Our straight breeders swing by our place loving their big cocks are on tap at Sketchy Sex

Sketchy Sex says: One of the cumdumps here is a special kind of bottom, he LOVES worshipping a man’s ass more than sucking his dick.

It’s pretty rare, I mean the rest of us would rather have a big fat dick in one of our holes than tongue fuck a top but hey.

The breeders swinging by our place love it when he’s on tap and whatever keeps the guys cumming in our place is find by us.

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Horny tops unload in our bottom boy asses at Sketchy Sex

Sketchy Sex says: We usually only want total tops dropping by and busting nuts in our holes.

This beefy dude came by with his bf or bro? Who gives a fuck, they were hot.

At some point, the beefy-hung guy wants to flip and he was taking loads from around the room.

It was a fuckin’ hot surprise.

Maybe it is good to get a flip fuck around the house, keeps this place interesting…beyond all the strangers popping by to bust.

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Hey bottom boy open your hole for my load

Sketchy Sex says: Loadin my bottom boy with my jizz at Sketchy Sex. He’ll beg me to fire my load deep into his ass. I’m going to force him to beg for my cum. Watch FULL MOVIE here!   All the Sketchy Sex updates right here! Watch FULL MOVIE here! Sketchy Sex gets a 5 … Read more

Sketchy Sex horny bottom studs seeded with top’s big loads

Sketchy Sex says: Sometimes the night just works out. I can’t remember the last time we had a fuck fest like this.

Usually, it’s the tops popping by to bust a nut, rarely do we get a full-on orgy with loads blowing everywhere but on the furniture.

I think we all left with a few loads and being a house of bottoms, we never thought we’d get a train going. You gotta see this miracle of fuck.

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Dudes just can’t get enough cum loads

Sketchy Sex says: Begging for load after load at Sketchy Sex. I’m going to force him to beg him to take my load. He’s going to be a really terrific boy. I am eager to fuck him again. Watch FULL MOVIE here!   All the Sketchy Sex updates right here! Watch FULL MOVIE here! Sketchy … Read more

Ass dripping in jizz at Sketchy Sex

Sketchy Sex says: Ass drippin cum hungry bottom stud at Sketchy Sex. I could get two loads of cum from each top. They smiled as they walked away. Both times after having been fucked by the roommates. It was fantastic. I was still as horny as a fuck. So I went downstairs and discovered my … Read more

Sketchy Sex hottie group gay sex horny tops seed their bottom boys

Sketchy Sex says: We like real dicks but mixing in some toys to get our asses gaping, getting us teased only makes us more cock hungry.

It’s like mixing tops on top of tops and prepping for more.

Nothing beats the real thing after getting some of the fake shit.

You can see how much more we’re craving raw dick and big loads after these guys got a few toys in our asses.

Sometimes we worry that dick will get boring till we get plastic dick in our ass… then the real cocks slide in and it’s like we’re fresh to being raw is law cumdumps again.

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Sketchy Sex Days Ends

Sketchy Sex says: Days Ends at Sketchy Sex…. I held this one cock in my mouth and ass for nearly three hours the previous evening. He filled me up with all of his cum; it was good, but the next day I was still hankering for much more. So, in order to ensure there was … Read more

My ass fucked by a huge dirty cock at Sketchy Sex

Sketchy Sex says: Fill me up dirty dicks fuck my sloppy hole at Sketchy Sex In confined areas, we had no choice but to continue licking and thrusting. Fuck me on the commode, fuck me on the sink, all I want right now is my orifice to be plowed. I can’t wait to go to the lavatory … Read more

Hottie young bottom studs bare asses rimmed then bare fucked at Sketchy Sex

Sketchy Sex says: How close is too close for an ass in our faces.

After all the dicks were sucked and before all the holes were pounded it was time for ass munching desert.

Nothing but pure pleasure gettin to lick the rim with blissful ambition.

Clean as a whistle.

Who wouldn’t want to be doing what we were doing, its so great that multiple holes present themselves on the daily for us to get busy with.

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Hottie bottom studs seeded by huge thick cocks at Sketchy Sex

Sketchy Sex says: We don’t show it a lot, but we always warm-up before guys drop by.

It’s just being a good host and keeps our holes in good practice.

Can’t waste any of these guys’ time, sucking or eating us out to drop a nut.

That’s no way to be a cumdump, especially when only one of us is home and we got 5-7 guys dropping by.

If we want to keep all the raw cocks in town cumming, we gotta give the best holes around.

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Hot dudes nut in my bottom cumdump at Sketchy Sex

Sketchy Sex says: The rest of the housemates went to a sex club to get free-range dick, it was my turn to stay behind in case anyone needed to get picked up.

Cumless driver is what we call it. Screw that, I needed loads too.

So, I hit up the apps and got a few tops to come by to dump some nut in my holes.

I’m sure my cumdump roomies are fine getting their share of the town nut.

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Messy mouth tops unload their seed all night at Sketchy Sex

Remember that competition I told you guys about.

Who can get the most loads from our tops?

Yesterday was our new housemate’s turn and damn could you hear the cum swirling in his mouth all night.

He was more cum than slut by the time the line cleared from the house, lucky bitch.

Never seen such a sloppy mouth, might as well throw out the lube he made such a mess.

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Horny bottoms needed hot top cocks available at Sketchy Sex

Sketchy Sex says: Ok well we knew our secret wouldn’t stay secret for long, now word has gotten out that our house is the cumdump for the town.

No wonder we’ve seen an increase in the hot horny tops popping by to fuck our bottom boys and unloading their balls fast.

There has been group after group of young studs willing to drop their loads in our cumdumsters.

A few of our housemates had to drop out and get some sleep but they were up again early the next day so no top was searching for a bottom.

