Men sexy young cutie Benjamin Blue’s hot asshole raw fucking muscle hottie William Seed’s huge dick says: Horny art student Benjamin Blue is overly interested when still life model William Seed drops his robe to reveal his ripped chiseled physique… and his huge hard cock.

But Benjamin’s worried his painting isn’t doing the hot model justice, so William offers to let the artist touch his cock for some extra inspiration.

The guys stroke and caress each other, then Benjamin sucks the model’s dick before teasing it with the soft bristles of his paintbrush.

William gives the horny artist a taste of his own medicine, sliding the handle inside Benjamin’s tight hole before he fucks him doggy style.

The guys are both inspired as Benjamin rides the top, then William fucks him missionary until Benjamin Jackson Pollocks all over his cut abs.

The artist says his painting needs one final touch, so William adds his cum to the canvas.

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Men sexy young muscle boy Pol Prince’s hot ass raw fucked by Dann Grey’s big thick cock says: Yet again it looks like Dann Grey going to be bottoming for his best buddy, Pol Prince.

But this time he wants to try his hand at topping, he explains to Pol, “There’s a first time for everything!”

Pol’s never bottomed before, so the guys agree to a V-card exchange, and Pol sits in Dann’s lap, kissing him, then sucking his cock.

Dann rims the first-time bottom, then shows him how good getting fucked can feel as he slides his dick into that hole in doggy style.

Pol really gets into it as he rides Dann, and after Dann fucks his friend in missionary position, he even uses a toy on him.

Pol cums hard as he rides Dann reverse, and the newly minted top pulls out to cum on Pol’s ass.

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Men hottie young blonde twink Felix Fox bareback fucked by muscle dude Pierce Paris’ huge dick says: Young sexy homebuyer Felix Fox wants this house really bad, and when he pulls up neck-and-neck with rival buyer Codi Vore, he’s going to do whatever and whomever it takes.

Luckily, hot hunky house agent Pierce Paris seems strangely immune to Codi’s feminine charms but is clearly responding to Felix’s overt flirting as the blond curly-haired young twink grinds his ass against Pierce’s dick.

The guys get Codi out of the way and Felix sucks the top’s cock, then Pierce fucks him doggystyle.

The top flips Felix upside-down to pound his hole in piledriver, then Felix rides him on the couch.

Pierce penetrates the twink in missionary till Felix cums, then pulls out and showers him with a hot load.

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Men young hottie Marco Bianchi’s holes bare fucked by Malik Delgaty and Thyle Knoxx’s huge dicks says: When sheriff Thyle Knoxx comes across an illegal campsite in the woods, he creeps closer to peek in the tent… only to see muscular hunk Malik Delgaty spooning cute, tattooed twink Marco Bianchi and rubbing his huge, hard cock against Marco’s ass.

Thyle hides as Marco leaves for the outhouse, then pushes his cock through a convenient knothole, knowing Marco will think it’s his boyfriend’s and suck it.

But when Marco discovers the horny ranger, he lets Thyle follow him back to the tent and fuck his ass doggy style as he pokes his head inside.

Marco sucks Malik while getting banged by the ranger, then he rides Malik reverse and swallows Thyle’s cock.

Malik fucks the twink’s mouth as Thyle fucks Marco missionary, and then it’s Malik’s turn to pound the bottom till Marco cums.

The lucky bottom takes two facials before Thyle tells them they need to pitch their tent somewhere else.

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Men horny stud Luca D’Amore’s bubble ass bareback fucked by Ricky Roman’s thick dick says: Up on the roof Ricky Roman didn’t look around before practicing his golf drives, because he hits a hole in one… in naked sunbather Luca D’Amore’s hole, that is.

Luca calls the golfer over to show him the ball stuck in his ass, asking Ricky to take it out with his mouth.

Ricky rims the hot bottom, then fucks Luca doggy style, and Luca eagerly tastes himself on Ricky’s cock before riding the top reverse.

Ricky blows Luca, then puts him on a table to fuck him missionary, pulling out to cover Luca in cum, and Luca strokes himself until he shoots too.

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Men sexy young curly haired dude Felix Fox’s hot ass raw fucked by muscle hunk Malik Delgaty says: Head lifeguard Felix Fox has planned a surprise prank for rookie Malik Delgaty’s first daya pair of dissolving swimming trunks.

