Belami sexy young Euro dudes Sven Basquiat and Justin Saradon jerking their huge uncut twink dicks

Belami says: It’s raining men this week as we welcome Justin Saradon and Sven Basquiat back as joint models of the week.

Each month we will continue to bring you a selection of our ‘Art Collection’ sets taken by Benno Thoma for us during our major productions.

These will normally be couples and of course feature the hottest guys that the internet has to offer.

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Belami sexy young top dude Eluan Jeunet’s huge raw dick bare fucking blonde twink Jens Christensen’s hot hole

Belami says: We always suspected that Eluan Jeunet may have a bit of a dominant streak in bed that he has been suppressing to fit in with his idea of the BelAmi ‘ideal.’

Today we see that facade slip a little as he lets his wilder side loose with Jens Christensen. (Don’t worry though, we’re not slipping on over to the dark side).

Far from trying to evade Eluan’s dominance, Jens plays right into it with gentle provocation and submission.

The rougher it gets, the more Jens loves it until he blows his load while Eluan is jack-hammering his ass.

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Belami sexy dark haired twink Karl Ayers bottoms for hottie blonde boy Eluan Jeunet’s huge uncut dick

Belami says: This is one graduation ceremony that is likely to make most of us jealous.

No diplomas or crowds, just a rapid disrobing and devoted attention from one of our most dedicated models.

This is what is in store for Karl Ayers today as he is paired up with Eluan Jeunet for his graduation scene.

As you would expect, Eluan is a careful lover with his newbie today, providing him with an expert touch and sensitive caress to get him to relax enough to take his extra long cock.

For those of you with good memories, Karl and Eluan had another scene about a year ago on Freshmen (it was a 3way with Kirk).

We still have a couple more scenes to bring you with Karl (and Eluan is still filming, so no end there).

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Young Belami boy Ben Radcliffe’s hot hole bareback fucked by sexy twink Justin Saradon’s huge uncut dick

Belami says: Please don’t get too excited when seeing Andre in the intro to this clip, as he runs away before the action starts, but he is replaced by fellow sweetheart, Justin Saradon, so we hope that will make up for it.

Justin’s partner today is Ben Radcliffe, who with only a half dozen scenes under his belt, falls into our ‘flirting with porn’ category.

Some of you have recently remarked that there were not enough twinks here, so we hope that this scene goes a long way to making up that apparent deficit.

Ben has one more scene to be released and it will be coming up in next year’s final ‘Summer Loves’ series.

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Newbie Belami boy Pascal Mauri strokes his curved young uncut dick jizzing all over his stomach

Belami says: Today we have the handsome, stunning, and charming Pascal Mauri as our model of the week.

Although Pascal’s time with us was only brief, we managed to get several photoshoots to go along with his dozen or so scenes.

As this is his first appearance here for about 2 years, we hope you enjoy seeing him.

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Belami young sexy boy Giulio Pasolini’s tight asshole raw fucked by Dylan Maguire’s huge twink cock

Belami says: Sometimes it is good to share, but at other times it is OK to be a little greedy, as Dylan decides today when presented with the choice of sharing Giulio with Jim, or keeping him for himself.

This scene was filmed for our special Jim and Dylan project, but in the end, we decided to use most of the scenes individually…. especially those with Dylan Maguire as they all turned out to be excellent displays of fucking prowess and cum shooting power.

Giulio Pasolini is on the receiving end of both the power fuck and the cum facial today, and we will leave it to you to decide if you think he enjoyed it or not.

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Horny Belami stud Kirk Gauguin’s big thick uncut dick raw fucking sexy hottie Andrei Karenin

Belami says: On a beautiful summer’s day Andrei Karenin and Kirk Gauguin are jogging around the local park giving their ripped bodies some well-needed exercise.

Kirk removes his t-shirt showing Andrei how he keeps his six-pack abs in shape and Andrei can’t help feeling horny at the sight of his rippling muscles.

When they arrive home they shower together washing off the sweat from their run and making out, kissing and fondling each other as the water rains down.

The sexy boys continue their kissing and canoodling as they stand naked in the living room of their apartment.

Kirk falls to his knees and sucks down hard on Andrei’s big thick uncut dick getting it right to the back of his deep throat.

Andrei loves the feeling of Kirk’s wet tongue and sweet lips on his cock as he slides it in and out of his mouth.

With Kirk lying on the floor, Andrei returns the favor blowing Kirk’s big uncut cock and getting his tongue around his thick foreskin.

Kirk moans with growing excitement as Andrei is an expert cocksucker.

They switch places and Kirk runs his tongue deep between Andrei’s ass crack finally hitting home with the tip of his tongue directly on his hot boy hole.

Then without any warning, Kirk presses his huge erection deep into Andrei’s raw asshole.

Kirk pummels Andrei’s hot hole forcing his throbbing cock deeper and harder with each thrust.

Andrei quickly gets close to orgasm and several times almost loses control, but Kirk expert fucking manages to stop his lover from cumming too quickly.

They switch positions a number of times as Andrei just loves to feel Kirk coming at his ass from different directions.

Then as Kirk power fucks Andrei he can hold off no longer and stands up and fires off a volley of cum shots all over Kirk’s face and open mouth, giving him a cum facial.

Kirk licks up all of Andrei’s jizz before wanking his own dick hard, cumming right into Andrei’s mouth.

Finally, the two horny boys swap a cummy kiss.

