Men: Gavin Waters fucks Marc Dylan

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For super ripped Gavin Waters it all started as a quiet walk on the beach that is until he gets a jelly fish sting high on his thigh. As luck would have it Marc Dylan the super top bottom is on hand to profer medical aid, if only Gavin will join him back at Gavin strips to reveal the sting but that is not all he reveals. Marc eyeing Gavin’s quickly erect cock pounces enveloping Gavin’s hard dick and taking it right to the back of his throat. Marc knows if he sucks good then Gavin is going to treat him to some hot cock and ass play.

Impatient to get his hole filled Marc does not have to wait long. Gavin ploughs Marc’s hole from every angle possible, with no sign of any lasting damage from the errant jelly fish, easily forgotten when you are fucking super sexy Marc Dylan.

Best line in the movie Marc comes over all concerned saying, “I’m just trying to make sure its not gonna make your legs all swell up!” Sucking the swelling out of a surfer guys cock is sure a neat survival technique (cum excuse) I will remember next time I’m surfing for some ass play.

Marc ass looks great in his tight swimming shorts. Watch the full scene now!

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Men: Jessie Colter and Alexander Freitas

Jessie Colter with the gorgeous eyes and wonderfully furry chest plays the hard assed lawyer to Alexsander Freitas rough prison inmate. Alexander is Jessie Colter’s 1’O clock client and its one client he is going to remember for a long time to come. No hope of getting Alexander off on the charges so Jessie says … Read more

Men young muscle boys Clark Delgaty and Kenzo Alvarez’s bareback fucking Michael Boston’s bubble butt says: While Michael Boston’s husband Clark Delgaty works out in the other room, his sidepiece Kenzo Alvarez climbs in the window, begging for just five minutes with him.

Michael sucks Kenzo but has to hide his lover quickly when Clark comes in after his workout.

But instead of getting in the shower, Clark wants to fuck.

He bends Michael over the table, and Kenzo slides his cock through a handy hole so the bottom can suck it.

Michael blows Clark and surreptitiously sits on Kenzo’s dick, but when Clark takes his hubby to the bedroom to fuck him doggy style, Kenzo sneaks in behind a screen to fill Michael’s mouth.

Clark creampies Michael and immediately crashes on the bed, but the bottom hasn’t had enough yet, offering Kenzo his hole to get sneakily fucked doggy style and missionary till he cums, then Kenzo fills his ass with another load before silently slipping out.

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Men young hottie stud Ashton Summers’s huge thick dick raw fucking ripped hunk Pierce Paris’s hot ass says: When hottie Ashton Summers asks to try on a new pair of sneakers, foot lover Pierce Paris treats him to the full experience, removing the sexy customer’s shoes for him and sniffing them.

Alex is surprised but excited, especially when Pierce takes his dick out and strokes it before fucking his feet.

The guys hide behind a rack so Ashton can fuck Pierce doggy style under another customer’s nose.

Pierce sucks the sexy twink’s cock and Ashton fingers the bottom’s hole before Pierce rides him reverse.

Pierce takes it deep in missionary, stroking his cock till he orgasms, then Ashton blows his load too.

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Men curly haired young dude Felix Fox’s bare asshole fucked by JJ Knight’s huge raw cock says: It looks like hung hunk JJ Knight is just chilling on the couch stroking his dick… until you notice his blindfolded sub, Felix Fox, patiently kneeling nearby.

JJ makes Felix wait before he feeds the good submissive his cock, then puts him on all fours on the bed to fuck his hole doggy style.

JJ lets Felix take the blindfold off and ride him, and Felix even sits on the top’s face.

JJ pounds the bottom in missionary, telling his sub to jack himself off till he cums, then covers his hole with jizz.

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Men horny muscle stud Lucca Mazzi’s bare hole raw fucked by Paul Wagner’s huge thick cock says: Bearded, curly-haired hunk Lucca Mazzi smooths lotion onto his muscular chest and arms, slipping his hands down inside his briefs, then slowly caressing his body and teasing his cock as you watch.

Lucca finally lets his hard length free and strokes it before beckoning you closer.

Paul Wagner heeds the call, running his hands down the handsome bottom’s hard chest to his cock, before he’s rewarded with a slow and sensual blowjob.

Lucca straddles the top as Paul rubs their dicks together, then eases Paul’s cock inside his hole.

