Sean Cody sexy new bottom stud Bentley’s hot ass pummeled by Josh’s huge raw dick

Sean Cody says: “I’m so excited to be back. I’ve missed it,” says Josh, and he’s also excited to be joined by new face Bentley.

The guys get to know each other, and tattooed cutie Bentley tells Josh a bit about his love of cooking and sports, but Josh is more curious about what Bentley likes in the bedroom.

“Like to give people head, I like them to cum a lot.

I’m definitely a pleaser,” Bentley says.

The guys start kissing, and the bottom enjoys getting dominated by Josh as the handsome top undresses him, fucking his mouth and then pounding him in doggy style.

Josh cums all over Bentley’s ass, but he’s not done with that hole yet.

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Horny young Asian dude Dale’s bareback fucked by muscle hunk Asher’s big thick dick

Sean Cody says: Asher’s in the studio with short, black-haired hottie Dale today, and this bottom is super excited to be filming with the sexy bearded Sean Cody star.

Dale’s moans are loud as Asher starts to rim him, and he only gets louder as the top fingers his hole and fucks him doggy style.

“OH!! FUCK!” Dale cries out, and Asher instructs, “Now back onto it.

There you go.” Dale sucks the top, then rides him reverse before Asher puts him on his back on the sofa, spitting into his mouth as he pounds that hole.

Dale shoots a load you’ll have to see to believe, and Asher rewards him with a nice thick creampie.

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Black muscle man Chris’s hot asshole bareback fucked by Nicky’s huge raw cock

Sean Cody says: Tall, handsome Nicky really enjoys kissing cutie Chris and letting his hands roam all over his body as the guys take each other’s shirts off.

“Are your nipples sensitive?” Chris asks.

“Not as much as I would like them to be!” Nicky laughs, but Chris gives them some attention anyway before getting to his knees and sucking the top’s dick.

Nicky returns the favor before putting Chris on all fours on the couch and letting him have that big cock in his hole.

“Oh my god! You’re so fucking big!” Chris moans then gets on top to ride Nicky hard.

Once Chris’s hole is nice and stretched, Nicky fucks him piledriver until the bottom cums all over himself, and Nicky pulls out to shoot his load on him too.

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Sexy bottom dude Kyle’s hot ass bare fucked by ripped muscle stud Deacon’s huge dick

Sean Cody says: Deacon’s in the studio with cute new twink Kyle today, and the guys start kissing passionately as experienced Deacon shows the younger guy a thing or two, taking off his shirt and licking his armpit before kissing his chest, as his hands keep straying to Kyle’s hot ass.

The guys strip down and Deacon explores Kyle’s ass more thoroughly with his tongue, making the twink moan, then fucks him doggy style.

Then it’s Kyle’s turn to blow Deacon’s mind as he blows him, deepthroating until he has Deacon exclaiming, “What the fuck!

Wow, either you don’t have to breathe or you’re just really fuckin’ good at that!”

Kyle rides Deacon reverse, then the top lays him on his back to pound that hole missionary, squeezing every drop of cum out of Kyle’s cock before he pulls out and covers him with a hot load.

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Hairy hunk Dax’s on all fours bare fucked by Brysen’s huge raw cock

Sean Cody says: Brysen and Dax are already kissing as they enter the bedroom and undress each other.

Dax sucks Brysen’s big cock as Brysen reaches down to spank and squeeze his ass.

Brysen moans, “Oh fuck, that’s a tight hole,” as Dax lowers himself onto that dick to ride Brysen reverse, asking, “You like that ass?”

Brysen turns Dax on all fours to fuck his ass, then cums all over his hole… and then it’s his turn to get dicked down.

He lies on his back so Dax can penetrate him in missionary, then fucks him doggy style.

Dax wants to cum, so the guys flip this fuck again as he lies on his back, and Brysen strokes in and out of his hole till Dax orgasms, and Brysen gives him a facial.

