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Freshmen says: Hottie young studs Torsten Ullman and Nils Tatum stroking their massive uncut cocks spraying jizz all over. Here Nils and Torsten, both blonde and blue-eyed, are paired in front of the camera for a heavenly photo shoot. The mutual attraction between these two divine boys is undeniable and we are delighted to show … Read more

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Freshmen says: Back to Greece with Niko Vangelis, Elio Chalamet, Jim Durden, Helmut Huxley, Sven Basquiat, Jon Kael, Jerome Exupery, Serge Cavalli, Joel Birkin, Nils Tatum, Paul Cassidy, Riis Erikson, Kieran Benning and Torsten Ullman. For one day only, Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery take over the daily backstage filming from Kevin Warhol. It seems … Read more

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Freshmen says: Hottie young stud Jamie Eliot’s huge thick uncut cock bareback fucking sexy bottom boy Bruce Harrelson. This is only Bruce’s second hardcore video but his bottoming skills exceed our expectations. His partner is “sex machine” Jamie who just can’t keep his hands off a handsome fellow like Bruce. When the boys remove their … Read more

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Freshmen says: We catch Jim Durden, Peter Annaud and Riff Dornan showing us around the Greek Island’s issue behind-the-scenes documentary we get more hardcore action than we are used to. Firstly, we get to see Pip Caulfield satisfying Jim Durden’s needs, and then we quickly jump onto the scene with Peter Annaud and Riff Dornan. … Read more

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Freshmen says: Helmut Huxley and Pip Caulfield’s hardcore ass fucking scene intro is a tad longer than usual. The sexy young men are in for a romantic afternoon which continues overnight, and until the next morning. The dirty guys decide to take a post-sleep shower together. Suddenly, all the romance goes away and the only … Read more

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Freshmen says: Sexy young stud Joel Birkin has a massive, thick uncut cock and he never has any problem getting a sexual partner, but Joel has so much more to offer a potential lover. He is polite, attentive, considerate, and passionate, Joel almost is the perfect package. The lucky young lad today is Yannis Paluan, … Read more

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Freshmen says: In just a few weeks we’ve gone from welcoming sexy young dude Lorenzo Ricci to today’s first hardcore scene. As Lorenzo is not a romantic type we paired him with Mikael Nyoman who loves to be fucked wild. After a short interview, Mikael and Lorenzo start sucking each other’s cocks before Lorenzo penetrates … Read more

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Freshmen says: Super horny young stud Jim Durden catches up with hottie muscle boy Niko Vangelis and they start making out right away. Jim leans in getting his tongue on Niko’s nipples, tweaking and sucking them, before pulling down Niko’s shorts and exposing his already rock hard thick uncut dick. Niko moans loudly as Jim … Read more

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Freshmen says: Sexy bottom boy Ashton Montana opens his asshole for new stud Camillo Beischel at Freshmen We decided to start the new edition off with something unique. The first scene from the hardcore of long-awaited newcomer Camillo Beischel. Camillo and Ashton Montana meet in the garden where our new boy is playing with his … Read more

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Freshmen says: Young dark-haired hotties Jim Durden and Jorik Tautou are discussing their sexual experiences.

Jim is surprised to hear that Jorik has never topped anyone before.

The two sexy young studs start to make out, kissing passionately, as Jim reaches down and wanks Jorik’s already massive raging uncut hard-on.

Jim can’t believe how thick and long Jorik’s cock is as he works it between his fingers.

They switch-up positions with Jim spreading his legs wide so that Jorik can get his tongue deep between Jim’s smooth hairless ass crack.

Jim holds his feet behind his head giving Jorik full access to his asshole.

Jorik probes his tongue deep into Jim’s asshole lubing him up and getting him nice and wet.

Jim moans loudly at the sensation pulsing through his ass.

With his super hard uncut cock between both hands he rubs it hard between Jim’s ass cheeks until he finally finds his moist hole and forces his cockhead inside.

Jorik’s massive young dick slips sleekly inside and he slowly starts to fuck Jim with long slow strokes.

He picks up speed sliding his slick dick balls deep inside Jim’s hot bubble butt.

Jim then jumps on top and guides his bare ass hole down onto Jorik’s throbbing cock, taking control and pressing down hard feeling Jorik’s thick member moving inside him.

His moaning reaches a crescendo as Jorik deftly fucks his hole.

Jorik pulls out and licks Jim’s dick just as he jerks out a huge cum load which sprays all over Jorik’s face.

He licks his lips and swallows Jim’s full load.

Then Jorik slips back inside and fucks Jim until he is ready to come, he pulls out as he explodes cum all over Jim giving him a big creamy cum facial.