Paul fucks the bottom doggy style, then turns him on his back to go deep in missionary, stroking Lucca’s cock till he orgasms, and pulling out to shower his muscle ass with cum.

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Men sexy blonde stud Felix Fox and hottie Asian dude Cody Seiya’s hot holes fucked by Chris Damned says: Cody Seiya and Chris Damned are hot for their boss Felix Fox at the office holiday bash, but they’re going to need more than a little mistletoe to turn this Xmas party into an XXXmas party.

Cody crawls under the podium while Felix gives his speech to suck the boss’s cock, then Felix fucks the bottom doggy style.

Chris follows the horny pair into another room, giving Felix the best of both worlds as he rims and then penetrates him.

Chris gets a chance to fuck Cody’s hole as well, then this lucky boss cums with Chris’s cock in his ass before taking hot loads from both his employees.

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Men horny hunk Finn Harding’s big raw cock bareback fucking cure young dude Benjamin Blue’s hot hole says: Horny Finn Harding is fucking a toy ass on the couch when he hears moaning from his roommate’s room.

He peeks inside to see cute twink Benjamin Blue face-down ass up, jacking his cock with one hand while penetrating himself with a dildo with the other.

Finn helps his horny bud out by replacing the toy with his big dick.

Benjamin thanks Finn with a blowjob, then rides the top hard.

Finn strokes the bottom’s cock as he pounds him in missionary till Benjamin orgasms, then fills his hole with cum.

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Men new muscle dude Zeno Rey’s smooth bubble butt raw fucked by Paul Wagner’s huge raw cock says: By popular request, Paul Wagner is going to be fucking a big toy ass for his fans today.

He piles some blankets on top to make it look as real as possible, squeezing the toy and sliding his fingers inside, but when it’s time to fuck it, his lube is gone.

Paul goes to find some, while unbeknownst to him, his horny roommate Zeno Rey mischievously creeps into his room and takes the toy’s place.

Paul penetrates that ass, but soon Zeno can’t stop himself from moaning.

He talks Paul into shooting more content with him, sucking the top’s cock then taking it deep inside in missionary.

Zeno gets just what he’s been wanting as he rides the sexy top and orgasms, then Paul takes his roomie doggystyle and cums all over that ass.

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Men horny ebony muscle hunk Andre Donovan’s huge black cock raw fucking sexy young Theo Brady says: The rain pours down over Theo Brady’s lean body, dripping over his tattooed skin and down his ass as he pulls down his bathing suit.

Then it’s Andre Donovan’s turn under the spray, the water coursing over his defined muscles as he rubs his bulge through his skintight briefs.

The guys kiss under the water, with Theo swallowing the top’s thick cock, then Andre tastes the bottom’s hole.

Theo gets pounded doggystyle in the rain, then looks up at the muscular top as Andre fucks him in missionary.

The guys 69, then Theo rides Andre reverse till he sprays his load, then the top rains his jizz on Theo’s face.

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Men sexy blonde young hunk Felix Fox’s bare asshole raw fucked by muscle stud Armando De Armas says: Overwhelmed by everything he needs to get done, Felix Fox calls out “I need some fucking help!” and his digital assistant calls in Armando De Armas of At Your Service, the company dedicated to getting the job done.

But Armando’s so hot, he makes it hard for Felix to concentrate on his work… especially when he pulls down the blond client’s jeans and rims him.

Felix asks Armando to fuck him, and he services the bottom doggy style, then the guys 69 before Felix does the splits on the top’s cock.

Soon it’s Felix who’s at Armando’s service as he rides his dick, then sucks Armando until the top cums.

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Men horny young ripped muscle dude Craig Marks’s bare ass fucked by bearded hunk Sir Peter says: Blond and blue-eyed twink Craig Marks connects with top Sir Peter as they gaze into each other’s eyes before their sensual play begins.

They run their hands over one another’s bodies, and Craig takes out his hard cock, kissing up Peter’s chest before wrapping his soles around Peter’s dick.

Craig swallows the top’s cock as Peter, fingers his hole, then gets face down, ass up, while Peter rims him.

The bearded twink rides Peter reverse, then the top pounds him doggy style before fucking Craig in mish as the bottom strokes himself until he orgasms.

Sir Peter treats the bottom to his hot load on Craig’s balls.

