Tommy Defendi Fucks Turk Mason at CockyBoys

Tommy Defendi Fucks Turk Mason at CockyBoys hot gay porn movies to download gay porn gallery

Another fucking hot scene from our feature film – The Name of the Game! Tommy and Turk are looking their best and they’re not wasting any time! Tommy throws Turk on the bed and within seconds he’s already found a new home for his big juicy thick cock. The fucking just goes on and on and at one point Tommy tells Turk – “I’m gonna put my cock in you again now and I’m gonna fuck you even harder, ok?”. As if poor Turk’s hole has any other choice but to take what’s coming. The chemistry between these two was so strong that we had to have the paramedics on speed dial in case the fireworks burned the place down! Happy new fucking year, everybody! Watch Tommy Defendi and Turk Mason FULL EXPOSURE here!

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Phenix Saint Fucks Stephen Forest at CockyBoys

Stephen Forest is one of our new models we’d met at one of our parties at Splash Bar here in NYC. He had a great vibe about him and I loved his look awesome tattoos, a big dick and a great body. That night I could tell Stephen really had the hots for Phenix Saint. … Read more

Phenix Saint fucks Kennedy Carter at CockyBoys

Phenix Saint fucks Kennedy Carter cockyboys Download Full Stud Gay Porn Movies Here

Cum keeps pumping out on the set of Cockyboys’ soon-to-be-released full-feature movie “Name of The Game”, and we’re losing no steam as we release more scenes from this release. Phenix Saint is an up and coming tattoo artist trying to make it in NYC. Kennedy Carter is a tattoo artist that has “made it” in the Big Apple. Phenix met Kennedy on the subway, and after talking for a bit, Phenix convinced Kennedy to come over to his place to show him some of his work. Well– you know they had other things in mind. Phenix Saint works over Kennedy Carter’s holes – Phenix Saint’s style. Those of you who know him – know what I’m talking about. Those of you that don’t – are about to get a pretty good idea of what goes on (and what goes down) once Phenix gets naked and his cock gets hard. The saga continues and no hole is safe in this city! Kennedy Carter is just another hot fucker who had to learn that the hard way – the only way! Watch Phenix Saint and Kennedy Carter FULL EXPOSURE here!

Phenix Saint fucks Kennedy Carter cockyboys Download Full Stud Gay Porn Movies Here

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Phenix Saint, Mason Star & Tommy Defendi

CockyBoys is due to release a full length feature called The Name of the Game. The movie set in New York City follows the adventures of three guys who want to make it big in the city. The artist, played by Tommy Defendi, the weird tattoo artist, played by Phenix Saint and the erstwhile newbie … Read more

Mason Star and Tommy Defendi for CockyBoys

Tommy Defendi And Mason Star Flip Fuck CockyBoys download full movie gallery via Twitter

Catch Tommy Defendi and Mason Star flip fucking here

From CockyBoys: Tommy Defendi and Mason Star are back for their continued Bromance! This time, I flew them to New York for some site-seeing and CockyBoys parties. They spent pretty much all their time together, and it’s no wonder everyone thinks they’re dating. Whatever it is, they definitely have some kind of romantic fling going.

Tommy_Defendi_And_Mason_Star_Flip_Fuck_CockyBoys download full movie gallery via Twitter

Catch Tommy Defendi and Mason Star flip fucking here

They were hanging out on my couch one day after a night of heavy club promotions, just chillin’ naked while cruising for some local dudes in the area. Apparently all the cruising got Mason hot and bothered, so they decided to fuck each other right then and there! After brutally pounding Mason’s ass on the couch, Tommy decided he wanted some of Mason’s giant cock in his hole. So he sat on that Mason’s dick and rode it like a pro till he came all over Mason’s chest! This is a flip-fuck that’ll go down in history!

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Cockyboys Gabriel Clark, Mason Star, Tommy Defendi and David

CockyBoys goes four up! Gentlemen, I am excited to share with you the newest blockbuster of gay porn – “The Fourgy”. It is everything you’ve ever wanted from your porn. I took my 3 newest and hottest pornstars and added to the mix one more fuckingly-stunning, super-mega-hot stud, David, and this scene is about to … Read more

Cockyboys horny young stud Daniel Evans’s huge raw cock bare fucking Dallas Preston’s smooth asshole

Cockyboys says: It’s back to summer’s end where Daniel Evans and Dallas Preston share highlights of the season and make one more hot memory by fucking by the pool at Camp CockyBoys.

The guys both love to lounge in the sun, but while Dallas is ready for a nap, Daniel is energized…and very horny.

And with Dallas curled up next to him, Daniel can’t help by reach over and fondle him through his loose-fitting shorts.

Daniel runs his fingers along Dallas’ hole and in no time he’s gently rimming him and rubbing his cock along Dallas’ crack.

Dallas wakens and Daniel apologizes, but Dallas is happy to wake up to this.

In fact, he spits lubes his own hole and guides, Daniel, inside him.

Dallas is totally into sexy Daniel who gives him the hard fucking he wants by pounding him from the side

Daniel gradually moves Dallas on top to ride his cock and take every deep jackhammer thrust.

They soon need a little break but Dallas wants to suck Daniel and he just can’t get enough of it.

Even when Daniel starts eating his hole, Dallas goes back to sucking his tasty cock leading then to an all-out cocksucking 69.

Daniel loves feeding his cock to him but he really wants his cock in Dallas’ hole again

Daniel pounds him from behind every which way and Dallas loves it all.

But, Daniel flips Dallas on his back to pound him and when Dallas gets close, Daniel grabs his cock and makes him cum, and milks him dry.

Right after that, Daniel pulls out to shoot his thick load and finish inside Dallas.

As they kiss, Dallas can’t say enough about how he loved it and as they lie back, he’s already talking about how he’ll wake up Daniel next time.

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Cockyboys long haired dude Leo Louis’s huge thick cock raw fucking sexy stud Avery Jones’s tight ass hole

Cockyboys says: Avery Jones’s best-laid plans for his stay at the sexual awakenings retreat have truly gone astray. He’s split with his boyfriend before they went, so the newly single has gone to get laid..without much luck.

And, his meditation workshop isn’t what he expected as it’s run by free-spirited but intuitive radical faerie Leo Louis whose unorthodox methods annoy & perplex Avery.

Eventually, Leo breaks down Avery’s resistance and “cockmitizes” him, showing off his irresistibly big dick which Avery promptly sucks. He can’t get enough of it, deep-throating Leo, licking every inch of his cock & balls non-stop.

As content as Leo is to get this pleasure, he wants to return the favor and puts Avery into a state of ecstasy rimming him from behind and on his back while also sucking his cock. But it’s when he slides his cock into Avery that Leo gets the desired results.

Leo’s steady deep fucking is just what Avery wanted and he takes it all–on his back and from the side before Leo fucks him up against a tree. He pounds and stretches out Avery and doesn’t quit until he fucks a load out of him.

Making Avery cum pushes Leo over the edge and he pulls out to shoot his massive load. He pumps his cock back into Avery who fucks himself back on Leo before they make out.

Lying down with Leo, Avery couldn’t be more satisfied to be opened up in more ways than one by him.

And, in the basking of the afterglow, Avery learns Leo is just as kooky as he appears. And that’s a good thing!

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Cockyboys hot hung muscle hunk Leo Grand’s huge dick bare fucks young hottie Brock Banks’s tight hole

Cockyboys says: After the party, Leo Grand and Brock Banks get some alone time in the bedroom where Brock affectionately kisses Leo all over.