The sexy boys embrace for a cummy kiss.

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Freshmen says: Young hottie Jamie Eliot is on the sofa in just his tight sexy underwear pondering his first chess move when he is joined by total newbie freshmen stud Clint Newman.

Clint’s huge erection is obvious for all to see as his big dick is tenting his white Calvin Klein undies.

At Clint feels Jamie’s hardening dick through the fabric of his underwear the two make out, kissing passionately.

Clint then leans in and engulfs the whole of Jamie’s huge 8-inch uncut dick all the way to the base, choking him a little.

Jamie pumps his dick all the way into Clint’s mouth in a power fucking rhythm.

They then switch places with Clint blowing Jamie as he jerks his own cock.

Jamie runs his tongue up and down the full length of Clint’s huge uncut cock.

With Clint’s bent double Jamie probes his ass hole with his fingers before he runs his tongue up and down Clint’s hairy ass crack.

Jamie then pushes his big uncut dick between Clint’s bubble butt ass cheeks in long hard strokes.

Clint relaxes as Jamie pummels his virgin raw asshole and the newbie bottom dude manages really well with his first dick fucking.

They swap positions a number of times, each time Jamie gets his dick deeper and harder into Clint’s aching hole.

With Jamie’s cock still plugging his ass Clint jerks himself to a huge cum explosion.

Seconds later Jamie wanks his dick spraying jizz directly into Clint’s mouth.

Finally the two sexy boys share a cummy kiss.

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Freshmen says: Today we see young sexy Benoit Ulliel in his very first sex scene for Freshmen with Nate Donaghy taking him through the ropes.

In charge as the coach, Nate leans down and pulls off Benoit’s t-shirt revealing his super ripped six-pack abs.

The young guy’s lip’s meet briefly for a quick kiss as Nate reaches down and plays with Benoit’s huge crotch bulge tenting his jeans.

Nate then opens his mouth, unleashes Benoit’s massive erection before swallowing his throbbing dick all the way down to its base.

Benoit moans with pleasure at the feeling of another boy’s mouth on his cock.

Nate knows how to pleasure a dude’s dick and he blows Benoit getting his tongue up and down his shaft and into his foreskin, before polishing his big cockhead.

Benoit’s dick is rock solid pointing skywards like a rocket.

Nate then lies back as Benoit demonstrates how much he has already learned from the young master cocksucker.

He blows Nate’s dick showing he is a very fast learner.

Then as the two young guys spoon, Nate slips his thick hard dick between Benoit’s ass cheeks forcing his cock balls deep into his hole.

The ass fucking is intense and the sexy boys switch positions a number of times as Benoit gets used to having another guy’s cock in his ass.

He’s loving the feeling of Nate’s massive dick moving inside his hole.

Benoit can hold off no longer and with Nate’s cock deep in his ass, he blows a huge orgasmic cumshot across his abs with cum dripping down.

Nate continues to pump away for a few moments until he can hold off no longer and pulls out just as his cock erupts with multiple streams of hot boy jizz, coating Benoit’s freshly fucked hole.

The hottie young lovers kiss passionately to end their hot love-making session. Catch up with all Benoit Ulliel sex scenes also at Belami here and Nate Donaghy movies here.

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Freshmen says: It’s been a while since we had a Nils Tatum update on our website as he no longer really qualifies as a “freshman”.

But today he is paired with Dino Fendi who most definitely does.

Nils meets Dino during an introduction for his promo video with Viggo.

He wastes no time in stealing Dino for himself, dragging him into the studio to show him just what it is like to have sex with a porn star.

Nils offers his butthole to Dino who then fucks him until Nils cums all over his stomach.

Dino might appear shy at first but this does not stop him from shooting his load right into Nils‘ mouth.

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Freshmen says: Sexy ripped young top Rhys Jagger’s huge uncut cock stretching hottie Pierre Cezanne’s bubble butt Rhys Jagger is well-known for joining the production team after he finished filming. Rhys’ mission for today was to procure lunch for the team, and he enlisted the assistance of Pierre Cezanne. Pierre recognizes the opportunity to get … Read more

Freshmen hottie young dude Hans Lagerfeld’s hot hole bare fucked by Matt Thurman’s big uncut dick

Freshmen says: Today Jerome Exupery is learning how to be behind the camera instead of in front. He is lucky as both Matt Thurman and Hans Lagerfeld are super horny with raging hard-ons.

As they sit next to each other on the couch, Jerome asks to see them kiss.

Hans is a little shy at first but once they lock lips he gets taken away with the action.

