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Sean Cody says: Today we have Sean Cody Phoenix’s first ever time bottoming for Sean Cody Brysen he’s looking forward to “Just something very sensual, slow…” Brysen asks with a laugh, “Have you watched my films?” Nevertheless, Brysen seems to enjoy the change of pace as he and Phoenix kiss each other’s necks and chests, … Read more

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Sean Cody says: Two bearded muscle hotties make out, kissing passionately in the bedroom, Sean Cody Dax tries to pull Sean Cody Devy’s t-shirt off, but can’t quite manage it completely. “Too short,” Devy chuckles, helping him out before tugging off Dax’s shirt in return. The guys get naked and Dax hungrily swallows Devy’s cock, … Read more

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Sean Cody says: “Your body feels so good,” says Deacon as he gets his hands all over bearded, muscular bottom Phillip. The guys kiss hungrily as they pull off each other’s clothes, and Deacon falls to his knees to suck Phillip’s cock. “That’s fuckin’ sexy!” Phillip moans before fucking Deacon’s face on the couch, then … Read more

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Sean Cody says: Angelo’s finally back in the studio, and he’s paired with redhead newbie Kevin. Both guys are excited for this break-in, and Kevin makes sure to warn his costar, “It’s pretty big, just FYI. It’s over nine inches.” Not missing a beat, Angelo replies, “I can take it,” and sets out to prove … Read more

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Sean Cody says: Sexy muscled top Rocky Unleashed’s huge cock raw fucking Shamu Azizam’s bare hole at Sean Cody Rocky shows you how to build your back muscles and triceps before heading into the changing room. He strikes up a conversation with Shamu who’s changing to workout clothes and then spots the bearded bottom smelling … Read more

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Sean Cody says: As all the Sean Cody and BelAmi guys gather around the outdoor dining table, Deacon’s gaze keeps coming back to cute brunette twink Yannis Paluan.

Their flirty eye contact grows more intense, and when Yannis gets up, Deacon follows.

Inside, Yannis immediately sucks the top’s cock on a chaise, and Deacon rims the bottom, then fucks him doggy style.

Deacon penetrates the twink in missionary, then Yannis asks, “Can I ride you now?” “Get up here!” the top replies eagerly, enjoying the view of Yannis’s tight ass bouncing on his cock.

Yannis cums as Deacon pounds his hole, then takes a hot facial.

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Sean Cody says: Today it’s Asher’s turn to hook up with one of the Belami hotties, and he’s got his eye on one in particular.

He looks around for tall blond hunk Ashton Montana, eventually finding him reading on the stairs.

“I think you have other things to do,” he flirts, taking the book out of the twink’s hands before kissing him.

The guys find some privacy to suck and rim each other, then Ashton fucks Asher doggy style.

The Euro cutie wants his turn bottoming too, and after swallowing Asher’s cock some more, he gets on all fours to take the American’s dick.

The guys cum together as Asher pounds Ashton’s hole in missionary, then embrace in the light of a Barcelona sunset.

Another perfect day.

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Sean Cody says: Three of the Belami guys are chilling by the pool when they notice Sean Cody hunk Manny sitting and watching Jim Durden.

Jim swims over, and Manny asks, “How’s the water?” “The water’s good, but you’re better,” is the Euro cutie’s flirty reply.

Manny pulls Jim out of the pool so he can admire his muscular body the way Jim’s been looking at him, and the guys kiss before heading upstairs together for some privacy.

They shuck off their swimsuits and kiss passionately, sucking each other’s cocks, then Jim tongues Manny’s hole.

When the American bottom is nice and ready, Jim eases his huge uncut cock balls deep into his bare asshole, doggy style.

Jim shows Manny how they do it in Europe as he pounds him in missionary, then tells the American to ride him.

Manny follows Jim’s instructions so well, he blows a huge load, then eagerly sucks Jim’s cock until the Euro stud cums on his face.

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Sean Cody says: Here’s another threesome coming your way with hotties Blake, Jayden, and Porter.

These three guys are really fun to be around.

Not only do they get along and joke around like old buddies, but they also have great sexual chemistry.

Blake went to pick Jayden and Porter up, and what started as friendly reminiscing in the car, quickly turned into kissing and groping they just couldn’t wait.

Blake quickly told the boys exactly what he wanted, “My goal today is I wanna get in the middle Where I’m getting fucked, I don’t care who’s fucking me, and I’m fucking.

That’s all I want out of today!” Jayden and Porter affirmed the request, “I think we can make that happen!”

Jayden then expressed something on his wish list, “You know what I’ve always wanted to do is put my dick and another guy’s dick in one hole.”

Porter raised his hand, “Me!”

All three guys got exactly what they wanted, and more!

All that sex talk got these studs really horned up, so Blake put the pedal to the metal to start this thing.

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