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Hottie young ripped boys Ethan OPry and Olaf Mortensen’s huge uncut dick fuck fest at Belami

Belami says: Hottie young ripped boys Ethan OPry and Olaf Mortensen’s huge uncut dick fuck fest at Belami. For this week’s feature update, Olaf Mortensen and fellow blond Ethan O’Pry #1 (before the haircut) are partnered together. Olaf tries his luck by initially inserting a finger in Ethan’s warm, pink hole, and when he doesn’t … Read more

New hot Belami boy Dean Cullen’s bare asshole raw fucked by young twink Jordan Faris’s huge uncut cock

Belami says: Jordan Faris and newbie Belami boy Dean Cullen sit on the sofa in just their t-shirts and sexy undies.

Judging by the size of his huge crotch bulge Dean is already sporting a big long uncut dick, 20 years old, and a 20 cm (7.8 inches) cock.

The sexy boys reach in and grab a romantic kiss as they feel each other’s bodies with their hands.

Jordan gets straight to work, unleashing Dean’s super erection and swallowing it down whole right to the back of his deep young throat.

He really works Dean’s big uncut cock in long swift in and out strokes making sure he gets his tongue around his thick foreskin.

Jordan knows how to suck dick and expertly polishes Dean’s dick head with his tongue making him moan loudly with pleasure.

Then Dean turns around and pushes his bare asshole into Jordan’s face.

Jordan responds by parting Dean’s ass cheeks and running his wet tongue along his ass crack before getting it deep into his hot boy hole.

Dean just loves the sensation of Jordan’s moist lips on his hole and tenses each time Jordan’s tongue makes contact.

Then looking straight into Dean’s eyes, Jordan presses his big young dick home, until his balls slap against his ass.

Now with Dean on all fours on the bed, Jordan fucks him doggy style hard and deep changing his speed from slow to fast and back to slow again, bringing Dean close to orgasm a number of times.

Dean just loves the feeling of young stud Jordan’s hard thick dick moving inside his asshole.

Jordan can hold off for no longer and pulls out a blows a huge cumload over Dean’s face, giving him a nice cum facial.

Dean licks up Jordan’s cum before Jordan re-enters his hole and fucks him all the way until Dean blows his load jizzing all over his ripped abs.

The horny boys kiss as they fall into each other’s arms.

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Horny Belami bottom Jon Kael’s bare boy hole raw fucked by ripped dude Jeroen Mondrian’s massive thick uncut cock

Belami says: This morning after last night’s party Jon Kael wakes up and wanders into the kitchen where he sees Jeroen Mondrian cleaning up.

Jon is just so horny and he reaches around and slides his hands into the waistband of Jeroen’s army shorts.

The ripped sexy muscle boys make out kissing passionately as they feel each other’s hot bodies.

They both drop their shorts to their ankles as Jon reaches around and wanks Jeroen’s soft uncut cock until it has a raging boner.

As Jon jerks, Jeroen’s big dick his heavy cum filled balls bounce around between his legs.

Jeroen spreads his legs wide allowing Jon to get his lips on his balls.

Jon licks and caresses them with his tongue, making Jeroen shiver with pleasure pulsing through his ripped muscular body.

With Jeroen’s hot ass exposed, Jon parts his ass cheeks with both hands and plants his tongue deep into Jeroen’s hot hole.

Jon licks Jeroen’s boy hole getting it nice and wet and ready for his supercharged rock-hard cock.

Jeroen then sits down on the couch and sucks down hard, balls deep on Jon’s thick uncut dick.

He makes easy work of Jon’s cock, whilst wanking his own sizeable erection.

Jon pushes Jeroen back onto the sofa and gets on all fours and blows Jeroen’s dick, deep throating it until his big bell end chokes the back of his throat.

They kiss briefly before Jon turns Jeroen around and forces his huge thick cock deep into Jeroen’s asshole pumping him hard and fast in long thrusting moves, making Jeroen cry out in ecstasy.

The hotties switch up positions a number of times each time Jon gets his throbbing cock deeper and deeper into Jeroen’s aching hole.

Jon keeps up the relentless bareback anal fucking until he can hold off no longer and pulls out spraying his hot jizz load all over Jeroen’s freshly fucked asshole.

Jeroen follows Jon’s lead, wanking his dick until he too orgasms spurting cum all over his ripped abs.

Jon then sucks Jeroen’s wet dick clean, swallowing all Jeroen’s muscle boy seed.

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Belami horny young stud Bart Cuban’s hairy hole raw fucked by ripped dude Helmut Huxley’s huge uncut cock

Belami says: Today our two lovers Helmut Huxley and Bart Cuban are lying on the bed with Helmut blowing Bart’s huge Hungarian uncut dick.

Helmut knows how to pleasure a big cock and he swallows it down until Bart’s balls are on his lips, making Bart moan with pleasure.

Now Bart stands up and Helmut falls to his knees on the floor his mouth never slipping from Bart’s erect dick.

Helmut runs his tongue around Bart’s massive pink cockhead, washing it and getting it wet and lubed as Helmut wanks his own sizeable dick.

The sexy duo makes out, kissing passionately as Bart takes control and sucks Helmut’s cock all the way until his bell end hits the back of his throat making him choke briefly.

Helmut presses his long thick dick deep between Bart’s dark hairy ass cheeks until he finds his hot butt hole.

Bart can feel every inch of Helmut’s cock moving deep inside him and he is immediately feeling the tensions rise as if he is about to come.

As ever the professional bottom boy Bart manages to hold that feeling and step back from his orgasm allowing him to fully enjoy Helmut’s rampant bareback ass fucking.

