Aaron Showcase at Southern Strokes

Aaron is a freshman at Texas A&M studying Bio-Medical Chemistry or something like that….Lets just say he is not only hot, but super smart as well. He was at home visiting his parents and he jogs 5 miles every day. I literally stopped him mid-stride as he was jogging shirtless in the park. So as … Read more

Sexy young twink Alex Blade bottoms for hunky dude Henry Wilcox’s huge uncut cock at Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes says: Alex Blade had a crush on Henry Wilcox for years, but they’ve only been friends.

That all changed when Henry pulled his dick out in front of Alex.

It was so hard and big. Alex got down on his knees and put his lips on it.

Tasting Henry’s precum made his throat open wider.

Henry then went down on Alex as he sat in the chair.

Alex has only had a few men on his cock, but Henry was by far the best.

He went from the tip to Alex’s balls before bending him over the chair. His cock felt amazing, sliding in and out.

Alex then sat down on Henry’s big young cock and went for a ride.

Henry ate his ass out before going back in, and that was all Alex needed to take him over the edge.

Alex shot his load on his belly, and Henry shot on Alex’s chest.

Alex loved how warm it felt on his skin. Alex need more of that big cock soon.

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Sexy wrestling twinks Max Gen and Jared Cloud’s big uncut dick anal fucking at Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes says: It’s been a long summer, but now we are back in school, and I (Max Gen) get to see my teammate and longtime crush, Jared Cloud, again.

To prepare for wrestling season, we decided to have a friendly match at my place.

But things got really hot when he got on top of me and put his cock in my face.

I didn’t expect it, but I wasn’t going to stop it either.

Jared then took his singlet down and watched while he slapped me with his dick.

His cock tasted as good as it smelled, and I wanted more.

He then got on his knees and gave me full access to his wood.

My cock was rock hard, but I didn’t want to stop sucking his dick.

He then started playing with my ass before sticking his dick inside.

It was my first fuck, but I wasn’t going to let him know.

I finally got the hang of it, and he fucked me good until his load was all over my face. I then finished myself off after he left the room.

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Horny European twink Elio Pjatteryd strokes his big young cock at Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes says: After watching videos from other hot twinks, Elio Pjatteryd decided to record himself. He thought it would be fun to try, and boy was he right.

His stepbrother was home, and Elio asked him to film him whilst he played with his cock and ass. Elio started on the bed, and his cock was already hard in his tight cute undies. They were brand new and were making him so hard.

He groped my dick for the camera, then took his shirt off and started flexing. Elio knew the boys and daddies online would like that.

He kept showing off his body to the camera before he flipped around and began playing with Elio’s hole through my undies. He pulled them down, sat on Elio’s ass, and stroked his hard dick.

This was Elio’s first time doing something like this, but it was really turning him on. Elio could tell it was also turning on his stepbrother, but he didn’t want to be on video.

Elio jerked his young cock until he erupted. He might have to do that again soon.

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Sexy young stud Corey Law’s tight asshole fucked by Jean Gilliam’s big dick at Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes says: Corey Law remembers the first time that he took his boyfriend’s cock.

This was actually before Jean Gilliam was his boyfriend.

It was a beautiful day so, Corey decided that he wanted to take his bike out for a ride.

he went into Jean’s room to get him outside, but he said that his leg hurt.

Corey sat on his bed and started rubbing Jean’s leg.

He’d always loved how his cock looked every time he wore his bike shorts.

Jean’s bulge was always so sexy. So when Corey noticed that Jean had them on, his dick started twitching.

And as soon as Corey started touching his leg, he saw his bulge bounce too.

Corey kept moving up his leg until he got to his dick.

He groped it with his mouth, then pulled it out and put it in his hungry ass hole.

It tasted so fucking delicious.

Jean then took his cock out of his bike shorts and sucked on it, but it wasn’t until he fucked a load out of Corey before pulling out and shooting on his chest that Corey was truly happy.

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Young soccer star stud Felix O Dair’s hot ass fucked by team captain Jake Hayz at Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes says: Felix O’Dair has been crushing on his teammate, Jake Hayz, for a long time.

His big beautiful soapy-hung cock flopping around in the locker room shower makes Felix’s hole twitch.

It was a no-brainer when Jake asked to come to Felix’s room when the practice before regionals was canceled because of rain.

They kissed on the bed and then got undressed. They kept kissing and exploring each other’s bodies until Felix’s mouth made its way down to Jake’s soft cock.

Felix slowly licked his balls and sucked on his meat while playing with his nipples.

Then Jake took Felix’s jockstrap off and started sucking on his dick.

His mouth was so warm. He bent Felix over and started eating his ass as Felix’s hole started opening up for his dick.

Jake then slipped his cock into Felix’s raw ass, and fuck, that dick felt so amazing.

