Hot top stud Yannis Paluan’s huge uncut dick bareback fucking blonde young bottom boy Olaf Mortensen’s hole

Belami says: Sexy ripped young dude Yannis Paluan and hot blonde stud Olaf Mortensen in just their underwear make out kissing on the bed and feeling each others’ tight bodies.

Yannis moves down and sucks Olaf’s small still soft uncut cock which is nestling in a hairy bush of public hair.

It gets harder as Yannis envelopes the full length in his mouth getting his tongue around the inside of his foreskin.

Yanni’s expert blowjob makes Olaf moan with pleasure as he licks the pink mushroom head.

As Olaf wanks his cock, Yannis uses his hands to open Olaf’s hairy ass cheeks running his tongue along his ass crack and getting his tongue deep into Olaf’s tight hole.

Then with Olaf on all fours on the bed, Yannis plunges his bareback cock into Olaf’s asshole moving in long strong strokes each time getting deeper and pressing harder.

Olaf moaning gets louder and more frequent as Yannis raw ass pummeling increases in intensity.

The sexy boys switch positions a number of times with Olaf pushing his ass back down hard onto Yannis’s throbbing bare dick until Olaf can hold off no more.

Olaf is first to spray cum all over his abs and chests before Yannis empties his balls blowing jizz all over Olaf’s ass hole before fucking his load back into Olaf’s freshly fucked hole.

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Sexy new Belami model Nicolas Matisse strips off sexy undies shows his huge crotch bulge jerking big uncut dick

Belami says: A very big welcome to hot young Hungarian student Nicolas Matisse who joins us today for his first-ever photo shoot.

Sexy young stud Nicolas has a touch of facial hair with a mustache and a furry chin which is a bit different from the normal look of guys at Belami but we think he will fit right in with us.

As he sits with just his pants on we can see his smooth chest and lithe slim body and flat stomach.

Then Nicolas drops his pants to his ankles showing off his big crotch bulge in that tiny pair of undies, his cock is literally falling out at the sides.

When we see his huge young uncut dick we notice that it curves to his left at the very top.

His erect dick is very thick with a big purple cockhead and plenty of foreskin.

In the last few posts, we see Nicolas’s super erect cock again as he lifts his arms above his head letting us see his hairy armpits.

Nicolas grabs his cum filled big balls and gives them a squeeze. Before continuing to wank himself until he erupts in a spurt of hot boy jizz which covers his body.

What a sexy young dude we look forward to seeing more of Nicolas in the coming days and weeks.

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Sexy young stud Kirk Gauguin’s huge uncut dick bareback fucking ripped twink Joaquin Arrenas’s hot hole

Belami says: Joaquin Arrenas picks up Kirk Gauguin and throws him on the bed, Joaquin wanted to just cut to the fucking but Kirk wants to enjoy all the foreplay first.

Kirk just loves to start off slow making out, kissing, and sucking before moving on to the main event.

Joaquin already has a huge boner tenting his shorts and his hand moves down to Kirk’s tight sexy undies to feel his soft cock.

As Joaquin kisses Kirk his huge soft dick immediately springs up to attention, and he is soon sporting a huge erection.

As Kirk lies back Joaquin’s wet lips move down his ripped body until his mouth envelopes Kirk’s big thick uncut cock.

He swallows Kirk’s dick right to the back of his throat in long deep strokes until his balls are banging against his chin.

Kirk writhes and moans with pleasure as Joaquin’s mouth and tongue work their magic, Kirk is now horny as hell.

The hot boys switch places with Kirk going down on Joaquin sucking his long thick uncut cock working his tongue around his thick foreskin.

Kirk parts Joaquin’s ass cheeks with both hands and gets his tongue in deep, rimming his hot hole getting it wet for his big dick.

Then without warning Kirk plunges his raw uncut cock deep into Joaquin’s tight asshole bareback fucking him hard and deep.

They switch up positions with Joaquin on top hovering over Kirk’s dick taking control of the anal fucking and grinding his ass down harder feeling Kirk moving inside him.

A few more position changes and Joaquin is on the edge of orgasm and he can hold off no longer. With Kirk still plugging away at his bare ass Joaquin cums spraying jizz all over his ripped chest and abs.

This makes Kirk pull out and blow a huge load all over Joaquin’s ass before he fucks the cum back in Joaquin much to his delight.

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Sexy young ripped twink Ashton Montana’s hot hole bareback fucked by Jeremy Robbins’s huge uncut dick

Belami says: We catch Ashton Montana on his laptop jerking his huge uncut dick with a mystery man when disaster strikes, the internet connection drops and he loses his erection.

Luckily for him young stud Jeremy Robbins walks into the room with a huge boner tenting his shorts.

The two sexy boys start making out, kissing passionately as Ashton rubs Jeremy’s thick dick before he falls to his knees and sucks Ashton’s already hardening uncut cock to the back of his throat.

Jeremy is an expert cock sucker and he holds tightly to the length jerking it as he sucks it down, increasing the intensity for Ashton.

The guys switch up positions with Jeremy lying flat on the sofa with Ashton placing his hot asshole directly over Jeremy’s inquisitive tongue.

He licks Ashton’s ass crack getting his lips and tongue deep, rimming his hole, making him moan loudly.