He soon focuses his attention on Leo’s cute ass, specifically his “honey hole” and he uses all of his mouth and tongue on it.

Brock just can’t get enough, and Leo loves all the pleasure including Brock cock-teasing his hole.

So, when Brock wants it, Leo is happy to suck his big dick.

Leo gives Brock’s cock lots of attention only stopping periodically to kiss him.

At the same time, Brock can’t keep his hands off Leo’s butt.

Finally, he just has to be inside Leo, who agrees and in no time, he’s sitting on Brock’s cock, riding him and taking his deep thrusts.

Brock still gives his hole a break by sucking his cock, while Leo reaches behind Broke to stroke him.

And when asked, Leo goes right back to sucking Brock and getting his cock spit-lubed again.

Soon Brock puts Leo into position and after a little more ass-eating slides in from behind and power tops him with passionate domination and dirty talk.

After pounding him every which, Brock gets Leo on his back to drill him on his back and their connection intensifies.

Brock’s targeted thrusts do their job and Leo shoots a thick load over himself.

Brock pulls out just in time to cum on Leo’s hole, a thick load they both love.

Already bound together they seal it with one more deep kiss.

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Cockyboys hottie young hunk Kane Fox’s bubble ass hole raw fucked by muscled dude Tayte Hanson

Cockyboys says: Hot top Kane Fox wants to learn to be a better bottom and Tayte Hanson is here to help! He spends a little time getting to know Kane and he proceeds with some skillfully intuitive foreplay.

After a mix of kissing and licking Kane from neck to crack, a little foot play, and humping, Tayte soon tongue dives into Kane’s hole.

Taking on a semi-dominant role Tayte spit-lubes Kane and teases his hole but instead of fucking him he moves in front of him to make Kane suck his thick cock.

While Kane goes all-in on sucking him, Tayte reaches around to finger him and soon he flips over Kane to tongue his hole one more time.

Now sure he’s now ready, Tayte slowly slides his cock into Kane while lovingly giving him instructions to take it.

Tayte takes his time helping Kane get used to his cock before he starts fucking him harder and deeper and helps him reach the juncture of pain & pleasure.

Soon after reaching this point Tayte flips Kane on his back to lap at his hole and uses his fingers to expand his hole while continue to “teach” him.

Tayte also uses this time to give Kane oral pleasure, deep-sucking his cock and balls and eating his hole even more.

Tayte fucks Kane on his back, focusing even more on how he responds and kissing him to relax him even more.

In one more lesson, Tayte has Kane ride his cock and he raises the intensity by getting Kane to choke him…which Tayte reciprocates.

Finally, Tayte lies back to stroke out a big load and give a facial to Kane who soon shoots his own load all over himself.

Kane kisses Tayte, genuinely grateful to him for the memorable bottoming experience he craved.

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Cockyboys sexy young boy Eli Bennet’s hot bubble butt raw fucked by Tayte Hanson’s big dick

Cockyboys says: Returning to Camp CockyBoys is a memory-triggering homecoming for Tayte Hanson and he’s happy to help newbie Eli Bennet make some memories too.

The guys spend time together with Tayte showing Eli around before they relax in the hammock getting to know each other. After a fun, unexpected visit By Kane Fox, Tayte & Eli retreat to the patio, where things get interesting.

It’s Eli who’s the seducer, running his hands over Tayte’s body and fulsome crotch and kissing him on the neck to the point Tayte gets goosebumps. Soon Tayte kisses him back with increasing passion and control just as Eli likes and Tayte ramps it up getting him to suck his cock.

Eli sucks him deep and Tayte gets more dominant as he face fucks him and holds him on his cock and verbally commands Eli’s actions. After Eli has taken Tayte’s cock & balls every which way he can, Tayte flips him on his tummy and eats his hole.

Tayte can’t get enough and soon puts Eli on his back to continue rimming him in addition to sucking his cock. Once Tayte has spit-lubed Eli to his satisfaction, he starts fucking him with building momentum and depth, still dominating his hole but kissing him passionately too.

When he wants Eli to ride him, Tayte simply flips on his back with his cock still buried inside Eli, who leans back as he rides him. Soon, when Tayte offers him the chance, Eli sucks him more, then turns around to ride him again. This time they angle themselves to kiss as they fuck and Tayte strokes Eli as he rides him.

Tayte can sense when Eli is close and he keeps jerking him until he shoots a big thick load. Tayte is close too and gets Eli to suck him again and when he blows he gives Eli a facial they both get to savor. They’re both on a post-sex high as they lie together, expressing just how hot their afternoon was.

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Cockyboys sexy young twink Dallas Preston’s hot raw hole bare fucked by Angel Rivera’s massive cock

Cockyboys says: Fearless and fun-loving Dallas Preston makes his debut with super-sexy pansexual Angel Rivera. After enjoying the pizza party at Camp CockyBoys, and opening up about themselves and what “cocky” means to them, Angel and Dallas frolic in the pool, take a sensual shower together, and relax at a cozy spot outside on a garden love seat.

Lying together their hands begin to wander and it isn’t long before they kiss and whisper romantic and very sexy things to each other. Angel takes a semi-dominant tone with Dallas, who responds by enthusiastically sucking his big cock and happily deep-throating and gagging on it as it grows harder.

Dallas keeps on giving Angel oral pleasure even as he’s put into a 69 to have his ass eaten. As Dallas shows he can take it Angel gets even more aggressive, face-fucking him and even holding him down on his cock with his hands and strong thighs.

When Angel tells him to ride his cock, Dallas goes for it, readily agreeing with him that he owns his hole and takes all of his deep thrusts.

With Angel now in full, verbal power top mode, he takes Dallas from behind, pounding his hole every which way on top of the sofa. With so much sexual energy being expended, they have to take a small break in which Dallas lies back and Angel gives him a blowjob. But soon enough Angel has Dallas on his back to eat his ass and probe his hole with his hands.

Angel drills Dallas on his back and they both focus on each other. Angel never lets up fucking even when he moves in to spit in Dallas’ mouth. They’re into total sync now so when Dallas starts to shoot his load, Angel pulls out at the same time and shoots a high-flying cumshot over Dallas.

Angel finishes his orgasm fucking Dallas as he milks his cock dry, then takes him in his arms for big-screen kiss! As Dallas tastes all the leftover cum and Angel fingers his hole, he is so blown away by the experience, it might be a long time before he recovers.

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Cockyboys sexy young bottom boy Leo Louis’s tight asshole bare fucked by Cory Kane’s huge thick dick

Cockyboys says: Cory Kane is back, he’s been away for almost a year but he’s returned teamed up with Leo Louis for a very special outdoor sex scene.

On a hot beautiful summer’s day Cory hikes around the woods near his home cruising looking for guys for sex. He bumps into a hot shirtless artist Leo who is busy sketching. But once Cory takes out his big dick and strokes his thick dick, Leo is riveted and puts away his sketchpad to follow Cory deeper into the woods.

Here, they make out with hungry passion until Cory gets on his knees and when Leo unzips and his ginormous hard cock is revealed, Cory is faced with a BIG challenge. Cory uses his mouth and his hands to service as much of Leo’s cock as he can until Leo takes charge.

He sensuously sucks Cory’s thick cock and easily puts Cory under his spell. So, when Leo makes his next move, he doesn’t even have order Cory to bend over. He just does, holding onto a log as Leo buries his face in his ass crack.

