Evan fucks Cam whilst his boyfriend watches

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Southern Strokes says: This video was one of the most fun that I have filmed here at Southern Strokes. Cam and his partner were driving through the South and they thought it would be fun if Cam did a video while his partner got to watch.


So of course we always aim to please here so we invited them up to the Lake House. It just so happened that our ginger boy Evan was out on break from school and just starting to explore his desires for other guys.

It was over three years ago that we filmed this but I can remember it like yesterday and I’m sure that Cam’s partner still jacks off to it. Cam was so fucking excited about doing a video that he could barely contain himself.


He didn’t talk a whole lot but buy the constant big smile on his face, this had to be a dream cum true for him. Evan didn’t give it up right away, he made Cam beg for it before he gave him his big cock. After teasing him with him fingers, Evan put Cam on all fours and slowly mounted Cam’s wet hole.


Next up our limber boy Cam propped himself up against the sofa and spread his legs wide open so Evan got to pile drive him deep.


To finish off Cams Fantasy, Evan fed Cam a nice Southern College Boy load as Cam finished himself off. I love looking back at this shit.




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