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Next Door Raw says: Young sexy stud Andy Taylor gets a text message from hot ripped hunk Johnny B asking him to come over for a booty call.

As he makes his way across town, Andy’s big young dick is rock hard and he can’t stop thinking about the hot sex he’s gonna have and what he is going to do with Johnny’s big cock.

Once Andy gets to Johnny’s place he can’t help but touch himself.

That’s a nice surprise for Johnny, it’s been a while since he’s fucked outside.

Watch these two fuck and suck each other’s big cocks until someone can’t hold their load any longer.

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Hot young hunk Dalton Riley’s huge raw dick bareback fucking Michael Boston’s bubble butt

Next Door Raw says: Dalton Riley has Michael Boston chained up in his garage, waiting to be used by him.

When Dalton walks in Michael is already excited and they don’t lose any time and get right to it.

It shows that both of them have been waiting for this for a while in this intense sex session.

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In the dungeon Jack Hunter lies in a sling getting fucked by Jake Porter’s huge cock

Next Door Raw says: In the gay dungeon sexy Jack Hunter is hanging around in the sling fingering his tight ass.

Jack is super horny and his cock is hard waiting for athletic stud Jake Porter when he walks in for some ass play.

Filled with rimming, deep throat blowjobs, and bareback anal, these two really want nothing but sex!

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Dalton Riley in just a leather harness bareback fucks Tristan Hunter’s raw bubble ass

Next Door Raw says: Hungry Dalton Riley is hard and throbbing just thinking about having his tight hole rimmed. While on display and stroking himself, he invites sexy Tristan Hunter to join him for a hot and steaming session at the bath house. They’re about to do more than just rim this hole.

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Hairy chested young muscle dude Julian Brady bareback fucked by Carter Woods’ huge dick

Next Door Raw says: It’s a hot summer day with hard work ahead for cowboys Carter Woods and Julian Brady.

After admiring Julian nailing the poles on the fence, it’s Carter’s turn to do some nailing. The barn becomes hotter as the cowboys get it on. Yee-haw!

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Hot flip flop barebacking Dalton Riley and Dakota Payne’s raw fucking each others hot bare assholes

Next Door Raw says: Dakota Payne is hanging out on the wrong side of the tracks, looking for a little danger and excitement.

Not out for just any random hookup, Dakota is looking for something special, so he takes his time scanning the shadows for his perfect bad boy, and when he happens across Dalton Riley, he jumps at the opportunity and milks it for everything it’s worth.

This is a hookup so hot it was worth going twice, as both guys find themselves unable to stop after just one nut.

This isn’t the last time Dakota will pick up a back alley guy, but it might just be the one he remembers the most fondly.

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Hot tattooed muscle hunk Johnny Hill’s huge cock bare fucks Xavier Cole’s hot bubble butt asshole

Next Door Raw says: Bored with the tone of his regular hookup, Johnny Hill decides to spice things up a little with Xavier Cole, just to see if he’s as good of a good boy as he pretends.

Johnny sets up a series of tests to see if Xavier can follow his directions, and his reward for following the clues leads him straight to Johnny’s bedroom, where Johnny has a nice, hard reward.

Xavier has surely earned it with his obedience, but he’s not done following directions just yet. Johnny still has one more long, hard task for Xavier to take care of, but this is one demand Xavier is glad to fulfill.

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Ryan Jordan’s huge 9 inch cock bareback fucks Beaux Banks’ hot ass hole

Next Door Raw says: Fresh out of the shower, Beaux Banks has a clean body but a dirty mind, and he’s looking to satisfy his urges anyway he can. But Beaux doesn’t want just any lame lay… what he’s looking for is a good, hard, deep dicking.

Luckily Ryan Jordan has the tool and the desire to quench Beaux’s thirst for cock. Ryan’s packing 9 inches of fantasy and Beaux is ready to take all of it raw, in any hole Ryan wants to put it in.

The only problem for Ryan is deciding between Beaux’s sweet mouth or his beautiful ass, but luckily for him, he doesn’t have to choose.

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