They kiss passionately while jerking each others’ long uncut dicks.

Matt gets on his knees and swallows Hans’s thick young dick making him moan with delight. The boys aren’t fazed at all by the cameras.

Hans enjoys Matt’s expert cocksucking skills before he leans forward and wraps his tongue around Matt’s big uncut cock licking it from tip to base before nibbling at his foreskin and tongue washing his big mushroom cockhead.

Matt then pushes Hans down onto the couch and lifts his legs in the air to expose his slightly hairy butt hole.

With both hands, Matt parts Hans’s ass cheeks and runs his tongue up and down his ass crack before plunging his tongue deep into his hot hole.

This makes Matt relax and he just wants to be fucked by Matt’s huge young cock.

Matt doesn’t disappoint as he pushes his big erect dick into Hans’s asshole until he is up to his balls then he pulls out slowly before pressing home again.

A couple of times, Hans is close to orgasm but Matt relaxes his anal onslaught just a touch and Hans continues to enjoy the feeling of Matt’s thick dick moving inside him.

They switch up positions a number of times, each time Matt’s ass pummelling gets harder and deeper.

Then without warning Hans can hold off no longer and cums, spraying his hot jizz across his abs and chest like a fireman’s hose.

Matt seeing all this cum, pulls out and explodes jizz all over Hans’s bare asshole before fucking his load back inside.

The two boys, then kiss sweetly and enjoy a cummy embrace.

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Freshmen says: Newbie Freshmen Kristian Bresson and Nikk Lanier lie on the sofa making out kissing passionately.

Nikk slides Kristian’s pants down releasing his bouncy fully erect big uncut dick, and he quickly wraps his lips around Kristian’s huge mushroom cockhead.

He deep throats the full length of Kristian’s hard cock making him moan loudly with pleasure.

Now with Kristian on all fours, Nikk pumps his cock into Kristian’s willing mouth with Kristian’s lips clamping down hard increasing the sensation massively.

Then with Nikk backed up with his ass outstretched Kristian’s tongue goes to work rimming his hot boy hole while jerking Nikk’s dick all the while.

Nikk’s ass is fully lubricated and ready to receive Kristian.

Nikk then breathes deeply as Kristian pushes his huge erection between Nikk’s ass cheeks and deep into his warm asshole, balls deep.

They switch up positions now with Nikk on top, hovering over Kristian’s huge cock and guiding his butt hole down so that Kristian enters his hole before forcing himself down hard onto it.

Nikk keeps up a steady rhythm enjoying feeling every thick inch of Kristian’s horned-up tool moving inside him.

He manages to hold off from cumming a few times and Kristian senses that and slows down briefly before increasing the pace again.

When Kristian finally pummels his raw asshole from behind, his balls slapping loudly against his hot ass cheeks Nikk quickly loses control and sprays a volley of cumshots across his abs and chest.

Kristian keeps up the power fucking until he is ready to orgasm, pulling out then firing off a creamy cum load over Nikk’s dick before reaching in for a post fuck kiss.

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Newbie Freshmen Johnny McLeod bares all stroking his huge uncut cock to a jizz orgasm

Freshmen says: Some of you might remember a model named Tristan McLeod who worked for our chat website.

Today, we would like to introduce you to his younger brother Johnny.

It cannot be denied that there are many similarities between the two brothers; both have stunning good looks, fierce hot bodies, and beautifully shaped thick dicks.

Johnny has decided to go one step further than his brother and shoot some hardcore videos for us. We cannot wait to see them.

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Freshmen says: Today newbie young stud Giulio Pasolini asks Andrei Karenin about some gym training tips.

The other boys look up to Andrei as he definitely has the most beautiful muscular young body of anyone at Freshmen.

Andrei wants something in return for all his advice but Giulio doesn’t have the cash so they agree to a quick love-in.

When Giulio knocks on the door, Andrei races to meet him. He’s feeling very horny and he can’t wait to get started.

Andrei helps Giulio strip off naked as the boys make out, kissing passionately before Andrei pushes Giulio down onto the sofa.

Guilio raises his legs up giving Andrei full access to his hairy asshole. Andrei runs his tongue along his ass crack until he reaches his hairy asshole.

Giulio moans loudly as he feels Andrei’s tongue on his hole. Andrei rims him good getting him nice and moist for his thick uncut dick.

The boys switch up positions and with a slap of his hand, Andrei forces his erect cock deep into Giulio’s hot ass hole.

Andrei’s expert ass fucking skills come into their own and Giulio is moaning loudly as he pushes in and out of his tight virgin hole.

