacks the stranger’s hole with his bushy dick before Isaac uses his own girthy monster to destroy Alpha’s hairy ass.

Isaac’s loose balls bounce up and down as he thrusts into his hookup’s hole while spitting on him, choking him, and shooting him some degrading dirty talk.

Once both men have blown their loads all over Alpha’s used and naked body, Isaac makes sure not a single drop of cum is wasted and scoops up all of the loose liquid seed so he can feed it directly to Alpha.

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