Jake fucked Felix then played with his boy hole until Felix could not hold off and shot his load. Just what young Felix needed.

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Sexy soccer players Roman Capellini and Luke Geer big raw dick ass fucking at Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes says: For the last four years, Roman Capellini has been dreaming about the day that he found himself in a room alone with his sister’s sexy boyfriend, Luke Geer, and how good his cock would feel in his mouth.

How deep it would go in Roman’s cute bubble butt. Would he scream? So when Roman finally got the chance, he took it.

Kissing Luke’s firm stomach while stroking his cock was hot, but then when Roman got his mouth on Luke’s big twink dick, he knew he was in heaven.

It tasted so fucking good. Luke stripped off Roman’s clothes and went back to work on his dick.

He started playing with my cock, and eventually, I let him suck my dick.

His mouth felt better than Roman ever could have imagined, but nothing beat feeling his cock filling up his tight boy hole. Roman’s ass was dripping wet even before Luke slid inside his ass.

Roman had never felt an orgasm like the one Luke gave him while Luke drained Roman’s balls on his stomach.

And then feeling Luke’s seed raining down on him was the icing on the cake. Roman has now to hope my sister doesn’t find out.

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Sexy top twink Christian Hermes’s huge cock barebacking George Hanskey at Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes says: If ever George Hanskey has had a teammate on his mind?

George has been stroking his dick almost every night for the last two weeks at the thought of playing with his teammate Christian Hermes and fucking his tight ass.

There is just something about him that makes his cock hard, and he just can’t help but take care of it right away.

Today was no different. The thought of Christian made him go into the locker room and start stroking his cock.

Little did he know that Christian was watching him and that it was turning him on.

While stroking his cock, Christian walked over, sat down in front of him, taking his dick into his mouth.

He fucked George’s face for what must have been a lifetime.

His lips felt so amazing wrapped around his cock that he knew his ass would feel even better.

And without question, it did. He couldn’t get enough of his tight hole.

George then stroked his load onto Christian’s face as he was cumming on his leg.

And by the looks of how big their mess was, that’s what they both needed.

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Sexy boy Danny Bianchi’s hot asshole bareback fucked by hot twink Alan Caine at Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes says: Danny Bianchi has been creeping on his next-door Alan Caine for months.

Danny made sure that they shared at least two classes and even got his locker above Alans so I can smell the scent of his crotch during the changeover.

Maybe it was the fact that they spent so much time together, but he finally invited Danny over to his house.

Danny wasn’t sure what to expect, but when Alan reached over and kissed him, the taste of his lips got Danny so fucking hard that he thought his dick was going to explode.

When Alan put his cock in Danny’s mouth that was everything that Danny needed, but then when Alan took Danny’s shorts off and sucked his dick in return, Danny thought he was going to orgasm within seconds.

Then Alan slipped his dick in Danny’s ass, and the pain was addictive. Danny just had to have more, and he gave it to Danny.

Danny then rode Alan’s dick and watched as his cock bounced in rhythm with his stroke. He fucked Danny on his back until he came on Danny’s stomach, and then Danny sucked his dry swallowing his full creamy cumload. Danny can’t wait till they do it again.

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Blonde twink Max Gen in just his footie socks raw fucked by soccer player Alan Stark’s huge twink dick at Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes says: Well after football practice this week dark haired twink Alan Stark managed to fuck his sexy blonde young teammate Max Gen.

The day began as a normal summer’s day, with rising temperatures, yeap it was hot and muggy.

Today the soccer coach canceled footie practice today, so Max and Alan decided to hang around at my place.

Max definitely doesn’t know how much Alan liked him, but it was the perfect time to make his move.

They got to Alan’s house, and he was sure that Max could tell that Alan was really into him.

Maybe because Alan kept staring at him while they sat on the couch.

Or perhaps it was the fact that Alan’s big young cock was growing hard the closer they got.

When Max caught Alan looking and asked if he liked what he saw, Alan couldn’t lie.

Then Max lets Alan touch his cock, and Alan was ready to jump his ass right then and there.

Feeling Max’s cock in Alan’s hand was fucking amazing, but sucking it and then having Max touch Alan was better.

But none of that compared to feeling Max take Alan’s cock up his perfect hole.

And, the feeling of Alan’s balls drain on Max’s chest as Alan tea bagged him was the icing on the cake.

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Hot young blonde punk Alex Blade’s bare ass fucked hard by George Hanskey’s big twink dick at Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes says: A rub from your teammate is good, but so is fucking his ass. George Hanskey is in the locker room after soccer practice and can’t help but feel stress coursing through his shoulders.

Alex Blade walks in, and George asks if he wouldn’t mind giving him a massage. Alex agrees but then noticed George has pulled out his cock and is stroking it. He gets on his knees and starts to give George a hand job before sucking his cock.