Helmut continues to power fuck Bart’s ass hole sliding all the way in until his balls slap against Bart’s ass cheeks and then al the way out until his cockhead is almost out.

Helmut’s style of fucking is gentle but strong, now with Bart, on all fours, Helmut stops moving with Bart forcing his hole back onto Helmut’s super erect cock and squeezing his ass muscles tightly around it.

Bart can no longer hold off and with Helmut’s cock deep in his ass his balls tighten and he showers jizz all over his ripped six-pack abs.

Helmut pulls out and blows his load all over Bart’s hairy ass. The sexy boys lean in for a final kiss.

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Hot gay Belami boy Ruben Broady stripped nude wanking his big uncut dick to a massive cum shot

Belami says: Today we introduce you to sexy floppy-haired young twink, Ruben Broady, who eyes have an amazing intensity.

As the camera pans down his smooth body and nice shaped abs he hooks his thumb into the waistband of his sweatpants showing off just a hint of his pubic hair.

Ruben has a nice muscular V-shaped torso which we see as he lies down on the bed, playing with his nipple for the cameras.

He rubs his soft uncut dick through the material of his pants then back again with his arm in the air exposing his hairy armpit as he gives us a hot smoldering look and a faint wry smile.

As soon as he touches his cock it jumps to attention and we see him sporting a massive uncut erection and some low hanging balls.

His thick foreskin covers his big mushroom cockhead and he pulls it back exposing the tip of his thick chunky cock.

Now used to the attention Ruben jerks his solid dick with long swift strokes with his foreskin flip-flopping back and forth as his low hangers jingle jangle to the rhythm of his wank.

Ruben just manages to grasp his dick with two hands and wanks it deftly in a move he has obviously developed through copious amounts of youthful experimentation.

He breathes heavily and his balls tense before he sprays a huge jizz load across his abs and chest, he’s blown a massive load, clearly been storing that up for a few days.

Finally, another satisfied look towards the camera as Ruben Broady’s first photoshoot video ends.

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Belami sexy ripped gay orgy Peter Annaud, Kieran Benning, Dylan Maguire and Sven Basquiat anal fuck fest

Belami says: Dylan Maguire, Peter Annaud, and Kieran Benning are already lying naked on the bed when Sven Basquiat calls out, “anybody here?” as he enters the apartment.

The sexy studs, jerking their huge erect uncut dicks, hide ready to surprise hottie blonde Sven as he wanders into the bedroom.

Finding the place empty Sven pulls out his phone and calls them.

The three dudes then rush out and start stripping off Sven’s clothes, pushing him down onto the bed and parting his smooth ass cheeks, and opening up his hot boy hole.

Dylan gets the tip of his tongue deep into Sven’s asshole while Peter and Kieran feed Sven’s mouth their huge hard cocks.

Once Sven’s hole is fully lubed with saliva Dylan presses ahead, forcing his huge cockhead into Sven’s ass all the way till his balls slap against Sven’s butt cheeks.

All the while Kieran blows Peter’s long thick uncut dick, deep throating till it hits the back of his throat, making him choke.

Sven loves the feeling of Dylan’s thick dick moving inside him as he pushes his ass backward, harder onto Dylan’s hot cock.

Kieran swaps places with Dylan power fucking Sven’s hot asshole with his legs in the air.

Dylan then wanks and sucks Peter’s huge uncut cock before they switch up positions a few more times.

It is Dylan who is the first to an orgasm blowing a huge cum load on Sven’s ass before fucking his cum back inside.

He’s followed by the other three sexy boys who spray their jizz all over themselves and others in a creamy cummy mess.

They finally embrace for a post fuck group hug and kiss.

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Belami sexy young top Raoul Vargas’s huge uncut cock barebacking blonde Brian Jovovich’s hot ass

Belami says: Blonde-haired young hunk Brian Jovovich and sexy dark-haired Raoul Vargas lie on the bed in just their shorts before Brian unleashes Raoul’s already big rock solid uncut cock from his shorts.

He jerks it slowly watching his foreskin flip back and forth over his big pink cockhead then wrapping his lips around it and polishing the tip with his tongue.

Raoul moans quietly as expert cock sucker Brian works his thick long cock sucking it right to the back of his throat, gagging when it hit the limit.

Then Raoul comes alive, taking control smothering Brian with gentle kisses and finding Brian’s huge young uncut dick tenting his gray shorts.

Raoul starts by sucking Brian’s dick through the material before flipping it out and swallowing it whole till his balls are on his lips.

He tenderly licks Brian’s hairless cum filled balls sucking them into his mouth one at a time.

Then Brian lifts his legs over his head giving Raoul full access to his hot pink hole.

Raoul takes advantage running his tongue up and down Brian’s smooth ass crack before getting the tip of his tongue into his hot hole.

Brian wanks his own dick fervently while Raoul rims his asshole getting it nice and wet for his big young dick.

Then from behind Raoul forces his erect cock into Brian’s asshole till his balls slap against his ass cheeks.

He fucks him gently at first in long slow strokes in and out before upping the ante and power fucking Brian the way he likes.

Now with Brian on top, he takes over pressing his hole down onto Raoul’s thick raw dick and squeezing his ass muscles tight he is sure to bring Raoul to orgasm doubly quick.

Brian hops off as Raoul spurts a huge cumshot across his chest and onto his face, Brian is quick to lick up his jizz and clean off Raoul’s wet cock with tongue, swallowing his full cumload.

The sexy boys lean in for a swift post fuck cummy kiss.

