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Reality Dudes says: What’s better than a hot gangbang? A hot Bareback Gangbang!

These frat guys don’t hold back on their new pledge.

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You’ll enjoy seeing this hottie get mounted bareback and hearing his loud moans.

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He sucks my cock and even lets me invite my friend over and blows him too.

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He can barely take my buddy’s big dick, but he still loves every second.

After he sucks out all my cum, he takes a facial from my friend and then shoots a huge load.

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He’s beautifully chilled with a cheeky grin and an easy-going style which made it easier for me to offer him a little payout in exchange for a peek at that impeccable body.

With his bulging muscles covered in tattoos and the perfect amount of hair, I just couldn’t wait to see more of him so I offered him more cash.

He agreed and I got us a room where I got to try that perfect tight ass first hand, and it was all worth it.

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Reality Dudes says: I’d been searching for someone to teach me to swim and I was extremely excited to find that Rob Campos was available for hire.

On the day of the lesson, it was raining hard so not really the weather for a swimming lesson, therefore, I offered him 1000 pesos to give me a hand with something else.

Rob eagerly agrees to stay and suck my cock, and we watch each other as we stroke our dicks before I fuck him doggy style.

This sexy swimmer loves when I fuck him missionary, and he cums as he jacks himself off while blowing me, then eats all my jizz.

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He wants to get fucked, so I penetrate him doggy style and missionary, then he rides my dick.

He eats all my cum, then jacks himself off till he orgasms.

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Reality Dudes says: I hired Liam to do a few odd jobs cleaning up my house, and his ass in his cutoff jeans looks so good that I want to hire him for a blowjob too.

He’s interested as I hand him some bills and rub his cock, and he eagerly plays with my dick.

His buddy Pablo X decides to join us, and soon Liam is on his knees sucking both of us.

We head inside, where Pablo fucks Liam’s mouth, then penetrates the bottom doggy style, and I watch and enjoy as Liam rides the sexy top.

This horny handyman loves taking dick in missionary, and he jacks himself off before taking a hot load on his face and chest.

He tells me he loved every minute before sucking my cock and stroking it till I cum.

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Reality Dudes says: This cute hunk starts getting horny in his bedroom, rubbing his hard dick through his shorts, and lucky for him he’s joined by not one but two tops.

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Both the horny guys lie on their backs to stroke their dicks as the bottom eagerly waits for their loads on his face, then he lies back to stroke himself off and cover himself with his own jizz too.

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Reality Dudes says: I saw these guys hard at work outside and figured they might like a break, especially after I offered them some cash to suck my dick.

It made me so hard watching this tattooed hunk suck my cock as well as his buddy’s.

I jacked myself off as I watched this bottom get fucked by his friend, then fed him my dick while he got pounded.

When I came in his mouth, he hungrily ate it all up, and he was just as greedy to swallow his friend’s load too.

Then he sat back and jacked his big cock till he came.

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Reality Dudes says: Horny hunks Chino and El Santo are all about sensuality.

As the bearded top strokes his cock, looking down at his lover, the tattooed bottom takes it out and plays with it, making his man wait as they kiss and he teases him before finally sucking that dick.

The twink lies down on the bed to get fucked doggy style, then rides the top reverse as both guys watch themselves on camera.

The guys take turns sucking each other’s cocks, then race to see who can cum first as they jack themselves off.

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Reality Dudes says: Saul picked me up to give me a ride, but he wouldn’t let me even pay him for gas, so I wanted to offer him something else.

I put my hand on his cock, and pretty soon we were making a stop at a hotel nearby.

I had him take off his shirt and touch himself for me, then he sucked my cock while I spanked his ass and fingered his hole.

He wanted my dick, so I fucked him missionary and he took me nice and deep. He turned over and I fucked him doggy style.

Then he lay on his back and stroked his cock till he came while I pounded that hole, then he sucked my cock and took my load on his face.

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Reality Dudes says: Ty Mitchell ignores his stepbrother, Blaze Austin when Blaze asks for help on his math assignment while Ty’s filming a makeup tutorial video, so Blaze slides under Ty’s laptop and lets the twink use his cock as a blending sponge.

