Henry Kane, Mitch Lee

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Young straight studs Henry Kane and Mitch Lee are here today to push both their boundaries further. Henry is here to fuck the tight straight asshole of Mitch who is happy to have another big uncut dick in his ass.…
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Rhys Jagger, Julien Hussey

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Sexy ripped young dudes Rhys Jagger and Julien Hussey are relaxing in a beautiful riverside apartment while a photographer captures them on camera. Julien wanders around in just his tight sexy white underwear, with his hand in his pants playing…
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Reality Dudes Cole

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Sexy hairy chested young stud Cole has a beautifully sculpted body with rippling six-pack abs. He’s quite a show-off in a good way and it’s not long before he is stripping off his sports kit. He’ll let you do some…
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Adam Ramzi, Tristan Hunter

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Outdoors around the fire pit bearded muscle hunk Adam Ramzi tells the story of one of his students Tristan Hunter who takes a personal interest in his teacher. One afternoon, as the class is breaking up, Tristan leans in close…
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Caspian Findlater

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Hot young straight gymnast Caspian Findlater is here to show us his ripped young body. Caspian is an accomplished double bars athlete and he shows us some impressive moves in his clothes then again when he strips naked. Blonde young…
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Elon Arnault

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As new sexy young dude Elon Arnault leans back with his arms behind his head we see his beautiful muscular body and soft thick uncut cock. Handsome hunk Elon looks super relaxed in front of the cameras for the first…
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Sean Cody Max

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Outdoor-lover Max is here for his solo, and he’s excited to show you what he’s working with, but first he talks a bit about his turn-ons. “Big ass guy. I’m talking I just love, love ass.” Max strips off his…
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Charles Collins, Reuben Clark

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Hot straight sexy ex-army muscle dude Reuben Clark is partnered with straight stud Charles Collins and he’s agreed to push his boundaries. Today Reuben is going to experiment jerking off with another straight dude Charles. Both with athletic bodies, these…
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Dylan Maguire, Steve Russell

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Today we catch Sexy young stud, Dylan Maguire, in the garden awaiting the arrival of Steve Russell. As soon as he arrives the horny boys head indoors for some quiet time with each other. The second they arrive in the…
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Eddie Archer

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Today we have our first new mate of the year, 28-year-old Eddie Archer comes from Melbourne and he dropped in a few weeks ago for the very first time. Eddie has a playful nature and he is very sexy and…
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Zak Bishop, Dominic Pacifico

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Sexy tattooed young stud Zak Bishop and bearded muscle hunk Dominic Pacifico are in a rush as they open the front door of their house whilst they make out kissing passionately. Zak in his tight shorts and sneakers follows Dominic…
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Jayden Jaxx

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Hot black stud Jayden Jaxx is here today and he’s itching to get going. “I hate my dick being in my pants. Especially when it’s hard,” says Jayden Jaxx. His big, thick cock is so gorgeous it deserves to be…
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Joe Fitzpatrick

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Sexy young straight British stud Joe Fitzpatrick looks so hot when he is lying on the bed with his Adidas trackie bottoms and a black t-shirt. As he strips off his shirt we see the waistband of his Calvin Klein…
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Nate Donaghy, Benoit Ulliel

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Sexy ripped young stud Benoit Ulliel and horny slim dude Nate Donaghy make out kissing passionately as they undress each other quickly. They rub their hands over each others’ lithe fresh bodies and they explore each other’s mouths with their…
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Johnny Hill, Daniel Greene

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Young ripped stud Daniel Greene has spent the day at the beach with hot bearded tattooed hunk Johnny Hill. They have been larking about and enjoying the sunny weather outdoors and exercising their fit muscled bodies. When they arrive home…
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Josh Moore, Dean Young

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Sexy young stud Dean Young and hottie blonde hunk Josh Moore have arrived at their vacation apartment to enjoy a weekend away from the big city. They’ve slept in late and have banned phones, internet, and TV so that they…
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Milo Madera, Edward Terrant

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Hairy young stud Milo Madera and his stepbrother Edward Terrant have recently moved in together in a new apartment downtown. Ever the trickster Milo keeps pranking Edward who just keeps falling for his games. That is until Milo hides a…
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Paul Cassidy, Olaf Mortensen

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Young hotties Paul Cassidy and Olaf Mortensen arrive at their beautiful holiday apartment and head straight for the bathroom for a post-travel cleansing shower. Once they are clean and dry Paul and Olaf jump on the bed and start making…
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Sean Cody Conor

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Sexy young muscle boy Conor loves spending time in the gym and given his hot body it is paying off handsomely. Conor has a big uncut dick and he says he’s into guys with a nice bubble butt. Sexually Conor…
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Bruce Querelle, Hans Lagerfeld

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It’s the morning after Bruce Querelle’s birthday party and he’s bleary-eyed and just fixed himself a wake-up coffee when sexy young stud Hans Lagerfeld knocks at the door. Hans had been eyeing Bruce throughout the previous evening’s party and they…
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Ian Greene

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Builder’s bum is not always attractive but when young hot plumber Ian Greene dives beneath the sink in the kitchen the flash of his ass crack brought me to a raging hardon so I got my dick out. As I…
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Sean Cody Dax

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Today we welcome our newest model Dax, he’s sexy sporty with dark hair who loves powerful versatile sex, so he’s a super top but also a verbal bottom. He has a wide range of likes in guys, from hairy, to…
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