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Blue-Collar work Men orgy Joey Mentana, Jason Vario, Thyle Knoxx, Morgan Blake and William Seed says: Jason Vario, William Seed, and Morgan Blake are hard at work and don’t notice they are being watched through a peephole on their construction site by Thyle Knoxx and Joey Mentana.

The two men are so turned on by their hot sweaty bodies and are more than happy to give the boys a much-needed break by offering up some ass and an eager mouth hole.

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Men gay sex orgy Andrew Stark, Hunter Page, Riley Banks, Mike De Marko double fucking Johnny Rapid’s hot hole says: Pervert baseball coach Andrew Stark is at it again.

In this filthy orgy, Andrew lines up four hot twink asses and fucks them all.

Watch Hunter Page, Riley Banks, Mike de Marko, and Johnny Rapid all get some of Andrew’s cock.

Watching Johnny shoot his load while getting DP’s is a must see!

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Bottoms on Top Bo Sinn not the only top to take a huge cock remember William Seed filling his ass says: After Bo Sinn took a big dick for the first time this week (see here) now we remember when sexy big muscle hunk William Seed took his first huge cock. What a double treat!

Our first bareback scene featuring one of the world’s favorite gay porn stars, William Seed, and…he’s bottoming.

Watch him get pounded by a tattooed, muscular top. If you missed this first time around you definitely do not want to miss this.

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Horny gay groupsex orgy Clark Delgaty, Darenger McCarthy, Kenzo Alvarez, Tony D’Angelo, Paul Wagner, Gabriel Clark, Skyy Knox, Trent King, Markus Kage, Malik Delgaty and Felix Fox says: For our 10-year anniversary, exclusive talent Malik Delgaty got all dressed up, and Paul Wagner helps him get undressed, kissing the muscular hunk’s body and sucking his cock before penetrating his hole with his fingers and a toy.

But as Paul tries to fuck Malik for the first time ever on screen, his cock won’t fit.

Luckily, Felix Fox shows up to teach a class on bottoming, telling Paul to take notes as he rides Malik expertly.

Just one cock isn’t enough for this power bottom, so Felix calls up eight more of his closest friends, Clark Delgaty, Darenger McCarty, Gabriel Clark, Kenzo Alvarez, Markus Kage, Skyy Knox, Tony D’Angelo, and Trent King, to celebrate this Menniversary the best way he knows how, with a gangbang.

Felix helps himself to an all-you-can-fuck-and-suck buffet, then the tops take turns pounding his hole in piledriver till he cums all over himself before lucky Felix gets absolutely covered in nine cumshots.

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Men hardcore anal orgy Malik Delgaty, Finn Harding, Alex Montenegro and Brent North big cock ass fuck says: Throuple Finn Harding, Brent North, and Alex Montenegro have invited over some friends for Thanksgiving, but they get sidetracked from their preparations by a broken oven and some holes that need stuffing.

First, Finn pounds Alex’s ass in the kitchen, and then Brent calls his boyfriends to the table to get both his face and his booty filled up with dick.

Finn and Alex both cum just before the doorbell rings, but Brent is still hard, and he knows just what’s on the menu, guest Malik Delgaty.

Alex and Finn distract Malik’s bf as Brent jumps on the top’s cock in the kitchen, finally getting his nut before Malik finishes things off with a creampie.

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Men hottie hunk Bo Sinn’s big uncut cock raw fucking ripped hottie Alex Mecum’s bubble ass says: Bo Sinn makes a visit to his local hospital for a checkup and he’s with Dr. Alex Mecum who’s a bit stressed and in a bit of a rush.

As Bo disappears into the scanner his hospital gown rides up, the doc can immediately see what the issue is, a big set of anal beads in Bo’s ass.

Alex gently removes the beads, then fingers the patient’s hole as he sucks Bo’s big dick.

It’s time for Bo’s treatment as Alex fucks him missionary in the scanner, giving Bo’s hole the filling it needs.

Bo may be bottoming, but he shows Alex who’s boss as he demands to get fucked harder, then pushes the doc down on the bed and rides his dick.

Bo bends over to get fucked doggy style till Alex pulls out and cums on his ass, then pushes the doc down to take a hot facial.