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Belami muscle dude Rocco Alfieri’s huge uncut cock raw fucking muscle man Manuel Rios’s hairy bubble ass

Belami says: We catch big muscled Belami boy Manuel Rios in the gym buffing up before his meeting with sexy stud Rocco Alfieri.

As Manuel showers, he is joined by Rocco who rips off his tight shorts and rims his hot hairy asshole getting it ready for his big uncut dick.

Manuel lies on the bed as Rocco strokes and sucks his dick. Rocco swallows it whole all the way till Manuel’s balls are on his lips, making Manuel moan loudly.

Rocco jerks and sucks Manuel’s cock concentrating on getting his tongue into his thick foreskin.

The guys then 69 so Manuel can suck on Rocco’s big uncut cock whilst Rocco services Manuel’s dick. Double the pleasure.

Then Rocco parts Manuel’s hairy ass cheeks with boy hands getting his tongue deep into his ass crack and hitting home with the tip of his tongue licking his hot hole.

Rocco then forces his huge erect cock into Manuel’s asshole till he is balls deep inside.

Manuel moans again feeling every inch of Rocco’s huge uncut dick moving inside him.

Expert lover Rocco knows just how far to push his bottom without him cumming too soon.

Manuel pauses for a second preventing an early orgasm before opening his hole again for Rocco’s thick dick.

Now with Manuel on his back, Rocco increases the pace power fucking Manuel’s raw hole in long strong strokes until he pulls out and blows his load over Manuel’s asshole.

Rocco then licks up his cum as Manuel blows a huge cum load over his abs.

Finally, Rocco sucks Manuel’s cock clean before the two lips meet for a final cummy kiss.

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Belami hottie blonde muscle dude Daniel Mathis’s bare hole raw fucked by Scott Reeves’s huge uncut dick

Belami says: Gorgeous blonde muscle boy Daniel Mathis meets brunette muscled stud Scott Reeves for the very first time.

These sexy dudes are attracted to each other and they start making out, kissing passionately from the off.

They cannot keep their hands off each other and Scott soon is undoing Daniel’s jeans and exposing his thick uncut dick with a huge foreskin.

Scott drops to his knees and sucks Daniel’s erect cock right to the back of his deep throat, whilst cupping his low hanging balls, making Daniel moan loudly.

With his inquisitive tongue, Scott licks and caresses the full length of Daniel’s uncut dick getting his tongue around his big mushroom cockhead and thick foreskin.

The sexy muscle boys retire to the bed where Daniel takes control going down on Scott and making his thick uncut dick wet with his saliva.

Daniel runs his tongue up and down the full length of his long uncut dick whilst Scott rims his tight bubble butt, pressing the tip of his tongue deep inside his hot asshole.

Then Scott pushes Daniel down onto all fours and enters his hole with his slick erect dick pushing it as far as it will go, balls deep.

Daniel breathes in deeply as he takes the full length of Scott’s huge young cock in powerfully strong in and out strokes, where Daniel can feel every inch of Scott moving inside him.

They switch up positions with Daniel on top forcing his asshole down onto Scott’s erect dick all the way.

The intensity of their fucking increases until Daniel is close to orgasm and with Scott’s cock still pummelling his ass, Daniel sprays jizz all over his abs and face. He’s super pumped.

Scott pulls out and jerks his dick while Daniel sucks the end until he orgasms spurting jizz all over Daniel’s face.

The sexy muscle boys embrace for a cummy kiss.

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Belami boy Hudson King strips naked jerking his huge bent uncut cock to a cum orgasm

Belami says: A wry smile breaks across the beautiful face of newbie Belami boy Hudson King as he lies on the bed amongst the bedclothes in just his jeans with his Calvin Klein undies exposed just a little.

As the camera pans down we see Hudson slip his jeans off giving us a glimpse of his big crotch bulge.

We see his ripped abs, pert nipples, and long soft uncut cock nestling in a bed of trimmed pubic hairs as he drops his undies to his ankles.

As Hudson leans back and opens his legs wide his soft dick slips down before he touches it and it immediately jumps to attention like a rocket it points skywards with quite a curve to it.

Jerking it intensely we see Hudson play with his foreskin, flipping it up and over to cover his big mushroom cockhead then back down to expose it again.

Sexy young boy Hudson lies on his front, his hardon pressing firmly into the fabric of the day bed.

Hudson then wanks his cock his low hanging balls bouncing along to the rhythm of his strokes.

He slows down and then speeds up and tenses as if he is about to blow his load, then he pulls back and continues to stroke his dick.

As the intensity of his stroking gets to a climax his balls tighten and his breathing gets deeper and then he pops out a short volley of jizz shots right across his abs.

Cum drips down from his abs and chest as the camera focuses on his face with that beautiful wry smile back again.

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Belami sexy ripped young stud Riff Dornan bareback fucking Derek Caravaggio’s hot bubble butt

Belami says: Riff Dornan is feeling super horny and he just wants to have sex with young hottie, Derek Caravaggio.

Riff leans in and kisses Derek squarely on the lips as he pushes him gently back onto the couch.

Kneeling down Riff pulls at Derek’s sweatpants exposing his hairy crotch and soft uncut cock which springs to attention as soon as it bounces freely.

Riff opens his mouth wide and swallows naked Derek’s full dick length until his lips are on his balls.

He blows Derek expertly getting his tongue into his foreskin and polishing his big mushroom cockhead, making Derek moan with pleasure.

Derek then returns the favor sucking Riff’s thick uncut cock covering it in his saliva making it super lubed as he jerks his own dick.

