Top 100 All American Fratmen 100 to 91

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No 100: Fratmen Zeke

See Fratmen Zeke fully exposed here!

Fratmen says: Throughout history and in Hollywood movies we all fall in love with those ripped young All American Men. I think our love with those Yanks started in the 1940s and 50s as those gorgeous young Americans spread out across the world. Today who can help but look adoringly at their ripped bodies and fabulous good look as they grace our movie screens.

One group more than most stands out. The All American Frat Boy. Famous from those jock movies and high school proms, these young men embody the American dream. So here is our first pick of the top 100 American frat boys to fratmen. Who is your favorite Fratty?

No 099: Fratmen Aaron

See Fratmen Aaron fully exposed here!

No 098: Fratmen Vincent

See Fratmen Vincent fully exposed here!

No 097: Fratmen Vik

See Fratmen Vik fully exposed here!

No 096: Fratmen Vance

See Fratmen Vance fully exposed here!

No 095: Fratmen Tristan

See Fratmen Tristan fully exposed here!

No 094: Fratmen Tripp

See Fratmen Tripp fully exposed here!

No 093: Fratmen Trevor

See Fratmen Trevor fully exposed here!

No 092: Fratmen Theo

See Fratmen Theo fully exposed here!

No 091: Fratmen Terry

See Fratmen Terry fully exposed here!

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