Giulio slowly gets used to having another guy’s dick in his ass and smiles as his ass takes a pummeling as Andrei power fucks his bottom boy.

Giulio can’t hold off for too long and he blows his load all over his abs before Andrei pulls out and coats Giulio’s bare ass with his jizz before fucking his cum back inside.

The boys finish with a tender kiss.

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Freshmen newbie young dude John Leto’s hot ass bare fucked by experienced twink Kirk Gauguin

Freshmen says: Innocent newcomer John Leto in his very first scene has sexy young Kirk Gauguin to guide him through.

In just their tight underwear the boys lie on the bed making out, kissing passionately.

John lies back and lets the more experienced Kirk suck his thick uncut dick. John loves to feel Kirk’s tongue on his big mushroom cockhead.

Expertly Kirk runs his tongue up and down John’s dick from balls to tip and back again.

Kirk then pushes John’s legs above his head exposing his smooth pale ass cheeks before licking John’s asshole with the tip of his tongue.

Once fully lubricated Kirk pushes his rock solid uncut cock into John’s smooth asshole until his balls are on his ass cheeks.

Kirk bare fucks John slowly at first allowing John to get used to the feeling of a huge erect cock deep in his asshole.

As John relaxes, Kirk forces his big dick in and out of John’s tight hole making John moan with pleasure.

John wanks his dick as Kirk power fucks his hot hole.

Kirk really starts to pick up speed and with John, on all fours he bare fucks his bubble butt as they both are close to orgasm.

Now with John on his back, and Kirk coming up the rear, the ass fucking intensifies with John wanking his dick furiously, he is so close now.

And with Derek’s big uncut cock inside his ass, John lets go and floods his smooth stomach with a pool of jizz.

Seeing this Derek smiles as he pulls out and coats John’s hole with his cum before fucking his cum back inside.

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Freshmen horny stud Justin Saradon’s big uncut dick raw fucking young dude Jorik Tautou’s bubble ass

Freshmen says: When sexy young dude Jorik Tautou arrives Justin Saradon can’t hide his smile as he beams “I’m so happy to have you here!”

“I like you cos you’re quite little,” Justin continues.

The two sexy boys strip off their t-shirts as they romantically kiss their lips entwined as they feel each other’s ripped young bodies.

Jorik then moves down planting kisses as he goes, first on Justin’s nipples then his stomach, and all the way down till he reaches his throbbing huge uncut erection.

With Justin offering words of encouragement, Jorik runs his tongue from the base to the tip of Justin’s huge young dick.

Jorik works his tongue around Justin’s thick foreskin as he polishes his big mushroom cockhead with his sweet lips.

Justin can’t believe how good Jorik’s oral skills are as he bites his lip soaking up all the sexy sensations.

With Jorik lying flat on the bed Justin pulls at the leg of his jeans and slides them down with a couple of hard tugs.

Once his jeans are free, we get to see Jorik’s hot peachy bubble butt in all its fabulous nakedness.

Justin climbs aboard kissing Jorik’s neck and feeling his hard cock up against Jorik’s ass before switching positions so that he can suck Jorik’s dick returning the favor.

They switch again this time Justin opens Jorik’s ass cheeks exposing his tight pink hole as Justin pokes his inquisitive tongue right there getting it wet.

His tongue gets deeper into Jorik’s ass hole getting him ready to receive Justin’s huge uncut dick.

Then without warning, Justin forces his cock into his butt hole getting balls deep with the very first stroke in and out, making Jorik quiver with excitement.

Justin works his big dick moving inch by inch inside Jorik’s tight hole feeling the amazingly tight muscles gripping his uncut cock and flipping his foreskin back and forth.

Without stopping they swap positions until Jorik wanks his dick to orgasm spurting jizz all over his hot abs while Justin’s huge cock pumps his asshole.

Justin pulls out and blows a huge cumload all over Jorik’s bare ass before the two sexy young men embrace in a cummy kiss.

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Freshmen sexy young newbie dude Ben Lilly smiles sweetly as he jerks his huge uncut twink dick

Freshmen says: Freshmen says: Today we get a first look at our brand new hottie Ben Lilly. Ben’s dark hair and smoldering dark eyes just shout out sexy and he’s certainly one of the most photogenic of young guys.

He’s quite a bit nervous on his very first ever photoshoot but he takes direction well and seems to have managed to charm the photography into the bargain. Not an easy feat I can tell you.

Ben initially sits on the sofa with his black sweatpants naked from the waist up, we get to see his sexy line of young boy hair in a line from his crotch to the base of his abs.

As he reaches inside his pants he lets them drop to his ankles, his hands grab ahold of his soft thick uncut cock which perks up immediately standing to attention like a rocket.