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Hottie young muscle dude Justin’s hot hole bareback fucked by Josh’s big raw cock

Sean Cody says: As bearded hottie Justin sensually runs his hands all over his chest and thighs, stripping off his t-shirt and shorts and getting his dick nice and hard, he kicks up the sensations a notch by blindfolding himself.

That’s sexy top Josh’s cue to come up behind the horny bottom, kissing his neck as he lets his hands play all over Justin’s body, then feeds him his cock.

“Fuck yeah tastes so fucking good,” Justin moans as Josh fucks his mouth.

“That’s a nice ass,” Josh says, then bends the blindfolded bottom over and fucks him doggy style.

Justin loves Josh’s dick in his ass as he takes it nice and deep in missionary position till he cums, and Josh shoots a big, hot load of spunk on Josh’s taut abs.

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Horny hunk Phillip’s hot asshole raw fucked by Jax’s huge muscle dick

Sean Cody says: Tall hunk Jax and bearded cutie Phillip are already stripped down to their briefs and kissing passionately when the cameras start rolling.

Phillip starts to rub Jax’s bulge, then pulls out his huge cock, stroking it before he lies down on the bed to suck it.

“You want that dick, don’t you?” Jax teases, before giving it to Phillip doggy style.

“It’s so fuckin’ big!” the bottom moans as Jax treats him to every inch.

Phillip rides Jax’s cock, then the top bends him over the sideboard to pound him till Phillip shoots a huge load.

The cute bottom cries, “Yeah, fill my ass up, bro!” and Jax does just that.

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Sexy young muscle dude Jake Klerin’s huge raw dick bareback fucking Cody Seiya’s hot Asian asshole

Sean Cody says: It’s been a few months since Jake and Cody met, and they’ve missed each other.

Cody tells Jake he wants to bottom today, because, “You have such a good dick and it would be a waste not to make use of it.”

Jake replies, “I miss being inside you, so it’s definitely gonna happen.”

Cody really wants to kiss his handsome scene partner, and the guys begin undressing each other before Cody sucks Jake’s cock.

Jake doesn’t make Cody wait, fucking him doggy style, then Cody rides the top, not even stopping when he cums.

Jake rims Cody’s ass and fucks him in spoon, and Cody gives that nice big dick some more oral attention before taking Jake deep in missionary.

The bottom cums again and eagerly takes a facial.

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Hot young muscle stud Jake Klerin’s huge bareback dick fucking Sean Cody Brysen’s tight asshole

Sean Cody says: Sean Cody’s newbie Jake Klerin has been playing with control from both sides since coming out, and he’s been dreaming about one particular guyBrysen.

“Seeing him fuck as aggressively as he fucks just makes me want him.

So bad,” says Jake. “If he wants to grab it and just go as hard as he can, that”s all I am asking for.”

Brysen is happy to go along with that plan.

After Jake gets things started with a quick solo, he joins Brysen in the bedroom where the guys get naked and get each other incredibly horny.

Jake swallows Brysen’s big cock and is eager to ride that thick cock as the top chokes him and slaps his creamy ass.

Jake takes everything Brysen dishes out, begging for his load and then offering up his hole for more before both guys paint each other with cum.

“Damn. That’s a nice ass,” Brysen compliments. “That’s a nice dick!” Jake replies.

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Sexy young muscle dude Caden’s bubble butt raw fucked by hairy hunk Nicky’s massive raw dick

Sean Cody says: Nicky and Caden have known each other for less than an hour, but the chemistry between these two is already off the charts.

It’s tall, bearded Caden’s first time ever on set, and Nicky says, “Which makes me the veteran, of sorts.”

“It’s nice to be with a pro,” Caden replies.

This big, strong hunk describes himself as a bottom “80% of the time” although he does enjoy topping guys smaller than him.

They’re both excited to get started, and things quickly heat up as the guys kiss and undress each other.

