Straight hunk Ashland gives up his perfect bubble ass to a big dick for cash

Reality Dudes says: I’m out here taking a walk in the park and I spot this good-looking guy sitting on a bench. His name is Ashland and he’s just my type.

His body is so well built and I can see his perfect bubble butt, so of course, I had to ask him for an up close and personal view. He didn’t want to take the cash, but he was so easily persuaded.

As a matter of fact, he bargained me up for some extra cash and happily flashed his spread cheeks and asshole.

It was just a matter of time before I got him into a room and had him going up and down on a dildo, getting that tight hole open for my big dick to finish the job.

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Blue-eyed stud Brett Lake is so horny working his ass down hard on his wall dildo moaning so loud Dante Colle can hear him jerking says: Brett Lake is finally on leave and he heads over to Dante Colle’s place so he can crash for a few days. He is more than welcomed by the athletic, military hunk who invites him in and offers him a hot shower.

Brett is so horny that the blue-eyed stud whips out his wall dildo and gets to work on his ass. A curious Dante can hear him moaning and decides to check it out.

He slowly enters the bathroom and is more than pleased to find him in prime position! He wastes no time offering up the real thing.


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Young hottie Luis gets a rub down and a happy ending massage

Spunk Worthy says: Luis took his time to come back around for a happy-ending massage. He’d never gotten one before. Not that he wasn’t open to the idea, but he also never thought he’d be doing anything with a guy.

Eventually, though, he warmed to the idea, along with the stack of greenbacks waiting for him. True to form, Luis hadn’t jerked off for about a week prior to the shoot.

Even so, between the mental leap he was taking and his unique jack-off style, it took some work to get Luis’ cock primed. The trick? Lots of attention on his low-hanging balls.

Once things got going, Luis seemed to relax and was having trouble, now, keeping from busting too soon. I didn’t ask what he was thinking about while laying on the massage table, but whatever it was was working.

With a solid grip around his ball sack, it was only a short matter of time before Luis had a week’s worth of nut running down my hand and onto his pubes.

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High school wrestler Murray and muscle jock Lane bareback doggy style ass fucking

Sean Cody says: Wrestling enthusiast Murray is attempting to teach buff beau Lane some wrestling moves. The sun kissed, muscular, jock starts by flipping Lane over his waist and pinning him to the ground, ass up.

“Are we even doing wrestling? This isn’t wrestling!” jokes Lane, feet still up in the air.

Moving into a doggy style position, Murray explains the next step. “They’re gonna count to three and say go and you’re gonna try to get away.”

“But, I don’t want to get away!” quips Lane. “You lift a lot bro, you’re big!” exclaims Lane. “Yeah, you too.

You’re sexy. I’m glad I found you,” replies Murray. “You found me? You sure I didn’t find you?” answers Lane as he pulls him in for a deep kiss.

“That’s all you get, you’ll see the rest later!” proclaims Lane as he slaps Murray’s ass.


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Dax really fucked the hell out of Max’s hairy man ass

Maverick Men Directs says: We loved shooting this video! It’s always been a fantasy of mine to film in a gay bar in the bathroom where thousands of gay men have had their cocks out.

We shot this vid during our wonderful stay at the Rainbow Mountain Resort in PA.

Max had been lusting after Dax’s thick monster cock all week. Truth be told; Dax wasn’t very horny that day but after a little teasing and cock sucking he really fucked the hell out of Max’s hairy man ass.

Dax shot such a huge load deep in Max’s ass that I could have sworn I saw semen dripping out of Max’s ears, lol.

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Tall hung 9 inch cock high school wrestler Ian is back wanking his huge dick

Island Studs says: Tall hung 9 inch cock high school wrestler Ian is back, showing off his perfectly formed Rock Hard belly slapper and white marble bubble butt as walks around the deck in the Oregon forest.

First he’s mooning the camera in his blue jean, then flopping his massive throbber out of his tight underwear and performs The Helicopter with a full boner, pees off the balcony, flexes and poses his awesome ripped naturally smooth body, works out with weights with a boner.