Ben turns over to show off his furry bumhole opening his cheeks to give us the first glimpse of that hot boy hole.

Freshmen have great plans for Ben, teaming him up later this year with Jim Durden and Mario Texeira and a whole host of other sexy stars.

Welcome to newbie young man Ben Lilly.

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Freshmen horny twink trio Enrique Vera and Tom Rogers huge uncut dick fucking Serge Cavalli’s mouth and ass

Freshmen says: Tom Rogers arrives at his apartment with sexy young stud Enrique Vera introducing him to his BF Serge Cavalli.

Enrique realizes what the hot couple are offering and succumbs immediately undressing quickly so all three are fully naked.

They retire to the sofa and Serge gets on his knees and sucks down hard on Enrique’s huge uncut cock.

Tom switches opening his mouth wide to swallow Enrique’s young twink dick all the way down his throat.

Both boys work Enrique’s erection giving him a full tongue washing and licking his thick foreskin and big pink cockhead.

Then Serge kneels between the sexy young men as they stand kissing and feeling each other’s ripped bodies.

Serge takes it in turn blowing first Enrique then Tom’s hot dicks.

Then Serge goes down doggie style continuing to suck Tom’s cock as Enrique rims his slightly hairy hot asshole.

Now with Enrique lying on the floor, Serge hovers his asshole over his huge dick before sliding down firmly as Enrique forces his erect cock deep into Serge’s asshole.

Tom joins in sucking Serge’s dick all the while Serge’s ass is pummelled by Enrique’s huge uncut cock.

The young men swap places and Tom now power fucks Serge’s ass while Enrique shoves his thick dick down Serge’s mouth.

Serge loves the feeling of two hot cocks in both his holes.

While both hotties are still inside Serge blows his load, spraying his cream across his six-pack abs.

Next Tom pulls out blows his jizz over Serge’s asshole before fucking his cum back inside.

Enrique is last to pull out just as he delivers a creamy cum facial to Serge who laps up every drop of cum dripping down his face.

Finally, Tom and Serge take turns licking Enrique’s dick clean before kissing and embracing passionately.

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Freshmen young top stud Serge Cavalli’s big thick cock raw fucking sexy twink Tom Rogers’s hot hole

Freshmen says: Armand Rizzo can no longer handle his hot muscle daddy stepfather Max Konnor flaunting himself in front of him every morning.

He feels purposely tempted by his gorgeous step daddy when Max walks around half-dressed with his stunning body and juicy ass begging for his young, Latin stepson’s attention.

Armond is wound so tight his balls ache with desire as he makes his move, the sexy power bottom is ready for his big black daddy’s cock deep inside his aching asshole.

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Freshmen sexy muscle dude Jens Christensen’s big dick bare fucks ripped twink John Leto’s hot bubble butt

Freshmen says: Ripped young dude John Leto and sexy blonde stud Jens Christensen are standing in front of the mirror with their shirts off admiring each other’s hot bodies.

While both young men have well-defined six-packs and nicely developed chests and arms John is a little embarrassed when Jens mentions that he thinks John has gained some muscle mass.

As they move into the living room Jens pushes John down onto the sofa as he goes in for a spot of making out, kissing passionately, and getting them both into the mood for some hot sex.

Then Jens unleashes John’s soft uncut dick which springs to a full erection at the slightest touch.

Jens the expert blowjob dude really pleasures John’s thick uncut tool, licking it from base to tip and flipping his foreskin back and forth with his tongue.

With John lying on his back, Jens sucks his balls and gives John’s cock a short wank.

Then Jens pulls John up from the sofa and onto his knees before he unleashes his huge erection which is tenting his gray jogging pants.

John struggles a bit trying to get his mouth open wide enough to take Jen’s overly thick uncut dick.

He perseveres and managed to swallow it right to the back of his throat, gagging as it finally hits home.

Jens pumps his big veiny cock in and out of John’s mouth with no let-up with John struggling to breathe and moan at the same time.

Then John returns to the sofa, lying on his back and he pulls his legs up over his shoulders and parts his ass cheeks with both hands.

Jens gets his tongue in between John’s smooth ass crack and rims his hot boy hole getting it wet and ready for his huge thick cock.

When John’s asshole is well lubed with Jens’s saliva Jens forces his massive dick into his waiting hole getting it balls deep with the first thrust.

John wanks his cock all the while Jens pummels his bubble butt hole.

They switch up positions a number of times each time Jen’s getting his hard erect dick deeper with John moaning ever louder.