He spends long time there, his tongue and mouth lubing Cory’s hole for the big one. Leo partially eases his cock into Cory, stretching him out and barely goes into him half-way. He decides to give Cory a little break and they lie together on a blanket.

They kiss and stroke themselves and each other for a bit until Leo makes his next move. Turning Cory on his side he rims him and works his cock into his hole. This time Leo doesn’t hold back and drills Cory’s hole deeper.

Finally Leo gets Cory on his back to pound him balls deep and Cory now wants it all. Leo’s ass-pounding leads to his fucking a load out of Cory and as Leo gets close, Cory begs for a facial.

Leo delivers big time with a thick load covering much of Cory’s face and Leo spreads it all over with his cock and hands. As Leo kisses, Cory responds breathlessly with two words that say it all”fuck yeah.”

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Cockyboys hot young stud Aiden Ward’s huge cock bareback fucking Jacen Zhu’s hot bubble butt

Cockyboys says: Jacen Zhu is back, bringing plenty of joyful energy, and he makes a sensual connection with Aiden Ward on the path to a passionate flip-fuck.

Their chemistry is instantaneous when they start kissing and making out, enjoying each other’s bodies as well as their lips.

Aiden’s mouth soon makes its way down Jacen’s body to suck his cock down to the base and make him softly moan with pleasure.

Jacen wants to give Aiden pleasure too, so they ease into a 69 where Jacen eats his and tongue-fucks hole while Aiden continues to savor his cock.

At one point, Jacen is almost giddy as Aiden brings him too close to the edge, so they slow down and switch it up.

Jacen sucks Aiden’s ever-hard cock and Aiden fucks his mouth in response, again getting close to the edge.

Aiden resumes sucking Jacen in a 69 but soon he’s rimming him while Jacen gulps down his cock.

Jacen only stops when Aiden fingers his hole, and while he is eager to get fucked it’s Aiden who goes first by sitting on Jacen’s cock and riding him deeply.

Aiden bounces up and down on Jacen’s cock and takes his deep thrusts and they get into a groove.

Jacen has to stop before he orgasms, but Aiden’s tight hole around his shaft will not be denied as Jacen shoots his load inside Aiden.

As he slides his cock out of Aiden, Jacen’s thick load starts to ooze out BUT he’s not done.

Still hard, Jacen fucks Aiden on his back and pounds deep, riding the crest of his sexual stamina as they kiss passionately.

And yet, seemingly tireless Jacen keeps going flipping Aiden on his stomach to get on top of him and drill him deep and neck with him.

Finally, Jacen slows down so Aiden can take the reins and fuck him.

Still reeling from the unexpected thrill of being bred, Aiden wants to return the favor, so he gets Jacen on his back to plow him intensely.

Aiden is a fuck machine, partly fueled by passion kissing and Jacen’s vocal encouragement, but it’s when he takes Jacen’s hole from the side that he reaches the point of no return.

Aiden pulls out to shoot his load between Jacen’s muscular thighs then finishes his orgasm inside his hole.

Jacen all smiles once again as they kiss with Aiden’s cock still resting inside him.

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Cockyboys ripped muscle dude Roman Todd’s huge cock raw fucking sexy twink Avery Jones’s hot boy hole

Cockyboys says: Summer means outdoor sex in fun places and for Avery Jones and Roman Todd it’s a hammock.

As they dreamily rock in the hammock, Avery is curled up next to Roman while his busy hands and lips trace the contours of his muscles and bulging crotch.

Of course, Roman gets hard and it isn’t long before Avery gets him naked, strokes his growing cock, and goes down on him.

Roman luxuriates in Avery’s perfect sucking and deep-throating and he is very vocal in letting him know how good it feels.

Sitting sideways on the hammock Roman gets the fully focused cock and balls worship from Avery, and in this position, he can face fuck him as well as reach over to finger his hole.

In time a still-seated Roman forces Avery to stands up so he can rim and tongue his hole then bend him over to fuck him. At first, Roman uses the hammock’s swinging motion to guide his cock deep into Avery, but he soon wants full control.

Roman slips out of the hammock and using his entire body plows Avery on all fours.

He only stops his relentless ass-pounding to finger probe Avery’s still-tight hole before lying him back on the hammock to fuck him with unbridled lust.

Roman is so strong he can hold the hammock steady while deep fucking Avery who loves it all.

Roman’s deep thrusts do their job and he fucks a load out of the happy bottom. Roman is close too but stops, telling Avery, ” I’m not done using your fucking hole”

Roman takes him out of the hammock to pound him against the tree. Again, Roman becomes a vocal, non-stop fucking machine until he goes over the edge and pulls out to shoot his massive load, some of which he aims on Avery’s hole.

And as Avery wants Roman slides his thick cock back in. Our super-satisfied duo return to where they started, lying on the hammock where Roman simply states, “The best way to end the fucking day.”

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Hottie young dude Zeke Wood’s bare hole raw fucked by ripped stud Johnny Ford’s big uncut cock at Cockyboys

Cockyboys says: We start the summer season with newbie young stud Johnny Ford and Zeke Wood in his first visit to the Summer Camp.

These warm-weather lovers enjoy a late afternoon on the porch next to the outdoor hearth, a perfect spot for Johnny to give Zeke a sensuous massage and get them both excited for more.

As they make out, what little clothes they wear come off and their big dicks pop up.

Zeke goes down on Johnny and his cocksucking enjoyment increases as he keeps going.

Johnny reaches over to tease and finger Zeke’s ass and when he gets a taste of that hole he wants more.

Johnny eats out Zeke’s ass and slathers over his big cock and balls, getting hungrier as Zeke amps up the sex talk.

And just as Zeke wants Johnny cock teases his hole and slowly slides in. He keeps it slow and easy until Zeke begs for more.

Soon, Zeke follows Johnny’s command and pushes back on his cock.

Johnny starts fucking and his cock hits the bullseye almost immediately making Zeke cum virtually hands-free.

Zeek stays hard though, and Johnny keeps plowing deep, getting into a groove they both want to keep going.

They do until Johnny gets Zeke on his back to lick his hole and nuts and Zeke begs for more fucking.

Johnny obliges and drills him deep.

Johnny soon finds the perfect position and intensity Zeke loves and he keeps going.

Again, Johnny finds THE spot and he makes Zeke shoot ANOTHER hands-free load.

Zeke milks his cock, extending the intense orgasm and Johnny feeds him his load and lubes his hole with the rest, Johnny fucks him from the side.

And with Zeke prodding him verbally, “daddy” Johnny pulls out to shoot a huge, thick load over his hole.

He slips his cock back in and leaves it inside Zeke as they kiss totally satisfied with a perfect afternoon romp.

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Horny muscle hunk Gabriel Clark’s huge cock raw fucking Edward Terrant’s hot boy hole at Cockyboys

Cockyboys says: The pandemic didn’t give Edward Terrant the chance to have the hot sex he craved, so we have the cure for his bluesgetting “Clark’d” by Gabriel Clark.

Gabriel is more than happy to give Edward exactly what he wants to.

He seduces Edward by passionately kissing him all over, then getting him on all fours to eat out his half-exposed butt, finger his tight hole, and tease it with his cock.

Without skipping a beat Gabriel soon moves in front of Edward to feed him his cock.

Edward eagerly sucks and slobbers over every inch of cock he is fed while Gabriel reaches over to play with his hole.