Alex takes a seat on the bench and pulls his cock out while servicing George. He then lays back and lets his teammate do some work. George licks and sucks on Alex’s cock like ice cream.

They stand up, and George plays with Alex’s sweet, tight hole before filling it with his dick. Alex takes every stroke like a pro before bending over the bench for more.

He then rode his buddy’s cock until he drained his balls on George’s chest. George then gave him a load to the face.

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Sexy twink footballers Curtis Cameron’s huge young cock bareback fucking stud Gregor Gilead’s hot boy hole

Southern Strokes says: You do what you can for a friend in need of cheering up, even if that means giving them your ass.

Gregor Gilead is sitting in the living room when Curtis Cameron walks in.

His team just lost a game, and he is feeling kind of down.

Gregor offers a massage to help cheer him up, which Curtis likes.

Gregor gets down on his knees in front of Curtis and starts to massage his calf.

As he moves up the leg, he notices Curtis getting hard. Curtis has also now noticed and begins to grope himself while Gregor keeps massaging up his leg.

Gregor asks Curtis if he is horny, and of course, he is.

Curtis pulls out his dick, and after some kissing, Gregor’s mouth is on it.

He takes as much as he can and then switches with Curtis so he can get his cock sucked on too.

It isn’t long before Gregor is sliding Curtis’s dick inside him as they lay spooning on the couch.

Curtis loves fucking his buddy and soon is pumping away at Gregor’s open hole.

He makes him sit on it for a while before fucking him on his back.

Gregor is ready to cum and shoots his load on his belly while Curtis unloads all over his face.

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Hot young wrestlers Luke Geer’s huge twink dick bareback fucking Vinny Wheeler’s smooth boy hole

Southern Strokes says: It was never going to be a fair fight between the tall and strong Luke Geer, and petite Vinny Wheeler.

But Vinny secretly loved being thrown around in his tight and figure-hugging wrestling singlet by Luke.

And of course, Vinny was sending signals to Luke that he was down to get fucked, because his singlet was ass-less.

Before long, Luke has Vinny down and ordered him to suck his dick, which Vinny eagerly does.

Next thing, Vinny is on the bed on all fours, ass in the air, ready to take Luke’s meat deep inside of him.

Vinny gets fucked in a variety of positions, before getting cum all over his belly.

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Jacob Harris’ huge uncut twink dick bare fucking hot young stud Andrey Zolin’s tight boy hole

Southern Strokes says: Young cute boy Andrey Zolin is sitting on the sofa dressed in pants, t-shirt, and white socks.

He’s feeling horny and is wanking his big twink cock. All the while his best mate Jacob Harris is alone on the balcony finishing a cigarette. He feels the outline of his hard dick through his trackie bottoms.

Jacob joins Andrey on the sofa and they start to kiss and rub each others’ hardons.

Andrey bends down to suck ob Jacobs big uncut dick. He sucks it to the back of his young throat in big strokes up and down till his balls are on his lips.

Jacob then gets up, takes his pants off, flips Andrey on his side, and stuffs him. He was ready to fuck and wasn’t about to waste time taking off clothes. Andrey, with his pants around his knees, doesn’t seem to mind as he moans in pleasure.

They finally take off all their clothes so Andrey could ride Jacob and get that dick as deep up his hole as possible. Jacobs takes hold of his bottom’s waist and watches him bounce up and down on his cock.

They then lay side by side, fucking, while Andrey strokes his cock, until it shoots a load all over the couch. They keep fucking until Jacob gets up and unloading into Andrey’s open mouth.

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Young stud Corey Law’s huge twink dick bareback fucking Jacob Dolce’s hot smooth bubble ass

Southern Strokes says: Ever have a secret that just you and another friend share? What if fucking each other was that secret? Corey and Jacob have been fucking in private since the summer started.

After every training run, they stop off on the stairs near the school and have a little fun.

This day was no different. They never have a lot of time so without many words, Corey Law begins rubbing his hands all over Jacob Dolce’s cock through his spandex shorts, which gets both of them hard.

Corey loves watching his buddies dick print grow bigger and bigger. Jacob then pulls the shorts down while Corey gets on his knees, ready to suck some cock.

Jacobs grabs the back of Corey’s head and fills his mouth with his beautiful dick. Corey then sits down on the stairs and lets Jacob taste his hard cock in return.

He then bends Jacob over the rail and slips his cock slowly into his hole. Corey doesn’t fuck hard, but makes sure Jacob feels every inch.

Corey then sits down on the stairs and lets Corey control the ride for a little before they both stand up and stroke out their loads, leaving cum all over the stairs.

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Young stud Luke Geer bareback fucks Luky Cole’s hot boy hole

Southern Strokes says: Bad boys don’t always do bad things. Especially when those bad boys fuck so good.

Luke Geer and Luky Cole cut class to hang out in the old abandoned building.