A younger crew of studious studs also popped by between their classes.

Whatever, more big raw dicks for me.

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Sketchy Sex another day another cumdump

Sketchy Sex says: We finally had to get a new place after the landlord saw the constant line of cocks waiting to dump loads in us.

Luckily we found another cumdump who was looking for housemates.

On our first day there he invited his regular tops over to celebrate the new raw only ass in the house.

Damn we were missin’ out! Fuck wife swapping, we’re dick sharing!

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Sketchy Sex keep the dicks in the door and share the loads

Sketchy Sex says: Every so often one of our housemates moves on to a new pad or city and so, we have to start looking for a new cumdump to join in.

Our selection process is a bit different and super rigorous.

We don’t really care what you make or your credit, we care if you can keep the dicks in the door and share the loads.

Got this new guy in for a roomie interview with our favorite breeders, and it looks like he’ll fit right in.

What do you guys think?

Should he be one of the house cumdumps?

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Random cum filled studs visit us at home breeding our jizz hungry holes

Sketchy Sex says: The situation at our house is to have random guys visiting with their cum filled balls coming in and loading us up. We hardly notice them or know their names until that is when the cum stops flowing.

Then we get on the phone to get a new batch of horned up jizz boys over and breeding or holes till a damn good top came in.

Most bust and head out, this guy just kept railing me and the roommate. I’ll lose my job over that dick.

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Sketchy Sex endless supply of loads seeding our asses

Sketchy Sex says: We are always looking at ways to make sure we have plenty of loads for our bottoms’ asses.

We invite anyone to come on over, drop off their huge cum loads, and pick them up. No matter the time of day or night we are always there. Whether we are asleep or awake, we are always open with the holes for the loads to be given.

This is the depo, and we will never have a short supply of loads, you can count on that.

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Sketchy Sex cumdump house open for new loads calling all horny top fuckers

Sketchy Sex says: Guys who hear about our cumdump house, can’t quite believe it until they walk in and see for themselves.

We’ve just received a new batch of horny top fuckers, so we’ve advertised on social media that the house was open for loads.

We noticed that two guys returned over and over to drop their loads. We assume they like the neighborhood.

Those two guys bred me as much as when we had the whole town over.

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Bossy Bottoms didn’t mean to pop off at the new roomie but he interrupted the first dick I was getting today

Sketchy Sex says: This is what happens when we are cum hungry for too long, we start getting bratty.

Didn’t mean to pop off at the new roomie but, he interrupted the first dick I was getting today.

Good tops who know how to use cumdumps are getting harder to find, finally had to get online, and tell a few to get in line.
Gotta keep our holes bred or we start getting too bitchy.

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Our young roommate’s a hungry cum slut

Sketchy Sex says: We decided to try and break our record of loads taken in a day.

Got the dildos all ready and tops on the way.

While getting fucked, we knew we had to keep messaging tops to breed us to beat our load score.

When one hole is empty, we used the dildo so no one gets too tight again.

Can’t waste time when you’re trying to be record-breaking cumdumps.

What do you think?

Did we reach a new load count?

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Cum hungry housemate takes a load of jizz what a dirty cumdump

Sketchy Sex says: Found the video of one of our cum hungry housemates being trained and his pig status verified before bringing in everyone else.

Its part of the interview before you move in. Can’t catch a bad rap for being the best gang of cumdumps in town.


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Breed this cum pigs hole

Sketchy Sex says: Posted an ad online inviting anyone to breed this cum pigs hole. This guy took over 20 loads in one day!

Idk who all these guys are cause there was so many of them. We don’t really care what your name is we just want your cum inside of us.


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My roommate spent the whole weekend on his knees sucking cocks and getting fucked by all my big cocked friends


Sketchy Sex says: I don’t even know what day it is.

This past weekend was all a blur.

I’m sitting on my sofa recovering from this past sex party.

My jaw is hurt from the endless dick sucking and I have carpet burn all over me from crawling around the apartment.



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Sketchy Sex says: When I get like this. There is no controlling myself. Just can’t get enough cock inside of me. Crawling around on all fours. Taking dick any which way I can get it. I’m nothing more than a cum dump now.


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Strapped on some knee pads and left my self respect behind and took cock after cock

Sketchy Sex says: Strapped on some knee pads and left my self respect behind. Cock after cock. Load after load. The time just flew by as I wondered through the sketch pad. Trying to get as many loads as I could.


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My ass has never been fucked this good

Sketchy Sex says: My ass has never been fucked this good and my roomie recorded everything.

Every guy that came into our apartment was seriously hung. The loads just kept cumming.


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Addicted 2 Cum

Sketchy Sex says: Taking dick in both holes. Day and night. Cum dripping out and getting fucked back in. I don’t even know any of these guys names. Can’t even control myself.


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Random Loads 3 insane biggest cum dumps

Sketchy Sex says: An insane cum shot compilation from the biggest cum dumps on the west coast.


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Spending all day glued to our smart phones looking for our next cum load

Sketchy Sex says: Its hard work keeping our cum dumps full. We spend all day glued to our smart phones. Just looking for the next load. I swear I’m losing my vision. When the dude finally cums we’re on our knees, slob-bering, crawling around. My back is killing me but I can’t stop this.


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Fill that hole up. I need that load inside. I love the feeling

Sketchy Sex says: Fill that hole up. I need that load inside. I love the feeling! All that hot cum. Just let me breathe in these poppers while you push it deep inside of me. Fucking me raw. Its the only way to go.


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I love the feeling of cum getting fucked into my ass

Sketchy Sex says: I love the feeling of cum getting fucked into my ass. All day and all night I take loads from total strangers. Anyone with a big dick can dump their load inside of me. No foreplay. Just dump it and leave.


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