Then after changing position for the final time, Jens increasing the intensity and speed until he pulls out suddenly and blows a huge wad of jizz all over John’s freshly fucked asshole. The boys kiss then the moment is over.

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Freshmen hottie Jim Durden’s big thick uncut dick barebacking young twink Jamie Eliot’s tight asshole

Freshmen says: After an afternoon outdoors in the hot sunshine Jamie Elliot and Jim Durden are both feeling horny and they head back to their cool apartment for some alone time.

As soon as they enter the door, Jim drops to his knees and Jamie undoes his jeans which drop to his ankles.

Jamie’s huge thick uncut cock is already rock hard and standing to attention, begging to be sucked.

Jim grabs it with both hands and runs his tongue from balls to tip before swallowing it whole.

Jim loves sucking cock and he’s impressed with how massively thick Jamie’s hot dick is.

It really stretches his mouth as he chokes it down right to the back of his young throat, making him gag briefly.

Jim pulls back Jamie’s thick foreskin and covers his huge mushroom cockhead with his saliva getting it lubed for what comes next.

But Jamie wants more he stands up opening his ass cheeks and inviting Jim to rim his ass with his hot tongue whilst he jerks his own dick frantically.

Now with Jim on the shower floor, Jamie hovers over his hot dick and forces his hole down onto it getting it balls deep before pulling back up in long strong strokes up and down, in and out.

As the water rains down Jim power fucks Jamie’s hot hole without mercy.

As Jamie’s ass hole gets stretched they switch up positions back in the bedroom.

Now with Jamie on his back, Jim slides his slick dick deep into his bubble ass making him moan loudly with pleasure.

They are both close to orgasm but Jim pummels Jamie’s ass relentlessly until Jamie sprays jizz over his chest and face in thick long ropes.

Jim then pulls out and he fires off a massive volley of jizz hitting Jamie in the face before he slides his dick back inside and fucks his cum into his freshly fucked boy hole.

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Sexy ripped young hunk Jim Durden’s hot hole bare fucked by newbie twink Jamie Eliot’s huge twink dick at Freshmen

Freshmen says: As they get naked Jim Durden gets on top and takes control of the situation with newbie young stud Jamie Eliot.

Both young men are sporting huge uncut dicks as they make out kissing passionately feeling each other’s ripped bodies and rock-hard cocks.

With Jamie lying flat on the bed, Jim shows off his masterful cocksucking skills, swallowing Jamie’s sizeable uncut dick all the way back till his mushroom bell end hits the back of his throat causing him to choke a little.

Jamie just loves the feel of Jim’s tongue and lips on his throbbing dick and rubs the back of Jim’s neck by way of encouragement.

Jim rubs their hard dick foreskins together before offering Jamie his own huge erection, guiding his mouth till it makes contact with his balls.

Jamie licks Jim’s erect cock from balls to tip stopping a moment to touch lips with Jim, before swallowing Jim’s member all the way till his balls are on his lips.

Jamie moans loudly as he licks and kisses Jim’s hot cock, saliva dripping down gets licked back up before Jim rolls his legs up over his head giving Jamie full access to Jim’s hot bubble butt.

Jim’s hole is longing for some anal action so Jamie gets his tongue deep between Jim’s smooth ass cheeks.

Jamie rims Jim’s hole, getting it wet for his big young dick.

First Jamie probes Jim’s asshole with his finger whilst wanking his own cock furiously.

Then without warning, Jamie plunges his thick erect dick into Jim’s raw asshole, expertly bare fucking his hole making him moan with sheer delight.

Jamie power fucks Jim’s tight asshole in long strong strokes in and out. Jim loves the sensation of Jamie’s huge young cock moving inch by inch inside his hole.

Now with Jim on top, he forces his asshole down harder onto Jim’s massive thick dick before pulling up again until the tip of his dick is only just inside.

With Jamie’s hardcore ass pummelling, Jim can hold off no longer, jerking his dick frantically until he showers them both with his hot cum.

Jamie then fucks Jim doggy style until he is ready to orgasm pulling out as he explodes jizz all over Jim’s bare ass, before fucking his cum back inside Jim’s hole.

Both sexy young men collapse exhausted in each other’s arms with a sweet tender kiss.

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Freshmen young hottie blonde dude Olaf Mortensen’s hole barebacked by horny top Paul Cassidy’s big thick cock

Freshmen says: Young hotties Paul Cassidy and Olaf Mortensen arrive at their beautiful holiday apartment and head straight for the bathroom for a post-travel cleansing shower. Once they are clean and dry Paul and Olaf jump on the bed and start making out, kissing passionately. Olaf wanks Paul’s huge thick twink dick and sucks it … Read more

Sexy hot twink Paul Cassidy’s huge uncut young cock raw fucking blonde haired boy Olaf Mortensen’s smooth ass hole

Freshmen says: Young hotties Paul Cassidy and Olaf Mortensen arrive at their beautiful holiday apartment and head straight for the bathroom for a post-travel cleansing shower.