And when I say hang out, I’m talking about their dicks. When they get there Luke pushes Luky against the wall and kisses him all over while they undress.

He then sits him down on the stairs and starts to work his mouth all over Luky’s big, hard cock, making sure to lick his balls and taint.

Not to be outdone, Luky switches places with Luke and shows him his tricks with a cock.

But that doesn’t last long as Luke bends Luky over the stairs and pushes his dick inside his buddies ass.

Moans of sex bounce off the concrete walls as Luke bangs Luky from behind.

Luky then gets knees down doggy on the steps where Luke mounts him like a bitch and fills his hole with cock.

He then gets on his back and strokes out a huge load all over his stomach, while Luke fucks him before getting a full cum facial.

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Hot young twinks Beno Eker’s huge young cock bare fucks Robbie Dane’s hot hole

Southern Strokes says: Whoever said going on a run through the woods isn’t fun never did it like Beno Eker and Robbie Dane.

Beno and Robbie are going for a run through the woods when they decide to take a break. But the kind of break they’re taking isn’t from getting sweaty, as the boys start kissing and groping each other while leaning against a tree.

Robbie then gets on his knees and runs his mouth all over Beno’s dick print before pulling down his shorts and sucking on the tasty piece of meat. It’s then Robbie’s turn as he switches positions with Beno and gets his cock serviced and swallowed.

He then turns around and puts his hands against the tree as Beno slips his dick inside of him and starts to fuck his tight ass. He is hanging on tight to tree limbs as Beno fills his hole with wood.

They then pull out a blanket, lay down, and fuck in missionary position for deeper penetration before Robbie sits on top of Beno and rides his dick, shooting his load with Beno’s cock still inside him.

Beno then stands up and shoots his load and lets it falls all over Robbies’ nude body.

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Hot young twink Vitali Kutcher bareback fucking redhead Tom Malone’s smooth hole

Southern Strokes says: Horsing around with your buddy can turn into something more…if you let it.

Vitali Kutcher and Tom Malone are two friends horsing around on the couch, which then suddenly turns into a hot and sexy make-out session.

Vitali takes off his shirt, then removes Tom’s shirt and pants, revealing a nice hard cock.

Past the point of no return, he takes the cock in his mouth, working the around head and shaft with his tongue.

Tom loves the sensation but is ready to put his lips on Vitali’s dick.

Vitali’s loves a warm mouth on his cock and pushes Tom’s head down to go deeper, which makes him harder.

Now ready to fuck, he bends Tom over to get a real good look at his boy’s fuck hole before slowly filling it with his cock.

Tom loves the feeling of being filled with a hot dick but soon sit’s Vitali down on the couch so he can bounce up and down for a while, hitting all his spots.

After a few minutes of riding cock, it’s time to switch and let Vitali fuck him on his back till they both shoot their loads.

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Hot young stud Casper Ivarrson bareback fucking hottie twink Jack Flynn’s tight asshole

Southern Strokes says: Casper Ivarrson and Jack Flynn are hanging out under a freeway bridge smoking decked out in their tight black nylon TwinkX shiny clothes.

They start to make out with both boys feeling their sexy bodies and pulling their pants down and sucking their big twink dicks.

Jack takes Caspers cock into his mouth before Casper returns the favor.

Jack’s hole is twitching and he needs a big dick in his ass, so right there against the graffitied wall, Casper slides it in balls-deep.

Then he puts Jack on his back on the hard and dirty concrete floor and fucking like he has never fucked before.

Casper unloads all over Jack’s twink body before Jack sprays a huge load all over himself. Wow!

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Max Trey bareback fucking hot young twink Jack Ganley’s tight boy hole in missionary position

Southern Strokes says: Max Trey and Jack Ganley are fully into each other the second they first meet. They start making out right away and it is not very long before Max has his big twink dick out of his undies, ready for Jack.

Jack strokes and sucks down hard on Max’s huge cock. Both boys get fully naked, sucking and stroking each other all over the sofa.

These two really love tasting each other’s cock, but now it’s time for more. Max then lays back and lets Jack take his cock for a test spin.

Slowly riding until Max takes over, drops Jack on his side and continues to give him a good fucking. Max then flips Jack into missionary and doggy before pulling out and stroking themselves until they are both covered in warm cum.

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Naked young twink Beno Eker’s big uncut cock bareback fucks Isaac Esteban’s hot raw bubble ass

Southern Strokes says: When you think about twinks they are universally horny all day every day for them sex is any time, any place anywhere. Today’s young boys Beno Eker and Isaac Esteban are no different they’re both super horny.

Beno is sat downstairs, he’s feeling horny and his cock is already rock hard. He unzips his pants and takes his young dick in hand as Issac walks down the stairs.

Long haired youth Issac seeing Beno wanking joins and him on the couch and sucks down hard on his big uncut dick taking it right to the back of his young throat.

