Blue-Collar work Men orgy Joey Mentana, Jason Vario, Thyle Knoxx, Morgan Blake and William Seed says: Jason Vario, William Seed, and Morgan Blake are hard at work and don’t notice they are being watched through a peephole on their construction site by Thyle Knoxx and Joey Mentana.

The two men are so turned on by their hot sweaty bodies and are more than happy to give the boys a much-needed break by offering up some ass and an eager mouth hole.

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Bottoms on Top Bo Sinn not the only top to take a huge cock remember William Seed filling his ass says: After Bo Sinn took a big dick for the first time this week (see here) now we remember when sexy big muscle hunk William Seed took his first huge cock. What a double treat!

Our first bareback scene featuring one of the world’s favorite gay porn stars, William Seed, and…he’s bottoming.

Watch him get pounded by a tattooed, muscular top. If you missed this first time around you definitely do not want to miss this.

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Men hottie new young dude Brent North’s smooth asshole raw fucked by William Seed’s big dick says: Brent North is soon to be married but he isn’t too happy when clown William Seed shows up to his bachelor party and starts awkwardly making balloon animals… until it turns out that William is actually a very serious stripper.

William shucks off his clothes and Brent runs his hands over his cut chest and abs, squeezing his muscle ass, then eagerly sucks the stripper’s hard cock.

William penetrates the groom-to-be doggy style, and Brent rides the top’s cock, then takes that big dick missionary till he cums.

William puts Brent face down, ass up to fuck that hole, before giving him a facial to remember.

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Men sexy young cutie Benjamin Blue’s hot asshole raw fucking muscle hottie William Seed’s huge dick says: Horny art student Benjamin Blue is overly interested when still life model William Seed drops his robe to reveal his ripped chiseled physique… and his huge hard cock.

But Benjamin’s worried his painting isn’t doing the hot model justice, so William offers to let the artist touch his cock for some extra inspiration.

The guys stroke and caress each other, then Benjamin sucks the model’s dick before teasing it with the soft bristles of his paintbrush.

William gives the horny artist a taste of his own medicine, sliding the handle inside Benjamin’s tight hole before he fucks him doggy style.

The guys are both inspired as Benjamin rides the top, then William fucks him missionary until Benjamin Jackson Pollocks all over his cut abs.

The artist says his painting needs one final touch, so William adds his cum to the canvas.

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Men horny bottom stud Ace Quinn’s bubble butt raw fucked by William Seed’s huge thick dick says: Horny bottom boy Ace Quinn may have only just taken Malik Delgaty’s huge cock getting his ass filled with his cum, but he is eager for more dick.

Ace notices that sexy top stud William Seed had been watching all the action as Malik plugged his hole and persuades him to join him in bed. Ace eagerly deep throats William’s massive cock.

William fucks Ace’s face and fingers his hole, and Ace needs no more encouragement to start riding William’s dick.

William gets on top and fucks the bottom nice and deep, and as Ace cums, he gives him another big load in his ass.

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Men sexy young hunk Ace Quinn’s hot hole bareback fucked by muscle stud Malik Delgaty’s huge cock says: Ace Quinn is a little bit bored of his old sex toy which just isn’t working the same as in the past, but suddenly he has a brilliant idea.

He straps the huge rubber dildo to a spotlight and hauls it outside to send up the emergency dick signal, and not one but three horny tops show up to help a guy in need.

Ace invites the men inside to see who measures up to his needs and chooses hung stud Malik Delgaty.

Although Ace tells the other two guys they can head out, they secretly stay to watch as Ace starts blowing Malik, deepthroating his thick cock as the top spanks his ass.

As Malik penetrates the bottom doggy-style, he notices the watchers, smiling and winking as they stroke their dicks and enjoy his performance.

He pounds Ace in missionary and breeds his hole with a creampie.

Ace is glad the other two haven’t left yet, because he needs more dick.

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Men ripped big muscle hunks William Seed and Malik Delgaty’s huge cocks bare fucking Skyy Knox says: Big burly muscle hunks William Seed and Malik Delgaty are firefighters who are preparing for their annual calendar photoshoot by giving their fire truck a good wash.

The photographer Thyle Knoxx, arrives with newbie fireman Skyy Knox as the three firefighters strip and pose for the camera.

As they change their sexy poses the cameraman can’t help his big dick getting hard.

After they save Thyle from a fire, he watches as Skyy starts kissing down Malik’s chest and sucking first his cock, then William’s.