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Men horny step brothers Malik Delgaty and Clark Delgaty double fucking Alex Mecum’s hot holes says: Clark Delgaty is very nervous, so dental assistant Alex Mecum gives him a stress ball to squeeze during his checkup.

But after bad boy dentist Malik Delgaty begins fingering Alex’s hole and fucking him with a toy, Clark finds himself squeezing Alex’s balls instead.

Alex cums all over the patient, and Clark takes out his big hard cock for Alex to suck while Malik pounds that hole doggy style.

The tops switch off before Alex returns his patient to the chair and rides Clark’s dick while sucking the dentist’s instrument, then it’s Alex’s turn to open wide as Clark and Malik cum on his face while the bottom jacks off.

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Men ripped young tattooed dude Ashton Summers’s bare ass raw fucked by Dante Colle’s huge cock says: Ashton Summers picks out a spinning video with teacher Cody Seiya that really gets him working up a sweat, especially when Cody presses the special button that makes a dildo pop out of the seat and penetrates his hole.

When Ashton’s man, Dante Colle, comes in with a smoothie for his BF, Dante can’t believe his eyes.

He binds Ashton’s wrists with his tie and rims the bottom, then fucks him doggy style over the handlebars.

The guys suck each other and Ashton rides Dante, cumming on the top’s abs before Dante pulls out and blows his load.

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Men hot young muscle hunk Malik Delgaty’s big thick uncut dick fucking Michael Boston’s tight ass hole says: When his hookup is having trouble getting hard, Michael Boston has a solution.

He straps his favorite dildo to muscular top Malik Delgaty, playing with it before he sucks Malik’s cock, then the toy, and then both at once.

The sight of both dicks getting sucked brings Malik to full attention and he penetrates the bottom doggy style with first his own dick, then the dildo, before getting the ride of his life as Michael DPs himself.

Malik takes off the toy so Michael can suck it as he rides his cock, then penetrates Michael in missionary till the bottom cums.

Michael gets to enjoy the best of both worlds as he fucks himself on the toy while he takes a facial.

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Men horny young dude Brent North’s bubble ass raw fucked by big muscle stud Malik Delgaty’s big cock says: Brent North just finished getting stuffed by his boyfriends when their guests arrive but he didn’t cum yet.

While Finn and Alex try to pretend their nude Thanksgiving is just performance art, Brent sets his sights on Malik Delgaty and his big dick, playing footsie with him under the table, then “accidentally” dropping a wooden spoon so he can bend over and spread his hole.

Malik takes out his hard cock and feeds it to the hungry twink, then fucks him doggy style.

Finn and Alex keep Malik’s BF occupied so the sneaky fuckers can enjoy their holiday stuffing, as Brent lies on the island to get pounded even deeper, then rides the top reverse.

Brent finally cums as Malik penetrates him in missionary, then it’s Malik’s turn to stuff him with a creampie.

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Men young hottie bottom boy Nate Grimes double fucked by Clark Delgaty and Skyy Knox’s big cocks says: Clark Delgaty gets home early from his jog to catch his husband Nate Grimes cheating.

Nate tells his lover Skyy Knox to climb out the window, but the naked cheater gets stuck, and when Clark enters and sees a bare ass poking out, he thinks it’s his man’s, immediately spanking it and fingering the hole.

Skyy gets so horny that when Nate comes outside to see what’s the holdup, he starts sucking Nate’s dick as Clark fucks him doggy style.

That’s when Clark catches them and pulls them both inside.

He roughly feeds Nate his big dick, then hatefucks him doggy style before enlisting Skyy to help DP the cheating bottom.

Clark and Skyy take turns fucking Nate piledriver, then Nate eats Skyy’s load.

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Men hottie gay anal fuck fest Finn Harding and Alex Montenegro’s huge dick double fuck Brent North says: Throuple Finn Harding, Brent North, and Alex Montenegro are trying to host the best Thanksgiving dinner ever until it turns out their oven is broken.

While Alex races to repair the appliance, Finn is enticed by the sight of his man’s ass to fuck him doggy style on the kitchen floor.

Brent hears his boyfriends getting it on and watches as Finn puts Alex on a kitchen cart and fucks him missionary, then calls them to the table where he’s waiting, naked and ready to get filled.

Alex penetrates Brent’s hole as Finn fucks his mouth, then the guys switch spots, making sure this horny bottom is well and truly stuffed.