Now that Ashton’s bubble butt is full lubed Jeremy shoves his thick young dick home hard in stong rhythmic strokes.

The bareback ass fucking continues with Jeremy picking up the pace, as Ashton feels every inch of that monster cock moving inside him.

Ashton cannot get enough of this anal onslaught and pushes his ass down hard onto Jeremy’s throbbing dick.

Jeremy takes over jerking Ashton as his hard raw dick continues to fuck his hole till Ashton can hold off no longer and he reaches orgasm spraying his full jizz load all over his chest and abs.

Jeremy pulls out and quickly cums with his jizz firing all over Ashton’s freshly fucked asshole before Jeremy sticks his wet cock back in fucking the jizz back inside Ashton.

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Big muscle boy Brian Jovovich’s huge uncut dick raw ass fucking Jesse Tobey’s tight bubble ass hole

Belami says: Young hottie Brian Jovovich is lying on the bed with sexy big muscle boy Jesse Tobey on top giving him a muscle deep massage.

Jesse slides down Brian’s shorts exposing his cute bubble butt as he kisses his sweet neck.

He continues rubbing Brian’s ass cheeks getting his hands deep between exposing his tight hole.

Jesse removes Brian’s shorts, licking his nipples and then unleashing his big erect uncut cock.

With one hand on his dick, Jesse kisses Brian passionately.

Brian returns the favor sucking Jesse’s thick uncut cock to the back of his throat.

He blows Jesse good whilst all the time wanking his own dick.

Brian then rims Jesse’s hole pushing his tongue deep inside making him wet and lubed ready for his big erect dick.

As Jesse relaxes Brian pumps his huge thick uncut cock into Jesse’s bare hole making him moan with delight.

The hardcore raw fucking continues with Brian making long deep strokes till his balls slap against Jesse’s bubble butt.

Brian’s expert anal fucking goes deeper and longer with Jesse crying out as he feels Brian’s big dick moving inside him.

They switch up positions several times each time Brian pumps Jesse full of his bare cock, until both of them are close to orgasm.

First Jesse shoots a huge cumshot over Brian’s chest closely followed by Brian whose jizz sprays over Jesse’s hole before he fucks the cum back inside of Jesse’s freshly fucked hole.

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Hardcore bareback twink threesome Dylan Maguire and Adam Archuletas’ huge uncut dick raw fucking Jim Durden’s hot hole

Belami says: Dylan Maguire and Adam Archuleta are relaxing when there is a knock at the door. As Adam hides in the bathroom, Dylan answers it, welcoming Jim Durden into the apartment.

The two boys are just in their towels so Jim removes his t-shirt showing off his ripped muscled young body.

With everyone fully naked they wank their big uncut dicks comparing sizes to each other.

On the bed, the trio start making out with Adam kissing Dylan’s sweet lips whilst Jim nibbles at his nipples.

Jim and Adam 69 sucking each other’s big uncut cocks as gets his tongue deep between Dylan’s hairy ass cheeks, rimming his hot hole getting his nice and wet.

Jim swaps between sucking Adam’s huge young uncut dick and Dylan’s hard uncut erection.

Then Jim rims Dylan’s hot asshole as Adam presses his huge monster cock deep into Jim’s tight bubble ass.

As Jim sucks Dylan’s thick dick Adam bareback fucks Jim’s hole with long even strokes going balls deep making him moan loudly.

Jim rides Adam’s raw cock backing up onto it getting deeper and deeper with each rhythmic pump.

They switch up positions with Jim lowering his hot hole over Dylan’s huge uncut dick grinding down feeling every inch of Dylan moving inside him.

The hardcore bareback ass fucking continues until all three guys are ready to cum. They each blow their loads all over covering them all in their jizz, dripping down from their ripped young bodies.

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Sexy ripped stud Torsten Ullman’s huge uncut dick bareback fucks beefy young twink Tom Rogers’ hot asshole

Belami says: Sexy young boys Torsten Ullman and Tom Rogers are lying on the bed making out, they kiss passionately feeling each others’ hot bodies with their hands.

Tom feels his way down Torsten’s ripped body and sucks in his big uncut dick until his balls are at his lips.

Torsten moans as the expert blowjob that newbie star Tom gives him. Tom really massages Torsten’s huge mushroom cockhead with his tongue, playing with his foreskin.

He returns the favor licking and caressing Tom’s thick veiny uncut cock and working his balls into his mouth one at a time.

With Tom’s legs held back over his head, Torsten plants a big kiss on his tight virgin asshole getting his tongue deep between his ass cheeks and into his hot hole.

Torsten then plunges his hard erect raw dick deep into Tom’s bare bubble butt asshole. Barebacking his hole, pumping him full of his thick dick in long rhymthic strokes making Tom moan with pleasure.

Torsten pulls his cock almost all the way out before plunging down again until his balls hit against Tom’s peachy butt cheeks. Repeating this over and over changing positions as both boys get close to orgasm.

First Torsten cums spraying his hot jizz all over Tom’s freshly fucked asshole before Tom lets loose with a volley of cumshots across his abs and chest.

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Hot ripped muscle boy trio Andrei Karenin’s huge raw dick bareback fucking Derek Caravaggio and Giulio Pasolinis’ raw holes

Belami says: Andrei Karenin is lying on his bed when the two dark-haired ripped muscle boys Derek Caravaggio and Giulio Pasolini invite themselves in.