Caden first sucks Nicky, and then it’s Nicky’s turn to taste Caden’s dick before fingering his eager hole.

Nicky fucks the bottom mish, then pounds that ass spoon.

He sucks Caden’s cock and gets back on top before covering Caden’s face with his hot jizz.

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Sexy young muscle stud Vic Ryder’s hot hole bare fucked by Sean Cody Garrett’s huge thick cock

Sean Cody says: Laconic Garrett is back in the studio for Vic Ryder’s first film, and although his mouth may not give much away, the holes in his jeans are showing quite a bit!

“Nothing lasts forever,” Garrett deadpans as Vic peeks at his exposed cock. Vic has his hottest asset under wraps but is happy to pull down his pants and give you a look at his bubble butt, which he says gets him compliments daily.

“I work out like six days a week. I have to work for it.” Vic tugs the tip of Garrett’s cock through one of the holes in his jeans and licks it, then pulls the pants off so he can suck it properly.

Once both guys are naked, Vic straddles the top and rubs his pert ass against his cock before slowly lowering himself down onto it. Garrett gets Vic face-down ass up to rim his hole, then fucks him doggy style.

He penetrates the bottom mish and cums on his face, but he’s still hard enough for Vic to ride his cock till he orgasms too.

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Sexy young muscle hunk Max Campbell strips nude stroking his big dick at Sean Cody

Sean Cody says: It’s taken over a year, but cute blond Max Campbell has finally made it to the Sean Cody studio to film his first solo.

Max says he was looking for some excitement to add to his usual routine of working out five days a week and wheeling and dealing in real estate, and he’s come to the right place.

The interview quickly gets personal, and Max divulges, “I don’t know, I’ve been told I have a pretty good dick.

Uncut, and then meaty. It gets compliments.” He’s sensual but also enjoys pushing boundaries, and is all about making sure his partner has a good time.

Max gets started by stroking and teasing his muscular chest, pushing up his tight white t-shirt before stripping it off and playing with his nipples.

Max takes off his jeans and rubs his uncut cock through his briefs, finally tugging it out and stroking it.

This hunk gives you a great view of his ass as he gets on all fours, then kneels and jacks his cock till he cums, and he’s got more in store for you.

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Hottie young white top Sean bareback fucking black dude Ricky Donovan’s hot asshole

Sean Cody says: Sean and Asher AKA Ricky Donovan are back in the studio and horsing around but they try to get serious as the cameras start rolling.

Asher says he’s especially excited to get his hands on Sean’s cock, because, “Sean has, I would argue, the biggest dick on the site.”

Sean puts in, “I really want you to keep arguing that.” But Asher has a surprise for the hung tophis husband, Deacon, came along today to watch him get fucked.

The pair head into the bedroom, where Deacon is waiting on the couch, and eagerly watches as his man gets to his knees to suck Sean’s big dick.

Asher bends over on the bed as Sean rims him, then it’s time for him to get that little ass stretched in doggy style. Deacon seems to enjoy watching almost as much as Asher loves feeling it.

Sean fucks Asher in missionary till the bottom cums, and pulls out to shoot a hot load all over him, and Deacon gives his hubby a facial. Now it’s his turn to play with Sean.

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Hot young stud Kyle’s bubble butt raw fucked by muscle boy Josh’s big thick dick

Sean Cody says: Cute, dark-haired Kyle is really enjoying his makeout session with fan-favorite Josh, and when the guys take their shirts off, he exclaims, “Fuck, you have such a nice body!”

Bearded hunk Josh bends Kyle over and eats his hole, then eases his big cock inside.

“You want it?” Justin asks.

“Oh god, that’s so deep,”

Kyle moans as he takes every inch.

He sucks Josh’s dick, then rides the top reverse.

Josh fucks Kyle doggy style before turning him on his back, and Kyle strokes himself till he orgasms as he gets penetrated in missionary before Josh pulls out and shoots on his dick.