Blaze fucks Ty doggy style while he puts on lip gloss, finally getting the bottom’s full attention.

Ty blows Blaze, then rides him, and Blaze puts his stepbrother on all fours to make him take that big dick.

Ty gets pounded in missionary till he cums, then instead of makeup, he gets a faceful of Blaze’s jizz.

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Reality Dudes says: When hot pizza guy Nic Sahara showed up with my food, I suddenly had a different kind of hunger.

Nic told me business had been slow lately and he was low on cash, so I thought he might be interested in earning some easy money.

He wasn’t sure about sucking my dick for a hundred bucks, but when I upped my offer to $140, he didn’t just take it out and stroke it, he even sucked it.

I was really horny, so I asked if I could fuck him for some more bills, and he bent over and let me penetrate his tight little hole doggy style.

He liked it so much he started begging for my dick as I pounded him missionary style and then jacked his cock as I came on his ass.

His orgasm was so intense he couldn’t believe it.

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Reality Dudes says: Sexy young muscle hunk Cole is a complete fitness nut. He just can’t get enough of it and his body is sculpted like a Greek god.

He’s also a bit of a showoff so we knew we’d be able to persuade him into some naked naughtiness.

Bingo we hit gold and for the right price, Cole will let you do some pretty hot things to that perfect body of his.

This includes fucking his hot round ass while jerking him off and finishing with a facial, but again… for the right price.

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Reality Dudes says: I’m tired of my stepson Braxton Hill disrespecting me and messing up my house, so I decided to teach him a little lesson.

I (Pierce Paris) shake up a can in the fridge, then ask him to bring it to me and open it.

When it sprays all over the floor, I tell him to clean it up.

But when Braxton’s down on his hands and knees with his ass in my face, I realize he could use a different kind of lesson.

I get my cock out and stroke it, then pull down his pants to find he’s only wearing a little jockstrap underneath.

I spit on his ass and tease him with my dick before fucking him doggy style.

This twink can’t get enough of my cock, so I have him lie back on the couch and fuck him missionary as I stuff his jockstrap in his mouth.

Braxton blows me, then I fuck him piledriver, and he obediently takes my load in his mouth.

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Ty asks for more instruction, starting with how to suck your cock, and then you finger his hole.

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Ty tries out riding you, then cums as you pound him on the bathroom floor, and you finish up by teaching him to take a facial.

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Reality Dudes says: You have a new sexy stepson Ty Mitchell who is struggling with questions he has about sex education and he comes to ask you for an explanation.

Your first lesson is to show Ty how to put a condom on a cucumber, but just a few minutes later you catch him in the bathroom probing his ass with the large salad vegetable.

Ty asks for more instruction, starting with how to suck your cock, and then you finger his hole.

You teach Ty to put a condom on your dick with his mouth and fuck him doggy style, but he wants to feel what it’s like to get fucked bareback and takes it off.

Ty tries out riding you, then cums as you pound him on the bathroom floor, and you finish up by teaching him to take a facial.

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Reality Dudes says: Builder’s bum is not always attractive but when young hot plumber Ian Greene dives beneath the sink in the kitchen the flash of his ass crack brought me to a raging hardon so I got my dick out.

As I wanked I was busted as Ian catches sight of me with my throbbing dick in my hand.

Ian caught me with my cock in my hand and was hesitant at first until I offered him cash to jack me off and suck me.

After an awesome blowjob, he agreed to let me fuck him for another four hundred.

It was pricy but worth it as I pounded him doggy-style against the counter, then he rode my cock on the floor.

I fucked him mish till I pulled out to cum all over his hole, then he jacked off and blew a big load.

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Reality Dudes says: Hairy young stud Milo Madera and his stepbrother Edward Terrant have recently moved in together in a new apartment downtown.

Ever the trickster Milo keeps pranking Edward who just keeps falling for his games.

That is until Milo hides a tray of cold water on Edward’s chair covered by a blanket.

Edward sits down as normal and feels the sensation of the cold water soaking into his pants.

He then turns around and strips off his pants showing off his tight bubble butt in his assless undies.