Ian spreads his smooth ass cheeks WIDE OPEN exposing his pink hairless man hole, before shooting a massive load of boy juice all over his smooth abs. At the very start of the shoot, Ian announces that he has to pee.

Watch as he lowers his blue jeans, flops his soft cock out of this thigh undies and pisses off the deck. He blasts bright yellow pees between the banister and into the forest below his feet! What a hot piss.

Feast your eyes on every inch of straight Ian’s totally smooth young athletic body and throbbing hard cock shot from every possible angle as he proudly struts around outdoors fully nude in the sun showing off his full bush of dick hair.

This tall horny lad, 19, 6’2″ 175 lbs is even more defined and masculine, shot last year when he was just 18. This former high school wrestler, loves rock climbing in the Pacific Northwest and has the rock hard marble ass and biceps to prove it.

I originally met young 18 year old, Ian fully naked skinny dipping with his impressive 9 inch dong dangling in the chilly River last year and asked him to do a video which is also online now for our members.

It is rare to met such an educated, well mannered jock who is so comfortable naked and fun to be around. This tall sexy jock can not keep his hands off his long 9 inch dong.

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Hottie young dudes Damien Stone and Julian Knowles hardcore ass pummelling says: Muscle hunk Julian Knowles has been working extra hard, putting in long hours so he doesn’t get to see his boyfriend enough.

His boss, and equally muscular stud, Damien Stone keeps him busy with some extracurricular tasks that include, but not limited to, sucking his big, thick dick, turning his butt around for some ass rimming and opening his tight hole for some dicking.


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Bearded totally hairy outdoor Oregon jocks uncut Andre and furry cock Mark in hot duo action

Island Studs says: Introducing two new bearded totally hairy outdoor Oregon jocks: fantastic foreskin Andre and furry cock Mark in hot duo action as the newest members of the Naked Frisbee team in Frisbee Nude #3, posing and flexing fully nude for the very first time out in public beside a Mountain River as they strip down to their sexy black jockstraps and then totally nude: comparing their furry chests and cocks, jogging. skinny-dipping, talking, joking, pissing, jumping and playing together.

These two buff beautiful Super Furry Mountain Man agreed to meet us in the forest beside the river for their very first ever erotic sweaty duo of totally hardcore pounding Frisbee action and then jogging and pissing together.

Once again, Island Studs delivers another Hot Duo with two REAL STRAIGHT sportsmen with two awesome hairy bubble butts and ripped abs, tossing and catching the playful disk fully naked out in public by the banks of a wide river in Oregon.

In this outrageous new video, you learn how we met these two sexy hairy cubs: how their girlfriends encouraged them to shoot and why neither of these impressive outdoor jocks are shy about being photographed naked together for the first time.

Check out their perfectly hairy impressive bodies as they strip beside the river revealing their furry bubble butts framed in tight black jockstraps. Andre’s bulging fat uncut cock can barely be contained in his tight jockstrap.

Feast your eyes on their ripped amazingly hairy gym bodies with athletic supporters framing their amazing furry man butts side by side.

Listen to Andre explain that he always wanted to be photographed naked as “revenge porn” because his girlfriends always get the most attention when they are out around town.

Our cameras follow these two hot hunks as they jog beside the river in their sexy black jock straps out is public for all to see. After their sweaty beach run, both boys strip fully nude! Andre has a giant thick cock with fantastic long foreskin to match his totally hairy body and thick beard.

Full Man Bush Lovers will appreciate these two Island Studs with thick untouched totally hairy crotches and thighs! Watch as this two buddies compare their hairy chests and cocks on the beach.

Listen as Andre and Mark talk totally unscripted and reveal so many personal stories about their lives. Hear them both speak Spanish together as these sexy travelers explain that they both have lived in Spanish speaking countries.

I ask these straight furry lads to bend over and show their asses to the camera while standing side the wide river.