Andrei pulls at Giulio’s sweatpants checking on the new guy’s big uncut dick.

The sexy young boys kiss passionately then Andrei releases his soft dick from Giulio’s underwear, it immediately stands proud and erect.

As Derek wraps his arms around Giulio’s muscled upper body, kissing his neck, Andrei goes in sucking on his long uncut dick balls deep in his mouth.

Andrei really works that blowjob from balls to the tip of his huge mushroom cockhead in steady strokes.

Giulio then takes control ripping Andrei’s undies off letting the horny dudes at his huge uncut cock with its raging hardon.

Andrei lies back enjoying it as the boys switch between kissing his body and sucking his throbbing dick.

Both Derek and Giulio get on all fours giving Andrei the choice of hot asses.

He rims Derek’s smooth hole before licking Giulio’s hairy hole, priming them both for his huge erect bare cock.

Andrei then bareback fucks their asses, first with Derek, he rides him deep and hard then Giulio hovers over Andrei’s raw dick pushing his bare ass down repeatedly onto Andrei’s rock hard uncut meat.

The boys take it in turns spraying their cum loads all over each other, After Andrei shoots he sucks the cum off the other two’s dicks. Swallowing their jizz loads.

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Bearded young hunk Marc Ruffalo bareback fucks hottie twink Christopher Caan’s tight bubble ass

Belami says: Sexy bearded young hunk Marc Ruffalo and newbie twink Christopher Caan make out kissing passionately.

Marc moves down Chris’s body first licking his nipples then down further to lick his big uncut dick from tip to balls, as Chris fingers his hot asshole.

Chris returns the favor sucking down hard on Marc’s big thick cock enveloping his huge cock head with his lips and tongue.

Marc parts Chris’s ass cheeks with both hands getting his tongue deep into his ass crack and rimming his tight boy hole.

As Chris braces on the edge of the bed, Marc plunges his huge raw cock hard and long into his ass, making him moan.

Marc bare fucks Chris in a number of different positions, each time getting deeper and closer to orgasm.

They lie side by side with Chris’s leg in the air and Marc’s thick cock plugging his bare hole until he is about to shoot.

Marc pulls out a delivers a huge spray of jizz all over Chris’s ass before fucking the cum back into his freshly fucked hole.

As Chris jerks, his dick Marc licks his balls until he shoots his load all over his stomach. Marc then licks his wet dick dry, swallowing all his cum.

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Sexy muscle boy Kevin Warhol’s huge uncut dick barebacking hot young dude Antony Lorca’s tight hole

Belami says: Kevin Warhol is feeling a little bit left out of the action since the arrival of a few newcomers who’ve stolen some of this sexual thunder.

Luckily he is not one to pass up an opportunity as he does today with Antony Lorca.

He catches Anthony as he is about to set off for a day trip.

Shortie Kevin tells Anthony he is sexy and persuades him to step out of the van and head back to the house.

As they arrive through the door they kiss passionately and feel each other’s ripped muscled bodies as they strip off their clothes.

Kevin undoes Anthony’s jeans and pulls at the back of them exposing Anthony’s gorgeous bubble butt.

He gets his hands spreading Anthony’s ass cheeks wide so he can get at his hot hole.

Kevin’s strips off naked as Anthony sucks down hard on his big erect uncut dick.

With Anthony in raised missionary position, Kevin kisses and caresses Anthony’s low hanging balls and gets his tongue deep into his ass crack, licking and kissing his tight ass hole.

Anthony has a massive cock and Kevin tries his hardest to swallow it whole, gagging as the big mushroom head hits the back of his throat.

They 69 with both young men sucking each other all the way down to their balls.

Grabbing at Anthony’s legs, Kevin pulls them over his head giving him access to his bare ass.

Kevin then sinks his huge uncut dick deep into his hole, making him moan with pleasure.

Anthony can feel Kevin’s thick cock throbbing in his raw hole, as Kevin pumps him hard and long.

The sexy guys switch positions a number of times, with each change Kevin presses his hard uncut cock deeper into Anthony’s raw ass hole.

Kevin pulls out and sprays cum all over Anthony, quickly followed by Anthony who cums in Kevin’s mouth-coating his tongue and lips with his hot jizz.

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Sexy young ripped blonde boys Brian Jovovich and Zac DeHaan strip down to their tight Addicted undies jerking their big uncut dicks

Belami says: Sexy young ripped blonde boys Brian Jovovich and Zac DeHaan strip out of their clothes and stand together in their well packed Addicted underwear.

They pose naked for Marty the cameraman, Zac hands spread Brian’s ass cheeks wide so we can see Brian’s smooth pink hole.

Zac is lying on the bed with Brian in, cowboy position with his hot hole hovering above Zac’s big already erect uncut dick.

Brian wanks his own uncut cock and leans across and jerks Zac’s thicker uncut dick too.

Brian then sucks Zac’s hard thick uncut cock deep to the back of this throat in long smooth in and out movements until Zac’s balls are on his lips.

The sexy boys lie side by side each jerking their big dicks, Brian shoots first spraying creamy jizz all over his tanned abs the sight of which sends Zac over the edge shooting his load all over himself. Both boys end up in a sticky cum mess.

