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    Connor picks Armond up and fucks him while standing!…… High Performance Men says: Connor Halsted is hard at work or so it seems on his laptop while Armond Rizzo is horny and keeps bothering him to get off the computer to fuck him. Connor isn’t having any of it and screams at Armond. Armond doesn’t […]

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    Marxel dives face first into Andres’ ass and licks it clean!…… High Performance Men says: Andres Moreno is laid out on his bed wearing only a jockstrap and he wants his boyfriend to come over and fuck him extremely bad. He calls up Marxel Rios to hopefully entice him to come home early to fuck […]

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    Hunter jams his face deep in Chris’s smooth ass!……. High Performance Men says: It’s Chris Noxxx’s first photo shoot and Hunter Vance is taking full advantage of the opportunity. Chris is shy and timid but Hunter Vance is calling the shots and he is listening to everything he says. Once Hunter begins to move in […]

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    Sean goes face first tongue fucking Armond’s tight sexy hole!…… High Performance Men says: Sean Duran has busted Armond Rizzo in the local mall and has brought him into the back room for interrogation. Armond insists that he has done nothing wrong but Sean on the other hand doesn’t care what he did or didn’t […]

  • Alessio Romero fucks Sean Duran

    Alessio fucks his cock deep inside Sean’s ass!…… High Performance Men says: Alessio Romero works it in nice and tight fucking Sean Duran with his toy but he’s ready for level two and out comes a metal poll with a nub at the end of it that he slowly twists into Sean’s ass. After the […]

  • JR Bronson and Billy Santoro

    JR takes Billy’s huge cock deep and hard until he creams his load!…… High Performance Men says: JR Bronson lets Billy Santoro manhandle him in all ways possible while sharing the fantasy of being taken to task by a strong built hairy man such as Billy. The sex is loud and rough with JR taking […]

  • James Hamilton and Trenton Ducati

    James makes Trenton suck his big erect dick!…… High Performance Men says: James Hamilton finds lube and some toys and then some cold hard cash but Trenton Ducati can hear someone rustling about and he storms out of the shower to see James going through his pockets. He rushes James pushing him to the side […]

  • David Chase, Fernando Del Rio and Rodrigo Ferrari

    David rams his face deep into Fernando’s soft smooth ass!…… High Performance Men says: Fernando Del Rio is trying to work his way up the corporate ladder at his new job but all they have him doing is making copies after copies and more copies of all kinds of different paperwork. He is fed up […]

  • Drake Jaden and Mike Gaite

    Mike bends muscle pup Drake over the chair and fucks him hard deep into his ass!…… High Performance Men says: When Mike Gaite gets back he can see Drake Jaden eyeing the clippers which Mike than grabs and begins to shave his beard off quietly and slowly. He has been a bad boy so Mike […]

  • Diesel Washington and Jay Armstrong

    Diesel manhandles Jay pounding away at his ass!…… High Performance Men says: Diesel Washington is not here to clean anything up and Jay Armstrong has been wanting some thick dark cock deep inside his ass and so he bends right over for Diesel legs spread, awaiting his hot mouth and cock. Diesel manhandles Jay to […]