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All-out orgy full of dick sucking Diego Sans, JJ Knight, Beaux Banks, Dalton Briggs and Ken Ott says: Brazilian hunk Diego Sans rounds up the group for their very last heist. Boyish Dalton Briggs and athletic JJ Knight are on the lookout while he sends in his Asian stud of a husband, Ken Ott.

The goal? Get inside and grab the briefcase.

Ken is caught by sexy Beaux Banks and he quickly distracts him. It’s up to Diego and the team to get in, get Ken, the briefcase and get out.

The boys devise a plan and pretend they’re strippers sent over to join Beaux and Ken for some group fun. It’s an all-out orgy full of dick sucking, ass rimming and holes being stuffed and pumped.


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Always horny Ty Mitchell’s more than willing to bottom for Nicolas Ryder’s big, thick cock says: Hunky Nicolas Ryder has been hearing a lot about Ty Mitchell’s perfect ass around town.

He’s staking out his place so he can catch a glimpse of the athletic bottom for himself and lucky for him, he gets caught.

Ty is always extra horny and he’s more than willing to bottom out for Nicolas’s big, thick cock.

Ty’s on his knees, once more, slobbering all over his cock before backing his ass up for a rimming wet enough to get his tight hole wide open for a good dicking down.


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Sexy blond Mickey dons his mask and slips his hand inside his pants jerking his huge cock till he blows

Maskurbate says: This is Mickey’s first audition for Maskurbate. We decided to give him privacy, one mask, one camera and 30 minutes to prove to us why we should select him.

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Hot young muscle studs Archie and Cole bareback bubble butt ass fucking

Sean Cody says: “So, you like sucking dick?” asks Archie. “Yeah, I love it! It’s my favorite thing to do,” says Cole. “Well, I’d like to find that out,” says a curious Archie.

The two studs are eyeing each other and both are getting hornier with every unfiltered moment.

“So, how do you like to fuck? Are you pretty rough?” asks Cole.

“If you’re willing to take it, I can give it,” replies Archie.

“Yeah? I would love it,” retorted Cole. Archie takes Cole inside to get a full service blowjob before turning his ass around and relentlessly pounding it doggy style.


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Gorgeous young muscle pup Declan loves having his big uncut dick deep throated

Sean Cody says: Declan plays soccer, works out every day and dare we say it has one of the sexiest, most seductive accents we’ve ever heard.

When it comes to sex, the Spain-born stud describes himself as “loving and hardcore at the same time”.

He especially loves having his uncut dick deep throated. Declan would like to fulfill an item on his sex wish list soon, anal.

Lucky for him, we’ve got plenty of guys who could show him the ropes.


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Athletic muscular men Brandon Cody and Brandon Evans bareback ass fucking says: Brandon Cody and Brandon Evans are two athletic, muscular men that share the same name and the same fondness for some hot, bareback sex.

Watch as they get real close and personal and prove that two Brandons are better than one.


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John Magnum’s huge dick fucks ranch hand Allen Lucas’ hot bubble butt ass says: Allen Lucas isn’t feeling his new job as a ranch hand and wants to quit but John Magnum makes him an offer to stay on that he simply can’t refuse.


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Hot young muscle boys Jax and Sly bareback ass fucking

Sean Cody says: Jax and Sly had just met the night prior to the shoot. They had some drinks at the hotel and fooled around a bit. The day of the shoot, Sly woke up with a case of morning wood and was ready for more.

“I’m looking for the ultimate experience”, he said.

Jax joined him in his room and got the full service treatment when Sly swallowed his huge dick all the way to the base.

Then, Jax really stepped up and gave Sly what he wanted – a good relentless pounding.


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Bodybuilder Zahn strips and jerks his huge cock to a massive load of hot muscle boy cum

Maskurbate says: Bodybuilder Zahn asked us if he could make a second masked scene for Maskurbate saying that he has gained some mass since last time and wanted to show it off. Obviously he was asked to undress and show us why we should make a comeback video with him.