Alex trusses Brent’s wrists as they double-team him “turkey style.”

Alex cums all over Brent’s face, and Finn finishes with a creampie.

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Sexy ripped muscle guy Alex Mecum’s hot hole bareback fucked by Trent King’s big black cock at Men says: Mayor Alex Mecum storms off after his secret lover Trent King has a little too much fun with an eggplant at the grand opening of the farmers’ market.

Trent goes after the straight-acting hunk, and Alex proves he’s more than a stuffed shirt as Trent sucks his cock behind the hay bales.

Trent rims Alex, ripping his pants, so when the public comes looking for their mayor, he has to cover up with a potato sack.

Alex gets his revenge by sucking Trent’s cock under the table.

As soon as they’re alone, Trent fucks him doggy style.

The top pounds the mayor against the side of a truck, and Alex orgasms on the country road, then Trent cums in the bottom’s hole, the place he belongs.

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Men hot big muscle hunk Markus Kage’s big thick dick barebacking sexy stud Manuel Skye’s ass hole says: What would it be like to get with your favorite gay porn stars in the flesh? Now’s your chance to find out.

Tattooed stud Markus Kage is working on his bike in the garage when he pushes up his white undershirt to run his hands over his furry chest and abs and grips his cock through his jeans.

Manuel Skye watches from the door, stroking himself, as Markus strips down and slides his hard dick against the buttery leather of his motorcycle seat.

Manuel kisses Markus’s biceps and pecs then he sucks his cock before the top bends him over the bike and fucks him doggy style.

Manuel rides both of Markus’s hogs as he takes that cock atop the bike, then lies back on the seat as the top pounds him mish, jacking his cock till he blows a big load.

This bottom hungrily sucks Markus and swallows his cum.

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Men hot young muscle dudes Clark Delgaty, Skyy Knox and Alex Mecum threesome big dick anal fuck fest says: After Skyy Knox slips in his own cum and passes out on the bathroom floor, paramedics Alex Mecum and Clark Delgaty have to shock him to bring him back, and he wakes up horny and craving cock.

Skyy pulls down both hot EMTs’ pants and sucks their dicks.

Skyy blows Clark while Alex rims him and fucks him doggystyle.

The tops switch spots as Skyy rides Clark on the floor and sucks Alex, then take turns penetrating him missionary on the counter till Skyy cums and they paint his face with their jizz.

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Men hottie young top Finn Harding’s huge thick cock barebacking bottom boy Michael Boston says: Finn Harding tries his best at flirting with his sister’s new guy, but he doesn’t take the bait.

Luckily, the boyfriend’s identical bro, Michael Boston, shows up, and he is immediately DTF.

Michael checks out Finn and immediately sucks his cock as soon as their siblings’ backs are turned.

The guys head outside to try to start the grill, but Finn gets distracted by Michael’s ass and fucks him doggy style.

Michael’s bro catches them, but they don’t stop their sneaky sex once they come back inside.

Michael gets pounded over the kitchen counter, then Finn fucks the bottom missionary on a stool.

Michael rides the top on the kitchen island and jacks himself off till he cums, then gets on his knees for Finn’s hot load on his face.

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Men sexy young bottom boy Michael Boston’s smooth bubble ass bareback fucked by Paul Wagner says: Have you ever dreamed of getting young star Michael Boston between the covers, then now is your chance.

Michael starts things off with a tease, pulling down his briefs to display his muscle ass and powerful thighs, then showing off his flexibility as he does the naked splits.

Follow Michael to the bathroom as he slips into his singlet, posing and rubbing his bulge.

Back in the bedroom, you caress his hard dick print, then rip open the singlet to stroke his cock before stretching his eager hole with a dildo.

Michael wants the real thing, so he sucks your cock, then gets on his hands and knees for you to fuck him doggy style.

You get to see his handsome face as you penetrate him in missionary, and even after you cum he demands you put it back in as he jacks himself off till he orgasms.

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Men tattooed muscle dude Chris Damned’s massive uncut dick raw fucking Joey Mills’s bare hole says: Chris Damned built up a nice big load fucking his boyfriend Joey Mills doggy style, so he’s annoyed when Joey dodges the facial.

His next attempt is foiled by Joey’s sheet mask, but he finally catches the twink coming into the bedroom.

Joey gives his man his due, sucking Chris’s cock, then taking it deep in missionary.