Riff fucks Derek’s mouth with a hammer drill technique making him gag as it hits the back of his deep young throat.

Derek pulls his legs above his head giving Riff easy access to his hairy asshole.

Riff takes advantage running his tongue up and down Derek’s ass crack before pressing the tip of his tongue into his hot boy hole.

The sexy boys kiss then Derek hovers above Riff’s erect dick forcing his awaiting ass hole down onto it getting balls deep.

Derek loves the feeling of Riff’s erection moving inside him inch by inch, he really wants Riff’s cock.

They switch up positions now with Riff entering Derek’s ass from behind.

Riff power fucks Derek’s aching hole and a couple of times Derek comes real close to blowing his load but he manages to hold off.

It is Riff who then can take no more and he pulls out as his big hard cock delivers a powerful stream of jizz all over Derek’s ass hole before Riff fucks his cum back inside.

Derek then jerks his dick with Riff still inside him until he explodes in a huge volley of cumshots over his ripped abs.

The sexy boys kiss passionately and lie there together in each other’s arms savoring the intensity of the moment.

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Belami sexy young stud Joel Birkin’s massive thick uncut dick fucking Tom Pollock and Andrei Karenin

Belami says: Sexy young stud Joel Birkin slides his short pants down his huge erect uncut cock already outlined. As he whips them off his massive hard dick bounces into view.

Tom Pollock and Andrei Karenin are both shocked by the size. “It’s even bigger than in the picture!” exclaims Andrei.

First to dive down onto his hands and knees and grab ahold of Joel’s monster cock is Tom, he’s not quite sure where to start given the startled look on his face.

Holding it at its base Tom runs his tongue along its full length before getting his tongue wrapped around his big pink mushroom cockhead and thick foreskin.

Tom cannot swallow it whole, there is just too much length and girth.

Andrei has a better chance and he joins Tom stretching his mouth wide to receive Joel’s thick dick. Both young men run their lips up and down from tip to balls making Joel moan loudly with pleasure.

Joel then returns the favor first sucking Tom then blowing Andrei.

Andrei then bends over on all fours as Joel forces his raw uncut dick between his smooth ass cheeks and balls deep into his hot asshole.

Moaning incessantly Andrei can feel every inch of Joel’s huge erect cock as he pushes forward and pull back in a steady fuck rhythm.

Joel power fucks Andrei almost bringing him to an early orgasm on a number of occasions but the expert lover knows when to slow things right down and when to speed up again providing maximum pleasure to his bottom.

Next up is Tom who grimaces as Joel enters his hot hole for the first time. After a few minutes, he seems to get into the flow and presses his ass backwards onto Joel’s rampant dick.

With Joel’s cock still deep inside Tom, Andrei is first to cum, firing a huge volley of jizz into Tom’s mouth.

Joel then pulls out and blows his full load over both Tom and Andrei’s faces giving them a big cum facial. They lick up his cum before a final kiss.

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Belami sexy young blonde boy Axel Elbe strips nude wanking his big uncut dick to a massive cumshot

Belami says: Sexy young blue-eyed dude Axel Elbe poses with his shorts just down far enough to expose his hairy crotch.

His ripped body looks amazing and he’s got a killer smile.

As the camera pans down his sexy body we then see him seated looking uber relaxed and cool.

The cameraman asks him to lower his shorts further and we see his sexy butt covered in fine blonde fuzz.

Losing his shorts altogether we get a long look at his ass, a true bubble butt.

Axel lies naked on the bed with his soft uncut cock nestling in a bed of fine blonde pubes.

The cameraman demonstrates a pose and Axel lifts his arms showing us his pits follower the direction to the letter.

Next, we get a close-up of his soft uncut dick, it looks small but as we shall see it’s a grower, not a shower.

When fully erect it’s super-sized with a big pink cockhead that sticks upright like a rocket.

It’s a very bouncy dick and when he lets go of it, it twangs back into place.

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Belami young hot blonde stud Rick Palmer’s tight ass bare fucked by Kieran Benning’s huge thick cock

Belami says: Rick Palmer is feeling horny on the phone with his lover all the while rubbing his hard cock beneath his towel.

Kieran Benning arrives a bit flustered at being late stripping off his t-shirt and getting to work sucking down hard on Rick’s big erect dick.

Expert cocksucker Kieran swallows Rick’s cock all the way to his balls then out again getting his tongue around his big cockhead, making him moan loudly with pleasure.

Kieran then smothers Rick’s whole body with kisses stopping to twerk his nipples and then lies back for Rick to take over and return the favor.

On all fours, Rick manages to open wide and deep throat Kieran’s very thick uncut cock then licking his big low hanging balls.

They switch up positions with Rick in spoon while Kieran parts Rick’s ass cheeks with both hands and runs his tongue along his hairy ass crack.

Kieran then rims Rick’s hole getting it nice and wet and ready for his huge erection.

Now with Rick on his back with his legs in the air, Kieran forces his cock into Rick’s raw asshole fucking him with long slow strokes in and out.

Rick loves this slow-burn fucking and can feel every inch of Kieran’s massive dick moving inside his hole.

Kieran and he switch places and Kieran now with his hands on Rick’s shoulders entering him from behind pulling Rick down onto his thick dick and getting in deeper than ever.

Rick can hardly hold off his orgasm given the intensity of Kieran’s passionate lovemaking. A number of times they pause briefly so that Rick can wait until his lover is ready to blow.