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Hot ripped young muscle stud Hoyt Kogan’s huge cock bareback fucking sexy dude Matthieu Pique’s tight bubble hole

Belami says: Sexy muscle boy Hoyt Kogan leans in to kiss Matthieu Pique passionately, kissing his lips then moving down to his nipples.

Hoyt continues down to Matthieu’s shorts and reaches inside and kisses his big dick which is getting hard very fast.

On his knees, Hoyt sucks down hard on Matthieu’s huge twink dick all the way to his balls.

Matthieu returns the favor as the sexy boys 69, each chowing down on each others’ big dicks.

Hoyt changes his focus, parting Matthieu’s ass cheeks getting his tongue deep into his hole.

Hot top Hoyt slips his huge bare dick into Matthieu’s bubble butt, in long hard strokes. Matthieu taking a very hard bareback anal pummeling.

The young guys switch it up changing positions each time Hoyt gets his big cock deeper and harder into Matthieu’s tight asshole.

Hoyt continues the hardcore raw ass fucking pumping Matthieu’s hot ass like a machine with Matthieu facing him in cowboy position, he jerks out a huge load of cum in massive jizz shots across Hoyt’s sexy ripped body.

Matthieu continues jerking as Hoyt laps up the jizz from his cock, swallowing a huge cum load.

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Sexy young ripped stud Andrei Karenin’s hot bubble ass bareback fucked by Peter Annaud’s huge thick dick

Belami says: Andrei Karenin is lying in bed with the covers exposing his sexy ripped body. He’s already horny and he’s finger his tight bubble asshole waiting.

He’s waiting for Peter Annaud who is showering and will soon join him in bed. Peter’s huge thick uncut cock is fully hard.

As he walks out of the shower he removes his towel from around his waist to expose his thick young erect cock.

Peter rubs his hand across Andrei’s ass crack until he finds his hole and probes it with his finger.

Andrei then turns Peter around and lick his ass, getting his tongue deep between his ass cheeks, rimming his hot ass hole.

They switch again and Peter’s huge thick dick bareback fucks Andrei’s tight bubble ass, while Andrei moans at the top of his voice.

Peter manages to get his uncut cock all the way into Andrei’s hole till his balls hit his bubble butt ass cheeks.

Peter orgasm first spraying his jizz all over Andrei. In part two tomorrow, Andrei’s big raw dick bare fucks Peter in a hot rematch.

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Sexy blonde ripped young dude Romain Martins’s strips off his shorts showing off his big thick uncut dick

Belami says: Smoldering blonde boy Romain Martins strips off his clothes showing us his beautiful peachy bubble butt and thick uncut dick.

Ripped young muscle boy Romain drops his summer shorts just a touch so we can see his ass cheeks and as he pulls them down further he releases his soft uncut cock.

Romain shaved his pubic hair region, so no hairy bush downstairs. As he sits in the wooden chair with his legs outstretched we see his bare feet.

As Romain moves his six-pack abs ripple and flex.

He touches his soft cock and it springs to attention pointing up straight like a large rocket. His firm balls look like they stored up a week load of cum.

As the camera pans up from his feet, we see Romain has a slightly hairy train from his crotch to his belly button.

He bends forward showing us again his tight ass cheeks.

After performing a headstand and falling over, Romain jerks his cock expertly and his breathing becomes heavy when he suddenly shoots multiple cumshots that travel vertically under pressure like a fountain. Thank you a very sexy photoshoot video, Romain.

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Sexy ripped young twink Scott Bennet’s huge uncut cock bare fucks hottie Jordan Faris’ tight bubble butt

Belami says: Scott Bennet and Jordan Faris are feeling horny and kiss passionately while Scott feels Jordan’s hot ass through his sexy jockstrap.

Scott licks and caresses Jordan’s nipples and slowly moves his lips down to his big soft dick which gets fully erect in his young mouth.

Jordan returns the favor sucking down hard on Scott’s huge uncut dick.

With Jordan sat in a chair with his legs up in the air, Scott rims his hot boy hole getting his tongue into lube his tight hairy asshole, all the while Jordan wanks his own big cock.

Once it is nicely wet, Scott pumps his thick dick into Jordan’s raw ass, bareback fucking him hard with long deep strokes till he is balls deep in his hole.

They switch up positions a few times with Scott getting his dick deeper into Jordan’s bubble butt.

Scott slides his erect cock up and down Jordan’s ass crack then bare fucks him until Jordan can take it no longer, he sprays cum all over them both.

Quickly followed by Scott who pulls out and jizzes before fucking the cum back inside Jordan’s freshly fucked ass.

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Sexy Belami hottie Kieran Benning’s huge twink uncut dick bareback fucking Ashton Montana’s tight bubble asshole

Belami says: Today we start a new hardcore series “Summer in Prague” and the boys are showing newbie star, Ashton Montana, around the city.

Oversexed and Belami popular model Kieran Benning is dying to try out sex with the new guy so he watches the group for an opportunity to spirit Ashton away so that he can indulge himself.

To kick it off we have one of our most popular models from the past few years, Kieran Benning together with rising star, Ashton Montana.

We all know that the boys have a pretty tight schedule and there is precious little time for anything other than school and working on chat, but that doesn’t mean that they have a less than normal need for sex.