Beno returns the favor licking and sucking Issac’s hard erect uncut cock. He rims his ass getting it ready for his big bare dick.

Issac gets down on all fours with Beno pressing his raw uncut dick deep into his tight ass hole.

Isaac eventually goes for a ride when he impales himself on Beno’s cock, only to end up on his back, legs spread wide.

From the way Isaac moans, cries, and rolls his eyes back into his head, it’s clear Beno knows what he’s doing.

The hung tattooed twink top might as well be a fuck machine as he pounds Isaac relentlessly.

And after bareback fucking Isaac to satisfy his need, Beno blows a huge load all over Isaac’s face.

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Pizza delivery boy Martin Muse gets a blowjob from cute sexy blonde stud Adam Torres instead of cash payment

Southern Strokes says: Cute sexy blonde Adam Torres arrives home famished from his work, he orders a pizza online and then heads for a quick shower. When the pizza delivery boy Martin Muse arrives early Adam realizes he has no cash on him. Martin says he’ll accept a blow job and a bit of ass in returns for payment.

Adam forgets his hunger and quickly undresses Martin, sucking his big boy dick taking it right to the back of his throat.

Martin pushes blue-eyed boy Adam down onto the sofa bending him so he can get full access to his hot bubble ass. He opens his ass cheeks with both hands and licks around Adam’s hot hole before getting his tongue in deep.

After he’s lubed Adam’s bubble ass Martin shoves his hard young cock deep into his hole. Adam moans with pleasure as Martin presses his big twink dick right to the hilt.

Martin stretches Adam’s tight boy hole with a relentless ass fucking before Martin pulls out and shoots a huge load of cum all over Adam’s cute face before Adam orgasms, spraying cum all over them.

He blasts load after load while he licks up Martin’s cum and cleans his cock.

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Hot young twink footie players Craig Keller and Robbie Dane’s hardcore anal fucking

Southern Strokes says: The date of the big football match is tomorrow, and competitive young footie players Craig Keller and Robbie Dane, are itching to get going. They are from opposing teams and are supposed to be training with their teammates.

Little do their coaches know that Craig and Robbie are training for a game of their own.

It’s a game where both will shoot and score. After a make-out session to warm up, Craig goes down on Robbie, who eagerly returns the favor.

But what he wants most is Craig’s big uncut cock up his ass.

After sucking Craig only long enough to slobber drool all over his throbbing shaft, Robbie takes Craig for a ride, using him as a human dildo.

There is no one clear winner in this game because both score big points as they fuck bareback.

Craig fucks the cum out of Robbie then oozes out a load of his own. So? What about you? Let’s play!

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Archie Hunt slides his big twink dick balls deep into Roman Capellini’s hot boy hole

Southern Strokes says: Archie Hunt is hanging out at Roman Capellini’s place. Roman has gone for beer and brings one back for Archie, but that’s not what Archie wants. What the thick hung uncut hunk wants is to fuck the slender, tattooed twink.

Roman is always down for a good fuck, so after getting groped by Archie, he goes to town on the throbbing tool while jerking himself off. Roman returns the favor, taking as much of the twink’s cock as he can, but Roman is too big.

Still, that doesn’t keep Archie from sucking Roman. Eventually, Roman gets on all fours, and Archie takes what he originally wanted. With only spit for lube, Archie slides home, grabs hold of Archie’s hips, and goes to town.

But this is no ordinary cock-in-hole sex. Archie was clearly born to fuck. And fuck he does. Roman blasts an enormous load of jizz all over Archie then laps up all of his cum, savoring every spurt of sweet, sticky protein.

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Sexy young stud Tony Milak fucks Jacob Dolce’s hot sweet little ass

Southern Strokes says: After a game, Jacob Dolce accompanies Tony Milak back to his place. They’re just going to hang and maybe watch a movie, but Tony wants to clean up, first. So heads out to take a shower.

Fortunately, he forgets something and comes back to his bedroom. And what do you think he finds? Jacob, laying on the bed, still in full kit, and jerking off. Tony joins Jacob, and after making out, the twinks trade blowjobs.

Tony, who’s been wanting Jacob’s sweet little ass, then spoons the boy and slides home. Tony bareback fucks Jacob on his side and on his stomach before Jacob impales himself on Tony’s cock and goes for a ride while stroking his uncut cock.

He shoots a load that’s got to be seen to be believed! Tony soon follows, but Jacob… Wow. What a finish!

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Austin Cook’s huge twink dick goes deep and hits hard pounding Alex Faux’s bubble butt like a pro

Southern Strokes says: Alex Faux went for a run with his buddy Austin Cook but didn’t take the time to stretch out properly. Now they’re back, and Alex is sore. The adorable twink asks Austin for a massage, and Austin agrees.