Kieran power fucks Rick with an unrelenting piston action with Rick now on top pressing himself down onto Kieran’s cock harder and faster.

Rick’s breathing gets loud and he shoots a huge shower of jizz all over his ripped abs, all the while Kieran pumps him full of his cock.

Kieran then pulls out blowing a massive cum facial all over Rick’s face, before Rick cleans up the mess with his tongue, swallowing all of Kieran’s creamy load.

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Belami sexy twinks Fabien Jacq and Pip Caulfield kiss and jerk their soft uncut dicks to huge erections

Belami says: Today I introduce you to a brand new mate straight Aussie muscle boy Matthew Attard. I first met this 23-year-old online and we got chatting.

Matthew comes from the suburbs of Melbourne and he’d been interested in doing a shoot for me for quite some time, about doing a shoot.

At first, I was reluctant to shoot any guys wearing a mask on the site. But after Matthew sent me a few photos of himself I decided to give it a go. Matthew is very handsome with a thick gym-built body.

Hey, I’m a sucker for Aussie muscle boys. When we finally met a few weeks ago I found that Matthew is a really sweet guy.

Softly spoken and very keen to look his best for the photos and video. We worked quickly through a couple of photosets before swapping to make a hot first video. Matthew jacks off with the help of a rubber fuck toy.

He does a great job blowing a big load of cum. I think Matthew’s first shoot was really hot. I’m already planning to get him back for another shoot soon.

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New Belami boy Nikk Lanier’s hot asshole bare fucked by ripped stud Niko Vangelis’s huge uncut dick

Belami says: Niko Vangelis and Nikk Lanier are totally nude standing in the kitchen before they retire to the living room with young new stud Nikk lying back on the armchair giving Niko, the first taste of his big soft dick.

Niko gets to work sucking Nikk’s soft cock and making him fully erect in his mouth.

Nikk’s dick grows in size and hits the back of Niko’s deep throat choking him for a moment.

Niko polishes Nikk’s cockhead with his tongue before swallowing it back balls deep all the while feeling Nikk’s ripped young body.

They switch up positions and return to the kitchen where Niko forces Nikk to bend over the countertop as he presses his firm dick deep betweens Nikk’s smooth ass cheeks.

Niko bare fucks the new dude’s bubble butt with long strong strokes in and out and Nikk loves the feeling of Niko’s hard cock moving inside his hot hole.

Niko then parts Nikk’s ass cheeks with both hands, getting his tongue into his ass crack and lubing his hole with his saliva making him nice and wet.

Niko licks Nikk’s balls and the super-sensitive area between his balls and his ass hole, which almost makes Nikk cum.

The with a gob of spit on the end of his erect cock Niko slides back inside and power fucks Nikk’s sore hole some more as Nikk jerks his own dick hard.

Niko grabs ahold of Nikk’s waist and pulls him back onto his cock ensuring full penetration.

They return to the sofa chair with Nikk’s legs above his head, and Niko pummeling his asshole with no mercy.

Nikk orgasms spraying his jizz all over his rippling abs while Niko plugs away until he pulls out and explodes, giving Nikk, a huge cum facial. Nikk then licks every drop of Niko’s jizz from his face and licks his dick clean.

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Belami boy Jules Bourget jerks his bent uncut dick jizzing all over his rippling six pack abs

Belami says: We first glimpse Jules Bourget standing in just his sexy tight yellow Calvin Klein undies with his soft uncut cock making quite a crotch bulge.

As he moves about his six-pack abs ripple and we see him posing for the camera with a quiet confidence that is unusual for someone so new to the gay porn scene.

The photographer changes positions a number of times and we catch sight of Jules’s smooth butt cheeks as he pulls down the back of his underwear.

Jules unleashes his hard stubby uncut cock which has a slight curve to it.

As Jules lies there silently jerking his dick the cameraman clicks away and Jules continues unperturbed by all the action around him.

He closes his eyes and concentrates on the job at hand, his balls bouncing around as he wanks.

Then without warning, Jules’s breathing starts to get labored and his body convulses a few times before he sprays a huge cum load across his six-pack abs.

A wry smile escapes his lips as he breathes a sigh of relief and turns away to wash off the cummy mess.

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Belami sexy European twink Jerome Exupery’s bubble ass raw fucked by blonde ripped dude Zac DeHaan’s massive uncut cock

Belami says: As Zac DeHaan is in the shower getting cleaned up we see his big soft uncut cock hanging between his legs.

Zac returns to the bedroom where Jerome Exupery is lying on the bed, Jerome smiles and invites him to join him.

As Zac lies down flat on the bed, Jerome wanks Zac’s dick until it is rock hard before getting his tongue in deep around his foreskin then swallowing it to the back of his throat.

Expert cock sucker Jerome’s tongue and lips massage the full length of his erection really working his pink cockhead and making Zac moan with pleasure.

Then with Jerome standing, Zac sits on the edge of the bed and blows Jerome’s huge cock till it is a raging hard-on.

Zac plays with his own dick, wanking it hard, whilst blowing Jerome.

Then Zac pushes Jerome back down onto the bed and forces his huge erect dick between Jerome’s smooth ass cheeks finding his hot hole.

Zac pummels Jerome’s tight asshole in long strong strokes all the way in until he is balls deep and pulling out until his cockhead is just about still inside.

Jerome loves the feeling of Zac’s thick uncut cock moving deep inside his asshole and he moans loudly with each hard pump.

With Jerome’s legs above his head, Zac power fucks his bubble butt as Jerome jerks his dick hard.