As soon as Malik jumps in the pool for a rescue drill, the bathing suit washes away, and when he hoists Felix out, Malik is fully naked.

He chases Felix and gets his revenge by rubbing his cock on the blond’s face, but to his surprise, Felix loves it, eagerly swallowing that big pool noodle.

The other lifeguards watch as Malik bends Felix over the lifeguard chair and fucks him, then Felix rides the horny top before taking that huge dick doggy style on all fours.

As the bottom gets pounded missionary, his coworkers come over to cum on his face, and that’s all the encouragement Felix needs to orgasm too before Malik shoots one more load on the messy twink.

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Men horny young cute dude Theo Brady’s bubble butt barebacked by hot hunk Pierce Paris says: In the latest episode of The Price Is Tight, can Pierce Paris and Theo Brady’s relationship stand the test of Johnny B?

It all comes down to the final tie-breaking challenge to see who can shoot his load the farthest… when Johnny B is caught with a syringe of fake cum and disqualified.

But his win by default isn’t satisfying enough for Theo, so Pierce challenges him to try the game, just the two of them.

Pierce fucks Theo doggy style and Theo sucks his man’s cock before riding him on the floor.

Pierce pounds that twink in piledriver position and puts him up against the wall to take him from behind, then lifts the bottom as he fucks him in a stand-and-carry.

Theo bends over the jizz battlefield to take his man’s cock some more, then both guys cum simultaneously to see who will be the winner.

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Men sexy young Latin dude Ty Mitchell’s bare asshole raw fucked by muscle hunk Bruce Beckham says: Hottie home invader Bruce Beckham is not very lucky and he gets caught red-handed breaking and entering into Ty Mitchell’s apartment.

Bruce lies down still on the black sofa hoping that he will blend in and not be seen.

It works, as bleary-eyed Ty walks out of the bedroom… and sits his bare ass on Bruce’s ski-masked face.

But Ty quickly notices something’s different when his couch starts moaning and jumps up to find his trinkets in the burglar’s bag.

Bruce wants to steal another taste of that ass, convincing Ty to sit on his face and then his cock.

Ty sucks the burglar’s big dick and rides him reverse, then Bruce pounds his hole in missionary and doggy style.

Bruce creampies the sexy bottom, then sucks his own cum out of Ty’s hole before asking for a facial.

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Men hottie young muscle dude Finn Harding’s bareback fucks Pierce Paris’s hot raw asshole says: After Pierce Paris tells his best frenemy, McKenzie Lee, that her boyfriend fucked him, she gives her man Finn Harding the cold shoulder, so Finn goes down the hall to Pierce’s room to get some attention.

He fucks the bottom spoon and doggy style, but to the guys’ surprise, McKenzie enters wearing a strap-on dick.

She rims her man as he pounds into Pierce’s hole, then pegs the bottom and jacks his big cock while Finn fucks Pierce’s mouth.

Pierce is the lucky guy in the middle, as Finn fucks him spoon while he fucks McKenzie, and then the two tops put the power bottom on a chair on his hands and knees, taking turns spinning him around and pounding his hole doggy style.

McKenzie fists her friend as Finn fucks her missionary, then Pierce is ready to get double penetrated by McKenzie’s strapon and her boyfriend.

The two cocks stretch out Pierce’s hole until Finn shoots a huge load on Pierce’s ass and Pierce cums on McKenzie’s tits.

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Men horny blonde muscle boy Felix Fox’s huge cock bareback fucking hottie dude Joey Mills says: Felix Fox is preparing for an important job interview when “Disaster” he spills coffee all over himself.

In a panic, Felix rushes to Joey Mills’s shop and strips off all his clothes for some emergency dry cleaning.

He hides behind the counter when another customer comes in and sucks Joey’s cock, and the twink returns the favor before Felix fucks him doggy style behind the racks.

Joey hops up on the counter for muscular Felix to penetrate him in missionary, then rides the top’s cock reverse, stroking himself till he cums, and Felix empties his balls on Joey’s face. Time to clean up again.

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Men horny stud Finn Harding’s huge thick dick raw fucking sexy dude Ashton Summers’s hot hole says: Finn Harding is supposed to be celebrating his buddy Johnny’s birthday, but he’s more interested in flirting with Ashton Summers and getting his nut instead.

When it’s time for cake, he follows Ashton to the kitchen and feeds him some icing, but when that doesn’t seem to pique the handsome bottom’s interest, Finn steals away with the new mouth-shaped stroker Ashton gifted to Johnny.

