Logan Brown, Dustin Bronson

First time cocksuckers straight dudes Dustin Bronson Logan Brown English Lads 001 gay porn pics 768x432 - Logan Brown, Dustin Bronson
Both straight studs Dustin Bronson and Logan Brown have been on a journey of discovery since they joined us as English Lads. Whilst Logan is more muscled, Dustin is toned but both enjoy playing around with each other. They’re going…
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Bossy Bottoms

Good tops use cum dumps Bossy Bottoms Sketchy Sex 001 gay porn pics 768x432 - Bossy Bottoms
This is what happens when we are cum hungry for too long, we start getting bratty. Didn’t mean to pop off at the new roomie but, he interrupted the first dick I was getting today. Good tops who know how…
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Billy Bones

Hottie famous American gay porn star Billy Bones wanks big dick spurting cum chest Bentley Race 001 porn pics gay 768x444 - Billy Bones
Australia welcomes many foreign visitors from across the whole world. One fun guy, I met recently was the incredibly sexy American gay porn star Billy Bones. Billy has a rugged outdoors look which a hefty cock and good looks. I…
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Flynn Walters

Straight ripped muscle dude Flynn Walters first time man wank cums buckets English Lads 001 porn pics gay 768x432 - Flynn Walters
Flynn Walters certainly looks relaxed as he strips down to his sexy Tommy Hilfiger white undies and white socks. Flynn, a straight young stud with a ripped, muscled body, rock hard abs, and a hot cocky attitude allows us to…
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David Hollister, Danny Jones

Sexy young blonde stud Danny Jones bareback fucked David Hollister huge uncut cock Staxus 001 porn pics gay 768x513 - David Hollister, Danny Jones
Danny Jones gets his workout with David Hollister, and upon returning home and falling asleep David can only make the situation go his way, after biting Danny’s ass cheek to wake him up. With David on top of Danny, making…
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Giulio Pasolini, Timothy Blue

Hot bare anal fucking Timothy Blue Giulio Pasolini big dick fuckfest Freshmen 001 porn pics gay 768x432 - Giulio Pasolini, Timothy Blue
We are wondering what fans will think of the start of Giulio Pasolini’s second scene at Freshmen? Sublime performance imitating art ? Pure imaginable silliness? You will have to tell us what it is as we have no idea what…
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Chase Daniels

Hot young straight ginger dude Chase Daniels wanks big cock cum abs Broke Straight Boys 001 gay porn pics 768x512 - Chase Daniels
Boys says: Newbie Chase Daniels joins us on BSB and this 29-year-old cutie grew up in Massachusetts. He usually makes money doing property management, but running into some hard times he’s decided to cash in on his good looks and…
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Mitch Lee

Hot new straight British boxer Mitch Lee packs punch sexy male underwear English Lads 001 gay porn pics 768x432 - Mitch Lee
New model Mitch Lee is straight over from our sister site see here, where he proved very popular, and already pushing his boundaries in today’s shoot! Mitch shows off his athletic body, ripped abs and boxing moves. Before long he…
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Sasha Davidoff, Rodion Taxa

Hottie young Euro dudes Rodion Taxa Sasha Davidoff hardcore bareback ass fucking Staxus 001 gay porn pics 768x513 - Sasha Davidoff, Rodion Taxa
Rodion Taxa and Sasha Davidoff are going straight into the action, with some passionate tongue kissing which soon leads to the sofa, where now the boys are more comfortable and removing each others clothes. Rodion is the first to be…
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Str8 Chaser Peyton

Hottie young bearded dude Str8 Chaser Peyton wanked fucked first time gay sex Men 001 gay porn 768x512 - Str8 Chaser Peyton
Handsome and slightly scruffy Peyton needed some extra cash, and luckily for both of us he saw my ad and gave me a call. He’d never done anything like this before, so I eased him into it with a few…
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Jeremy Robbins, Kirk Gauguin

Kirk Gauguin big dick bare fucks Jeremy Robbins hot raw boy hole Freshmen 001 gay porn pics 768x432 - Jeremy Robbins, Kirk Gauguin
While not quite being a regular team member, Jeremy Robbins has filmed about a dozen scenes for us. This is his second, partnered with Kirk Gauguin. Sometimes our models are our best recruiters. In this case, Kirk stumbled on Jeremy…
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Jason Bacall, Benoit Ulliel

Benoit Ulliel hot bubble ass bareback fucked Jason Bacall huge young cock Belami 001 gay porn 768x432 - Jason Bacall, Benoit Ulliel
Every ‘Sex Safari’ week we will be bringing you a home video on Tuesdays as a bit of variety. Today we are featuring Jason Bacall and Benoit Ulliel. Even though this clips was filmed some months ago, it seems very…
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Jack Andy

Sexy hairy muscle dude Jack Andy wanks huge cock massive jizz load Extra Big Dicks 001 gay porn pics 768x577 - Jack Andy
Hot hairy muscle hunk Jack Andy strips naked jerking his huge cock to a massive cum load spurting jizz all over his ripped abs. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Watch FULL MOVIE here! All the Extra Big Dicks updates right here!
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George Tanner

Hottie straight dude George Tanner big uncut dick happy ending massage English Lads 001 gay porn pics 768x432 - George Tanner
George Tanner is one of these straight lads who’s opened minded and relaxed enough to push his boundaries and let another man have a go wanking his cock. George was very popular when he recently posed for a big photo…
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Mark Sullivan, Ryan McKenna

Hottie young European twinks Ryan McKenna and Mark Sullivan big thick cock sucking Belami 001 gay porn pics 768x512 - Mark Sullivan, Ryan McKenna
It’s Sex Safari time again this week and we have a double photo set to kick things off with Ryan McKenna and Mark Sullivan in front of the camera today. The mood is definitely romantic between the two guys as…
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Nick Fox, Felix Jakes

Felix Jakes huge twink dick fucking Nick Fox hot boy asshole Staxus 001 gay porn pics 768x513 - Nick Fox, Felix Jakes
Nick Fox sure knows how to get his way with cute boys like Felix Jakes, just moments after getting home, they’re both in bed, with Nicks hand going crazy over Felix’s body, aiming to tough every inch of his body.…
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