Kieran decides to resolve his issues with pent up sexual energy here by kidnapping Ashton and whisking him away for a secret tryst.

Hopefully, the guys keep up this level of sexual energy throughout the series as Kieran treats Ashton to one of the most energetic and urgent fuckings he has had so far. Both Ashton Montana and Kieran Benning have new hardcore bareback fucking scenes on our sister site Freshmen here.

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Gingers barebacking sexy young twink Pip Caulfield and Timothy Blue’s big raw uncut dicks flip flop anal fucking

Belami says: After an afternoon at the go-karting race track young ginger twinks Pip Caulfield and Timothy Blue arrive home and start making out, kissing passionately.

They strip off each others’ clothes letting their jeans fall to their ankles as they start to suck on their soft uncut cocks which are starting to get erect.

The boys lie on the sofa 69’ing, each swallowing down hard, balls deep until choking with the dick heads hard against the back of their throats. Gagging.

Pip hovers over Timothy’s mouth allowing his hot boy hole to be tongued deeply.

Timothy licks Pip’s ass crack and gets the tip of his tongue and his lips deep into Pip’s tight hole. Pip jerks his uncut twink dick frantically all the while.

Pip then lowers his ass down onto Timothy’s hard erect uncut cock pressing his juicy butt down forcefully, feeling Timothy’s raw dick reaming his horny ass hole.

Pip breathes heavily as he loves the feeling of Pip’s thick dick inside him.

Timothy slips out and Pip sucks his cock again. The fucking continues with Pip flipping Timothy over and sinking his hard erect cock deep into Timothy’s ass returning the bareback ass fucking favor.

The two boys continue to flip flop each time getting deeper and deeper into each boy’s hole until they can hold off no longer and first Pip’s shoots a huge stream of cum across his abs and chest.

He’s quickly followed by Timothy who’s cum load he fucked back inside Pip’s well-fucked asshole.

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Young ripped twink Daan Jeffries’ tight bubble ass bareback fucked by ginger stud Ronny Lamaar’s huge cock

Belami says: Sexy young ripped stud Daan Jeffries is enjoying a refreshing shower and wanking his hard erect uncut dick.

Suddenly ginger young dude Ronny Lamaar appears naked behind him. “Can I join you?”, he asks, “I can wash your back.”

Ronny rubs his hands up and down Daan’s body stopping at his peachy bubble butt.

Ronny squeezes his ass cheeks and rubs them firmly then reaches around and grabs Daan’s hard dick and wanks it for him.

The boys head to the bedroom and dry off.

Ronny then kneels on the floor and sucks Daan’s big dick. Daan moans as Ronny really gets his tongue around his foreskin.

Daan then turns around giving Ronny full access to his hairy asshole.

Ronny licks his ass crack and sucks his pink hole working his tongue deep inside. He licks his fingers and rubs them around his hole.

The boys head to the bed with Daan this time, sucking on Ronny’s big uncut twink dick.

They switch places and Ronny probes Daan’s hole with his huge raw cock. As he enters Daan cries out in ecstasy, he just loves a big dick in his bare ass.

They swap positions With Daan riding Ronny’s raw cock reverse cowboy. Daan is now fully in control and presses his ass down firmly on Ronny’s hard dick.

Daan is close to orgasm and with Ronny’s cock deep inside him he sprays cum all over his abs and chest.

Ronny then relaxes the fucking and shoots his explosive cum load all over them both before fucking his cum back into Daan’s hot ass.


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Hot ripped young stud Carlos Effort’s hot bubble butt bareback fucked by sexy dude Andrei Karenin’s huge raw cock

Belami says: Andrei Karenin teaches Carlos Effort all the good things he has learned during his time at Belami.

He compliments Carlos and kissing him passionately all over and licks his shaved armpits as he makes his way down his sexy body to his thick already hard uncut dick.

Carlos lies back his six-pack abs rippling as he can’t get enough of Andrei’s super balls deep blowjob.

Andrei turns him around so that he has a good view of Carlos’s smooth bubble butt. He gets his tongue in deep and kisses and caresses his ass crack and hole.

Andrei then slides down and kisses the soles of Carlos’s feet which Carlos loves.

Then he is back up to his asshole, probing it with his fingers and opening it up ready for his big thick cock.

Carlos then relaxes as Andrei presses his dick all the way into his tight ass, in long rhythmic strokes.

They fuck in multiple different positions, each time Andrei’s dick getting deeper and more forceful in his raw ass fucking.

Andrei can hold off no longer and he sprays his hot cum load all over Carlos’s bubble butt, before fucking the cum back into his ass hole. Carlos Effort and Paul Cassidy enjoy another hot raw fucking over at our sister site here.

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Sexy ripped young stud Parker Rowe strips out of his jeans wanking his huge uncut dick to a massive cumshot

Belami says: Sexy ripped young muscle boy Parker Rowe strips off his jeans and shows us his huge uncut dick.

Parker likes to maintain a somewhat hard man look and rarely smiles in front of the camera.

As his jeans drop to his ankles we see him manhandle his rocket-like cock to a massive erection.

Parker has a very hard stomach with his six-pack abs on display here. As he jerks his big uncut dick we see them ripple and flex.

He has very heavy cum filled low hanging balls which when he cum spurt cum at an explosive force right across his abs and bulging muscle chest.