Milo can’t keep his eyes off the young dude’s ass and as Edward kneels on the floor in just his socks to load the clothes washer, Milo makes a move.

He just can’t let that young ass go to waste. Milo wanks his huge uncut dick a few times before forcing the massive ass splitter deep between Edward’s smooth ass cheeks.

Edward moans loudly as Milo pumps him full of his solid dick from the tip to his balls in long deep strokes.

They switch up positions each time Milo gets his cock deeper and harder and Edward can feel his hard erection moving inside his hole, he cannot hold off his orgasm for much longer.

First Edward sprays a huge volley of cum shots across his stomach before Milo blows a huge jizz load all over Edward’s face.

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Reality Dudes says: Young sexy pup Felix Odair was the top scorer at his school soccer match.

When his stepdad Ryan Bones picks him up after the game he’s horny and looking to score again.

Felix fell and bruised his ass on the field, so Ryan pulls down his shorts to give it a little massage, then offers the athlete a sweet ice pop.

Ryan rubs the treat on Felix’s injury to ice it, then starts teasing the twink’s hole with it.

Felix sucks both the cold pop and Ryan’s hot dick at once, then rides his stepdad’s cock as he jacks himself off and cums before taking a nice big facial.

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Reality Dudes says: When the tattooed hottie standing next to him catches his eye, this bearded Latin hunk isn’t shy about getting his attention, fixing the bottom with a stare as he licks his lips and lets his hands wander all over his own cut body.

Soon these horny studs are touching each other as they passionately kiss in front of the window before they swallow one another’s hard cocks.

The bearded top fucks the cute bottom’s hole, and has to get a taste too.

Even without furniture to lie on, the guys find a few creative ways to fuck before the bottom jacks himself off and takes a huge facial.

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Reality Dudes says: When their friend Parker Hayes ventures off alone to do a little exploring, tanned, muscular Jax Thirio and red-haired Kyle Connors grab the opportunity to get frisky in the sunny clearing.

When Parker returns and catches Jax sucking Kyle’s cock, he takes a turn before ordering Kyle to get on his knees and taste Jax’s dick and then his own.

Jax and Kyle both suck Parker, and then the tall hottie films on his phone while Jax eats Kyle’s hole and penetrates him with his fingers before fucking him doggy style.

Parker gets it all on video as Jax makes Kyle cum while fucking him mish, then keeps pounding the redhead’s ass till he pulls out and jizzes all over his hole.

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Reality Dudes says: Alec Alvarez is on the massage table as his massage therapist is starting his full body massage. Sexy Eddie Danger can’t wait and he distracts her attention.

Alec decides to take his revenge by sneaking under Eddie’s massage table and milking his cock.

When Eddie finds Alex underneath, he fucks the bottom’s face, then pounds his hole doggy style over the table.

The guys climb up so Eddie can fuck the bottom mish, then Alex rides the top’s cock till he cums all over his chest.

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Reality Dudes says: Young sexy college athlete Ricky Daniels is a little nervous, pacing up and down in his apartment not being able to relax.

His roomie Chris Manning knows just how to help take the edge off, giving Ricky’s toned abs some soothing strokes of his hand before sucking the QB’s cock.

Ricky gets his mind off his nerves and on to Chris’s hole, fucking the bottom mish before telling Chris to get on top.

Ricky pounds Chris’s ass doggy style and mish before pulling out and cumming all over him. Ricky feels much better, and Chris would be happy to help out the rest of the team.

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After some al fresco ass-eating, the short-haired hunk fucks his guy’s mouth and his hole up against the tree. The studs flip-fuck, as the once-top takes his turn getting pounded.

The guys jack their cocks as they make out, then the long-haired hottie fucks the cum out of his man before filling his mouth with jizz.

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Jun approaches Ezequiel getting his nipples pinched and his big cock sucked. Jun chows down hard on Ezequiel’s thick cock then he backs up taking his huge cock standing doggie style before the dudes flip over and Jun fucks Ezequiel’s hot asshole.

The hairy cub rides Jun’s dick, then jacks him off and licks up the cum.