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Mathias spoons up with Chris Blades sliding his cock deep into his tight pink ass hole

Next Door Buddies says: Exiting the shower, Chris Blades heads to the laundry room to get his clothes out of the dryer. Roomie Mathias stumbles upon Chris fumbling with his towel, and as it slips off and reveals his bare ass, Mathias wonders if Chris has enough energy for another load.

He surprises Chris who turns suddenly, his dick blowing in the wind, and Mathias quickly moves towards him, pinning him against the door jam and kissing him hard. They make their way to Chris’ room and Mathias falls to his knees, sucking Chris off as he stands by the bed.

Chris gets hard inside Mathias’ mouth, returning the favor before Mathias throws him onto the bed. Mathias spoons up with Chris from behind and slides his cock deep into Chris’ pink hole, working him from behind as Chris opens up and spreads his legs.

Mathias fucks Chris every way he desires as Chris strokes himself closer to cumming with every thrust. Finally Mathias pulls out and blasts Chris’ hole with his load, as Chris nuts all over himself simultaneously.

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Gunner, Ryan Jordan and Scotty Dickenson are stripped down to the bone and ready for intense action

Next Door Buddies says: Gunner, Ryan Jordan and Scotty Dickenson are stripped down to the bone and ready for intense action. Laid out on the bed, Ryan sucks Gunner off while Scotty does the same to Ryan. Ryan’s big dick fills Scotty’s mouth Gunner bends over to return the favor to Scotty.

Ryan helps himself to Scotty’s dick as Gunner sits up and plunges his rock hard cock deep inside Ryan’s hole. He fucks him bareback from behind while Scotty continues to face fuck him, and once he’s been properly stuffed, the guys switch.

Now it’s Scotty’s turn to take the dick, as Ryan and Gunner take turns pounding him. Scotty strokes his cock as Ryan slams him missionary, and in no time he busts his nut. After getting the cum fucked out him, Scotty takes a load to the face as Gunner unleashes a gusher all over him.

He sucks Gunner dry as Ryan continues to pound away, pulling out and blasting him with yet another load.

Seeing Scotty cum covered, the other two guys clean him up as they all fall back into bed to rest up for another go round.

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Hot young dude Curtis’ huge cock serviced by straight guy Caleb

Spunk Worthy says: If you thought it took a minute to get Curtis on the massage table, you’ll probably understand that it took even longer to get him to get his first bj from a guy. A wad of cash finally convinced him.

Caleb is a model on my other site and had said a couple times that he’d be more than happy to do the honors if there was a str8 guy he could suck off, so I stood back with the camera and let him show off his skills.

Curtis was nervous to the point of being completely stone-faced at the onset.

Once Caleb had peeled off Curtis’ clothes and got to work, it was only a matter of time until the stoic look on Curtis’ face turned to one that seemed to realize that this was going to be one helluva great hummer.

His eyes glanced down, then rolled into the back of his head as Caleb took Curtis’ cock down the base.

Standing up, Curtis grabbed the back of Caleb’s head and subtly fucked his mouth as if trying to hold back from showing too much enjoyment.

But, judging from his facial expressions, that was proving to be difficult as Caleb sucked on Curtis’ balls and worked the head of his dick.

As Curtis was slowly ramped up to the finish line, his breathing got deeper and his body clenched up; Curtis’ face and torso flushed bright red.

Caleb worked him right up to the edge before Curtis couldn’t hold back and blasted a load onto his pubes and down the side of Caleb’s hand.

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Hot muscled dude Alex Mecum’s huge cock fucks Thyle Knoxx’s tight bubble butt says: Alex Mecum is obsessed with Davey Wavey and Thyle Knoxx isn’t too pleased. Thyle informs him that a mutual friend met Davey via a popular dating app.

Alex wonders if he too could get a chance encounter but little does he know it’s all a setup. Thyle has a little surprise planned for him.


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Kurtis Wolfe and Ryan Bones fucking with a pep up dick growing pill says: Kurtis Wolfe is out taking a walk and he runs into Ryan Bones, a newbie in the neighborhood.