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18 year old blonde hottie Isak Eklund strips naked jerking his thick young cock to a massive cum load

Belami says: Hot newbie blonde young stud Isak Eklund doesn’t have the biggest dick compared to other Belami boys but he has a beautiful face and lovely ripped smooth young body.

He’s just 18 years old who has a sexy smile. He is still a student who plays hockey and like most guys his age, jerks off a lot.

With his blonde hair and blue-gray eyes, Isak definitely channels his Scandi look and his name is Danish.

This photoshoot video shows him strip naked and wank out a load of hot boy cum.


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Gino Mosca’s hot hole bareback fucked by newbie Aldo Belucci’s huge young uncut dick

Belami says: Gino Mosca stopped working with Belami as an active model awhile ago however we’ve saved some of his best scenes so that his fans can see him in action for a quite bit longer.

Today Gino partners with Aldo Belucci his first scene for us.

Newbie Aldo looks fresh and innocent if not a little nervous as he limbers up to fuck Gino’s tight bubble asshole.

As his initial nerves disappear we see that Aldo is a natural-born top and he enjoys bareback fucking Gino.

He pumps Gino’s ass with his big thick uncut cock until Gino is ready to shoot his load. He orgasms spraying cum all over quickly followed by Aldo who shoots his cum load into Gino’s mouth covering his tongue and throat in his creamy jizz.


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Hot young European jocks Jens Christensen bottoms for Niko Vangelis’ huge uncut dick

Belami says: We’ve not seen a pairing of ripped young jocks for quite some time so today we see Jens Christensen and Niko Vangelis together.

The boys couldn’t decide who was to top and bottom and as both are equally capable in both capacities we decided to flip a coin. The winner would top in today’s episode and they would reverse roles in part 2 released together on the site.

So as Jens bottoms for Niko’s huge uncut dick. These two young men are highly compatible, both are highly competitive with big dicks and ripped bodies.

They love to laugh and joke during sex, nothing is serious to these two except the balls deep bareback ass fucking, which is super hardcore sexy.

Both parts are mirror images of each other, from the roughhousing and energetic fuck and overall enjoyment level of the models.

We really wanted to have a ‘favorite’ part to recommend to you, but in the end couldn’t decide which we liked more, so we will have to leave it up to all of you to decide.

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Hottie young European stud Matthieu Corne shows off his ripped abs as he jerks his big twink uncut dick

Belami says: Matthieu Corne has visited us a few times over the last few years. This time he turned up unannounced during the summer months when we were in full flow with Summer Loves so we brought him down to the chateau for a hot photoshoot.

Matthieu has a beautiful smile and a romantic dreamy face and is very easy going and killer lips.

He has a lovely toned body although he doesn’t work out at the gym. There is plenty to love with Matthieu especially his big uncut dick and we hope you enjoy him as our model of the week.

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Horny young hunk Ariel Vanean’s huge twink dick bareback fucking Derek Caravaggio’s hot asshole

Belami says: Ariel Vanean has a new boyfriend and despite all the newbie sex he is hornier than ever when he arrives in the office.

Today the lucky recipient of his pent up sexual energy is Derek Caravaggio, who was also wandering around the chateau looking for some action, so when production manager Rhys sends them off to have some fun together they waste no time in getting down to business.

There is some pretty amazing physical chemistry between the boys today as they literally ravage each other all the way though the scene, it is as if neither of them have had sex for months.

The fucking is particularly energetic as Ariel tries his best to satisfy Derek’s need to get fucked.

For his part Derek relishes every stroke of Ariel’s cock inside of him, eventually exploding with a huge load of cum all over his chest.

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Sexy young stud Malachi Harvey strips naked jerking his big erect dick spraying cum across his ripped abs and chest

Belami says: Newbie young hottie Malachi Harvey is just 18 years old and he’s a little nervous as he steps out of his clothes standing naked before the camera.

Malachi has a big uncut cock which starts off looking small but grows to a big size. He turns around showing off his cute bubble butt and as he parts his ass cheeks we see his hairy hole.

Malachi jerks his erect dick till he blows his load spraying cum over his ripped abs and chest.

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Ripped dark haired young twink Bart Cuban bare fucks cute boy Sammy Poulain’s hot hole

Belami says: Sammy Poulain has always been taught to do small kindnesses to strangers with no expectation of reward. However, when Sammy offers to help Bart Cuban he clearly wants to receive something by way of thanks.

Sammy decides that he is not going to leave things up to chance as he wants Bart to fuck his tight asshole.

The boys undress each other and start making out, kissing passionately. Sammy sucks Bart’s huge uncut dick in long slow strokes from his balls to the tip of his big foreskin mushroom dick head.

Bart returns the favor blowing Sammy’s dick and licking it up and down while jerking his own big thick uncut cock.

Bending Sammy over Bart uses his hands to spread his ass cheeks wide getting his wet tongue deep into Sammy’s hole.

Sammy then braces as Bart pumps his bare ass full of his thick dick. Bart’s rhythmic fucking gets harder and deeper till his balls are slapping against Sammy’s smooth butt cheeks.

The hot bareback fucking continued until Sammy could hold off no longer and shoots his cum load all over himself quickly followed by Bart who’s cum sprays both of them. What a creamy mess.