It’s not long though before Gabriel goes back to rimming and fingering his ass and cock-teasing it.

This time he fucks Edward doggy style, deep and hard with increasing intensity.

Gabriel’s total pleasure-giving style continues when he flips over Edward to suck him with equivalent focus and passion.

And when Gabriel asks, Edward eagerly sits on his cock and rides him.

Edward bounces up and down on Gabriel’s cock, alternating with taking his upward thrusts and they’re both exhilarated by this perfect sync.

The same sexually shared joy occurs when Edward rides Gabriel in a reverse cowboy and edges closer.

However, Edward shifts 180 degrees to ride Gabriel relentlessly until he shoots his load over his chest, and he keeps going until he brings Gabriel to the edge.

Gabriel pulls out and shoots a big gusher and he keeps the intense orgasm going by milking his cock, partially inside Edward.

Gabriel shares kisses and cum with a euphoric Edward who proclaims, “I’ve been waiting 8 months for a fuck like that!”

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Ripped young stud Felix Fox’s huge bareback cock raw fucks Avery Jones’s hot ass hole at Cockyboys

Cockyboys says: Felix Fox is back to switch it up by topping Avery Jones.

Felix summons up a little of his inner dom, but really Avery is pretty much in charge.

His hands lightly caress Felix’s ripped body and get him hard and soon Avery’s lips go from Felix’s mouth down to his exposed hardon.

Avery sucks and deep throats Felix whose approval spurs Avery to go all in.

He strokes and sucks Felix’s cock and big balls and puts him into a state of writhing, back-arching breathless pleasure, which he enhances by playing with his nipples.

Soon, when Avery turns around and plays with his hole in front of his face, Felix takes the “offer” and eats and fingers his hole.

Avery takes the lead and sits on Felix’s cock and rides it.

Felix thrusts up into Avery and gets close to orgasm, but Avery shifts position and rides Felix’s piston-pumping cock sideways.

Felix follows his lead by fucking him deep from the side…just as Avery wants.

Felix’s cock puts a smile of pure pleasure on Avery’s face and he intensifies it by holding Avery by the throat.

As they get close to going over the edge again, Felix flips Avery to pound his hole from behind.

Felix soon bears down to drill him downwards before pulling Avery to his knees to fuck him faster.

This time before he blows, Felix flips Avery on his back to fuck him and with Avery’s vocal prodding Felix pulls out and shoots his loads and finishes inside him.

He keeps going and finally fucks the cum out of Avery.

He gobbles up the thick load from Avery’s fingers and Felix kisses him with the passion of total satisfaction…which they BOTH experience at the end.

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Horny young stud Zach Astor’s massive bare dick raw fucking sexy boy Blake Dyson’s tight asshole at Cockyboys

Cockyboys says: Newcomer Blake Dyson makes his CockyBoys debut and Zach Astor is the one to welcome him.

Blake has a story to share on how he came to us and to porn in general, but he’s more interested in letting us know he likes to be kissed on the neck and back and really likes his ass eaten.

Zach gives him exactly what he wants and puts Blake in a state of vocal ecstasy.

When he gets his chance, Blake puts Zach in a similar state by sucking his cock as it grows to ginormous proportions.

Blake soon gets into a 69 and Zach resumes eating his ass, but his desire to be inside Blake is overwhelming.

Zach gets Blake on his back and after spit-lubing his hole, he maneuvers his cock into him and fucks him deep.

Once again Blake is in utter, breathless bliss as Zach pounds him on his back and from the side.

The deeper he goes the more Blake utters vivid sex talk and the more excited Zach gets as he drills him from behind.

After kissing Blake along his back, Zach pulls out to rim his ass again and flip him on his back to suck his cock and give him more vocal pleasure.

But now Zach wants Blake to ride him, and he does, quickly achieving the momentum bring himself to shoot a thick load over Zach’s abs.

And he keeps riding Zach right up to the edge, dismounting quickly to get a tasty facial.

As Blake gives Zach a sticky kiss, they are both full of compliments for how good everything was. Welcome to CockyBoys, Blake.

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Sexy young hung dude Leo Louis’s huge dick bare fucks hottie Edward Terrant’s tight asshole at Cockyboys

Cockyboys says: Fully geared up as Leo Louis’s pup, Edward Terrant whimpers and nuzzles his snout on Leo’s crotch and his devotion is finally rewarded with Leo playing with his ass and his butt plug tail.

After removing his “tail” Leo eats out Edward’s hole and caresses his smooth body before giving him what he really wants his beer can cock.

Edward hungrily sucks Leo through his puppy mask and goes as deep as he can.

Leo takes Edward to the next level by fucking him from behind. Leo starts off slowly to give Edward’s hole time to expand and get accustomed to his cock’s girth, then pounds him harder & faster in full doggy style.

After easing up, Leo flips Edward on his back to drill him hard and he keeps this intense momentum when he takes him from behind again.

Edward moans louder as he gets closer but Leo switches in up again by fucking him on his back on top of a large upright tire.

Now both guys are immersed in pleasure, even in the seemingly awkward position.

At last, Leo goes over the edge and shoots his load all over Edward’s hole which he pumps back into once more.

Leo then nuzzles Edward who lets go and shoots his intense load, made extra thick & huge from the long edging.

That’s not all! Stay tuned for a post-sex Q&A with Leo and an unmasked Edward as they talk about themselves, their roommates-with-benefits relationship, their gear & puppy play, the artistic style of this porn scene, and more.

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Handsome young stud Kane Fox’s erect dick bareback fucking hot dude Avery Jones’s bubble butt at Cockyboys

Cockyboys says: Avery Jones is naked relaxing in the bathtub of his apartment waiting for sexy top Kane Fox to arrive.

When Kane enters the bathroom, naked from the waist up and he starts playing with Avery’s feet, massaging them and checking out his tight young body and big soft dick.

They talk and flirt before Kane strips off his jeans and joins Avery in the tub, kissing passionately.

When Kane moves to sit on the bathtub edge we see he is sporting a huge erect boner.

Avery touches his thick cock and low-hanging balls with his foot and Kane grabs his foot and wanks it together with his dick.

Avery fondles it with his foot which Kane loves, but they both agree Avery needs to suck it.

Avery gives Kane a thorough and deep sucking and he’s rewarded by Kane’s total ass-eating.

Kane then transitions to fucking Avery from behind.

He thrusts into him slowly and deeply, the excitement heightened by watching themselves in the mirror as Kane picks up speed.

Avery has some moves of his own, using his hole on Kane’s cock as the handsome top leans back on the tub.

Kane helps by holding Avery by the hips and using his hole like a sex toy.

Soon they work in tandem fucking against the mirror until Kane takes over and keeps fucking hard until Avery goes over the edge and shoots his load on the mirror.

He wastes no time scooping it up and having Kane fuck it into him.

Now it’s Kane ready to blow and he sits back to stroke out his thick load and gives Avery a big, open-mouthed facial.

They go for one more round of sensual kissing, now enhanced with post-sex euphoria and the taste of cum.

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Young cute twink Troye Jacobs’s tight bubble ass raw fucked by Drew Dixon’s big cock at Cockyboys

Cockyboys says: It is time for some basic sex education in the “What’s Your Kink?” finale for the second series.

School is in session and your teacher Drew Dixon is very experienced sexually and his young pupil Troye Jacobs is going to get his first-ever try out in a sling.