As Finn is fucking the toy, Ashton creeps in and spies on him, and he sneakily takes the place of the stroker so Finn fucks his mouth instead.

When the top figures out the swap, he puts Ashton on his hands and knees to fuck his hole, then pounds him in missionary.

The bottom moans as Finn penetrates him in doggy style, then rides Finn reverse until he cums.

Ashton kneels to take Finn’s big load on his muscular chest, right before they get caught by all their friends.

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Men hottie muscle studs Malik Delgaty and Alex Mecum double fuck Benjamin Blue’s smooth holes says: It is Alex Mecum’s wedding day and he is very happy to see his veiled bride walk down the aisle.

That is until the woman he’s supposed to marry runs in, wearing just her underwear, screaming “Stop the wedding.”

Surprised Alex then pulls back the bride’s veil to see his new stepson, Benjamin Blue, who’s determined to make Alex his.

Benjamin kisses the groom and the guys run out to the waiting getaway car, where Benjamin sucks Alex’s cock as they make their escape.

Limo driver Malik Delgaty can’t help getting turned on and strokes his cock as he watches Alex rimming Benjamin in the back.

The guys invite Malik to join them, taking turns sucking his huge dick before the two tops spit-roast Benjamin.

Alex licks Malik’s cock as the muscular driver fucks Benjamin doggy style, and Benjamin rides Alex reverse while he sucks Malik.

Then both guys lift Benjamin up as Malik fucks him stand-and-carry till the bottom cums.

Alex and Malik give Benjamin a double facial, and then it’s off to the airport.

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Men sexy hunk Tommy Tanner spit-roasted by horny studs Sunny D and Gabriel Clark’s huge raw cocks says: Hottie young hunk Tommy Tanner and his sexy tattooed boyfriend Sunny D are in the kitchen trying to unclog the sink before their family arrives.

Tommy contacts a plumber, but when Gabriel Clark arrives, Tommy forgets all about the kitchen sink, he’s just so hot.

Tommy flirts and tries his hardest to get Gabriel to lay some pipe instead.

Tommy admires Gabriel’s crack as the hunky plumber bends over under the sink, and licks a finger and sticks it into his hole, then turns around to get face down ass up in the fridge.

Gabriel needs no more encouragement to pull down Tommy’s shorts and fuck his hole doggy style.

He puts the trans cutie on the counter to fuck him missionary, then they head into the living room so Sunny can get in on the fun.

The guys make out and Sunny sucks Gabriel as Tommy sucks Sunny, then Tommy rides his man while swallowing the plumber’s dick.

Then the tops switch before Tommy 69s with Gabriel while getting fucked doggystyle by Sunny, and the lucky trans stud takes two facials.

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Men hottie young stud Klein Kerr’s huge thick cock bareback fucking horny hunk Ken Summers’s hot hole says: In a romantic mood Klein Kerr fills a hot bubble bath for his smooth lover, Ken Summers.

In just his bathrobe Ken looks on as Klein checks the water temperature is just right, and the guys make out, kissing passionately before Klein lowers Ken into the tub, kissing his neck, nibbling his ear, and caressing his wet body.

Ken sucks Klein’s cock, then stands up in the bath so Klein can fuck him doggy style.

The guys get out of the tub so Ken can ride his man’s cock, and the horny bottom cums hard, so Klein bathes his face in jizz before they get back in the tub.

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Men horny young dude Benjamin Blue’s hot bubble ass raw fucked by hairy stud Alex Mecum says: It’s another wedding and Benjamin Blue’s mom is planning to marry again for the fifth time, but what she doesn’t know when she sends him to check on his stepdad-to-be is that they’ve been having an affair.

Benjamin’s pleas for Alex Mecum to marry him instead fall on deaf ears, but Alex agrees to one last blowjob for old times’ sake.

As Benjamin is on his knees sucking Alex’s cock, they almost get caught by the bride, but that doesn’t stop Benjamin from pulling down his pants and baring his hole to entice Alex into fucking him.

The groom undresses his future stepson and rims his hole, then fucks him up against the wall.

Alex bends the bottom over a table to fuck him doggy style, and Benjamin rides Alex’s cock.

The top fucks him on the table until Benjamin cums, then fills him with a huge creampie.