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Young sexy black stud Chris’s big ebony cock raw fucks Sean Cody Clyde’s hot ass hole

Sean Cody says: As Clyde undresses bespectacled hunk Chris, he just can’t get over how hot the bottom is.

“Oh fuck yeah, look how sexy you are! Fuck!” he says before marveling at Chris’s abs that he just has to kiss.

Not to be left out, Chris kneels to pull down Clyde’s jeans and lick the base of his cock before pulling it out and sucking it.

Chris’s ass looks so good, Clyde needs to eat it before penetrating that super tight hole doggy style, making the bottom moan “Oh, fuck!” as he eases inside.

Clyde chokes the bottom a little as he fucks his hole in missionary, and it feels so good that Chris shoots a huge load.

Clyde pulls out and cums, but both of these guys are still horny for more.

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Newbie young stud Mac’s hot raw ass bareback fucked by Jackson’s huge thick cock

Sean Cody says: Bearded hunk Jackson wants to get dark-haired twink Mac naked, but Mac is enjoying their passionate foreplay first.

“That neck” he moans, kissing it before the guys start undressing each other.

Jackson pulls off Mac’s jeans and pushes him back onto the bed, nuzzling his bulge through his briefs, then sucks his cock and licks his balls before getting out his dick and making Mac beg for it.

“Ready for it?” Jackson asks. “And waiting!” Mac saucily replies before finally getting what he wants as the top penetrates his hole.

Jackson fucks Mac doggy style, then pounds him missionary, but he can’t take much of that tight hole before he pulls out and cums all over the twink.

Jackson licks it off as Mac strokes his dick till he climaxes, and these guys have plenty more chemistry to fuel round two.

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Newbie cute muscle boy Tyus offers up his tight bubble butt to Sean’s huge raw dick

Sean Cody says: Sean has a game for Tyus, see who’s better at getting through the other player’s hole.

Sean wins the first round, and Tyus laughs, “You’re cheating! How the hell did you do that?”

They play again, and this time Tyus gets too close to winning, so Sean knocks over the board, shouting, “Do you think we have time for play?

We don’t have time for play!”

Sean quickly gets the bottom undressed and bent over on the bed to show him another thing or two about getting through holes.

He gets his cock out and slaps it on Tyus’s plump ass, then fucks him doggy style.

Tyus gets on top to ride Sean, and Sean takes back the top spot as he fucks the bottom missionary before they cum in a photo finish.

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Horny muscle bottom stud Dax’s raw asshole bare fucked by hot muscled hunk Deacon’s huge raw cock

Sean Cody says: Blond Deacon and dark-haired Dax make a sexy pair as they passionately kiss in the living room.

Deacon just has to get his hands on Dax’s big booty, sliding them down the back of his jeans and moaning, “Fuuuuuck, that assss!”

The guys get undressed, kissing each other’s chests and licking each other’s armpits before Dax gets on his knees between Deacon’s legs to suck his cock and lick his balls.

Deacon rims the bottom, then fucks him on the couch, easing into Dax’s tight hole.

Dax gasps, “Fuck, you’re so deep,” and Deacon replies, “Oh, all the way!”

Dax rides that big cock till he cums all over Deacon’s abs, then Deacon penetrates him in doggy style before shooting a huge load all over his back and his muscle ass.

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Hottie young hunk Bentley’s hot raw asshole bareback fucked by ripped muscle dude Jax’s huge cock

Sean Cody says: Before their scene begins, Jax asks Bentley how his time at Sean Cody so far has been.

Bentley’s been enjoying his on-camera firsts, and today he’s got an even more exciting first ahead of him.

“Never taken a dick as big as yours, but I’m up to the challenge I think,” he says.

That dick is so big, Bentley can’t stop talking about it, and soon it’s time to see it as the guys kiss and take each other’s clothes off.