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Reality Dudes says: Temperatures are rising in the sauna with sexy Latino twinks Matias and Thiago. They join each other in the hot tub. He joins him, kissing his moist body then jerking and sucking down hard on his big dick.

The horny bottom bends over getting his ass fucked doggie style in the jacuzzi. The bottom sucks the top’s cock as he jacks off till he cums.

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Reality Dudes says: Horny bearded dudes Andy and Adonis want to get off whilst they are out in public. They find an old bathroom in an abandoned building and quickly rip off their clothes. Adonis drops to his knees and deepthroats Andy’s already rock hard cock.

Andy slips his dick into Adonis’ hot asshole fucking his hole balls deep doggy style. Andy blows his load giving Adonis a creamy cum facial quickly followed by Adonis orgasm spurting cum all over himself.

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They make out kissing passionately with BMF getting a balls deep blowjob from the younger stud Chelo.

Tattooed and pierced bottom boy Chelo swallows BMF’s huge Latin dick before he turns Chelo around and rims his hot ass.

BMF plunges his huge cock into Chelo’s tight bubble butt doggy style.

Chelo then rides BMF’s thick dick until he orgasms spewing cum all over, Chelo then licks up all the creamy jizz.

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Reality Dudes says: Leonel the tanned, tattooed young stud wanders through the undergrowth on a hot and sunny summer’s day.

He stops by a big tree in a clearing, unbuttoning his jeans shorts and with his big dick in both hands, he starts stroking his wood when sexy twink, Jun approaches and joins in.

The horny guys’ kiss, shucking their shorts as they take turns sucking each other’s dicks before the twink fucks the hunk doggy style.

The muscular bottom tastes himself on his top’s cock before taking a deep missionary fuck, then swallows the top’s dick and sucks his balls till the top cums on his chest while he jacks off.

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He’d never done anything like this before, so I eased him into it with a few bucks just to take off his shirt.

For a bit more cash I had him take out and stroke his cock, and this broke student quickly calculated that it was worth it to get paid even more to jerk me off and suck my dick.

For another 200 bucks, Peyton let me fuck him doggy style and mish, and he even took a facial before jacking himself till he came.

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Reality Dudes says: When I saw Wolfie Blue looking upset after getting his car towed, I thought I could help this cute stud out with some cash… and maybe he could help me out too.

I offered him a quick hundred bucks to show me his dick, so he came back to my place and got out an impressively big boner.

For another $60 he let me play with it, but this straight guy really wasn’t sure about touching me, until I offered him enough to pay his whole parking fine if he’d suck my cock and let me fuck his ass.

Wolfie seemed to like it quite a bit as I pounded him doggy style and mish, and he jacked himself off as I pulled out and jizzed on his tight abs.


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Dudes In Public 56: Forest Path

Reality Dudes says: A secluded forest path is the perfect spot to get some sexual satisfaction in the fresh air.

This chain-wearing stud is rubbing his cock when a tall, bearded top approaches.

Their eyes meet and they take off their shirts, then wordlessly meet in an embrace before sucking each other’s dicks.

The top bends the bottom over the wall and fucks his ass, finishing with a facial that the guys end up sharing as they kiss.

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Reality Dudes says: Joey called my cab for a ride to the train station, but he was worried he wasn’t going to have enough cash for the fare.

Joey was a good-looking guy with a nice bulge so I knew a way to have us both get what we wanted.

I asked him to show me his cock, and for half off the fare, he agreed.

It was so nice I wanted more, so I offered him a free ride if he’d give me a blowjob.

I had to teach him what to do, but he was so good that soon I needed to try out his butt hole.

I fucked him doggy style and he started riding my cock and asking for more. He came in the backseat and I gave him a facial!

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Reality Dudes says: Even bad boys like to kick back with a cool glass of lemonade sometimes, and since the courtyard is deserted, this tatted-up hunk decides to fully enjoy himself by rubbing his dick.

When the maintenance guy shows up, he puts his mop aside to give that cock a polish instead.

After a delectable al fresco blowjob, the tattooed top fucks the bottom doggy style in the open air before covering the janitor’s face with spunk.

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