Alex won’t agree to Benjamin’s final appeal to cancel the wedding, but the sneaky bottom has a plan.

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Men hot hairy hunks Manuel Reyes’ raw ass fucked by bearded husband Diego Reyes’s hard cock says: When Diego Reyes arrives home from work Manuel Reyes stops what he is doing and begins to make out kissing his husband passionately.

As the hairy studs massage their beards together as they embrace each other, stripping off each other’s clothes before Manuel gets in close to suck Diego’s huge thick cock.

Diego undresses his husband enough to rim Manuel and finger his hole, then fucks him doggy style.

Manuel rides the top, and Diego lays the bottom on his back on the sofa to fuck him missionary.

Diego wants every drop of Manuel’s cum in his beard, and as soon as he takes his husband’s load, he gives Manuel the same.

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Men sexy dudes Felix Fox and Finn Harding’s huge bare cocks raw fucking Adrian Hart’s black bubble ass says: Black stud Adrian Hart is leading a yoga class and putting his pupils Felix Fox and Finn Harding through their paces.

They are both finding it very hard to concentrate when they can see Adrian’s huge erect dick tenting his white yoga pants.

As the class closes their eyes for breathing exercises, Adrian takes out his hard cock and Felix sucks it.

When everyone notices the blowjob, Finn gets in on the fun, stripping down so Felix can suck him too.

Flexible Adrian does a backbend to suck Finn while Felix gets down in front of him to suck the teacher’s cock, then Adrian rides Felix’s dick as Finn fucks the blond hunk at the same time.

This threesome has these guys really working up a sweat until Adrian cums in Felix’s mouth, then takes his students’ loads all over him.

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Men sexy young dude Jay Seabrook’s hot hole raw fucked by Kaleb Stryker’s huge thick cock says: Gay men in the early 1980’s would head down to Mareas Park in Miami which was the cruising ground for young men to find some hot outdoor sex.

A little nervous Kaleb Stryker wanders around the country park in 1982, he’s super excited and hoping for his first-ever outdoor sexual encounter.

It doesn’t take long before handsome jogger Jay Seabrooke takes his hand and leads him into a clearing, where he puts Kaleb’s mind at ease and puts his hard cock in his mouth.

Kaleb is soon rimming the sexy bottom and fucking him doggy style, and then the guys find a fallen log where Kaleb lies back and they 69.

Jay rides Kaleb’s dick, then the newly minted top fucks him missionary until Jay orgasms, sealing his cruiser status with a facial.

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Men horny bottom stud Ace Quinn’s bubble butt raw fucked by William Seed’s huge thick dick says: Horny bottom boy Ace Quinn may have only just taken Malik Delgaty’s huge cock getting his ass filled with his cum, but he is eager for more dick.

Ace notices that sexy top stud William Seed had been watching all the action as Malik plugged his hole and persuades him to join him in bed. Ace eagerly deep throats William’s massive cock.

William fucks Ace’s face and fingers his hole, and Ace needs no more encouragement to start riding William’s dick.

William gets on top and fucks the bottom nice and deep, and as Ace cums, he gives him another big load in his ass.

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Men sexy young hunk Ace Quinn’s hot hole bareback fucked by muscle stud Malik Delgaty’s huge cock says: Ace Quinn is a little bit bored of his old sex toy which just isn’t working the same as in the past, but suddenly he has a brilliant idea.

He straps the huge rubber dildo to a spotlight and hauls it outside to send up the emergency dick signal, and not one but three horny tops show up to help a guy in need.

Ace invites the men inside to see who measures up to his needs and chooses hung stud Malik Delgaty.

Although Ace tells the other two guys they can head out, they secretly stay to watch as Ace starts blowing Malik, deepthroating his thick cock as the top spanks his ass.

As Malik penetrates the bottom doggy-style, he notices the watchers, smiling and winking as they stroke their dicks and enjoy his performance.

He pounds Ace in missionary and breeds his hole with a creampie.

Ace is glad the other two haven’t left yet, because he needs more dick.

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Men young smooth twink Blaze Austin’s big raw cock barebacking hairy dude Aiden Ward’s hot asshole says: Blaze Austin can see his best buddy Aiden Ward is upset when he arrives home.

It turns out that Aiden has lost his job and he is freaking out.

To calm his nerves Blaze offers him a few magic sips of his secret elixir of smooth, soothing brains, Himbo Juice.

