Hot wax whipping Jacob Ryan punished by cruel master The Puppeteer

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My Dirtiest Fantasy says: Young twink Jacob Ryan is roped tied and cock bound lying below a row of candles which The Puppeteer lights one by one.

The Puppeteer takes his place sitting to enjoy the sight of hot wax dripping from the candles onto Jacob’s naked body. He’s terrified and screams out as the liquid wax burns his skin.

However, The Puppeteer, not content that the young boy’s suffering is sufficient, tips some more wax over the boy’s body.

The only way to remove the burning wax is to whip it off with a wooden paddle. The wax gets knocked off leaving Jacob nursing the stings from the whipping and the hot wax.

Jacob’s torture session is not over by a long shot, he is now made to stand with his roped hands in the air. His legs are spread and The Puppeteer whips his balls.

To be later pinwheeled over, and finally the boy gets to try his master’s single-tailed whip!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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