They exchange a few stares before Kurtis invites him over for some coffee but the only thing he wants to drink is Ryan’s cum but to his surprise, he has a micro dick.

He sends him on his way, however, Ryan returns a short while after with some dick growing pills and boy do they work.


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Marco strokes his huge throbbing cock fast and firm until his second load comes blasting out like a cannon

Active Duty says: This sexy Hispanic man has skin to die for as he gazes into the camera. He’s a beautiful young man that is exploring all that life has to offer and we are glad he is on our couch stroking that fat dick of his. Marco didn’t waste any time taking his clothes off to reveal his uncut cock.

He started stroking that fat dick of his and all of a sudden he busted a huge nut right off the bat. All that surfing has made Marco’s thighs thick and strong as you can see when he stands tall stroking that thick hard cock.

He’s a man of few words but he is almost picture perfect and by that I mean you have to check out his photos. The camera loves this sexy man and we think he just might move up some ranks if we can get him back.

He blew his load super quick in the start of the video but he soldiered through and got his big balls full and ready to show us that he can cum multiple times with ease.

He strokes that throbbing cock fast and firm until his second load comes blasting out like a cannon leaving a sticky sweet mess all over his tan smooth chest.

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Jean Franko’s huge dick fucks big muscle hunk Francois Sagat’s bubblebutt asshole

Hardcore anal fucking Connor Halstead and Dominic Pacifico fuck each others brains out

Sexy young stud Paul Canon’s hot ass abused by Johnny Rapid, Allen Lucas and Justin Matthews says: Paul Canon walks right into a frat house full of naked men about to get it on. After a little convincing, they let him stay and go to town on each others ass. Starring: Paul Canon, Johnny Rapid, Allen Lucas and Justin Matthews


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Denny strips naked outdoors and jerks his huge 9 inch uncut cock

Island Studs says: Cute Uncut High School Twink Denny is BACK, showing off his MASSIVE 9″ cock and FULL Bush of untrimmed dick hair with a Hawaiian floral lei wrapped tightly around his cock and balls.

He poses with his pants off stroking his throbber, wearing only his vintage Aloha shirt, works fully naked wearing just his street shoes as he rakes up fallen leaves in the garden, bends over repeatedly to scoop up the leaves into a wheelbarrow showing us his virgin pink boy hole.

Denny fingers his virgin boy butt in the shower, pees in the garden, and treats us to a long, slow, sensual jerk off session outdoors in Hawaii.

Just 18 years old, 5’7″ and a very boyish 125 pounds, Denny is a HOT NUDIST high school Senior at Hawaii High. He returns for this his third video for Island Studs stroking his MASSIVE 9″ Uncut Cock with pleasure.

Check out his narrow boy waist, smooth boy belly and that round hairless virgin boy BUTT! Still attending Hawaiian High School, this soft spoken sexy young lad doesn’t mind being admired by a man and his camera.

He is not afraid to look directly at us as he enjoys his fine body and beautiful 9″ uncut man cock! Cute Denny is proud of his high school fashions. Check out his vintage 1070s light pink Aloha shirt and floral baseball cap and flower lei he wears to this shoot.

Listen to this Super Twink talk about his big dick and all the attention it gets from the girls in school. Watch as this sexy High School boy lowers his green denim jeans and begins stroking his monster uncut cock still wearing his fancy school shirt and formal lei around his neck.

His huge nuts hang low as he plays with his ample foreskin. I toss him a flower cock ring lei to place around his cock as he continues to show off his long foreskin that totally covers his big mushroom head even when fully erect.

What a delicious sight: young cute Denny fully naked and hard wearing a Hawaiian Lei around his smooth chest and another one about his massive uncut furry man meat.

For the infamous “Naked Worker” series, I ask this horny high school lad to rake some leaves in the garden and load them into the wheelbarrow.

It is awesome to watch this clean young boy put on a pair of thick leather garden gloves with his 9 inch uncut cock dangling between his white thighs and begin to rake up leaves in the tropical garden.