In the first “lesson”, excited but slightly nervous, Troye is eased into the experience as Drew shows him that the sling amplifies the dom-sub, power and control dynamic…which Troye definitely wants.

In the sling experience, Troy gets the royal treatment as Drew plays with his body, talks dirty to him in a sensuous voice, and fingers him.

Then as Drew laps at his hole, Troy’s experience is heightened by watching himself in the mirror above him.

Drew turns his attention to Troye’s big dick with deep and slow sucking followed by steady stroking as he exerts his control and edges Troye.

Troye’s vocal begging to be fucked is music to Drew’s ears and he elicits more pleas from Troye while stroking his cock in front of him.

Finally though, Drew fucks him, pounding him harder as he makes Troy graduate from moans and pleas to submissive sex talk.

This in turn makes Drew even more aggressive and controlling, seemingly driving them both to the edge.

However, Drew turns down the volume and takes Troye out of the sling so he can taste his own ass by sucking on Drew’s cock.

Drew’s training expertise yields results as Troye sucks him just as he wants.

After much deep sucking Troye gets his next reward as Drew has him sit on his spit-lubed cock

Drew piston-fucks into Troye’s hole and then while his dick is buried deep inside him, Drew strokes him again. Once again Drew edges Troye right up to the edge before stopping and flipping him to relentlessly fuck him on his back.

It is Drew though who goes over the edge and pulls out to shoot which triggers Troye’s intense orgasm. in his last dom move Drew scoops up Troye’s load and fucks it into him.

Troye’s giddy smile will tell you that his first experience was to his liking as much as Drew enjoyed showing him the way.

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Dark muscle hunk Sharok’s huge thick bare cock raw fucks hot twink Avery Jones’s tight bubble ass at Cockyboys

Cockyboys says: Sometimes when you are feeling very low, something unexpected happens to lift you up.

That’s our story here as heartbroken Avery Jones is given an afternoon of passion from Sharok, a hot and sexy stranger.

Avery is sad and just wants to be alone listening to his music, but passerby Sharok wants to help…and won’t take no for an answer.

Sharok buys Avery lunch and after a fun food and conversation, Avery has lightened up and a grateful kiss turns into a full-on make-out session.

It isn’t long before hands wander, and Avery is on his knees sucking Sharok and making him swoon with his deep-throating.

With his sexual passion fully ignited, Sharok turns Avery around and eats his ass, burying his face in his crack and thumb-probing his hole.

Sharok starts fucking Avery deep, only stopping to spit lube his hole.

When Sharok takes a break, Avery goes right back to swallowing his cock, and as he does Sharok reaches around to play with Avery’s ass.

Avery is insatiable however and keeps sucking Sharok as he lies back enjoying the pleasure.

Sharok resumes his control when Avery starts riding his cock by holding his arms behind his back and thrusting up into him.

Avery then turns around and sits on his face and Sharok’s tongue action drives Avery to sit on his cock again and take more deep thrusts.

It’s not long before Sharok effortlessly lifts up Avery, still impaled on his cock, and puts him on all fours to eat his ass again.

This time Sharok makes a quicker transition and starts pounding Avery from behind.

Driving his cock into Avery every which way Sharok then flips him over to drill him.

As he does, Sharok sucks Avery’s feet and kisses him passionately while fucking him steadily until Avery shoots his load.

Sharok is close too and lies back to stroke his cock.

Avery helps Sharok over the edge by sucking his nipples while Sharok probes Avery’s hole with almost all fingers.

He gives Avery a facial which is almost all gobbled up.

They kiss again and Sharok holds him tight, Avery’s sadness now melted away.

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Sexy young blonde twink Felix Fox’s hot bare hole fucked by Kane Fox’s huge thick dick at Cockyboys

Cockyboys says: We have two foxy foxes making their CockyBoys debut together: Kane Fox and Felix Fox…who is making his “pro” debut.

The guys click from the start with big smiles and complementary tastes.

And since Felix expresses an interest in light bondage, he and Kane engage in a little kinky role-play.

Stripped down to a jockstrap and a blindfold, Felix plays with his rippling muscles & hard nipples as Kane watches, then approaches him to take control.

Kane bends over Felix who is breathlessly thrilled to submit and offer up his ass…which is promptly smacked.

Kane watches himself in the mirror as he makes out with Felix, dry humps him, and manhandles his body and his steely-muscled and vein-bulging neck.

Flex wants him even more and Kane turns his attention to eat out his smooth hole while fondling his creamy ass mounds.

After considerable teasing Kane moves in front of Felix to feed him cock, face-fuck him and test his deep-throating skills.

Kane pushes Felix a little more, ordering him to put on a dirty & vocal muscle-flexing show while he jacks off to the sexy exhibitionist.

Soon though, Kane answers Felix’s begging and fucks him from behind.

As he does, Kane continues to manhandle Felix and grab him by his thick curly hair before unmasking him to make him watch in the mirror too.

When “Sir” Kane has had enough of that he puts Felix on top of the counter to plow him more, enjoy his body and let his cock out.

Even as they make out with increasing passion, their dom and sub dynamic persists.

Kane switches it up again by sitting down and making Felix flex his muscles again while they both jack off.

Soon Kane sucks Felix and brings him very close to the edge and after making out and stroking their dicks together, Kane sits back to get more head.

And when he has fucked Felix deeply, Kane commands him to sit on his slobbered-up cock.

Felix rides him until he is ready to cum and that’s when Kane strokes him and milks an extra thick load out of him.

Kane licks some up and feeds Felix his own load before getting up to give him an open-mouthed facial.

Kane makes out again with Felix and is still in charge of him. And that’s the way they BOTH like it.

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Hot young muscle stud Tayte Hanson’s huge cock bare fucking Brock Banks’s smooth bubble butt at Cockyboys

Cockyboys says: It seems that Tayte Hanson who has been unlucky in love, is unlucky in love no more.

Moments after posting a dating profile online he gets a hot new match.

He’s super intrigued to read about Brock Banks and, in spite of the bad luck signs that pop up along the way, he is excited to arrange a hot late-night meet-up the same evening.

But Tayte gets a huge surprise when he meets up with Brock who is dressed in drag.

Brock has managed to get himself locked out of his own apartment so Tayte offers him to come home with him and on the way home he finds out that they both share a ton of bad luck in life.

When they arrive at Tayte’s place Brock heads to the shower and clean himself up.

When he steps out of the shower he gives Tayte another surprise: he’s super hot as well as pretty handsome.

When they kiss and make out, their chemistry is electric, and they act on their palpable attraction: Tayte fingers the muscled ass of Brock who in turn strokes his date’s big dick.

And soon Brock sucks Tayte just the way he wants and teases his hole.

After getting total, worshipful attention, Tayte returns the favor and eats out Brock, and finger-primes his hole.

Tayte finally starts fucking Brock from behind, his every thrust giving him pleasure.

Tayte gets close to the edge so switches gears and sits Brock to suck him with deep-throated passion.

Soon it’s Brock who gets close to cumming and asks him to stop.

Tayte just picks him up and carries Brock to bed to plow him on his back.

He accentuates the pleasure by double-penetrating Brock with his finger and sucking his feet while drilling him.

Tayte keeps it up as he pounds flexible Brock from the side and in the midst of this, he sucks his thick, veiny cock between his legs.

Tayte then flips Brock on his tummy and drills him to the bed.

He gets close again but this time he flips Brock on his back to give him a big thick, facial.