The beautiful boys are soon in bed, taking turns working stiff muscles. Soon, however, Alex is massaging something else. Something big and hard and uncut. Alex goes down on Austin, taking his dick down to the balls. Austin returns the favor, but Alex needs a different type of massage.

He needs his prostate taken care of. He pushes Austin back, slobbers all over his throbbing shaft once more, then demands Austin fuck him. The young top climbs on Alex and gives him a good raw fuck. He goes deep and hits hard, pounding Alex like a pro.

But it’s when he gets Alex on his back that Austin truly gives all he’s got. And he doesn’t stop until he fucks the cum out of his running partner. Alex shoots a big load, and when Austin pops out to blow his seed, Alex is right there to lap it all up.

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Hot young stud Matthew Sommer’s huge twink dick fucks Pedro Ramos’ smooth bubble ass

Southern Strokes says: Matthew Sommer was hungry but there was nothing in the house except muffins.

They belonged to roomie, Pedro Ramos but Matthew didn’t care.

Once Pedro discovered his muffins had been messed with, he confronted Matthew.

Luckily, there was a way for the uncut hunk to pay Pedro back.

The twinks traded blowjobs then Matthew plunged into Pedro’s moist, welcoming hole.

The hung, uncut bottom got fucked bareback, stuffed and stretched before getting his face glazed with cum.

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Uncut young wrestler boys Jack Finix fucks Nick Danner’s hot raw ass hole

Southern Strokes says: Dressed in their wrestling gear, Jack Finix and Nick Danner are practicing for their upcoming weekend bout. Except all that tumbling gets them sweaty, hard, and eager for a different sort of body contact.

Jack eventually pins Nick, and the two start making out. The bigger, beefy hunk-like twink pulls down his singlet to expose his cock, and Nick starts sucking. Then, after stripping down completely, Jack returns the favor.

He slobbers all over Nick’s young tool and proceeds to lick and kiss and make love to every inch of Nick’s body. After a while, Nick straddles Jack and impales himself.

A frantic, noisy bareback fuck follows, with plenty of delicious and horny noises as Jack pumps fast and furious into Nick, alternating with Nick fucking himself hard as he continues to ride Jack’s raw, uncut cock.

Jack gets Nick on all fours and pounds the smaller, smooth twink as if his life depended on how well he fucks.

The wrestlers end on the couch, with Jack pounding the cum out of Nick, then spewing an enormous load all over Nick, adding to the mess already there.

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Hottie young boy Taylor Mason takes every inch of David Sky’s huge hard raw cock

Southern Strokes says: Taylor Mason wants to look his personal best and convinces David Sky to help him put together a good workout routine. Naturally, David is more than happy to help. He eagerly works out with Taylor, but he’s got an ulterior motive.

At the end of the workout, David leads Taylor to a chaise lounge as big as a bed, where Taylor slobbers on the thick and juicy uncut tool. David returns the oral favor but quickly moves to what he almost always wants and almost always gets… ass.

David makes a meal out of Taylor’s sweet hole… Taylor’s personal best, if you will. Once the twink is lubed and stretched, David slides home and pounds away. Taylor, hard as nails, begs David to fuck harder.

After a while, Taylor goes for a ride, taking every inch of David’s raw cock. After a good bareback ride, Taylor ends up on his back.

He jerks off as David fucks the cum out of him before getting blasted with a huge load from the young Spanish trainer.

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Hottie young twinks Daniel Hausser and Jackson Wright hardcore ass fucking till they spew fountains of cum

Southern Strokes says: For some, like Jackson Wright, there is nothing like a warm, luxurious bath to relieve stress and release the pressure.

For others, like Daniel Hausser, fuck the bath, there is nothing like a hungry blowjob and ass rimming in that warm tub. After working hard, Daniel comes home and joins Jackson.

They start making out, but soon Jackson is slobbering all over Daniel, who returns the favor then gives his twink buddy a lip-smacking rim job that causes Jackson to spew a fountain of cum.

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Southern Strokes Colt fucks Brandon turning him into an instant pillow biter

Southern Strokes says: Our country surfer Brandon was bucking to hook up with Colt the entire weekend. When Colt walked into the house that first day, you could just about see Brandon’s cock grow in his pants. Brandon said that he would do anything to get a chance to taste Colt’s cock.
Sometimes you have to be careful what you with for and then again there are other times when you are in for the time of your life. Brandon said that he would do anything so we let him know that if he wanted to taste it then he was going to have to give up his hole.
It didn’t take much convincing so we all marched into the bedroom and let Brandon take over. Brandon worshiped Colt’s perfectly ripped body with his hands and mouth taking Colt to the point of no return. Brandon kept his promise and backed off with his mouth and threw his ass in the air for Colt’s taking.
Colt took Brandon’s ass every which way from Sunday starting with a deep doggie pounding turning Brandon into an instant pillow biter. Colt fucked like a straight boy with a big cock using Brandon’s hole like a pussy.
Colt pulled out and relieved himself all over Brandon’s golden skin.