The top puts Joey facedown to pound that hole, then rims him before the bottom rides Chris reverse.

Joey cums, and this time he’s prepared to take a facial, no dodging.

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Men hot new muscle boy Pax Perry’s huge young dick raw fucking hottie stud Theo Brady’s tight asshole says: Theo Brady wants a facial after muscular top Pax Perry fucks him doggy style, but Pax’s aim is off, wasting his precious load.

Theo refuses to wait for another, going after Pax’s cock with a penis pump till the top shoots, then pouring the jizz on his face.

But Theo prefers his facials straight from the source, so he sucks Pax, then takes that cock in piledriver and missionary.

Theo rides Pax till he cums, then finally gets the load he’s been waiting for.

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Men hot hairy ebony dude Slim Saint’s huge raw dick barebacking sexy blonde stud Felix Fox’s hot hole says: Sexy naked dude Felix Fox wakes up in the morning and heads to the kitchen, strapping on an apron and gloves to make a start on the pots and pans left in the sink from the last evening.

His boyfriend, Slim Saint, decides to help his man out by coming up behind him and kissing him, then pressing his lips down Felix’s back before rimming his hole.

The dishes will have to wait because all Felix wants is to concentrate on pleasure as Slim slides his cock inside him.

Felix sucks Slim, then rides him on the floor before leaning back on the island with one leg up on the counter as Slim fucks him missionary.

The bottom cums, then Felix blows the top and swallows his load.

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Men sexy hairy chested dude Lucas Leon’s hot bubble butt raw fucked by Dante Colle’s huge bare dick says: Hairy-chested stud Lucas Leon arrives at the gay club Cock Stop, and he’s making out, passionately kissing with Dante Colle under the flashing lights.

The guys suck each other before Lucas rides Dante, then the top bends him over to penetrate him doggy style as they watch themselves in the mirror.

Dante turns the bottom on his back to really pound that hole, then Lucas rides him reverse before the top puts him against the mirror and fucks him doggy style.

Lucas gets to his knees to wait for Dante’s hot load, and he can’t resist stroking himself till he cums before he takes a facial.

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Men hottie new young dude Brent North’s smooth asshole raw fucked by William Seed’s big dick says: Brent North is soon to be married but he isn’t too happy when clown William Seed shows up to his bachelor party and starts awkwardly making balloon animals… until it turns out that William is actually a very serious stripper.

William shucks off his clothes and Brent runs his hands over his cut chest and abs, squeezing his muscle ass, then eagerly sucks the stripper’s hard cock.

William penetrates the groom-to-be doggy style, and Brent rides the top’s cock, then takes that big dick missionary till he cums.

William puts Brent face down, ass up to fuck that hole, before giving him a facial to remember.

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Men hottie blonde muscle stud Felix Fox and black hunk Adrian Hart hardcore bareback flip flop anal says: Hot gay couple Adrian Hart and Felix Fox arrive at Heaven’s pearly gates, but they’re missing their junk.

Rather than spend a sexless eternity, the guys leap down to hell, where they put on a hot show for Satan himself.

The Prince of Darkness gets a lap dance from Adrian in his black leather chaps, and Felix joins in to make out with his man before the guys enjoy a double-ended plug together.

Mephistopheles watches as Felix fucks Adrian doggy style, stroking his huge red cock on his throne as the boyfriends suck each other, then Adrian rides Felix reverse.

Then it’s Felix’s turn to get fucked as Adrian penetrates him doggy style, and after Hell’s newest devils cum, Beelzebub rewards them with his evil jizz on their faces.

Better to rail in hell than abstain in heaven.

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Men sexy tattoo twink Charly Willinsky’s smooth hole raw fucked by Bo Sinn’s huge uncut dick says: Bo Sinn is outdoors sneaking around the garden when he spots Charly Willinski relaxing in his hammock. Bo finds a pathway through the hedge to get a better look.

The tattooed twink feels like he’s being watched, but he can’t see anyone… until Bo’s cock pops up through the hammock.

He eagerly reaches for that big dick and sucks it, then rides Bo reverse, and Bo turns Charly on his side to fuck him in spoon.

Charly lets the top take a turn in the hammock as Bo pounds him doggystyle.

The guys fuck in missionary on the grass till the bottom cums, and Bo gives Charly a creampie.