And while Tayte feeds him cum, Brock shoots his load.

Our gleeful duo snuggles up together, happy to have made such a seemingly perfect connection.

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Sexy ripped muscle dude Roman Todd’s huge thick dick bare fucks Angel Rivera’s hot Latin asshole at Cockyboys

Cockyboys says: Tayte Hanson’s unlucky romantic adventures continue today when Roman Todd and Angel Rivera manage to come out lucky at the expense of Tayte.

Tayte continues filming a movie of the latest flop of his dating history a potentially easy hookup with Angel.

As Tayte walks through the door he finds that Angel is already busy with Roman. An inconvenient double booking.

Angel decides to let chance choose as he flips a coin. We can guess how Tayte fares so he leaves straight away.

Roman turns the tables on Angel with a crafty can’t-lose coin flip determining he will get to top him.

Angel is a content loser, sucking Roman and taking all his cock when he gets face-fucked.

Angel continues to eagerly suck him deep as Roman takes control, taking him into a 69 to eat out his hole with the same hungry fervor.

After Angel rides his tongue, Roman turns him around and pounds his juiced-up hole adding a little voyeuristic edge to it all by facing the mirror as they fuck.

Even when Angel rides Roman’s cock in both positions he easily takes all of his verbal, aggressive deep-thrusting action.

This continues as Roman drills him on his back and, with Angel’s vocal encouragement, he fucks a load out of him.

And when Roman pulls out ready to cum, Angel quickly turns around so he can get an open-mouth facial from his intense orgasm.

And, as it turns out all’s well that ends well once again…just not for Tayte.

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Cockyboys sexy muscle hunk Dante Colle’s big thick dick bare fucking hot twink Tannor Reed’s tight boy hole

Cockyboys says: Tannor Reed likes a variety of hotel sex fantasies and the self-admitted voyeur/exhibitionist has Dante Colle on hand to act one out. After leaving a door unlocked Tannor slips into a bath sexy stranger Dante enters, totally turned on at the sight of Tannor in the bath. It’s not long before Dante is … Read more

Cockyboys sexy big muscle man Austin Wolf’s big raw dick bare fucking bearded muscle dude Brock Banks’s tight bubble butt

Cockyboys says: This is not the first time Brock Banks has been a bottom but he is excited to be under the total control of super top man Austin Wolf, the Austin Wolf experience as it were. As soon as they discussed what is about to happen Brock heads directly to naked Austin and grabs … Read more

Cockyboys young sexy hunk Troye Jacobs’s hot ass bare fucked by Zach Astor’s huge twink cock

Cockyboys says: Sexy young studs Troye Jacobs and Zach Astor love early morning sex when the day is just beginning and night turns to, day. Blonde cutie Zach reaches down to touch dark-haired twink Troye’s soft cock which springs to a solid erection at the slightest touch of Zach’s fingers. Zach strokes Troye’s dick gently … Read more

Cockyboys sexy young stud Zeke Wood’s huge cock bare fucks hot punk Leo Grand’s tight asshole

Cockyboys says: Sweet cute Leo Grand and curly-haired ripped twink Zeke Wood really hit it off on this their first-ever meeting. Zeke loves sensuous touching and smothers young Leo’s nipples and neck with hot kisses. The hot boys make out, kissing passionately in just their tight sexy underwear feeling each others’ sexy bodies and unleashing … Read more

Cockyboys ebony stud Adrian Hart’s big thick cock barefucks cute hottie Avery Jones’s tight white bubble ass

Cockyboys says: Today we’ve got two sexy men, black stud Adrian Hart and sexy young twink Avery Jones. From kissing to beautiful butts and big dicks Adrian Hart and Avery Jones have much to appreciate about each other and they waste little time showing that appreciation in every way in this Tayte Hanson-directed scene. Adrian’s … Read more

Hot interracial couple Adrian Hart and Zeke Wood big dick flip flop ass fucking

Cockyboys says: Hot black stud Adrian Hart and long-haired young dude Zeke Wood get together for the first time today.

We find out that both sexy young men are totally versatile and get totally turned on by flipping easily from being a powerful top to an equally vocal and powerful bottom.

Zeke and Adrian quickly develop a special bond and they are into each other right from the start.

They make out, kissing passionately stripping off their clothes, and lying together their naked bodies intertwined.

Young hottie is all fired up and he can’t hold back any longer so he leans down and sucks down hard on Adrian’s thick black cock.

Zeke can’t get enough of Adrian’s hard erection sucking it right back till it chokes him, moaning all the while.

Adrian, face fucks Zeke pushing his dick balls deep into Zeke’s mouth and feeling his tongue licking and playing with his big cock head.

And, knowing what Adrian wants, Zeke sits on his face letting Adrian eat his hot ass while continuing to suck his big cock.

Adrian enjoys Zeke’s cock too while still rimming his hot hole, prepping him for what comes next.

At one point Zeke sits up straight and hovers above Adrian sliding his asshole down onto Adrian’s ebony dick and riding him cowboy style.

Zeke is in control now and he presses his bubble butt down forcefully really feeling every inch of Adrian’s hardness moving deep inside him.

They quickly get in sync with an energetic give and take, finding positions to give each other pleasure.

And after Zeke bounces up and down and grinds on Adrian’s cock, they effortlessly flip the switch.

Adrian turns over and Zeke pounds him from behind and gets on top and drills him, only stopping once to rim Adrian’s bubble butt.

Soon, the guys switch again with Adrian getting Zeke on his back and flipping his legs to lap at his hole again.

Adrian soon resumes fucking Zeke, steadily with perfectly focused thrusting action that produces unexpected results: Zeke shoots his load hands-free.

An excited Adrian lubes his cock with the jizz to keep fucking Zeke who cums a second time with greater intensity.

Adrian pounds him until he pulls out, shoots over Zeke’s hole, and breeds him, almost fucking him off the bed.

Zeke is oblivious to this, totally spent and on a post-sex high, punctuated by Adrian’s kiss.

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Milky white young boy Avery Jones’s raw hole fingered then bare fucked by Dante Colle’s huge erect cock

Cockyboys says: Today sexy young bottom boy Avery Jones shows us how he loves to have his hot hole worshipped with Dante Colle they’ve been exploring his kinky side.

They start off making out kissing passionately when Avery sucks on Dante’s finger and pulls it down to his waiting ass hole.

Dante probes Avery’s tight hole with a single-digit before adding another and really working them deeply, stretching his hole wide.

Dante spins Avery around and gets his tongue deep between his ass crack before diving into his pink hole and caressing it with his wet lips.

All this works up Dante who strips naked and with his huge soft cock suddenly jumping to full erection as he forces it into Avery’s spit-lubed hole.

Dante raw fucks Avery and though they both mutually love the feel, he pulls out to manhandle Avery’s hole again before resuming his drilling.

Soon though it’s Avery who switches it up by showing off his oral skills, through sucking Dante’s big dick and balls as he sits back relishing the pleasure.

After Avery gulps him down and slobbers over every inch, he climbs up and sits on Dante’s slick cock, and takes every deep thrust.

At one point Dante takes more control and lifts Avery up to fuck him in mid-air before putting him on his back to plow him.

Dante takes a break only to turn Avery around and fuck his throat, 69 with him, and eat his hole before turning him around again to drill him.

Dante is relentless as he finally fucks a load out of Avery and pulls out to cream over his hole and breed him with it.

