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Slutty bottoms begging for cum

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Cloudy boys slammin bare ass bottom sluts at Slam Rush

Slam Rush says: I fucken love some fat ass Latino booty.

I got this Latino pig who says his name is… who fucken cares what his name is?

His ass is built for being dumped in. This cum slut has been texting me for months begging me to come and party at the cloudy house.

So I gave him the addy.

He ain’t ready for this party. By the end of the night, we busted that bubble butt wide open.

This Puto was leaking from every hole.

He’s part of the cloudy house now, He aint never leavin!

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Slam Rush this bottom bro wants everyone to fuck him harder and harder

Slam Rush says: I like to switch up my fresh meat.

Always keeping new bottoms in that rotation.

The slam makes everyone a cumdump. Including this monster-tatted dude.

He looked like a hard-ass gym bro but what he wanted waz that hard-ass cock.

Once he got a little taste he couldn’t get enough.

He was just beggin for everyone to fuck him harder and harder.

He ain’t gonna be able to do squats for a month his ass got so blown out.

You know what they say about gingers, yea me fucking either but this one just had a face that said fuck me till I choke.

Shit, my boys made him so cloudy they set off the fire alarms and kept fucking. Let this mutha fucker burn.

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Ass blasted with jizz at Face Down Ass Up

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Cloudy boys ass fucking gay orgy sex at Slam Rush

Slam Rush says: I have always loved some fresh dark meat.

Got this new pretty boy popcornin for goodies on the ground.

I had my guys help em out by bangin out his holes while he was crawlin around on his hands an knees.

If he wants that good shit hes gotta earn that fix.

Probly get him so hooked he give me that gold watch and chain just for another hit.

You know how we do around here.

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Pig Packing Party at Face Down Ass Up

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Slam Rush I decided to throw his sorry ass on the bottom

Slam Rush says: We keep the clouds puffing in this one.

Cloudy all day in mah house.

My top guy always like to get ruff with these bottoms.

Slappin them around, fucking them till their asses r wrecked.

So I decided to throw his ass on the bottom.

See if he can take it as well as he can dish it out.

I wasn’t disappointed.

He took all that dick and waz choking this top so hard it made him cum in ass right then n there.

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Hottie weed smoking young street studs bareback ass fucking orgy at Slam Rush

Slam Rush says: I can’t stand when I find these pig bitch bottoms sleeping on my dime.

That’s when I tell em to get the fuck up and start taking some dick or it’s back to the streets.

These cumdumps need to learn that there are no breaks in the cloudy house. I ain’t runnin no charity.

Its time to get the fuck up and earn your keep.

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Slam Rush cloudy bottom boy Hunter seeded his bare ass with loads of big cocks

Slam Rush says: I’ve had this bottom bitch Hunter here for a while now.

He’s been asking to go home since the day he got here. Once we get him cloudy though he forgets all about home and gets lost in dick.

That’s when the little bitch gets slammed the hardest and my guys stretch his holes out to the max.

He’s been begging to go home lately but what he doesn’t understand is the more he begs… the more my guys will pound his ass.

His whining got annoying, so my guys had to give him a triple dose of dick, 2 in his ass and 1 in his mouth.

That should shut him the fuck up.

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Slam Rush I almost felt sorry for our little cumdump

Slam Rush says: When the fucking gets dull around here I like to spice it up.

Had this guy come by to pick up some stuff from one of the tops who deals.

He had a rep for taking what isn’t his and I knew my guys would take full advantage of a little thief and slam him in more ways than one.

Almost felt sorry for the little cumdump, till I saw the awesome footage I got.

Don’t screw with a cloudy group’s good time.

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Pig bottom bitches filled up with cum at Slam Rush

Slam Rush says: I luv when I can see how far these pig bitches will go when their heads up in the clouds.

I had just got paid so you know I was keeping that party rollin all nite.

My pigs were feelin rough that nite. I could tell they really needed to let loose.

So I supplied the slam and they didn’t disappoint.

This fucking bottom had cock so far down his throat it came out his ass to touch the other dick that was fuckin it.

He didn’t need air to breathe, They took hit after hit.

