Young soccer star stud Felix O Dair’s hot ass fucked by team captain Jake Hayz at Southern Strokes

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Southern Strokes says: Felix O’Dair has been crushing on his teammate, Jake Hayz, for a long time.

His big beautiful soapy-hung cock flopping around in the locker room shower makes Felix’s hole twitch.

It was a no-brainer when Jake asked to come to Felix’s room when the practice before regionals was canceled because of rain.

They kissed on the bed and then got undressed. They kept kissing and exploring each other’s bodies until Felix’s mouth made its way down to Jake’s soft cock.

Felix slowly licked his balls and sucked on his meat while playing with his nipples.

Then Jake took Felix’s jockstrap off and started sucking on his dick.

His mouth was so warm. He bent Felix over and started eating his ass as Felix’s hole started opening up for his dick.

Jake then slipped his cock into Felix’s raw ass, and fuck, that dick felt so amazing.

Jake fucked Felix then played with his boy hole until Felix could not hold off and shot his load. Just what young Felix needed.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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