Dante kisses Avery but he’s drawn back to run his fingers over Avery’s freshly fucked hole and marvel at it.

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Sexy bearded muscle man Sharok’s huge thick raw dick bareback fucks Angel Rivera young ripped Latino stud

Cockyboys says: Ripped young Latino stud Angel Rivera is excited to be partnered with sexy bearded muscle man Sharok and we can expect a scorching hot gay sex session.

Angel’s eyes light up when he finds out how Sharok likes to treat a bottom boy especially when Sharok mentions a penchant for jockstrap wearing young dudes.

Sharok soon buries his face Angel’s crack and eats out his hole, and slaps his ass just as Angel wanted all along.

Sharok passionately kisses Angel and when he moves in front of him, Angel is all too ready to suck his cock.

Angel’s increasing excitement at sucking Sharok is met with face-fucking, more rimming and ass-play, and some hearty kissing.

The more Sharok manhandles Angel, the harder they BOTH get harder.

Finally, after Sharok has primed virtually every inch of Angel he gets behind him and fucks him hard.

It’s when he picks him up and takes him to bed that Sharok lets loose and really drills Angel’s ass.

Angel relishes every bit of the hard pounding while on his stomach and when he’s pinned on his back.

And when Sharok needs a slight break from the fucking, Angel is right there to suck him.

Soon Sharok gets his second wind moving into a 69 with Angel and slobbering over his hole again.

Before he fucks him though, Sharok gets Angel to put on a teasing show for him.

When Sharok is ready he allows Angel to sit on his cock.

Sharok bounces Angel on his cock and then just lets him work his hole on it.

Finally, while buried deep inside him, Sharok picks up Angel and fucks him on his back, and in no time, Angel shoots a thick load.

Sharok milks him dry and sucks the rest from his cock head, then sits back and strokes out a big thick load of his own.

Angel extends that enervating orgasm by sucking Sharok’s sensitive cock and licking up some jizz as well.

As you might expect, they’re just plain drained. For now, that is.

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Sexy young stud Benjamin Blue’s hot hole bare fucked by ginger muscle dude Olivier Robert’s huge thick uncut cock

Cockyboys says: Today we get to welcome back Benjamin Blue and Olivier Robert who are both sporting sexy new looks. See these horny guys bonding right from the off.

They are playful together, opening up about the sex that they like and making out kissing passionately.

Soon enough it is top man Olivier who forces Benjamin to swallow his thick erect dick, telling him how he likes a guy to pleasure him.

As Benjamin does, Olivier fucks his throat, pushing his gag reflex to the limit.

He does so well that when Olivier returns the favor he lets Benjamin face-fuck him right back.

With their sexual heat rising they get into a 69 with Benjamin returning to deep sucking while Olivier eats his ass.

Olivier’s slick & wet cock and Benjamin’s spit-lubed hole finally meet as Benjamin rides Olivier and the moaning bottom takes his deep upward thrusts.

They both almost go over the edge but slow it down momentarily to kiss and change positions: Olivier puts Benjamin on his back and pounds him relentlessly.

As Olivier drills Benjamin, he moves him to his side and then back to a full missionary with a variety of thrusts, each time hitting his prostate.

Finally, Olivier takes total control, fucking Benjamin faster while stroking his cock for him. He jerks and milks a big intense cum shot out of Benjamin and just keeps drilling him.

Soon he pulls out with an intense orgasm of his own shooting his load over Benjamin.

In the end, they’re both spent but thoroughly satisfied and glowing with post-sex euphoria and affection.

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Ripped young stud Zach Astor’s huge dick bareback fucking sexy twink Tannor Reed’s hot bubble butt

Cockyboys says: Sexy young stud Tannor Reed is extremely nervous about being partnered with Zach Astor and his legendary humongous dick.

Fortunately, Zach knows just how to treat a first-timer. At first, he gives Tannor just enough control & some affectionate sex talk as Tannor goes down Zach and gulps down his thick monster.

Tannor sucks Zach deep and several times takes his fat dick into his throat and as he goes on, Zach gets a little more dominant. Eagerly submissive, Tannor follows Zach’s murmured commands and licks his big balls.

When ordered, Tannor stands up so Zach can suck him, and he gets into a near upside-down position when Zach wants to eat his ass. Tannor relishes it all from Zach’s tongue fucking & finger probes to his cock-teasing.

Before giving him his cock, Zach gets Tannor to bend over and play with his own hole. And when it’s sufficiently primed, Zach stuffs his cock in Tannor’s hole, fucking him with the full length of his shaft.

Still in charge he soon Zach gets Tannor to ride his dick even deeper. But before finishing him off, Zach really eats out his hole.

Zach bends over Tannor and drills him harder but soon gives in to his request to fuck him on his back so they can be face-to-face. Zach plows Tannor and kisses him and it isn’t long before Tannor explodes in a geyser of cum.

Zach keeps fucking but soon lies back to stroke out a load and Tannor is right there to get every drop. They’re both delighted at the end but it’s Tannor who sums it up in one word: “Amazing!”

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Hottie ripped stud Tayte Hanson’s huge dick bareback fucking young dude Zeke Wood’s hot bubble butt

Cockyboys says: Young hottie Zeke Wood is excited to meet Tayte Hanson and they get straight down to it, kissing passionately.

Tayte worships Zek from head to foot teasing his big dick until it is fully erect.

He is soon sucking his cock and balls, rimming him, fingering his tight hole, and testing his pucker muscles.

Before going for more, Tayte sits his hot ass on Zeke’s mouth for some rimming and feeding Zeke his thick cock.

Tayte flips him on his stomach for more ass play and cocksucking until he finally gives him his cock to pound his ass.

Getting Zeke into the perfect position to take him has consequences: Tayte makes him cum virtually hands-free.

Undeterred, Tayte picks things up again and drills Zeke then leans against the bed’s headboard to get sucked, rimmed, and fingered every which way by an increasingly excited Zeke.

And soon Zeke is fucking Tayte from behind and in an acrobatic position with his big dick hitting that sweet spot over and over.

But, Tayte turns around and gives Zeke what he’s wanted: to ride him

As Zeke grinds on his cock, Tayte shows him how to give them both maximum pleasure in several positions.

Finally, Zeke rides him and Tayte’s deep thrusts make him shoot a full load over Tayte’s body.

He’s right there to finger-fuck Tayte who strokes out a big load and gives Zeke an unintended facial.

You won’t have to guess if they had a real good time…it’s very clear.

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Ripped young dude Levi Karter’s hot hole dominated by muscle stud Sharok’s huge thick dick

Cockyboys says: There has been some heavy snowfall and the temperatures maybe a little challenging for black bearded hunk LA dude Sharok, but he is back indoors and happy to be making out with ripped young muscle stud Levi Karter.

Sharok and Levi embrace making out, his lips moving up and down Levi’s ripped body returning to kiss his lips.

The horned up dude gets totally worked up as they engage in nipple play with Levi sucking down hard on his nipples.

They tease each other before Levi’s unleashes Sharok’s big cock and swallows it until it hits the back of his throat making him gag.

Sharok is soon interested in Levi’s ass as he leans forward to eat his ass, getting his tongue in between his smooth bubble butt ass cheeks and rimming his hot hole.

They keep going, glued together in a two-fold 69 until Sharok bends Levi over to dominate his ass, pounding him from behind and on top.

Sharok takes a little break to tongue Levi’s hole but soon resumes drilling him with increasingly aggressive but affectionate passion.