Bentley sucks Jax, then eases down onto it, riding him on the bed.

Jax bends the bottom over the ottoman and pounds that hole, then makes Bentley cry out as he fucks him deep in missionary.

Bentley shoots a massive load as Jax thrusts into him, and Jax pulls out and covers him with cum.

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Sean Cody bareback sexy black stud Marcus’s hot hole raw fucked by muscle hunk Brysen’s huge cock

Sean Cody says: Brysen’s brought his new beard to the studio, and it’s getting some compliments.

“I been workin’ on it,” he jokes. “No, I’ve just been too lazy to shave, honestly.”

We’ve brought new talent Marcus for him to enjoy today, a 19-year-old cutie who loves the outdoors and only recently had sex for the first time.

Marcus has been enjoying bottoming, but he says he’s starting to want to top.

He also says, “I love hickeys, it’s like a memory on your neck!”

Brysen will give Marcus plenty of good memories as the guys start kissing and undressing each other.

The bearded top spanks Marcus’s ass, then takes off his pants and sucks his cock.

Marcus blows Brysen, and the top fingers his hole, then lies back so Marcus can ride him.

Brysen gives Marcus that dick nice and deep in missionary, pulling out just in time for both of them to cum together. Their chemistry is so hot, these horny hunks go straight into round two.

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Ripped muscle man Sean’s huge raw dick barebacking newbie young stud Dustin Rhodes’s hot hole

Sean Cody says: Today we see sexy newbie stud Dustin Rhodes fresh after his home alone solo jerk off (here) which he garnered plenty of fans teamed up with horny hottie Sean.

Dustin is a keen mountain biker and loves to work outdoors in his garden. Sean hears on the grapevine that Dustin is a cute versatile young dude with a liking for garden gnomes.

Sean jokes, “Can’t wait to plant my gnome in your garden!” cracking himself up as well as Dustin.

Dustin’s likes and loves are “Nice big rough dicking.”

So he should be very happy with the big surprise that Sean is packing for him.

Sean tells Dustin to shut his eyes and to promise not to peek even a little bit as he puts his big erect cock in the palm of his hand.

Judging by the look on his face Dustin is mightily impressed, and he quickly sucks it before the guys strip down and make out kissing passionately.

He rides Sean’s cock, then lies back with his legs up over his head as Sean fucks him in piledriver.

Dustin moans loudly as he takes everything that Sean can throw at him.

The super top thrusts into his raw ass hole in missionary position before Dustin can hold off no longer and he blows a huge cum shot, covering himself with a hot load of jizz that he loves to play with.

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Horny young fuckers Cody Seiya and Sean Cody Dale’s big raw dick flip flop anal fuck fest

Sean Cody says: We kept it a secret as long as we could, but Dale’s partner for his first scene back at Sean Cody is… Cody Seiya.

And the funny and flexible hunk is super excited about it.

Dale says, “I was driving up behind him and he jumped out of the car and I was like, ‘SHUT UP. Yes! Yes!'”

Cody is just as thrilled to be paired with Dale: “Dale is SO hot.

So handsome, so built, I’m really excited to just hang out with you today.”

The chemistry between these two is palpable as they cuddle, and they decide who gets to top first with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Although Cody wins the right to top Dale first, as they get naked and passionately kiss, Cody changes his mind because he wants to sit on Dale’s face and then his cock.

Dale fucks Cody missionary, and then it’s time for these hotties to flip as Cody pounds Dale in piledriver till they both cum.

These guys still can’t get enough of each other, so keep watching for round two.

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Fit young muscle boys Sean Cody Dax and Sean Cody Dean hardcore big raw dick barebacking

Sean Cody says: It’s been a couple years since Dean made a visit to the studio, but he and his abs are back.

Dean’s excited to work with new bottom Dax, and although Dax is looking forward to taking Dean’s big dick, he’s keeping pretty quiet about it.

The bearded cutie jokes, “I’m camera-shy.

