Uncut young wrestler boys Jack Finix fucks Nick Danner’s hot raw ass hole

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Southern Strokes says: Dressed in their wrestling gear, Jack Finix and Nick Danner are practicing for their upcoming weekend bout. Except all that tumbling gets them sweaty, hard, and eager for a different sort of body contact.

Jack eventually pins Nick, and the two start making out. The bigger, beefy hunk-like twink pulls down his singlet to expose his cock, and Nick starts sucking. Then, after stripping down completely, Jack returns the favor.

He slobbers all over Nick’s young tool and proceeds to lick and kiss and make love to every inch of Nick’s body. After a while, Nick straddles Jack and impales himself.

A frantic, noisy bareback fuck follows, with plenty of delicious and horny noises as Jack pumps fast and furious into Nick, alternating with Nick fucking himself hard as he continues to ride Jack’s raw, uncut cock.

Jack gets Nick on all fours and pounds the smaller, smooth twink as if his life depended on how well he fucks.

The wrestlers end on the couch, with Jack pounding the cum out of Nick, then spewing an enormous load all over Nick, adding to the mess already there.

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