Sharok takes Levi from the side before lying him back to suck him and rim him.

Soon, Sharok rams into Levi only stopping to give him oral pleasure.

Sharok also gets some cocksucking from Levi and face-fucks him.

Sharok takes him from behind again but soon tosses him on the bed for Levi to ride him.

Sharok wants to see Levi cum and he makes it happen with piston engine fucking until Levi shoots a load hands-free.

This drives Sharok into an intense orgasm inside Levi, who uses his hole to literally squeeze & milk Sharok’s cock.

In turn, Sharok soon pulls out to shoot a big thick load again in Levi’s crack.

As Levi sits on top of a totally spent Sharok and kisses him, it’s clear who was really in control.

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Cockyboys sexy hot muscle dude Raphael Louis’ huge cock barebacking horny ginger stud Olivier Robert’s tight bubble ass

Cockyboys says: Today we enjoy the sight of two sexy Canadian dudes Raphael Louis and Olivier Robert who, although you may not have guessed it, are quite quiet and reserved in real life.

There is a definite bond between these two ripped muscle dudes and they admit that filming porn increases their own confidence and totally turns them both on.

The guys start off making out, sensuously kissing with Olivier’s soft lips running up the length and breadth of Raphael’s ripped muscular body.

Olivier’s mouth reaches Raphael’s crotch releasing and sucking up, his huge dick which is already fully erect, right to the back of his throat.

Olivier can’t get enough of Raphael’s cock and he just keeps going even as his ass rimmed.

But eventually, Raphael wants his turn and after worshiping Olivier’s sculpted body he gives the French ginger a balls deep blowjob.

Soon he turns Olivier around and bends him over to bury his mouth and tongue on Olivier’s smooth ass hole.

After fingering and cock-teasing his hole, Raphael pumps his huge raw dick deep into Olivier’s ass making him moan with delight.

Raphael drives his bare cock in slowly and deeply, in and out, until he picks up speed making Olivier cry out loudly with ecstasy. Before they go too far though, Raphael leads Olivier to bed.

Then Olivier resumes his lovingly focused attention sucking Raphael, making out with him, and rimming his smooth bubble butt ass hole. One big passionate embrace is just the catalyst for Raphael to take control again.

Raphael takes Olivier from the side and he makes Olivier cry out from the start. But soon he bareback fucks Olivier on his back, pinning him down and pounding him hard and deep.

Finally, Raphael pulls out to shoot his massive cum load all over Olivier before fucking his cum back inside Olivier’s hot hole.

He’s also right there finger fucking and kissing Olivier as he lies on his back stroking himself to a breathlessly intense and euphoric orgasm.

It’s only when they passionately kiss once more, do these two “shy” guys ever calm down.

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Young blonde stud Zach Astor’s huge thick dick bareback fucking sexy twink Avery Jones’s hot hole

Cockyboys says: Sexy young dude Avery Jones picks up Zach Astor in a camper for a hot weekend trip away from the city.

After a perfect day enjoying each others’ company Avery and Zach retire to the camper van for a hot quiet session wanking their huge twink dicks.

Avery is first to suck down hard on Zach’s thick young cock in the back of the van.

When the horny boys get back home the fun times really begin with them making out kissing passionately before Zach blows Avery’s huge thick dick.

Zach is very vocal expressing how good it feels as Avery uses his mouth and hands and takes on the challenge of deep-throating him.

Soon Avery also worships Zach’s cock and balls and plants kisses over his taut torso. As they make out again, Zach reaches around to play with Avery’s hole and tongue fuck it.

Avery is also vocal in his pleasure and gets up to sit on Zach’s face and feed him cock. After riding his tongue Avery moves down and slides his hole on Zach’s waiting cock.

Avery’s hole swallows every inch of cock and soon he’s taking Zach’s deep, slow upward and sideways thrusts.

Zach shows there’s more to a top than fucking as he makes out with Avery and sucks his cock with the same devotion he received.

But soon Zach goes back to fucking Avery on his back, plowing him relentlessly until he fucks a huge cum load out of him.

With his passionate lust still, unquelled Zach makes out with Avery and turns him over to tongue fuck his ass again.

With Avery’s hole primed again, Zach fucks Avery’s raised up the ass and practically gets on top to drill him.

Zach’s cock finds the bullseye again and Avery cums again, milking his cock dry.

In no time Zach pulls out and, just as Avery wanted, he shoots over his hole and plunges back in to breed him deeply.

As they lie back, totally spent, Zach’s fat cock is still pumped. Looks like that getaway did it some good too.

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Sexy ripped black muscle stud Adrian Hart’s huge cock bareback fucking young dude Tannor Reed’s tight boy ass

Cockyboys says: What with everything happening this year Adrian Hart and Tannor Reed decided to cancel their planned road trip to settle into a short staycation in LA.

The sexy dudes really made a deep connection and showed their more intimate sensual side in this hot video update.

They start by enjoying a warm bubble bath where they explore each others’ wet bodies, making out before Adrian carries Tannor to the bedroom.

With Adrian’s huge super erect cock tenting his tight undies, Tannor just has to release it and suck it to the back of his young throat.

As Adrian lies back on the bed he enjoys Tannor’s balls deep blowjob giving him guidance on how he likes it.

In time Adrian takes Tannor in his arms to kiss him passionately and put him on his back to eat his hole.

And when it’s properly primed Adrian fucks a very vocal Tannor while sucking his feet for added pleasure.

And with his whole stretched out by Adrian, Tannor decides he wants to ride him.

After sliding down Adrian and grinding deep, Tannor takes all his deep upward thrusts and subtle domination.

Adrian eventually lets Tannor ride him again but soon he lies him down in a 69 variation to eat his ass while Tannor again sucks him.

And, after face-fuckin and rimming him some more, Adrian bare fucks him from behind.

Soon though Adrian is virtually on top drilling him so deep and hard that Tannor is almost in an eye-rolling trance.

When he’s about to go over the edge Adrian grants Tannor’s please and shoots his thick load over his hole and into him.

Adrian neck with Tannor who soon lies back to shoot his own thick load …all while they keep on kissing and kissing and kissing.

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New young curly haired stud Zeke Wood’s tight raw asshole bare fucked by Austin Avery’s huge thick dick

Cockyboys says: Zeke Wood and Austin Avery are both super horny after they have spent the day at the beach in SoCal.

As soon as they get indoors the sexy boys start making out kissing passionately as they remove their clothes.

But before they go all the way right then and there, they adjourn to the bathroom, where making out leads to Zeke hungrily sucking Austin.

Soon they wind up in the shower where Austin teases Zeke’s hole and rims his ass.

Finally, after more teasing aside from the bathtub, Austin buries his cock in Zeke’s primed hole.

Austin pounds Zeke over the tub and Zeke just can’t get enough.

They change it up again and in the other room, Austin sucks and rims Zeke on his back on top of a wide counter…and plows him again just as Zeke likes.

But Zeke wants something more: Austin to cum inside him, so they switch it up again. In a chair, with Zeke perfectly positioned for it, Austin deep drills him.

Austin pounds Zeke non-stop until, with his eyes rolled back, erupts in a huge cum geyser of himself.

While Zeke is still on his sexual high, Austin resumes fucking him until he shoots his massive load over Zeke’s big balls.

And, with his cock and fingers, Austin makes sure he feeds most of his cum to Zeke’s hole…just as Zeke wanted.

When all is said and done, they both got just what they wanted.

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