This scene is super sexy as we get to watch hung Denny bend over repeatedly with his massive cock dangling and his big balls slapping against his legs as he works.

This educated boy is so hot to watching being our Naked Gardener. His big uncut cock is so mouth watering.

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We threw his drunk ass on the table and rammed our dicks up his smooth young college ass

Fraternity X says: Caleb lost to a game of beer pong.

So we threw his drunk ass on the table and rammed our dicks up his smooth young college ass.

Kinda reminded me of fucking my girl friend. Made the video just for you guys.

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Hot older daddy Dean Phoenix’s huge dick fucks Jeremy Spreadums’ hot bubble butt

Hot young muscle dudes Malcolm and Angelo bareback anal fucking

Sean Cody says: Malcolm and Angelo’s chemistry was undeniable. They were even caught flirting behind the scenes.

Malcolm was completely in awe of Malcolm’s “plump and muscular” ass.

He gave him the best rim job he’s ever had. “It tastes so good”.

These two buff studs quickly let their sensations take over.

You could see that they aimed to have as much fun as they could during that shoot and the result is satisfying, down to the last drop.


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Hot hairy muscle hunk Angelo opens his tight bare ass for Jax’s raw cock and takes it like a champ

Sean Cody says: If you couldn’t get enough of Angelo and Jax in their steamy Sean Cody solos, then you’re in for a real treat.

We’re pairing two new guys together, giving them double the thrill and double the fun.

Angelo opens his tight ass for Jax’s cock and takes it like a champ so who’s gonna cum first?


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Gorgeous young muscle dudes Jess and Dillan bareback ass fucking

Sean Cody says: There’s nothing better than watching a sexy stud try bottoming for the first time.

For Dillan, it’s been a long time cumming and his tight ass is clearly thirsty for a thick cock.

For Jess, this is no challenge: his cock is throbbing to pop Dillan’s man-cherry.


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Hot interracial bareback ass fucking big muscle boys Landon and Brysen hardcore anal

Sean Cody says: As if Brysen couldn’t get any hotter, he returns to Sean Cody with a fresh cut and whole lot of cum for Landon.

The pair play a bit of baseball, a little foreplay in the taxi but they save the true workout for later.

While Landon’s washboard abs slam against Brysen’s tight ass, it’s obvious that this duo is a match made in heaven.


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Sexy young stud Paul Canon’s hot bubble butt fucked hard by Justin Matthews’ huge dick

Two sexy studs Gino and Lane boxing before stripping and bareback hardcore ass fucking

Sean Cody says: Two sexy studs boxing on a hot summer day? I’ll take it.

Lane returns with Sean Cody-newbie Gino and lets him fuck his beautiful tight hole.

Who would have known Gino could be such a power top?

These boys are taking us to twink paradise.


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Hung real life cousins and roommates Terrance and Tremaine are back jerking their huge dicks

Island Studs says: Hung real life cousins and roommates Terrance and Tremaine are back, telling sexy stories of living together and shaggy women in the same room, stripping naked in the dense Oregon Forest on a cloudy spring day,

They’re both posing and hugging fully naked with their big friendly smiles, walking fully nude through the forest and open fields for the very first time in their home State, before returning to the mountain cabin.

They play together, pump iron fully aroused, jerk side by side outdoors, compare cock sizes and man bushes, showing off their super swollen hung big black dicks, before busting big loads all other their smooth ripped bodies and then take a super sexy shower talking and joking as they soap up their beautiful dark skin.

These two big buff beautiful black Jerkin’ Cousins are solid sportsmen who excel in all athletics at college!

Basketball is their preferred sport.

Check out their perfect black bodies as they drop their pants and moon the camera in the lush green Oregon forest revealing their black muscle bubble butts.

They are now totally comfortable being photographed naked and erect together after their First Naked Football Duo shoot last year, also online for members now.

But this new jerk off video is way hotter than the last duo shoot. Watch as they playfully stripped off their winter coats and sexy blue jeans and hug each other standing fully naked outdoors in the woods.