My asshole isn’t, but I am!” The guys compare their handstand skills and Dean shows off with a backflip before they head into the bedroom and get naked.

Dean rims Dax and gets him ready for his big cock, slowly penetrating him in doggy-style.

Dax rides the top, then gets on all fours on the bed to take it nice and deep before Dean fucks him in missionary.

The bottom moans loudly as he cums, and Dean pulls out to shoot his load before Dax sucks out every last drop.

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Hottie muscled dude Kyle’s hot raw asshole bare fucked by muscle man Jax’s thick dick

Sean Cody says: Kyle and Jax can’t keep their hands off each other, these two sexy muscle studs rip at each others’ clothes until they are both fully naked.

Jax is fascinated with Kyle’s big, bouncy booty, putting him on all fours on the couch and slapping and jiggling his cheeks, then rimming him.

Kyle sucks Jax’s big cock before riding him, then takes it piledriver, moaning, “Oh, Jax. Oh I love that dick!”

Kyle cums so hard Jax can’t even believe how much he shoots, saying, “Oh fuck, dude, oh my god, that is so fuckin’ much cum!”

Jax puts Kyle on all fours so he can get a perfect view of the bottom’s gorgeous ass as he pounds him doggy style, then puts him up against the mirror till Kyle jizzes on the glass.

Jax makes him lick it off before cumming on the bottom’s face.

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Hot muscle dude AJ Blackwood’s big black cock bareback fucking hottie Sean Cody Asher’s smooth hole

Sean Cody says: Sexy stud Asher is sporting a cute beard has been hitting the gym before he heads to the bedroom to join AJ Blackwood for an even more intense sexual workout.

Tall muscled hunk AJ reaches down and lifts Asher off his feet as they kiss and undress each other before Asher gets on all fours pulling AJ’s jeans off saying, “Ok so let’s see what you got?”

AJ’s big, thick dick was worth waiting for, and as Asher sucks it, AJ moans, “Just like that.”

The bottom rides AJ’s dick, then takes it in mish where he can admire the top’s cut physique as AJ thrusts into him.

AJ gets even deeper as he fucks Asher doggy style till the bottom orgasms, then pulls out and paints Asher’s bubble butt with hot cum.

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Sexy top stud bottoms for first time Sean Cody Brysen’s hot hole bare fucked by new stud Dustin Rhodes’s huge thick dick

Sean Cody says: Porn newbie Dustin has only shot once before, so he wants to hear from Brysen what it’s like to have so many scenes under his belt.

Brysen says that his erotica habits are a lot more varied now: “I like to change it up a little bit.

Now I’ll watch all kinds of stuff.”

Brysen wants to know what Dustin’s into, not just on-screen but in real life, and the hottie’s description sounds a whole lot like Brysen.

“Just somebody that’s beefy, tattoos, such as yourself.

It’s a big turn-on for me.”

Brysen usually tops, but he’s excited to get Dustin’s big cock in his ass today, and he starts things off by sucking him, then straddling Dustin and having his way with that dick.

Brysen rides Dustin reverse, then the newbie fucks him till Brysen’s begging for more.

The guys cum, and it’s time for the bottom to become the top.

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Sexy new dude Sean Cody Phillip’s hot bubble asshole bare fucked by hottie Sean Cody Sean’s huge dick

Sean Cody says: Phillip is really excited to be taking part in his first Sean Cody sex scene.

He’s totally stoked that his scene partner today is Sean.

Phillip loves to receive hot guys with big thick dicks, so with Sean, he ticks all the boxes.

Sean is happy to hear that Phillip loves not only getting fucked but also sucking massive cocks, but can he deepthroat?

Phillip promises he can, adding, “I can really show you better than telling.”

Sean replies, “Well if you can, you’re at the top of the list.

No one’s been able to do this.”

But before Phillip puts his mouth where his money is, the guys get undressed and Sean sucks the bottom’s cock, then Phillip rides his dick.