Zac continues his ass fucking until Jerome can hold off no longer, he wanks his cock a few more times before he blows his load all over his abs.

With Zac still deep in his ass, Jerome clinches his ass muscles hard gripping Zac’s dick like a vice and forcing him to orgasm, he pulls out spraying jizz all over Jerome’s hot bubble ass.

Zac then fucks his cum back inside Jerome’s asshole before the sexy guys kiss and embrace.

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Belami ripped top stud Paul Cassidy’s huge uncut cock raw fucking sexy blonde Olaf Mortensen’s bubble butt

Belami says: Today is a holiday for our young blonde studs Olaf Mortensen and Paul Cassidy so no school for them. Instead, they are kicking a football around in the hot sun.

They soon tire and decide to head indoors for a little one-on-one action.

Olaf, as usual, assumes that he is going to be the bottom here (as in fact we all probably do) and starts getting Paul’s cock as hard as he can to prepare for a good fucking.

Paul does not disappoint his buddy here, being just the right size to be able to slam it into his buddy without holding back.

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Sexy young Belami stud Tom Pollock’s tight boy hole barebacked by ripped dude Adam Archuleta’s huge raw cock

Belami says: Our flip flop update this week falls into our unreleased archive category and features a young Adam Archuleta paired up with Tom Pollock.

Both of these guys continued with BelAmi after they finished their work in front of the camera. Tom as the archivist, and Adam as the cameraman.

In part 1 we find Tom as the top giving Adam’s ass a solid work over and in part 2 it is Adam’s turn to return the favor.

As we (at work) get to see Tom every day it is a bit of a surprise to see him as he was a few years ago.

Luckily both guys are so proud of their work in front of the camera, so every time we feature them we also have a little office celebration as well.

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Belami horny young stud Jason Bacall’s raw asshole bareback fucked by Helmut Huxley’s huge thick uncut dick

Belami says: Lazy boy Helmut Huxley rushes into the apartment in just his shorts searching for somewhere to hide away from the mundane tasks that his housemates have been corralled to sort out upstairs.

He searches each of the bedrooms and finds Jason Bacall naked in bed jerking his big uncut dick alone.

Helmut reaches over Jason and the couple start to make out kissing passionately before Helmut throws Jason down onto the bed and drips saliva into his ass crack.

As Jason lies there with his ass in the air, Helmut licks and rims his hot hole.

He probes with his fingers and gets his ass ready for his already full erect thick dick.

Then with Jason moaning with pleasure Helmut pushes his cock slowly, inch by inch into his ass until his balls slap against Jason’s ass cheeks.

Jason’s ass feels really tight around Helmut’s fuck tool.

Jason can feel Helmut moving inside him and it turns him on, almost bringing him to orgasm a number of times.

Helmut being an expert lover knows the signs and pulls back a little so as to increase the intensity of his love-making without shooting too early.

The hot boys switch up positions a number of times each time Jason’s hot hole gets a power fucking he’ll remember for a long time.

Jason jerks his cock hard and with Helmut’s dick deep inside him, he blows a huge cum load across his ripped abs.

Helmut then wanks his own dick as Jason kisses it until he erupts and gives Jason a full cum facial. Ending with Jason licking up the creamy mess.

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Belami horny young stud Kenny Salinger strips nude jerking his big uncut foreskin cock

Belami says: Today we see Kenny Salinger during a recent photoshoot. He’s naked from the waist up and we get a glimpse of his ripped six-pack abs and V-shaped muscular chest and arms.

Kenny also shaves his armpits. As the camera moves away and refocuses Kenny undoes his jeans which fall open showing his big soft uncut cock quietly nestling between his legs.

At the slightest touch, Kenny’s huge young dick jumps to being fully erect. We see his thick foreskin protecting his big pink cockhead.

Kenny’s dick has a slight curvature to his right-hand side when rock-hard.

Now lying on the sofa Kenny lifts a leg with his hot cock sticking up like a rocket.

Then Kenny looking relaxed starts to jerk his thick dick in long strong strokes with his foreskin flipping back and forth.

As he wanks his balls bounce around until Kenny is on the edge of orgasm but he holds off for a moment.

But he can’t do that for too long and he soon restarts stroking his big uncut cock hard and faster until his breathing gets labored.

Without warning, Kenny cums shooting a volley of jizz across his ripped abs so that his creamy load drips down his hands and washboard stomach.

Kenny has that post wank self-satisfied look on his beautiful face.

Let’s hope we see a lot more of young Kenny Salinger in the near future.

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Belami young ripped hottie Tom Pollock and Adam Archuleta bareback flip flop anal fucking

Belami says: Sexy young muscle boys Adam Archuleta and Tom Pollock lie together on the bed making out, kissing passionately.

As Tom lies on his back, Adam plants tender kisses up his sexy body from his crotch to his nipples before he opens his mouth wide and swallows Tom’s big uncut dick.

At first, Adam works Tom’s huge mushroom cockhead with his tongue getting deep into his thick foreskin and polishing his pink bulbous dick dome.

The guy’s 69 with Adam feeding Tom his big erect cock as Tom sucks down hard on Adams.

Then Tom pushes Adam down onto the bed and parts his smooth ass cheeks with both hands, allowing his tongue to lick and rim his hot asshole.

Adam moans loudly enjoying Tom’s lips on his tight boy hole.

With Tom’s outstretched legs Adam goes to work on massaging the soles of Tom’s feet.

Adam then sits up straight and flops his big uncut cock in front of Tom’s face.

Tom swallows Adam’s thick erection right to the back of his throat choking when it hits home.