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Southern Strokes Derrick and Wade

Southern Strokes says: I wonder where my boy Derrick is these days. The fact of the matter is that he worked not to far from the Lake House in the hills of North Georgia and a girlfriend of his knew about us and she is the one that sent him over.
Wade has always been a favorite here at Southern Strokes so we rewarded him with breaking in the straight boy. The thing I found most attractive about Derrick was that he really didn’t work out other than putting in a honest day’s work 5 days a week.
The two got naked and got up on their knees on the bed and started with kissing each other as they each fondled the other’s jewels. Wade leaned over and took Derrick’s cock in his mouth and showed him how to take it nice and slow and deep.
Derrick didn’t hesitate when it was his turn going in for more of Wade’s thick uncut cock. Derrick did surprise us when he went in for more this time Derrick grabbed hold of the Wade’s cock and slowly took it all the way down his throat.
Wade was so turned on that the wanted Derrick’s cock in is mouth and he wanted Derrick’s cum. Derrick finally gave Wade what he was waiting for; dumping a nice load of country boy juice all over Wade’s stomach.

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Fratboys Southern Strokes Dallas and Tim Eldridge suck and deep ass fuck

Southern Strokes says: Our resident slut Dallas just can’t seem to get enuff cock or ass for that matter, so we invited him over aloing with our college frat boy Tim Eldridge. I was anxious how the two were going to do with our trash boy Dallas and our more refined Tim.
Dallas has had many cocks in that hole of his so we decided to give him a little break and let him stuff that big fat cock of his deep inside Tim’s tight pink frat boy hole. Dollas’ cock was throbbing right out of his jeans with pre-cum dripping down his shaft as soon as he pulled his dick out of his jeans.
The guys traded sloppy blow jobs before Tim climbed up on top and sat on Dallas’ country cock. It took Tim a while to settle in with Dallas’ fat piece of meat probing him deep but once he got comfortable, Tim couldn’t get it deep or fast enuff.
Tim rode Dallas as he yanked a load out of his nut sack while Dallas was buried deep inside his young ass. Tim shot his load all over Dallas’ face then Dallas milked his own load out all over his pierced stomach.

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Bryson mounts Austin and proceeds to open up his tight ass hole

Southern Strokes says: We had scheduled a marathon day of filming naked boys at the Lake House when we decided to squeeze in one more romp with our straight edge southern boy, Bryson. We only had one problem, we needed a hot bottom boy and we needed him at the Lake House fast.
Austin had been drinking by the pool most of the day so when he got the call, he was just drunk enough to tell us that he was ready for a cock in his ass. Austin is no virgin but I don’t think he had thought out what it was gonna be like to have a straight boy use his hole.
Austin was already naked with Bryson showed up glowing red from his partying by the pool. Austin was pretty buzzed and he was really a lot of fun. He seemed to be really turned on by Austin or maybe he was hard because he was getting taken by Bryson and his big fat cut cock.
Bryson loosened up Austin’s hole with his fingers for a bit to start the fun and then he mounted Austin and proceeded to open up his tight ass hole. Austin’s screams of pain made Bryson fuck him faster and harder.
Bryson didn’t get a chance to pull off his wrapper before he shot his load deep inside Austin’s fuck hole.

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Southern Strokes Damien likes it ruff and deep and Josh reminds me of a rabbit the way he fucks

Southern Strokes says: In case I haven’t said it enuff, on Damien’s last visit to the Ranch, he showed up as horny as any model that I could remember. It didn’t cum as a surprise to anyone when cocky Josh stepped up letting it be known that he would be happy to fuck the cum out of Damien.
When guys start talkin’ like that you don’t ask questions, you just grab your cameras and let them go at it. Damien likes it ruff and deep and Josh reminds me of a rabbit the way he fucks. The boys made out for a while before they traded blow jobs but you could tell they were both here for the main event.
Josh started his work on Damien’s ass by bending him over the arm of the couch and taking slow long thrusts deep into Damien’s spread hole. After fucking for a good while, I wasn’t sure that Josh was gonna have the stamina to hang with Damien but he proved me wrong.
Our cocky fucker put Damien on his back and literally fucked him until he drilled the cum out of his cock. Josh then added a nice thick load of his own to the party covering Damien’s chest and abs.

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Cocky country boy Evan


Southern Strokes says: Evan’s cock was almost fully erect when he pulled off his underwear and opened his legs getting ready to stroke his pale cock. Evan’s cock grew big and thick as Evan’s fingers found their way to his hole.