Okay, it’s just water, but with the power of the placebo effect, Aiden starts feeling super relaxed… and super horny.

The guys start making out and sucking each other’s cocks in the kitchen, and then Blaze bends over with a foot up on the counter as Aiden fucks him doggy style.

He rides Aiden on the floor, and the horny himbos fuck missionary till Blaze shoots his load, and Aiden cums in his mouth.

That Himbo Juice really works.

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Men sexy young Ashton Summers’s huge raw cock barebacking hottie dude Nate Grimes’s hot hole says: Have you always wanted to hook up with your favorite gay porn stars?

Enjoy the next best thing as today Nate Grimes brings you into his world.

Hang out with Nate in the barn as he teases you, taking off his backward cap and pulling up his white undershirt to show his cut abs and chest, then slipping off his plaid shirt to flex his biceps.

Nate strokes himself through his jeans with a wink, then pulls down his jockstrap to show you his surprisethe black cock cage he’s wearing.

Nate spreads his ass for you and eagerly fills it with a huge toy.

When Ashton Summers joins the fun, Nate sucks his cock through a glory hole, then rides the top.

Ashton penetrates Nate in missionary and bends him over a crate to fuck that hole doggystyle, then cums in Nate’s mouth.

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Men sexy blonde bottom Felix Fox’s hot asshole bare fucked by Chris Damned’s huge uncut cock says: The High Court falls silent as sexy tattooed deviant Chris Damned is into the dock in an orange jumpsuit and BDSM leather studded bondage chains.

Chris is accused of sticking his huge dick through a painting.

Cockspert witness Felix Fox arrives, confident that he’ll prove Chris’s guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt, but ends up proving Chris was falsely accused.

To apologize, Felix sucks Chris’s cock, then Chris bends Felix over, pulls out his butt plug, and fucks his hole.

The bottom asks Chris to unlock his cock cage, then the top fucks him missionary, and Felix rides Chris on the judge’s box.

Chris fucks the expert bottom doggy style till Felix cums, then accepts his apology with a facial.

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Men sexy young hunk Finn Harding’s big uncut dick raw fucking Ashton Summers’s tight bubble ass says: Hot poker player Ashton Summers is super unlucky at the card table he keeps getting dealt losing hands, but when he gets his dirty hands on the dealer Finn Harding his luck turns.

While no one is looking Ashton sneaks under the table to suck Finn’s big uncut cock, causing the dealer to jizz all over the cards and chips, and making the other players run out.

The horny guys are playing their own game now; they get naked and Ashton bends over on the table as Finn fingers his hole, then fucks him doggy style.

Ashton lies back on the green felt to get pounded missionary and rides Finn’s dick until he cums, making the horny dealer pull out and shoot his load.

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Men horny young hunk Nic Sahara’s hot hole bareback fucked by sexy stud Roman Todd’s huge raw dick says: At the gym, Roman Todd and Nic Sahara have worked up a sweat, and Roman’s huge erection shows he’s got all worked up down there as well.

As the guys towel off they strip off their shirts, and Nic notices Roman’s huge dick tenting his sexy shorts and offers to help his buddy with his big boner.

Nic kneels and nuzzles Roman’s hard cock through his shorts before pulling it out to tease him with his hands, then sucking it.

The guys 69 on the bed before Nic rides Roman’s cock, then the muscular top fucks Nic doggy style.

The tattooed bottom moans loudly as he takes a deep pounding in spoon and missionary.

Roman pulls out and both guys stroke their dicks till they cover Nic in cum.

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Men sexy muscled hulk Chris Damned’s huge thick uncut cock raw fucking young hottie Joey Mills says: We’ve all dreamed of meeting and hooking up with our favorite gay porn stars?

Here we try a bit of the next best thing with bad-boy big muscle stud Chris Damned showing us just what he likes.

In his office, Chris sneakily rubs his huge cock bulge through his pants before he undoes his white shirt showing us his muscled tattooed chest.

Chris continues to undress, sniffing his shoes and sweaty socks before licking his feet and sucking his toes.

As Chris wanks his thick erect dick, he spies hot young twink, Joey Mills, watching him and invites him to join in.

The super dominant top strips Joey naked, kissing him and blindfolding him with his own tie before fucking his mouth. Chris rims Joey’s hole, then fucks him missionary on the desk.

The twink bends over the bookcase to get fucked from behind, then rides Chris in a chair.

