Belami young hottie Maori Mortensen’s tops ripped dude Manuel Rios’s tight bubble ass

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Belami says: Today our two sexy hotties Manuel Rios and Maori Mortensen are already fully naked and making out on the bed, kissing passionately as they feel and kiss each other’s hot ripped young bodies.

Manuel is already turned on and Maori jerks his huge uncut dick gently pulling his thick foreskin over his big mushroom cockhead.

Then Maori opens his mouth wide and swallows Manuel’s thick dick, his sweet lips caressing his full length and wide girth.

Maori is a talented cocksucker and Manuel moans loudly as he goes to work licking and sucking his huge erection.

With Maori sitting back he lets Manuel return the favor, giving his big uncut dick a balls deep, tongue washing.

Manuel then stretches out missionary style, allowing Maori to run his tongue along his slightly hairy ass crack and getting his tongue deep into his hot boy hole whilst wanking his dick at the same time.

Once fully lubed with his saliva, Maori forces his big uncut cock into Manuel’s waiting asshole.

Manuel pushes backward as Maori presses forwards making sure Maori’s dick gets all the way inside him.

He just loves the feeling of Maori moving inch by inch deep in his tight bubble butt and cries out with ecstasy.

Now Manuel climbs atop Maori and is in full control, getting Maori hot hard cock as far as it will go up his tight ass.

He tightens his ass muscle clamping onto Maori’s hot fuck tool, and increasing the sensation which quickly brings him close to orgasm.

But Maori manages to fight it briefly switching positions and fucking Manuel hard and fast until it is Manuel who blows a volley of cumshots across his ripped abs.

Maori pulls out and shoots his load directly into Manuel’s face before Manuel sucks his wet cock clean.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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