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Hot twink Pip Caulfield’s huge young cock bareback fucking newbie Belami boy Fabien Jacq’s smooth ass

Belami says: One of the many things we know about Pip Caulfield is his deep-seated insatiable love of big twink dicks. But today in something of a reversal of roles he manages to sneak in on Fabien Jacq and get him away from Kevin for a little Pip private love training.

It seems that we’ve found the perfect pairing as both Pip and Fabien are short, they are two of the shortest guys we have and they have slim ripped physiques. And not to forget their big twink dicks. Together they look absolutely adorable.

It hard not to get take unawares with their utter cuteness but we should remember that both young boys have huge sexual appetites as boy their age always do.

Pip wastes no time here today in initiating Fabien into the shenanagins… Maybe one day he’ll give him back to Kevin to complete the training.

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Young sexy top Antony Lorca bare fucks young stud Ryan McKenna’s hot bubble ass

Belami says: One thing must be said about Antony Lorca, and that is that he is a real smooth operator and is able to charm his way into anyone’s pants in a matter of minutes.

It helps here though that Ryan McKenna is not offering up any resistance, but instead probably wants it even more than Antony.

We start off with a reference to early BelAmi with the cherry opening to the scene, and Antony promising to add one more fuck position for every cherry than Ryan doesn’t manage to get in his mouth.

While it is obvious that cherries are the last thing on either guy’s mind, it is still fun to watch them play the game.

Since we start off romantic and tender, the boys decided to continue that way, with slow and erotic lovemaking.

Antony as usual excels in his role as the top, with Ryan spreading his legs wide to allow for the deepest possible penetration.

When he can’t hold on any longer, Antony delivers a huge creamy load onto his mate’s ass before slowly massaging it back inside with his still hard cock.

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Ripped young twink Justin Saradon strips naked jerking his huge thick uncut dick

Belami says: Summer Loves is back again with everyone’s sweetheart, Justin Saradon.

If you ever wonder how Justin stays in good shape, he puts it all down to his newfound healthy lifestyle.

Gone are the crazy days of youth with a lot of drinking and smoking, replaced with the gym and healthy eating…

Not that he still doesn’t enjoy partying, just now it is done drinking only water.

His photographer here is resident cameraman Eliot who has decided to make the most of the good weather and shoot in the open barn at the Chateau.

For those of you keen to see more of Justin the wait won’t be long as he is back at the end of the month in our Sex Safari series in a hardcore scene co-starring Dylan Maguire.

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Marc Ruffalo’s huge young cock bareback fucking Benoit Ulliel’s hot bubble butt

Belami says: There is a bit of a coming of age theme to today’s scene with 20-year-old Benoit Ulliel and 27-year-old Marc Ruffalo.

Benoit is lamenting the fact that he still gets age checked every time he wants a drink or to buy cigarettes, but is reassured by Marc that this will not always be the case and that he should make the most of his youth while it lasts, although we’re quite sure that Marc meant that HE should make the most of Benoit’s youth here.

The fucking here is energetic and intense, with Benoit determined to prove to Marc that youth does not equate to inexperience and shows him that he can take as much as Marc has to give.

Benoit is the first to shoot his load, but he is followed soon after by Marc, who dumps his seed on his buddy’s hole before fucking it back up inside to complete the encounter.

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Hot young twink Leo Lamech naked shower big uncut cock wank

Belami says: Our photoshoot this week is a little bit of a wet affair as photographer Luke Hamill decided on a shower theme to introduce us to Leo Lamech.

Leo is a very cute twink with a nice big dick that he seems to like showing off.

It is quite unusual for Luke to take photos for us these days, so he really must have taken a shine to young Leo, even going as far as to give him an all-over rub down before the shoot. Let us know if you like Leo as much as Luke seems to.

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Hottie ripped young studs Jon Kael and Christopher Caan’ mutual big thick cock sucking

Belami says: When we first introduced Christopher Caan most of you seemed to like him quite a bit with just a few naysayers who were not fond of the downward bend in his dick.

Luckily the enthusiasm won out and we decided to film with Christopher for a few years as he started exercising more, filled out his body and became a very stunning man.

His photo set today is with a model that none of you have ever questioned his place here, Jon Kael.

These pictures and video mark the start of another ‘Sex Safari’ week here, but if you care to see these 2 in action, here is a link to their earlier scene together here.

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Jason Bacall’s hot hole bareback fucked by ripped twink Kieran Benning’s huge young dick

Belami says: This week we go from big dick bottoms to big dick tops for today’s scene.

Kieran Benning feels left out as he wasn’t included in the main scene being shot in the house that day, but luckily Jason Bacall has the right remedy for his malady.

After watching the intro to the scene, we were surprised that they were able to find a spare cameraman to film this, but veteran Lukas Ridgeston also had a free day that he was prepared to give up to film this scene for us today.

As all the bedrooms were in use, the guys had to get a little creative and end up fucking on the stairs today.

Our top here is Kieran, whose XL dick is able to reach all the right places inside Jason to make him moan with pleasure and drive out a massive load of cum from a very satisfied Jason.

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Sexy ripped young men Peter Annaud and Alan Mosca jerking their huge uncut cocks till they orgasm spraying cum all over themselves

Belami says: It’s the Summer loves week at Belami and today we have two sexy young brunettes Alan Mosca and Peter Annaud.