Tom manages to deep throat his huge uncut dick getting his mouth stretched to accommodate his sizeable fuck tool.

Then with Adam on his hands and knees, Tom pushes his erect cock balls deep into his hot butt hole.

Tom power fucks Adam doggie style keeping up the pace while Adam breathes deeply taking the ass pummelling in his stride.

The sexy boys switch places with Adam bareback fucking Tom’s bubble butt as he jerks his own cock.

With Adam’s huge dick deep in his hole, Tom orgasms spraying jizz all over his abs.

Adam then pulls out and blows a huge cumload in Tom’s face giving him a huge cum facial. Tom then licks Adam’s wet cock clean swallowing all his load.

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Belami boys Jon Kael and Bruce Querelle’s big uncut dick bareback ass fucking

Belami says: Jon Kael is lying on the sofa in his sexy white shorts and white socks speaking to Bruce Querelle who is home alone.

He invites Bruce to join him catching some sunshine and working on his tan.

Bruce heads straight over and as soon as he arrives Jon is on his knees undressing Bruce and grabbing his huge uncut dick and sucking it right to the back of his throat.

Bruce then uses both hands to part Jon’s smooth ass cheeks getting his tongue into his tight asshole.

With Bruce’s legs up over Jon’s shoulders, Jon has a perfect shot of Bruce’s hot ass.

He forces his big thick erect dick balls deep into Bruce in long strong in and out strokes.

Bruce then switches to sucking his cock again.

Then with Bruce in cowboy position Jon aims his huge dick upwards as Bruce slides his hole enveloping Jon’s slick cock till it is all the way inside.

Jon’s bareback fucking continues apace with Bruce moaning loudly and enjoying every thrust so that he can feel every inch of Jon.

Both young men are getting close to orgasm, Jon holds off for a second as Bruce blows his load, while Jon’s dick is still inside him.

Jon pulls out giving Bruce a huge cum facial before Jon sucks his dick clean.

The two sexy dudes relax in each other’s arms in a post fuck haze.

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Belami young hottie Maori Mortensen’s tops ripped dude Manuel Rios’s tight bubble ass

Belami says: Today our two sexy hotties Manuel Rios and Maori Mortensen are already fully naked and making out on the bed, kissing passionately as they feel and kiss each other’s hot ripped young bodies.

Manuel is already turned on and Maori jerks his huge uncut dick gently pulling his thick foreskin over his big mushroom cockhead.

Then Maori opens his mouth wide and swallows Manuel’s thick dick, his sweet lips caressing his full length and wide girth.

Maori is a talented cocksucker and Manuel moans loudly as he goes to work licking and sucking his huge erection.

With Maori sitting back he lets Manuel return the favor, giving his big uncut dick a balls deep, tongue washing.

Manuel then stretches out missionary style, allowing Maori to run his tongue along his slightly hairy ass crack and getting his tongue deep into his hot boy hole whilst wanking his dick at the same time.

Once fully lubed with his saliva, Maori forces his big uncut cock into Manuel’s waiting asshole.

Manuel pushes backward as Maori presses forwards making sure Maori’s dick gets all the way inside him.

He just loves the feeling of Maori moving inch by inch deep in his tight bubble butt and cries out with ecstasy.

Now Manuel climbs atop Maori and is in full control, getting Maori hot hard cock as far as it will go up his tight ass.

He tightens his ass muscle clamping onto Maori’s hot fuck tool, and increasing the sensation which quickly brings him close to orgasm.

But Maori manages to fight it briefly switching positions and fucking Manuel hard and fast until it is Manuel who blows a volley of cumshots across his ripped abs.

Maori pulls out and shoots his load directly into Manuel’s face before Manuel sucks his wet cock clean.

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Belami sexy ripped young studs Bruce Querelle and Nils Tatum strip naked stroking their huge twink uncut cocks

Belami says: As the camera pans up we see Nils Tatum standing in just a pair of jeans with his muscular ripped body and wonderful six-pack abs as he reaches inside his underwear and touches his huge young dick.

Nils has a beautiful face and it really lights up the room when he smiles with that toothy grin. Simply divine.

Then as the camera moves away we see his super sexy partner Bruce Querelle come into view.

He drops to the floor as both guys demonstrate their pushups showing off their muscular bodies moving in tandem.

Then as they stand close to each other Bruce reaches behind and grabs ahold of Nils’s neck and pulls him in for a sweet kiss.

As Nils rubs his hands over Bruce’s upper torso Bruce looks up with a smoldering look that could melt your heart.

The kissing continues as Bruce removes Nils’s tight black Calvin Klein undies exposing Nils’s already rock-hard uncut cock and low-hanging ball sack.

Bruce’s own soft uncut dick jumps to attention sticking upright like a rocket.

Then with Nils standing and Bruce kneeling in front of him, Bruce opens his mouth and looks as if he might take a bite out of Nils’s huge cock.

Instead, he gently imbibes it swallowing it whole till it hits the back of his throat, gagging him for a moment or two, as Nils moans the sheer delight.

With the cameraman clicking away, the sexy young dudes turn away from us and show off their beautiful asses.

Both have peachy-perfect smooth butts and we can just spy Nils’s balls hanging between his legs.

Now Nils is lying face down on the chair and Bruce parts his ass cheeks with both hands so we get a look at Nils’s hot hole.

Finally, the boys sit back and jerk each other’s hot cocks before taking over themselves and spraying jizz all over as they both reach orgasm together. What a beautiful photoshoot video.

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