Next Door Twink gay sex foursome Brandon Anderson, Carter DelRey, Elliot Finn and Masyn Thorne

Next Door Twink says: Brandon Anderson is the new pledge master and he has a fresh group of pledges to whip into shape.

But first, some good old-fashioned fraternity fun. With the help of Fraternity President Elliot Finn, Brandon teachers Masyn Thorne and Carter Del Rey about the bonds of brotherhood.

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Next Door Taboo hottie young dude Brandon Anderson’s hot asshole raw fucking JJ Knight’s huge cock

Next Door Taboo says: JJ Knight is working from home and he is so aggravated by his step-son Brandon Anderson’s constant cleaning.

JJ isn’t the only one annoyed, after all, Brandon could use some help.

They strike up a deal that has Brandon slobbing JJ’s knob and having a fervent fuck.

For guys who like it clean, they sure don’t mind getting dirty.

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Sexy young dudes Isaac Parker and Brandon Anderson bubble butt anal flip flop fucking at Next Door Studios

Next Door Studios says: Brandon Anderson needs some serious help from his roommate Isaac Parker.

The cocky collegiate is good at everything except eating ass.

Lucky for Brandon, Isaac is a pro rimmer.

He shows Brandon how it’s done in this cheeky tutorial.

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Active Duty hottie young army dude Brandon Anderson’s bare asshole raw fucked by Alex James’s massive cock

Active Duty says: Beefy army instructor Alex James catches young private Brandon Anderson jerking off to porn in his army bunk.

But Alex has just the thing to wreak revenge on the young dude.

Alex grabs ahold of Brandon’s head and forces his mouth down to his hard erect dick making Brandon swallow it whole till he gags when his big mushroom cockhead hits the back of his throat.

With Brandon on all fours, Alex parts his smooth ass cheeks and runs his tongue up and down his ass crack getting the tip deep into his hot asshole.

He rims Brandon’s hole till it is well lubed and ready for his huge thick dick.

The big muscled army guy Alex pummels Brandon’s bare ass in hard strokes till he is balls deep in the young lad.

Alex holds onto Brandon’s waist with both hands, pulling his bubble butt hole back onto his huge erection making Brandon moan with pleasure.

Brandon moans loudly as he feels Alex’s massive cock moving deep inside his hole.

They switch positions a number of times each time Alex power fucks the young dude’s bareback hole hard and fast.

Brandon tightens his ass muscles clamping Alex’s dick and bringing him close to orgasm.

Alex pulls out and showers his ass hole with his jizz before fucking his cum back inside Brandon’s freshly fucked hole.

Brandon then blows his load with Alex’s dick still pumping his asshole. Spraying his load all over his stomach.

Alex’s punishment of the young private seems to fit the crime as both sexy dudes’s horny desires are sated for now.

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Younger stepbrother Beaux Banks’s huge dick bareback fucking older stepbro Brandon Anderson’s hot raw asshole

Next Door Taboo says: Sexy ripped young stud Brandon Anderson is on the sofa playing video games when his little stepbrother Beaux Banks appears from his hiding place in the kitchen.

Beaux teases Brandon and annoys him sitting astride him trying to get ahold of the game controller.

Brandon manhandles Beaux onto his back and whips off his shorts, exposing his cock and bare ass.

Beaux gets the message and falls to his knees sucking down his older stepbrother’s thick erect dick.

Brandon grabs ahold of Beaux’s head pressing firmly so that his cock deepthroats hitting the back of his throat, making him gag.

Using the controller as a sex toy Brandon pokes it into Beaux’s tight asshole, before replacing it with his big bare cock.

Bradon bareback fucks Beaux in a number of different sex positions before he wanks Beaux’s dick with his cock deep in his ass.

Beaux orgasms squirting his cum all over himself while Brandon fucks him hard.

Brandon pulls out and sprays his jizz load all over Beaux’s face and into his mouth. Beaux swallows Brandon’s creamy cum load.

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Interracial gay anal sex Brandon Anderson and Adrian Hart flip flop ass fucking

Next Door Buddies says: Our two hunks Adrian Hart and Brandon Anderson hit the showers and show us their Adonis bodies.

They soon can’t resist touching each other and they start to fuck each other with incredible passion until their not only soaked because of the showers and are covered in cum.

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Big muscle dude Mike Johnson’s ass fucked hard by Brandon Anderson’s big straight dick

Active Duty says: Mike Johnson didn’t expect how eager Brandon Anderson would be to do this scene.

Mike only has the time to stroke his cock for a couple of seconds before Brandon swallows it whole.

Happily surprised, they both fucked each other to their zenith in a messy, but satisfying climax.

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Young army recruit Jack Greyson first time fucks Brandon Anderson’s tight virgin ass

Active Duty says: Horny Brandon Anderson can’t wait.

‘This guy is about to fuck me in the butt.’

With his cock hard and ready in anticipation, Brandon can’t keep his eyes off of muscular Jack Greyson.

It isn’t long before his wet mouth is wrapped around Jack’s dick and they’re thrusting towards a hot release.

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