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Abercrombie & Fitch muscle stud Corbin Case


Abercrombie & Fitch muscle stud Corbin Case

Southern Strokes says: Corbin Case a hot straight Southern boy that loves the gym. Corbin a local Abercrombie and Fitch sales assistant is 5’10′ of pure muscle.


This boy knows that he is hot and definitely loves to show off. Corbin packs a nice fat juicy 7 inch cock. As he jerks his abs ripple just like you know they should. Smokin hot!

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Straight guys sucking cock – Buck and Preston at Southern Strokes


Straight guys sucking cock – Buck and Preston

Southern Strokes says: Who could ever forget Buck and Preston. This might just be the all time most viewed pairing at Southern Strokes. Buck and Preston made their way up to the lake House one night for a little fun and debauchery in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


I don’t think that tonight was gonna get here fast enuff for our boy Buck. He is a horny college stud that is just coming into his own especially when it comes to playing with other country boys. Buck started stripping down; taking off his shirt revealing his hard pecs. Both boys kept peeling off their clothes until they were both naked and kicking back on the bed.

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Young men Clark fucking Genesis at Southern Strokes


Young men Clark fucking Genesis

Southern Strokes says: Clark and Genesis paid us a visit at the Ranch so I seized the opportunity to let Clark fuck his first man hole. Cum to find out, Clark had recently tried to hook up with a guy he met online but the guy couldn’t take his cock so it was a bust.


Clark was looking forward to taking Genesis’ hot ass so we stopped talking and let the boys go at it. Genesis grabbed Clark by the back of the head and pulled him in tight so they could lock lips. Genesis moved his lips down to Clark’s neck as he dropped to his knees and work his way down Clark’s beefy torso.

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Hairy chest hunk Jeremy Stone at Southern Strokes

Hairy chest hunk Jeremy Stone

Southern Strokes says: When I opened Jeremy’s application, I immediately recognized him from some of his previous work and I had to get him out to the ranch so that I could get a live look at that meaty ass of his.

Jeremy pulled up in his big construction and as soon as his feet hit the ground, it was time for this hottie to start putting on a little show. Jeremy said that he loves to party like a rock star and he loves to fuck. There is no question that he came to have a good time at the ranch.

Jeremy slowly took off his shirt revealing a nice developed chest with a smattering of hair between his pecs. Next Jeremy pulled off his jeans and started to play with his cock through his skivvies. Jeremy kicked off his underwear and opened up his legs revealing his pink balloon knot as he stroked his tool.

Jeremy laid back on the sofa and spread his legs open wide so that he could finger his moist man hole. Jeremy started with one finger slowly probing his ass hole as he continued to stroke his hard dick with the other. Jeremy picked up the pace and shoving another finger in his ass as he shot a stream of cum that would quench any thirst.

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Southern Strokes – JJ peels off his shorts plays with his huge uncut cock foreskin!

Southern Strokes says: I’ve been workin on JJ ever since I first met him on a recruiting trip in the small towns of South Georgia. JJ was shooting hoops in just a pair of baller shorts with some of his buddies but I decided to risk it anyway and hit him up.

JJ wasn’t shy about sending me pictures so he could show me exactly what he was working with and I’m sure to wet my appetite even that much more. JJ is 19 years old with a lean basketball player’s build and everything you would expect from a hot southern stud.

JJ was all about having a good time and was really chill when he come in for his shoot. He kicked back on the couch and talked about that monster between his legs for a while before he slowly peeled off his shirt revealing his rippled stomach, cut chest and broad square shoulders. JJ gave us a look and flashed that killer smile of his and it was game on.

JJ peeled off his shorts and stood up and grabbed to foreskin of his huge uncut cock and stretched it to his tits so that he could get the blood flowing into his monster shaft. JJ’s big uncut cock slowly started to swell as he pumped it harder and harder until his giant meat was rock hard. JJ walked his canon to the table and milked his big black cock dry.

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Southern Strokes – Genesis and Tony Newport

Southern Strokes says: We were hanging out at Tony Newport’s birthday party when Genesis mentioned that he and Tony have never hooked up either on film or off. It took us a while to get schedules lined up but we finally got Genesis and Tony out to the Ranch so we could all watch them fuck.

It seems that Tony and Genesis met at a club in San Antonio which is when their lust for each other took hold. Now I understand why Genesis was so persistent in making sure that this pairing happened. He’s been waiting to hook up with Tony for over a year now.

It was a beautiful Texas afternoon so the boys wanted to fuck out in one of the pastures so we weren’t going to argue we were just along for the ride. After a bit of 69, Genesis’ cock was throbbing and demanding entry into Tony’s hole.

Tony climbed up on top and slowly swallowed Genesis’ cock with his hole. It wasn’t long before Tony was bucking and taking Genesis deep inside. This was about the time they forgot that they were on camera and they fucked in every imaginable position before they both drained their cocks of their man seed.

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