The horny top pounds Joey in piledriver, making him cum, then pulls out to shoot his own hot load in Joey’s gape!

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Men ripped big muscle hunks William Seed and Malik Delgaty’s huge cocks bare fucking Skyy Knox says: Big burly muscle hunks William Seed and Malik Delgaty are firefighters who are preparing for their annual calendar photoshoot by giving their fire truck a good wash.

The photographer Thyle Knoxx, arrives with newbie fireman Skyy Knox as the three firefighters strip and pose for the camera.

As they change their sexy poses the cameraman can’t help his big dick getting hard.

After they save Thyle from a fire, he watches as Skyy starts kissing down Malik’s chest and sucking first his cock, then William’s.

The bottom gets fucked doggy style by Malik as he goes down on William, then takes turns riding both tops’ dicks.

Malik fucks Skyy until the bottom cums, then Skyy gets on his knees as William and Malik turn their big hoses on his face.

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Men sexy blonde flasher Felix Fox’s hot ass fucked by ripped muscle man Reese Rideout’s huge cock says: Notorious subway flasher Felix Fox gets discovered on the platform by inspector Reese Rideout.

Reese chases Felix into the train and catches him red-handed and red-cocked exposing himself to some passengers.

But as Reese tries to cuff the horny teen, Felix grinds his ass against the inspector’s junk, then leans forward and kisses him.

The lucky passengers enjoy the show as Reese sucks Felix’s cock, then uncuffs the flasher so he can fuck Felix doggy style.

Felix rides Reese on a seat, then sucks him before Reese fucks Felix doggy style on the floor until the bottom cums.

The two voyeurs jack themselves off as they watch Reese give his quarry a facial.

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Men horny muscle top Reese Rideout’s big raw dick bare fucking blonde young dude Theo Brady says: Have you been waiting for your chance to hook up with hot young twink Theo Brady?

Get the next best thing as you follow Theo through his favorite haunts as he poses under the bright neon lights of the city, then leads you to a luxurious bathroom where he strips down and caresses his cock in the bath.

Reese Rideout is waiting just outside the door for him, and the pair make intense eye contact before he kisses Theo’s abs and sucks his dick.

Theo lowers himself onto Reese’s hard cock, riding him on the bench before the top puts him up against the wall and fucks him doggy style.

In the bedroom, Theo blows Reese, then takes him deep in missionary.

Reese pounds the bottom’s ass in spoon until Theo moans with his orgasm, then Reese pulls out and cums.

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Men horny ebony hunk DeAngelo Jackson’s big black dick fucking young stud Theo Brady’s bubble butt says: DeAngelo Jackson isn’t amused when his boyfriend, Theo Brady, gets back to their train compartment with jizz on his face.

Theo’s pouty apology isn’t cutting it, so he slips off his boots and runs his toes up DeAngelo’s leg, right under the nose of his paper-reading seatmate.

DeAngelo massages Theo’s feet then pulls down his jeans for a foot job.

When the other rider catches these two hunks stroking themselves, he pulls the emergency brake, making Theo fall right onto DeAngelo’s cock.

The train may not be moving, but these guys are sure getting somewhere as the top fucks Theo piledriver, then Theo sucks that big cock.

DeAngelo rims the hot twink, then penetrates that hole doggystyle before Theo lies back on the seat and takes a deep missionary pounding till he ends up with two more loads all over him!

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Men young hottie step son Lev Ivankov’s tight asshole bare fucked by big muscle daddy Alex Mecum says: Curious Paul Wagner sidles up to The Cock Stop to see what’s on offer, and performer Dante Colle seduces him through the window, enticing him inside.

The guys start kissing and Paul gets his hands all over Dante’s hot body, then lies down on the bed as Dante kisses up his thigh before stroking and sucking his cock.

Paul rubs Dante’s bulge, then gets on his knees to suck him before Dante takes him from behind against the mirrored wall.

The bottom gets on the bed on all fours to take that dick doggy style, then stares up at Dante as the top pounds him in missionary.

Paul orgasms as he rides that thick cock, and Dante pulls out to cum.

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Men sexy hairy hunk Paul Wagner’s hot bubble ass raw fucked by muscle boy Dante Colle’s thick dick says: Curious Paul Wagner sidles up to The Cock Stop to see what’s on offer, and performer Dante Colle seduces him through the window, enticing him inside.