Pluggin him up airtight like all slam pigs should be.

He aint ever gonna be the same after this night.

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Slam Rush I rented his ass out to rando slammin’ tops

Slam Rush says: One downside to turning these fucktoys into party pigs is that they’ll steal one of the guy’s stash eventually.

This stupid cumdump got caught in the act and the guys said they’d rather teach him a lesson themselves for a video instead of me handling it.

So, while the guys dicked down the little thief, I rented his ass out to rando slammin’ tops.

They all got to keep partying and free reign to do whatever to him.

Made my money back on the party supplies he stole and then some.

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Slam Rush young pigs just want to bust loads and party

Slam Rush says: These pigs sink so low so quickly. Just takes one moment in the clouds they’ll do anything for more.

Most of the slam studs that come in aren’t even gay, they just want to bust loads and party.

The cumdumps, who cares…look at them.

They’ve become total messes, I’d feel bad if it wasn’t for all the money they raise in my vids.

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Slam Rush Feverish Fuck

Slam Rush says: If you don’t time it right, these punk-ass bitches I get off the street have a get out clarity.

Remember this guy I got cloudy? One hit in his face and he was taking every slam pig top I could find.

Begs me to go home till I give him another round.

Don’t keep sluts fed and partying, they start saying all kinds of stupid shit. He can go home when he is worn out.

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Slam Rush goodie goodie pretty boys getting their asses slammed by fucked up tops

Slam Rush says: I gotta get shit out of this too. All these little goodie goodies sober assholes wanting my slam tops.

No way, I want my money and my dick sucked. The same goes for these hung cloudy dumbfucks I keep in the house.

Good bait but, if they want my shit they gotta lay that pipe. They always get this goodie goodie pretty boys slammin’.

Before you know it, they forget the camera is there and they’re getting bred by the rest of my slammers.

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Classic bait and switch with street dude Shawn slammed in both his holes

Slam Rush says: Young street dude Shawn shows up for an audition. Classic bait and switch. Told him he’d get some cash for it.

Usually, I get them slammin’ before I switch it up from audition to whorin’ and they’re banged out.

When they won’t take a favor, I make sure my slam studs blow some smoke down their throat.

Get em’ begging for more hits.

Producing gets pricey, keeping the dumb fucks in the clouds and breeding.

So, these little auditions help keep a profit going.

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Young innocent dude fucked by many breeding tops at Slam Rush

Slam Rush says: Got some cute innocent thing to drive in from Utah. I told him he could crash here if he got fucked on camera for the site.

Poor dumbass thought he could get money to split after I told him it’d be a few tops breeding his hole.

Nothing is free, need my money I want your ass on camera. He fell in line after Tony blew some clouds in his mouth.

What do you think? Looks like he won’t regret all those slammin’ tops…I sure didn’t.

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Slam Rush Brand New

Slam Rush says: These videos get expensive. Well, not the pigs I get in them but, the shit I give them. Think about it, if I have 6-10 tops and one cloud climbing bottom, that’s a lot of party favors I gotta dish out.

So, sometimes I rent out one of my slam stars to get the good shit for the latest cumdumps. These sluts I rent will take any dick or slammin’, helps save the good stuff for those newer “models” and makes me a few bucks.

Breakin’ even is business.

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18 year old pig boy Ryland collects load after load our latest cum dump superstar

Slam Rush says: My young pig boys always have a place to stay rent-free. However, if they want to slam and stay, they gotta help pay those bills.

Young 18-year-old Ryland is my latest little cumdump star. He’s a quick learner knowing that the slammin’ top dudes are like our rent-collectors, they get theirs no matter if they’re awake or not.

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18 year old sex pig Josh’s bare ass cum dump for loads of dirty boy cum at Slam Rush

Slam Rush says: Eighteen year-old Josh is still living with me..for now.. and our deal hasn’t changed.

He gets a place to stay warm and keep cloudy. While a get a star cum-dump for my vids.

With all the sex pigs cumming in and outta here. Josh will probably be worn out soon.

Good thing I keep reminding him he’s only good for so much and so long.

Maybe even after this flick I’ll toss his ass out on the street.

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