The bottom gets fucked doggy style by Malik as he goes down on William, then takes turns riding both tops’ dicks.

Malik fucks Skyy until the bottom cums, then Skyy gets on his knees as William and Malik turn their big hoses on his face.

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Men sexy young dude Jeremy London’s bubble ass raw fucked by William Seed’s massive thick dick says: Have you ever dreamed about hooking up with hot gay porn star William Seed? Well, this is your chance to find out.

We get to see how William sexily teases just for you, pulling up his t-shirt exposing his ripped chest and abs, and massaging his huge crotch bulge through his shorts before taking out that big uncut dick you know and love and stroking it.

William leans against the wall, putting on a show and giving you a close-up look at that muscle ass before he’s joined by Jeremy London, who kisses down William’s perfect chest, then sucks his dick.

Jeremy rides the handsome top, then William pounds his hole in piledriver.

The guys enjoy some full-body contact in missionary and Jeremy gets on his hands and knees as William takes him in doggy style.

The top gives Jeremy a facial and the bottom sucks out every drop as he strokes himself till he cums.

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Hot tattooed big muscle stud William Seed’s huge uncut dick fucking sexy hunk Franky Maloney’s hot ass hole says: Big muscle dude Franky Maloney tells us how happy he is to be partnered with William Seed, he especially loves his big muscular chest and huge uncut dick.

Franky loves to take a big cock deep especially if fucked doggy style which is his favorite sexy position.

William and Franky compete with each other doing press-ups and pullups where William hands Franky a little bit of a hand grabbing his crotch and feeling his big thick dick.

The muscular top fucks Franky’s mouth before giving him the hardcore bareback massive dick doggy style action he craves.

William forces his huge uncut dick deep into Franky’s tight bubble butt with Franky riding William’s erect dick and taking a real raw ass pounding till he can hold off no longer.

Franky cums shooting a huge jizz load all across them both before William pulls out showering them both with his cum load before fucking the cum back inside Franky’s hot freshly fucked hole.

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William Seed’s huge dick fucks Ashton Summers’ hot bubble asshole till he showered in cum says: William Seed has got his GF a big surprise for her birthday, the loveliest flowers, a beautiful card, and the perfect gift, a gourmet meal prepared by a famous private chef.

The trouble starts when the young sexy chef, Ashton Summers knocks at the door, William thinks that Ashton’s got more to offer him than his birthday cooking skills.

Ashton winks at William behind his girlfriend’s back, then proceeds to get totally naked except for his apron and lube up his ass with oil.

When Ashton spells out “Fuck me!” in sauce, William takes the lean, tattooed chef’s ass in front of the fridge, then Ashton sucks William’s cock under the table.

William can’t pose for a selfie when his cock is getting devoured like a kielbasa, so his girlfriend stalks off to sulk. The hungry top pounds Ashton on the table till they both cover the chef in special sauce.

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William Seed fucks Kaleb Stryker doggy style before the nurse rides that big cock says: When Nurse Kaleb Stryker sees the size of his patient William Seed’s bulge, he has a very special treatment all ready for him.

Kaleb pulls the curtain and hops up on the gurney to suck his patient’s cock, assuring his fiancee that William will be totally fine after Kaleb gets him all fixed up.

After Kaleb’s tests are complete, it’s William’s turn to test the sexy nurse’s tight hole! William fucks Kaleb doggy style before the nurse rides that big cock.

Kaleb’s “ass treatment” makes William feel all better and once Kaleb cums, William pulls out and gives his happy nurse a facial.


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Big muscle dude William Seed’s huge dick fucks young twink Joey Mills’ hot bubble ass says: Coat check guy Joey Mills is bored and the coast is clear, so he gets out his cock and starts stroking it. Joey gets so into his self-pleasure that he doesn’t even notice as William Seed approaches, and William quietly enjoys the show.

When Joey finally looks up and sees the muscular French stud taking him in, William gets out his own dick and hops over the counter to feed it to the pretty twink.

While Joey has his hands and mouth full, William helps out a customer before taking Joey in the back to bend him over and fuck that ass. Joey cums hard and William gives the twink a facial.


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Hot tattooed muscle hunks William Seed’s huge cock fucking Steve Rickz’s smooth bubble ass hole says: When Steve Rickz meets the French foreign exchange student his family is hosting, William Seed, he wants to assist William with his tongue in a different way.