The guys start kissing and Paul gets his hands all over Dante’s hot body, then lies down on the bed as Dante kisses up his thigh before stroking and sucking his cock.

Paul rubs Dante’s bulge, then gets on his knees to suck him before Dante takes him from behind against the mirrored wall.

The bottom gets on the bed on all fours to take that dick doggy style, then stares up at Dante as the top pounds him in missionary.

Paul orgasms as he rides that thick cock, and Dante pulls out to cum.

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Men sexy ripped muscle man Arad Winwin’s big dick barebacking hottie Cazden Hunter’s raw ass says: Handsome hunk Arad Winwin is a favorite here on for good reason, and if he’s been starring in your fantasies as well as your favorite scenes, now you can see what it’s like to hook up with him.

Watch as Arad starts his day with a sensual self-massage, lying in bed and caressing his muscular chest, then stroking his hard cock just how he likes it and pinching his taut nipples.

Arad strolls nude into the kitchen to pour himself a cup of coffee, then continues his self-pleasure in the shower, where he’s joined by bearded cutie Cazden Hunter.

Back in the bedroom, the guys kiss passionately and Cazden sucks the top’s hard cock, then Arad turns him over and rims his hole before sinking into him doggy style.

Arad enjoys the view as Cazden rides him reverse, then fucks the bottom missionary till Cazden orgasms.

Arad gives the bottom a facial, then kisses him hungrily.

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Men horny tattoo muscle dude Chris Damned’s huge bare cock raw fucking young stud Theo Brady says: Watch the hit scene Cum in My Reality, starring Chris Damned and Theo Brady, like you’ve never seen it before.

You’ll learn fun facts and behind-the-scenes info, like how Chris kept the whole crew laughing with his hilarious ad-libbing, or how Theo got into character as he crawled across the floor.

As you watch Theo suck Chris’s cock and then get fucked doggy style, find out whether these guys’ chemistry in real life was as hot as it seems on screen.

Keep watching to learn what Chris and Theo have in common, and see one of the guys shoot his best ever on-camera load.

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Men hottie blonde stud Felix Fox bare fucks Michael Boston’s hot bubble ass says: Felix Fox’s buddies have got him a special surprise for his birthday bash Michael Boston, who jumps out of a wrapped present wearing nothing but a pair of tight briefs and a bowtie to give Felix a lap dance.

But before things get really hot and heavy, first it’s time for flirty party games.

Felix pins the dildo in Michael’s hole, and Michael wins the right to suck Felix’s cock at the wheelbarrow race.

When the guys play naked musical chairs, Felix is the last to sit down when the music stops… but he hops on Michael’s cock, making him the real winner.

The guys serve Felix his “cake” Michael’s muscle ass is covered in frosting.

Felix eagerly devours it before the guys enjoy a birthday flip-fuck while Felix’s friends watch and stroke their cocks.

After pounding Michael’s ass and getting pounded to boot, Felix lies down on the table to take four hot loads in a birthday bukkake.

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Men sexy tattooed dude Chris Damned’s big uncut dick bare fucking hottie Ty Mitchell’s bubble ass says: After Chris Damned puts his junk in Ty Mitchell’s face while putting his suitcase up on the rack, he starts flirting with his seatmate.

Ty can’t stop looking at Chris’s hard cock… especially after Chris takes off his jeans while the train goes through a tunnel.

The guys nearly get caught by fellow commuter Theo Brady as Ty sucks Chris, but the tattooed top takes advantage of another stretch of darkness to hide on the luggage rack, and Ty sucks Chris’s dick from below.

The top rims Ty, then fucks him doggy style, and Ty dangles from the rack to take that locomotive in his tunnel before getting fucked missionary on the seat till he cums.

Chris prepares to give Ty a facial, but there’s one more tunnel up ahead… and one more surprise in store.

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Men sexy hunk Zane Williams’s huge raw cock bare fucking cute stud Michael Boston’s hot hole says: Has handsome hunk Zane Williams been on your mind?

See what getting dicked down by this stud is really like in this special scene.

Zane relaxes outdoors, surrounded by plants, caressing his chest and taking out his long, uncut cock.

He strokes himself, pulling his foreskin back and forth, and notices he’s being watched from behind a cactus by cutie Michael Boston.

Michael takes the invitation in Zane’s gaze to come up and suck the top’s dick, then the guys head inside for some naked make-outs on the couch.