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Men young blonde hot ripped hunk Felix Fox’s big thick dick raw fucking Asian dude Dale’s smooth hole says: American Asian Dale sees muscular twink Felix Fox dancing through the window at the Cock Stop and he stops in his tracks to watch him.

Felix beckons the cute bottom over, making flirty eye contact and slowly bending to show his muscle ass.

The guys kiss passionately and suck each other’s cocks, then Dale rides the blond top’s dick.

Felix fucks Dale doggystyle against the wall, then pounds his hole in missionary, and he doesn’t stop till both guys cum.

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Men hottie young muscle dude Felix Fox’s huge raw dick bareback fucking Joey Mills’s hot hole says: Sexy young stud Joey Mills and hottie curly-haired dude Felix Fox arrive at the movie theater to celebrate their one-year anniversaries with their girlfriends, but as soon as they clap eyes on each other they’ve only got eyes for each other.

After flirting in the popcorn and drinks line, the guys managed to sit next to each other and sneakily hold hands before Felix slides his dick through a hole in his popcorn bucket, and Joey strokes it.

Joey does the same, but when the girls notice their boyfriends jacking each other off, they storm out.

The horny twinks openly suck each other’s butter-flavored cocks before Felix fucks Joey piledriver on his seat.

Joey rides the top’s dick, then Felix lays the cute twink on his back before penetrating him doggy style as the usher sneakily watches.

Felix gives Joey a hot facial, and the bottom jacks his cock till he cums.

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Men hottie muscle stud Michael Boston’s hot hole bare fucked by Finn Harding’s huge thick cock says: Sexy bottom stud Michael Boston is attending his local booty camp workout group.

In his assless onesie he draws many stares from the other participants, but only until ripped instructor Finn Harding starts things off with some jumping jacks and squats.

As Finn demonstrates the form to Michael, his cock and balls slip out of his singlet and hit Michael in the face, and the horny bottom’s cock gets hard.

Finn proposes an exercise to let Michael sneakily suck his cock, then he bends Michael over in the sling to eat his ass and fuck him doggy style.

The bottom takes it super deep in missionary position, then rides Finn on the floor, and the demanding instructor puts Michael up against the mirrored wall to penetrate him from behind till the bottom cums on the glass.

Michael’s booty has been well and truly worked out, so Finn gives him a facial.

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Men newbie hunk Tyler Castle’s huge thick uncut cock raw fucking Kyle Connors’s bare asshole says: Kyle Connors is traveling home to his parents for the weekend to introduce his parents to his college boyfriend Tyler Castle.

As he is not yet out he tells his parents that they are just roommates, but left alone in the house they decide to enjoy their time together to the fullest.

Kyle sucks Tyler on the bed, and his boyfriend rims his hole before fucking him doggy style.

But as Kyle is riding his man, his brother walks in and Kyle hides in the closet.

Although he isn’t ready to come out quite yet, Tyler joins him to continue their tryst, fucking Kyle spoon till he orgasms, then cumming on the bottom’s face.

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Men sexy ripped horny hunk Johnny B’s hot asshole bareback fucked by hottie stud Michael DelRay says: We’ve always dreamed of spending a little quality alone time with our favorite gay porn star hotties, today it’s your chance to meet and get up close and personal with sexy ripped stud Johnny B.

Johnny caresses his lean body in the locker room, slipping out of his cut-offs and rubbing his cock through his black lace thong, then stroking it sensually till he cums.

He’s joined by Michael Del Ray, and the guys suck each other before Michael fucks Johnny missionary on the bench.

Johnny bends over to take Michael’s dick nice and deep in doggystyle, then rides the top.

Johnny orgasms again and Michael blows a hot load on his hole.

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Men sexy young muscle hunk Malik Delgaty barefucks Theo Brady’s smooth bubble butt says: Malik Delgaty and his new husband are attending the fertility clinic together, but the sexy employee Theo Brady wants to harvest Malik’s cum personally.

As he locks Malik’s husband out of the donation room he then sneakily watches the muscular top jack off, then sits on Malik’s cock.

Malik will definitely have a huge load to give after Theo sucks his dick and rides him, and the horny bottom cums all over his abs as he gets pounded reverse.

But when it’s time for Malik to give his sample, Theo wants it on his face instead of in the cup.

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