We’ve known Peter quite a long time and much longer than Alan, but both are fully part of the team here at Belami.

They start by making out kissing passionately before they get down to jerking their big uncut cocks.

These two sexy boys both orgasm at the same time spraying their creamy cum all over their ripped abs.

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Sexy young boys Orri Aasen and Ryan McKenna huge twink dick hardcore ass fucking

Belami says: This week hardcore action stars with a home video between Orri Aasen and Ryan McKenna.

The boys have struck it lucky today and found a free room in the Castello, so all they need is a buddy with a camera to complete their mission of making a home video.

Luckily Adam Archuleta is on hand to help out with that part of the task.

It seems that Orri is in a bit of a rush to get fucked today and is quite eager to rush through the foreplay in order to have Ryan’s big dick inside of him.

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Hot young stud Jeroen Mondrian’s tight bubble ass bare fucked by Bruce Querelle’s huge twink dick

Belami says: Philipe wants Bruce Querelle to show a bit more of a proactive spirit with a more experienced model before he is let loose with the newbie Belami Boys.

Philipe has therefore arranged a hot bareback ass fuck with Jeroen Mondrian.

We’re not sure that Philipe was being entirely sincere as we suspect that he just wanted to see a hot session with two of our hottest guys fucking.

Whatever the reason we are happy that he arranged for this encounter today.

Much to Jeroen’s delight, Bruce is the top in today’s scene, and much to our delight we get to watch as Bruce demonstrates that he needs no further training at all.

The session starts with a long and luxurious suck session followed by some pretty intense bareback fucking, with Bruce pulling out just in time to deliver a thick and creamy load on Jeroen’s hole.

He then uses the cum as lube to fuck Jeroen again before he too shoots his load into his buddy’s waiting mouth.

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Sexy muscle boy Paul Cassidy’s huge dick bareback fucks young hottie Viggo Sorensen’s smooth bubble butt

Belami says: Paul Cassidy and Viggo Sorensen are two of our most popular boys on Belami Chat and today they’ve decided to team up for the day.

Despite chatting for 20 hours straight Paul is still mega horny and he’s up for a spot of what he calls ‘real sex’.

Luckily for him, Viggo is also feeling in need of some hot sexual attention.

This new generation of Belami Boys are certainly more exhibitionist and are regulars to the many outdoor gyms around the center of Prague.

This focus on the body perfect means they have sexy ripped muscle bodies and it is clear that their stamina for sex is much higher for longer.

In today’s episode, Paul will bareback fuck bottom boy Viggo. Viggo is happy as he prefers to be taking a big cock and Paul loves to drill his partners with his huge twink dick.

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Hot young dudes Jon Kael and Torsten Ullman hardcore big cock anal barebacking

Belami says: It is hard to imagine, but Torsten Ullman went out last night to try and pick up, but returned home empty-handed and rejected.

At least he has a good group of close buddies that are always willing to help out a friend in need, even if most of them are a bit hungover, there is always at least one up for a little fun.

Today it is Jon Kael that is also feeling horny and wanting a good fuck.

As we all know, Jon has a fine set of low hanging balls, and with the warmth of a South African summer, they seem to hang even lower than normal and swing in time to the pounding that he gets from Torsten.

The sex here is hot, energetic, and intense and, although it leaves the boys satisfied, leaves us wanting even more of this sexy couple.

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Christian Lundgren’s hot bubble ass bare fucked by Kieran Benning’s huge erect dick

Belami says: Today it is the first day of Sex Safari week with both Christian Lundgren and Kieran Benning enjoy their time in Cape Town.

Both these sexy boys have a few fetishes that turn them on. Christian is really turned on by a guy’s feet and he licks Kieran’s bare feet in the bathtub.

After he has licked and kissed Kieran’s feet he settles down to his first love, sucking down hard on a guy’s big rock hard dick.

Kieran is the perfect partner to fulfill this desire as well, bareback fucking his ass in every position imaginable until Christian cannot hold back any longer and erupts with a huge load of sticky love.

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Hot barebacking threesome ripped young dudes Jordan Faris, Bobby Noiret and Justin Saradon’s big dick fucking

Belami says: Our young dudes are pretty much horny all of the time as young men are. But when they visit Cape Town the intensity of the sex seems to jump to a higher level.

Today we step into a dream threesome with handsome young hunks Jordan Faris, Bobby Noiret, and Justin Saradon. They start running across the windswept beaches with no cares in the world.

All their thoughts are on the hot sex they are going to have during the trip down south.

Justin starts off today’s sexy action as soon as the boys get back home. Now we can understand why he was in such a hurry to get Bobby and Jordan into his bed.

The love-making is a tag-team of action with both guys taking turns to satisfy Justin’s craving for cock.

Right after shooting his load, he is rewarded with a huge and creamy mouthful of Bobby’s cum followed by an equally huge load from Jordan all over his ass. Luckily Bobby was there to lick it clean for him.

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Hot young Euro twinks Dylan Maguire and Joaquin Arrenas hardcore bareback ass fucking

Belami says: We remember seeing Dylan Maguire and Joaquin Arrenas together before. Today we celebrate them as our models of the week.

Benno Thoma took the photos whilst the boys were in Cape Town.

The sexy boys get naked and jerk their big cocks and suck and fuck till they both explode in cum.

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