Michael strokes Zane’s cock, then gets on top to ride him.

In control, Zane bends Michael over for some deep doggy style pounding, then fucks him missionary till he makes Michael orgasm, and Zane covers the bottom with a hot load.

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Cosplay Men Theo Brady, Dante Colle, Nick LA and Felix Fox horny ass fucking orgy says: Nerd icon Nick LA’s unprofessional behavior at the convention to hype his newest game, Anal Cumbat, costs him his agent when she quits after catching him encouraging unicorn-costumed fan Theo Brady to suck his cock under the table.

That’s fine because Nick would much rather take Theo back to the green room and penetrate his hole with a unicorn horn dildo!

The twink even rides his cock and takes a creampie.

But Nick’s absence means the arcade demo of Anal Cumbat is alone and unguarded… and cosplaying fans Dante Colle and Felix Fox decide to sneak in and check it out, only to find themselves zapped inside the game, where they suddenly sport big muscles and even bigger hard-ons.

After defeating an enemy with a cock blaster, Dante blasts Felix’s hole with his own dick in doggy style, and the guys are soon transported back to the real world, where they hide from the security guy to keep fucking.

Felix takes Dante’s big dick deep in his hole, and as the security guard comes to find them, he takes a facial from each of them.

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Cosplay Men hottie blonde Felix Fox’s bare hole raw fucked by ripped stud Dante Colle’s huge dick says: There are still some kinks to be ironed out of the new Anal Cumbat arcade game when con-goers Dante Colle and Felix Fox get sucked inside the virtual world.

The gamers are shocked to find themselves dressed as the characters… and equipped with huge cocks.

After defeating an enemy with their jizz weapon, the game world looks like it’s cumming to an end, so Felix asks Dante to take him doggy style.

The guys start fucking and get transported back to the real world.

They find an empty room at the con to continue their tryst, as Dante bends Felix over the table before they suck each other’s cocks. Felix rides the top, then takes that dick deep in missionary.

The security guard comes in to watch and decides to take a facial from both of them.

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Men sexy young stud Ty Mitchell’s hot bubble ass raw fucked Roman Todd’s huge thick cock says: Ty Mitchell thinks he’s home alone and the coast is clear, but his roommate Roman Todd walks in and catches him with his dick in his hand.

Ty’s been busting nuts left and right lately, so Roman decides to show him how to do it the right way.

He lubes up his hand and starts stroking Ty’s cock, then has the tattooed hunk lie back against him and puts his headphones in Ty’s ears to set the mood as he caresses his chest and jacks him off.

The guys start kissing and before long Ty is sucking Roman’s cock before he rides it.

Roman bends the bottom over to fuck him doggy style, then penetrates him from behind in spoon.

Ty moans loudly as Roman pounds him missionary while the top handles his dick the right way, and he shoots a huge load before Roman pulls out and cums on his hole.

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Men sexy muscle hunk Finn Harding’s huge raw dick fucking Theo Brady’s hot twink asshole says: Theo Brady’s excited to try out his new VR game, but when his roommate Finn Harding spots him wandering around in his underwear grabbing at imaginary poles, he pranks his buddy by taking his cock out and letting Theo play with it.

Finn heads into his room to jack off into a sock, and when Theo comes in looking for stuff to wash, he picks up the sock and gets a face full of Finn’s load.

Theo wants the D, not just the cum, so he rides Finn reverse before giving him a sensual blowjob.

Finn fucks Theo missionary before the twink asks to get pounded doggy style.

Theo orgasms as Finn penetrates him from behind, then Finn fucks the bottom in piledriver and cums in his gaping hole!

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Men sexy black stud DeAngelo Jackson’s huge raw cock bareback fucking Adrian Hart’s tight asshole says: If you’ve spent years fantasizing about what it would be like to get your hands on black gay porn star DeAngelo Jackson, now’s your chance to see for yourself.

DeAngelo poses by the pool, slowly and sensually running his hands over his cut, muscular torso before pulling his hard cock out of his tiny bathing suit.

He stands under the waterfall and strokes himself, then swims up to you.

Adrian Hart joins the sexy top for passionate kissing, and DeAngelo fucks the bottom’s mouth, then bends him over and has his way with him doggy style.

DeAngelo lies back on a towel and enjoys watching Adrian ride his big cock, then sensually sucks the bottom’s dick before he penetrates Adrian in missionary till both guys cum.

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