Listen to the real family stories they share with us as they stand naked in the tall grass.

Terrance is the older darker skinned cousin, a ripped 23 year old, 170 lbs, standing 5’10” with a perfect 8 pack of ads, a thick muscle butt and fat black cock.

His younger Taller cousin, Tremaine is 22 years old and a towering 6’2″ of solid 185lbs muscle with the long dong that curves up to his belly button.

Watch their beautiful black basketball bodies move as they hike through a field beside the forest talking all the time.

I invite them back to the Mountain Cabin where they become very uninhibited and start stroking their cocks together.

“We fuck girls in the same room” Terrance says, ” so this is no problem”. These sexy boys turn to the camera with full erections and grab a set of gym weights and start pumping iron together.

What an amazing site: To rock hard Afro American College Jock working out together naked with boners. Wow!

A winning Boner Work Out Session.

But the best part of this video is watching these two naked cousins stroke their cocks together outside on the deck beside the Oregon forest, comparing their dicks and talking about the pleasure their massive cocks give their partners, as they playful jerk off together.

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MALEMODEL handsome jock Firnando

MALEMODEL says: Malemodel is a new site that features glamorous artistic erotic nude photography of newbie male model never seen before men and the odd famous fitness model.

Owned by talented photographer Gert Kist. The latest model who bared all for Gert is a really handsome jock Firnando. He has stunning body and beautiful smile.


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Hot Bowling trip turns into straight Czech boys first time gay anal and sucking a guys cock

CzechHunter says: One of my friends invited me for a game of bowling. I almost turned her down but then she mentioned that two of her friends were to join us. That sounded pretty interesting.

Those two boys were quite good looking. One of them was kind of a douche bag so I decided to go after the sweet and innocent one. We all had a great time playing bowling.

I stopped counting drinks after some time and just enjoyed myself. But all that time I had my eyes on Petr. He was a college student so I expected him to be a tough nut to crack.

He sucked at bowling but I didn’t care. I wanted to have fun with him. When he started to loosen up, I proposed a game.

The loser of the game had to show his dick. When he agreed, I knew I got him. The guy was easy.


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Young smooth skinned stud Freddy jerks his huge dick to a load of hot boy cum

Sean Cody says: There’s no better way to start your Monday morning than to jack off with this mega cutie.

After remaining celibate for a year, Freddy unleashed his wild side to explore his body and become more adventurous in his encounters.

He loves a good pounding and with an ass like that, who could refuse it.


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Hot dude Will Braun jerking off is caught by sexy older stud Dean Phoenix says: Will Braun is caught masturbating to Dean’s picture by Dean Phoenix himself.

Lucky for him, Dean has been secretly wanting a taste of that ass.


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Young ripped muscle stud Sly bareback fucks Blake’s hot raw asshole

Sean Cody says: Spring has sprung but these boys are bringing us some serious summer heat.

In his first ever Sean Cody duo, Sly takes Blake’s sun-kissed ass for a nice bareback ride with his throbbing uncut cock… a sexy way to start your Saturday morning.


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Straight young dude Nolan’s happy ending man on man massage

Spunk Worthy says: I don’t know if he was just playing coy or Nolan really needed to think about getting a happy-ending massage. There’s no doubt that he’s into them. He’s gone to one of the local parlors a few times.

But those have all been with girls. Cash certainly played a factor into getting his first from a guy, but whatever got him on board, I was definitely on board, too.

After getting started, my hands worked their way south from his back and shoulders, pushing apart his legs to find his dick was already getting hard.

A few passes across his ass and rubbing on his hole and it was looking like we were in business!

Nolan’s mind must have been focused on something good when he turned over. He kept his eyes shut for the most part, but his thick, rock-hard cock was clearly telling me he was enjoying the ride.

When I started stroking him faster, Nolan’s breathing deepened and the look on his face grew more and more intense.

Finally, his head lifted up from the massage table and he let out an expectant moan while releasing a well-earned load.

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