William definitely understands what it means when Steve rubs his cock under the table and sucks it, but when Steve says he wants him to creampie him, the foreign guest grabs a pie and smashes it into Steve’s face.

Deciding to stick to nonverbal communication, Steve hops on Will’s cock and then the tall top bends him over the table to fuck his ass even deeper.

After Steve cums, William sprays some special Thanksgiving gravy in his mouth.


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Sexy young stud Calvin Banks takes a doggy style pounding from William Seed’s huge erect cock says: Calvin Banks wants to become as strong as his sensei William Seed, but when their dojo is threatened by an agent of the nefarious Red Dojo, he’s unable to do more than take punch after punch until William uses his One Hundred Cock Face Slap on the intruder.

Calvin wants to help, and William gives him an important job: take care of his boner.

Calvin gets right to work with a sloppy blowjob, then takes a doggy style pounding before using the dojo’s sling to get into ballerina position.

Sensei William fucks Calvin in suspended missionary and makes him cum, then rewards his dedicated student with a huge facial.


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William Seed teaches Trent King a new way to do sit-ups by sucking his big cock every time he comes up says: Ebony athlete Trent King isn’t sure what to expect from new soccer coach, William Seed, but he hears he’s a real hardass.

When William arrives and wordlessly makes Trent and his teammate do pushups and squats, that’s confirmed: Trent can’t stop staring at William’s hard ass.

Soon, William is teaching Trent a new way to do sit-ups by sucking his cock every time he comes up.

After a messy blowjob, William fucks Trent doggy style over a fitness ball, then tells him to squat on his dick.

Trent cums with William’s huge dick in his ass, and the coach pulls out to spill his seed all over the handsome athlete’s face.


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Drone force dildo William Seed and Ian Greene hardcore ass fucking says: Hairy hunk Ian Greene wants a nice quiet day to tan nude all alone at the beach, so he’s quick to dismiss William Seed when he asks to borrow some lotion.

Undeterred, William decides to have a little fun by playing with his drone…and taking the attached dildo in for a landing in Ian’s ass!

Ian chases William into the water, then starts sucking the prankster’s cock.

William fucks Ian with his real cock nice and hard in doggy style and missionary till Ian cums, then has him ride his dick before cumming in Ian’s mouth.


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Windom Gold opens his ass cheeks letting William Seed slam his huge cock deep into his tight bubble butt

Windom-Gold-fucks-ass-cheeks-William-Seed-huge-cock-tight-bubble-butt-Men-001-Gay-Porn-Pics says: “Scorpio men are shrouded in mystery when they make love to another man, they are passionate, they are lustful, but more than anything else they are elusive.

They have impressive techniques that will please you, but don’t be mistaken: their goal is to take everything from you.” Windom Gold and William Seed provide an object lesson in the powerful lust of Scorpio men.

William Seed shoves his long, thick cock down Windom’s eager throat, teasing the horny hunk’s tongue with the tip of his dick.

Windom bends over and lets William slam himself into his tight ass, William using Windom’s hole as his personal fuck toy as he pounds him ferociously all over the sunlit room.



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Hung stud William Seed fucks Seth Knight’s tight smooth muscle boy asshole

Hung-stud-William-Seed-fucks-Seth-Knight-tight-smooth-muscle-boy-asshole-Men-001-gay-porn-pictures-gallery says: Sexy hunk Seth Knight has been having a rough day. His girlfriend broke up with him and he could use some excitement. His burly barber William Seed suggests that maybe it’s time he gave men a try.

Unsure at first, William shows the bearded cutie that he might need to open his mind, rubbing his hard cock against his face and lips before sneakily popping it into his mouth.

For Seth it’s love at first suck and soon he’s dropping to his knees to worship William’s thick cock in the barber’s chair. William gives Seth an unforgettable pounding, slamming himself into the tattooed hottie as his precum drips out onto his stomach.

Seth milks the cum out of William’s cock until he blasts it all over the hungry straight boy.



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Horny Rocky Vallarta licks William Seed’s socked feet slowly sliding them off and sucking his toes says: Muscular hunk William Seed is out shoe shopping, and attractive, athletic Rocky Vallarta is the lucky sales clerk who gets to worship his feet.

Horny Rocky licks William’s socked feet before slowly sliding them off, and sucking on his toes. Green-eyed William gets an instant boner that Rocky is happy to wrap his lips around.

William deep throat’s Rocky’s mouth before pounding his ass with his massive, uncut cock.


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