Once they are clean and dry Paul and Olaf jump on the bed and start making out, kissing passionately.

Olaf wanks Paul’s huge thick twink dick and sucks it down hard till it presses against the back of his throat making him gag briefly.

Floppy blonde-haired Olaf is an expert cock sucker and his mouth moves up and down with his tongue licking Paul’s long shaft from tip to balls in long strong strokes.

Paul feels every flick of Olaf’s lips on his big mushroom cockhead and his erection grows harder.

As Olaf braces against the bedhead, Paul pummels his bare ass pumping him full of his solid erection, Olaf can feel every inch of Paul as he moves in and out.

Then they switch up positions a number of times each time Paul gets his raw cock deeper and harder into Olaf’s aching hole and getting him to the very edge of orgasm.

Finally, Olaf in cowboy position takes full control grinding his asshole down repeatedly onto Paul’s rampant thick dick, going balls deep until Olaf can just hold off no longer and he shoots a huge stream of warm jizz all over his hot body.

He’s quickly followed by Paul who pulls his dick out to coat Olaf’s butt hole with his cum before fucking his load back inside Olaf’s freshly fucked asshole.

Paul then leans in for a final kiss as both boys lie there exhausted with their sexual mores completely sated for now.

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Newbie young twink Cory Ellis’s first time bare ass fucked by Jerome Exupery’s huge uncut dick

Freshmen says: Cory Ellis is a touch nervous today it’s the first video outing of the new year and he is partnered with one of our sexiest young men Jerome Exupery.

Jerome leads the way as he feels Cory’s crotch and finds a huge young uncut cock tenting his sexy undies.

As he unwraps his thick dick he moves his mouth up to the tip and swallows it right to the back of his throat.

Still, on tenterhooks, Cory relaxes as Jerome licks his hairy virgin asshole getting his tongue deep into his hole making it nice and wet for his big erect cock.

As Jerome enters the young dude’s bare asshole for the first time he’s super gentle using long slow strokes in and out.

Jerome’s pace quickens as Cory starts to grind his hole down onto Jerome’s thick dick they kiss briefly and Cory is close to orgasm as Jerome pumps away.

Cory shoots his first-ever load with a guy’s big cock inside him as Jerome shoots his jizz giving Cory a big cum facial.

The young Cory smiles as Jerome gives him a big hug.

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Dylan Maguire’s huge twink uncut dick bare fucking hottie young blonde dude Olaf Mortensen’s hot hole

Freshmen says: Blonde young stud Olaf Mortensen leads Dylan Maguire in through the kitchen with a huge uncut erection sticking out of his shorts.

He pushes Olaf down onto the bed and kisses him passionately licking his nipples with his tongue.

Dylan sucks down hard on Olaf’s big thick young uncut dick going balls deep and then back up to the mushroom cock head in long strokes.

With Olaf on his all fours, Dylan rubs his hard cock up and down Olaf’s ass crack before rimming his hot hole with his wet tongue.

Dylan forces his long dick into Olaf’s raw ass bareback fucking him before Olaf takes control sliding his asshole down onto Dylan’s young uncut cock.

The sexy boys switch up positions, again and again, each time Dylan slipping deeper and deeper into Olaf’s hot hole.

Dylan then wanks and fucks Olaf at the same time, bringing Olaf to orgasm shooting cum all over his stomach before Dylan cums spraying his full jizz load all over Olaf’s ass hole before fucking the cum back inside Olaf’s well fucked hole.

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Curly haired young stud Jerome Exupery introduces newbie hottie Matt Thurman’s solo big uncut dick jerk off

Freshmen says: Sexy young newbie Matt Thurman is interviewed by Jerome Exupery. Both are totally naked apart from Jerome who is wearing just some grey socks.

At the start of the interview, 20-year-old Matt is sitting there quietly nervous with a big soft uncut dick.

Jerome starts by asking him about his cock size, its length, and thickness, then he asks Matt to demonstrate the sex positions he has learned.

Jerome asks him to bend forward so we get a look at the new guy’s hot bubble butt, parting his ass cheeks so we can see his hot virgin hole.

Matt the wanks his big uncut cock seeing it grow in size and thickness, as he jerks it confidently.