The top fucks him doggy style, and it’s not long before both guys are cumming.

Can Phillip deepthroat Sean’s big cock? Keep watching to find out.

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Sexy muscle dude Sean Cody Jax bareback fucks Sean Cody Nikolai’s hot bubble ass

Sean Cody says: We have a new visitor to the SC Studio today, hot young tattooed Nikolai proves to be a very easy-going young man.

“So what guys do you find attractive?”

“I’m more of a flow person. I just let life flow and I take each event as it happens.”

Meanwhile, Jax is getting antsy with all the talking, because he’s been cooped up alone with his hand and he wants to get to the fucking.

“I’ve been missing booty,” he laughs.

The guys head into the bedroom where they make out and undress each other, and Nikolai gets his first taste of Jax’s big cock.

But after he starts riding the sexy top, Jax suddenly creampies his ass after only a minute.

Luckily, it’s not long before this sex-starved stud is ready to go for round two.

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Sexy ripped young muscle dude Sean Cody Kyle strokes out a huge cum load

Sean Cody says: Young ripped hottie stud Kyle is a thoughtful guy who spends an inordinate amount of time in the gym working his impressive core abs muscles or by meditating on his yoga mat.

Versatile bottom Kyle loves getting a big thick dick inside his hot ass hole although with a large 7.5-inch dick some of his shags have other ideas.

I’m not complaining I live to give and take as they say.

Lots of guys want me to top, I always have to convince them to flip.

But when they see my butt then they want me to bottom.”

He shows off his very attractive ass for you, then strips off his t-shirt to display his rock-hard chest and rippling abs.

He runs his hands over his skin, then shucks off his shorts and strokes his cock.

Kyle turns around to give you a great view of that booty, stroking his dick till he cums… and he has a second impressive load in store.

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Sean Cody sexy muscle top Asher’s big thick cock barebacking young dude Cody Seiya’s hot bubble butt ass hole

Sean Cody says: Sexy young hunk Cody Seiya is slowly making his way around the Sean Cody model camp. He’s got a huge list of the guys he wants to have sex with and as Asher finds out he makes the list. “There’s definitely you… and your boyfriend too.” Asher says, “Today you’re gonna experience … Read more

Sean Cody Nicky’s huge raw thick dick stretches young muscle stud Sean Cody Cam’s hot hole

Sean Cody says: Today we have a familiar face and a familiar cock. “I’m back!” announces Nicky. “And I’m sorry to keep you guys waiting.” He’s very excited to work with gorgeous Cam, and the bearded bottom is thrilled to be paired with Nicky. “I looked you up and I was like, ‘Wow!’ It’s very … Read more

Sexy young football player Sean Cody Willy shows off his tight asshole as he jerks his thick cock spraying jizz all over his six-pack abs

Sean Cody says: Ex high school football player Willy strips off naked showing off his rippling six-pack abs and his tight bubble butt that he mentions is his best feature. Although as your eyes wander down to his crotch one should mention his oversized thick dick as well. The second Willy touches his soft cock … Read more

Horny chunky hairy muscled stud Phillip wanks his huge thick cock spraying jizz all over his hairy chest and face

Sean Cody says: Young muscled hottie Midwest construction worker Phillip loves performance cars. Heaven is driving around the mountain lanes and tracks fast enough to be dangerous being free like a bird. When you push your foot to the floor, the gas pedal delivers plenty of torque to the wheels and it makes you feel … Read more

Sean Cody hottie young stud Conor’s big uncut cock bare fucks older muscle hunk Blake’s hot bubble butt

Sean Cody says: Young fun cute twink Conor is in the Sean Cody studio for the very first time and he is being teamed up by hottie hunk Blake. The sexy guys start making out, kissing passionately as they undress each other. Blake undoes Conor’s shorts exposing his hard erect young dick. Blake on all … Read more