He lies back on the bed lifting his legs as he strokes, showing off his open hole, and poking a finger inside.

He fingers himself until he is close to orgasm and he starts to moan loudly.

Then he shoots, spraying his big cum load all over his toned abs and chest.

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Hot dark haired young stud Derek Caravaggio’s hot raw hole bareback fucked by newbie dude Cristiano Cruzo’s big dick part 1

Freshmen says: Newbie young stud Cristiano Cruzo knocks at the door to be answered by the sexy young muscle boy Derek Caravaggio.

As the door closes the guys make out kissing passionately as Derek undresses his young friend.

Cristiano kneels on the floor as he pulls down Derek’s sweatpants revealing a huge uncut boner.

It is more than Cristiano can take in his mouth as he gulps it down pressing the big erection to the back of his throat, with his tongue caressing the large mushroom cockhead.

Derek then returns the favor blowing Cristiano’s thick veiny dick before Cristiano takes back control rimming Derek’s hairy asshole.

This gets Derek gagging for more, and Cristiano’s slides his hefty cock deep into Derek’s ass hole, making him moan.

The guys fuck in a number of different positions each time Derek’s ass gets a good deep bareback fucking, until Cristiano is on the edge of his orgasm.

He pulls out just as he spurts his full jizz load all over Derek’s freshly fucked ass.

Cristiano then sucks Derek’s dick till he blows his load all over his tongue getting cum all over his hot sweet lips.

An amazing first time ass fuck from newbie Cristiano Cruzo. You can see how they get on in part 2 which is already available online.

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Big muscle boy Yannis Paluan’s huge uncut dick bareback fucking ripped muscled dude Viggo Sorensen’s tight ass hole

Freshmen says: Big muscle boy Yannis Paluan is on his knees sucking down hard on Viggo Sorensen’s thick uncut dick making him moan in delight.

Ripped muscle stud Viggo is rubbing his nipples as Yannis’ lips envelope his big cock all the way to his balls.

Yannis spins Viggo around opening up his smooth ass cheeks with both hands, getting his tongue in there, licking his ass crack, and probing his hot hole getting it nice and wet.

Yannis stands sliding his shorts and underwear down just enough to release his massive erect uncut cock.

He presses his hard dick deep into Viggo’s tight muscular boy hole, making him moan, again and again, each time getting deeper.

Viggo braces against the wall, pushing his bubble butt down onto Yannis’s dick.

They switch up positions a number of times finally with Viggo in reverse cowboy sinking his hot hole hard onto Yaninis’s powerful cock.

Viggo grinds his asshole down repeatedly feeling every inch of Yannis’s dick throbbing inside him.

Yannis is first to shoot his load, he pulls out quickly and coats Viggo’s ass with his massive cum load.

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Sexy ripped young dude Bart Cuban’s hot hole bareback fucked by Helmut Huxley’s huge uncut dick

Freshmen says: After a trip through the city the sexy young studs Bart Cuban and Helmut Huxley arrive home horny as ever.

Tall Helmut is the first to start undressing in the kitchen with shorty Bart following on closely dropping his jeans and underwear.

Once they are both totally naked Helmut leans in grabbing Bart’s huge dick in both hands guiding its big cockhead up to his wet lips.

He gulps down Bart’s big uncut cock getting his tongue up and down the thick length and choking it to the back of his throat.

With Bart jerking his dick, Helmut moves around to rim his tight hairy ass hole, running his tongue repeatedly along his hairy ass crack and finding his hole and digging deep.

Bart sucks on Helmut’s long dick, really working his mouth from balls to tip.

Bart is all worked up now and begs Helmut to fuck him hard, he braces against the wall as Helmut pushes his monster uncut cock deep between Bart’s furry butt cheeks.

Helmut bareback fucks Bart each time changing up positions, to get deeper and deeper into Bart’s hot hole.

Bart takes the rampant anal barebacking for so long then signals that he is going to shoot his load.

Helmut waits open-mouthed as Bart blows his balls directly into his mouth and onto his tongue, swallowing the majority of his load.

Helmut is also close by now and pulls out, sprays Bart’s ass with his jizz explosion before fucking the cum back into young Bart’s freshly fucked butt hole. Both boys moan in total ecstasy.

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Sexy ripped big dicked young men Ashton Montana and Tom Houston strip naked jerking their huge twink dicks

Freshmen says: We’ve been waiting a long time to introduce sexy young stud Tom Houston which we hope will mark the start of a long run on Freshmen and Belami.

He partners with Ashton Montana who just happens to be his best friend.

These two sexy dudes will be back again next month with a threesome with Eluan Jeunet that we are all looking forward to.

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